16 February 2009


The last one was a killer
A sizzling forehand cross court, absolutely clueless Adam running in the wrong direction, crashed in to the crowd of Angels. He made a complete fool of himself. .
All Angels stood up chanting Lilith ....Lilith.... Lilith ....Lilith.... Lilith.
Breaking through the loud cheers came the voice of Lord God the chair umpire
' Love Forty' .... as Adam walked back to serve the last point.
Lilith waiting to receive on match point.

The garden of Eden shook with the relentless chanting of the Angels.
'Quiet please' said God Almighty. The chanting continued
Lilith ...Lilith ....Lilith....Lilith
As she waited for Adam to serve.
it happened in a fraction of a second, Adam's serve and a blistering backhand return which narrowly missed Adams ear who was rushing to the net.

Thunderous applause shattered the clouds, cheering chanting crowd of
Angels was rushing towards Lilith.

Came the booming voice of Lord God the chair umpire
'Game, set and Match to Miss Lilith'. No one heard him
Lilith was surrounded by the Angels signing autographs.

'Miss Lilith wins by three sets to love, six love, six love, six love'.

Adam went up to God
What do you mean she won huh ? i said five sets.... five

'Its over Adam' said Lord God Almighty

'We have not played five sets'

'oh deeah !' said Lilith still signing the autographs.

'i want to play five sets' screamed Adam

Why do you want to humiliate yourself Adam ? asked God

Humli what ?

'hu ...mi....liate' said God aloud

'don't use big words God'

'Humiliate is not a big word daddy' said Lilith smiling

'She is calling me daddy, tell her to stop calling me daddy she is my wife for
godssake !'

'Not any more Brother' said Lilith

'Now she is calling me brother, whats wrong with this woman ??' moaned Adam
God was puzzled too.

Who are these characters ?

you know who God is, and you know who Adam is, and all the Angels
but who is this Lilith ??

yea, who is this Lilith ?

Well, According to the ORRRIGINAL, the very first account of Genesis, Lilith is Adam's wife.

Adam's first wife ?

Surprised ?
Yes she is, the first wife.
please google Lilith for more information.
not now, not now, later....... please read on.

You don't need a super brain to know that Genesis is a cock and bull story
written by people with very poor imagination. A six year old girl would come
up with a better story.
We are talking about a thousand years before Gilgamesh, which makes it roughly 6000 years. Not more.

This is how it went.

God makes heaven and earth. thats fine, its still in the Bible.

Then God says 'let there be light' and there is light, which is fine toos,
still there in the Bible.

Fine ?? na... na, not fine, not fine,
a five year old kid would have switched the lights on before making heaven and earth. We probably would have enjoyed a better world.

Here comes the trouble.

God makes man and woman in his own image, male and female, same day
same moment and out of same material, dust, earth or clay, same thing.
Adam and Lilith.

So God makes man and woman as equals.

Equality of man and woman was the trouble.
This was not acceptable after a few centuries

so what do we do with this woman Lilith ? Do we erase her ?
Erasing was not possible after Lilith had become an icon.

What do we do to a strong willed, independant, determined and intelligent
woman ?

We brand her as Evil. Such a brilliant woman is considered a threat to the
society. Men hate her and do not treat her as an equal
and even women do not tolerate her. They weave some scandal about her, accuse her of loose morals, fictitious crimes, banish her or burn her.
History is littered with such stories of brilliant women ending up at the stake.

Why are the other women inferior ?
Bikkaas they WANT to be inferior
Their God says so
Their religion says so.

So the story of Genesis is re written. The original writer is a decent guy who
made man and woman equal.

Now the revised Genesis is written to make woman inferior to Man. Now you can see how all three mono-theistic religions are founded on a lie. Judaism Christianity and Islam

Lilith is brilliant, gets top marks in all the subjects, where as Adam fails in
Maths physics and biology and even history. There was not much history
anyway. All he had to do was to study just 2 days of history and he flunks
even in that.

Lilith walks out on Adam, makes a regulation call, calls God from a pay phone

God had de-activated her SIM and cancelled VISA card.
No more shopping, God is angry and Adam devastated.

