14 July 2009


Oh that is not Da Vinci's brother
Da Minkee is meee
and dis is maa hand
code, kode in Tamil is a line


oh ! looks very old,
i AM old.

Some time ago a friend of mine said i have a simian line.
where ?
here, She said
there was no arrow there
i putted that arrow in the picture.


Hoye' ...... What is a simian line ?

its a headline (not newspaper headline) heart line, liver line, lung line, Kidney line, something she said all fused into one which goes right across the palm, cuts it in to 2 halves.

is that any good ?
or bad ?
what i meant was will it bring any luck or money or i can get away robbing a bank

monkeys have them she said, she was not trying to make me happy. plain information.

Well, that was good news, but i forgot about it,
i suddenly remembered in the train on my way back home

i wanted to check

what line was it ? i forgot, Tillian line, sillian line, pillian million, killian, Killian is most likely as i have killed lots of mosquitoes.

i googled early morning yesterday, i could have called her to find out.
i tried sillian line + palmistry, bikkaas i am very silly
so google asked, do you mean simian line ?
i said yes yes yes clicked on it

There were many sites listed
there were pictures illustrations and all
lots about simian line, had no patience to read
yes monkeys have them
i was happy.

All these years i wished i was a monkey
Now i know I AM A MONKEY
i am somebody
i am special.

so packed my bagpack early morning, left home, looking around with utter contempt
as i am special
i expected the traffic to stop for me
it didn't
i expected the cops to salute me
they didn't
Got the Tanjavur bus, 250 Kms travel, 40 KMs beyond Cuddalore, to Kurunjipadi.
I was going to Ben's first birthday party, Ben is one, i mean one year old
comfortable reclining seats and i was singing
feeling top of the world
had my ipaad on.

Vadalure, i said when the bus conductor approached me,
Jawahar would pick me up from there

80 rupees, said the conductor
why is he taking money from me
from meeee ???
i am special
i am da minkee
i had to pay


thats Ben, Soni, Jawahar, mom dad and Soni's mom dad
Terrific Biryani, i ate and slept
do monkeys eat biryani ?
Do they smoke ?
i do
i am a special minkee

had to write on environment, some misconceptions, but after a long break i din wan to write sumptin annoying depressing and unpleasant
What was i doing all these days ?
i have a right to do nuttin
You have to say someting in the face book, what you are doing
what you are doing ?
just scratching my yeddu
i'll write about nuttin in my next post
nice to know i am not alone
all my love