10 December 2008


It was getting cold, delayed wearing something warm by 15 minutes and i started sneezing
That was a big mistake, led to a bigger trouble, have fever now and i have to travel tonight.

We were having tea, me, Sujith, Suresh, Suresh yes two Sureshes, Ramesh and Nishant, wildreness around us in Kothagiri.
i was sneezing like mad. Thats when Sujith dropped a bomb on me

what a loss !
i felt like comitting suicide right there.
What a name. Lola Kutty Wow !
As usual i was scratching my yeddu sneezing non stop.
i was afraid to ask, but i asked

Who is this LOLA KUTTY Sujith ?


EEEEEEEEEEE i was scratching my yeddu again

i did not even know if Lola kutty was a man or a woman

You can't say, things are so weird these days
Brad Pitt's younger brother could be LOLA Pitt, no surprises there.

No surprises when you hear the names of Celebrity kids like
Sage Moonblood ( daughter of Sylvester Stallone )
or Moon Unit ( daughter of Frank Zappa )
or Fire ( son of rock guitarist Steve Vai )
or Fifi Trixabelle and Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa ( daughters of Bob Geldof )
how about this name ? Camera ( daughter of Arthur Ashe )
i don't believe this, you won't believe it either,
I. P. Freely ( son of David Carradine )
I.P Freely ?? oh dear ! poor kid ! He'll sue his parents when he grows up.

So Lola Kutty is no big surprise
But who is Lola Kutty ?

i was still scratching my yeddu and sneezing feeling sorry for my ignorance.
oh ! she is a Channel V presenter said Sujith
Channel V is like MTV and
i don't watch TV, what a sin !
Channel V ?

oh ! i said and stopped scratching my yeddu
i always say oh !
girls normally say hmmmmm.....
So this Lola kutty is getting married and i was sad.

Next evening, after a trek thru the forest
Hitched a ride on a truck reached Mettupalayam station with Sujith, boarded the train with a burning desire to see what this Lola kutty looks like

First thing i did on reaching home early in the morning was to google Lola Kutty
i was not disappointed
here is Lola kutty for you

This is not what i wanted to write i am sorry, writing a post is an ordeal, reading it is an ordeal for you toos, until i write my next post on Rajasthan i thought i post this in between.

My friend said if there is a mole on your foot you would keep traveling always, she has one.

i immediately removed my shoe to check

there it was, a big mole on my left foot.

i'll be back in a week's time

all my love