Calling God
Its ringing

Recorded in Fairy Maire Brennan's beautiful voice Lilith gets God's answering
machine instead

Welcome to G.D.S, God's Devine Services.

Press 1 for mass murder.
Press 2 for Kidnapping rape and torture
Press 3 for epidemic
Press 4 for Floods and Tsunami
Press 5 for Hurricane tornado and cyclone
Press 6 for earthquakes And GOD LOVES YOU

Lilith says WOW ! hangs up in disgust.

According to revised Genesis, God sends three Angels to fetch her. But she
refuses to come back.

So, the first wedding in heaven ends up in a disaster.

the reason ?

Lilith refuses to be submissive and refuses to obey Adam.

Adam is a dum gai. How can an independant and a brilliant woman be
submissive to a dum dum ?
She is not an inferior.
There are many stories of Lilith and what happened to her. One of them is she joins the Devil. They couldn't think of anything good for her. A brilliant woman will always be associated with Evil and the Devil.
Stupid society.

God is surprised when FedEx deliver a thick envelop, God signs on the clip
board, Thank you God says the FedEX man.

What is that ? Adam wants to know

Shut up you fool says God while reading the contents of the envelop
You have lost your wife you moron, says God, these are the divorce papers
your wife wants you to sign, Devil is her lawyer.

God is furious, calls Devil immediately but gets Devil's answering machine.

Welcome to DDS, Devil's Devine services

Press 1 for Genocide
Press 2 for kidnapping.........

dear God ! i don't believe this
What God why are you calling yourself ?
'Dear God' is an expression you idiot.

Why are you so pissed ?

Lissen to this.. God hands him the mobile

Press 6 for earthquakes
What ?

This stupid Devil is offering the same services as I do, you idiot, that bone
head, my favourite Angel, i taught him all the tricks and now he is out to ruin
my business. I'll wring his little neck if i can lay my hands on him, I'll tear him
to pieces and feed his flesh to the dogs,

Devil comes on line

Hi My sweet little Devilee, How sweet of you ! my dear cute fellow,
EEEEEEEEEEEEEE i miss you so much, you were my favourite Angel,
How are you Devilee ?

i yam hothey ( i am ok )

'Any new Adventures my dear little sweet Devilee ?

Gaath you all velly velly bath (God you are very very bad)

We need to talk my dear sweet Devilee, oh i have some fresh mangos, i'll
send them over, why don't we meet for Dinner ? I can slaughter a few Angels and fry them for you. You love Angel fry i know, many of my Angels are missing.

whaath all you thaying Gaath ?? (what are you saying God ?)
i yam dulooling all-lethy (i am drooling already) says the Devil,
all you thillying thoo belybe me ? ( are you trying to bribe me ?)

Where is Lilith ? Can i tok to her ?

Thees lite heeyal thitthing by my thyth (she is right here, sitting by my side)

i want to talk to her my sweet little fellow .. Said God

folget about hull gaath, thees mine ( forget about her God, she's mine)

The revised Genesis says
God made heaven and earth
God said let there be light and there was light
and God made man out of dust, earth what ever
Then out of Adam's rib makes a woman
Now she is not an equal, she is an inferior, submissive obedient woman.
All are happy. No mention of his first wife

i'll tell you how researchers traced the origin of Lilith in the comments, this is
getting too long.

They depict Eve as stupid and inferior ( though Adam continues to be a certified moron, maha dimwit)

They made one big mistake, i'll tell you in the comments.

The sin is committed, Eve is blamed for the downfall of mankind and women
is cursed by ALL LOVING GOD

"To the woman He said, 'I will greatly multiply your pain and your
conception,'" literally. "'In pain you shall bring forth children; yet your desire
shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you"

"women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak,
but must be in submission, as the Law says.
If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands
at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.
(1 Corinthians 14:34 - 35)
Lot more venom about women, i'll tell you later. i'll give you exact quotes.

What about other religions ?
None better

"By a girl, by a young woman, or even by an aged one, nothing must be done
independently, even in her own house. In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, when her lord is dead to her sons; a woman must never be independent". (Laws of Manu, V, 147-8).
This is Hinduism, says lot worse in fact.

Women suffer the most in all countries under Islamic rule, the treatment of women is pathetic. They follow the same story of Genesis. Though Islam claims equality but never practiced.
why ?
because women want to be inferior.
When it comes to division of property, Islamic laws are grossly unfair to women.

Buddhism is very clearly misogynist.
Buddhist monks act as though they sprang from the earth like vegetables
What is the role of women in Buddhism ?
What women ?
These chaps are not even aware that they have mothers and sisters.
They say nothing. Women are not worthy of any consideration.
Though there are no dumb and stupid statement you find in the Bible.

Am i asking women to abandon their family life and take up guns and fight ?
No, i am asking them to let go of this inferiority created by religion they are
clinging to and let go of this God. The doors will open for them.
i am asking them to learn from nature. The entire planet is run and managed
by the female species. Women are more intelligent, emotionally stronger
than men and more creative, though not much creative work comes from
them as they are not free and have no time or oppertunity to express themselves.
And Women are non violent.

Tell me which woman would advise making of nukes, chemical and biological weapons which will wipe out all forms of life from this planet ?
We are sleeping on thousands of such weapons

Our world is in a mess now, human race is facing extinction. Its time for a
change in management.

As a boy i fought and defended my mom and sisters from the tyranny of my
father. i have been fighting for others ever since, there have been threats to my life.
Now i am old, weak and defeated.
i am tired, i am very tired.

After being thrown out of the garden of Eden, there was a significant
improvement in Adam, now he could count till ten.

3 February 2009



Sugarcane smile, made me happy, it'll make any one happy



She has seen better days, now poverty written all over her and yet she is so full of life, full of giving. Nirmal Sindu and i landed near her hut after a long and tiring trek. This is Wynad, Kerala, going there next week.
forgot her name, she made kattan kaapee for us it was a life saver, and said if we can wait for half an hour she'll catch some fish from the river and prepare lunch for us.
No, thank you, said Nirmal earnestly, you have already been so kind and generous. And she refused to accept any money from us. We just sat by the river and relaxed in her company for an hour and left.




Their life is not easy, misery and suffering right since the day they are born. Yet they know how to smile. This is poverty by design, this is misery by design, they are condemned by the society.
Racism of the worst kind. Its a very clever system. They accept cast system as their faith. They embrace poverty misery and suffering as religion.






India is a cursed land. India will never come out of misery even if we become the next economic super power.
we will remain miserable for ever. We seem to love our misery. Any country where people flee at any given oppertunity is a cursed land, another example is China, where you see oppression of the worst kind. All the flag waving Indians who shout, 'Mera bharat Mahaan' would flee given a chance, and i don't blame them. The conditions are so miserable.




She is smiling through her Ghunghat (veil), She invited me to her house, a mud house, this is the exterior



Do i feel miserable not living in a penthouse ??
Look at this.
I said WHOA !! when i entered


Ha ! this is joy. Just a mud house and the whole thing would come crumbling down just by leaning on it. Look at her interior design. This is love.
You did this all by yourself ?? i asked her
Yes she said, handing me a small mud pot of some fruit juice, she was beaming.
This should get in to an international Interior design magazine i thought.
This is something. This is so full of life.


Hey ! where is your smile ?
Here it comes, these are the farm hands of kutch




i would not smile with such a load on my head. Poverty becomes a way of life. Nothing stops them from feeling good, Indian movies play a big role in their lives. They want to be like movie stars. And they have thir own fashion. Some traditional and some new.






Anything, a piece of jewelry, new clothes, to make them feel good, to make them less miserable,
they flaunt it. i can't measure their joy by my yardstick.





i don't remember what i told her in my broken Kannada that made her laugh. It takes very little effort to ease the situation and bring some lighter moments. i am a clown always. i reach out and touch them.



Some new pictures in PASSION GREEN, PORTRAITS and BLUNT KNIFE, you can find the links on the side bar right under the clock, i don't like posting just pictures, wanted to delete these blogs, i am obsessed with the page design, so they stay.

Traveling again on herbal medicine trail, just for information that could be useful for my friends, going on a forest trail next week to Coorg and Wynad.
All my love