27 August 2008


I'm driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, "George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan." And I did, and then God would tell me, "George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq …" And I did.
So said Saint George Bush the son.

i don't eat saints, they don't taste good even with pickle and chutney. yuk !
i hate saints.

So, God told St.Bush to invade Iraq.

He could be lying like he's been lying on various other issues.
What if he is telling the truth ?
That he did receive the Divine Revelation from God
He can't be lying all the time, he lied because the people behind him made him tell all those lies.
poor chap
No one told him to shut up, they just let him make a fool of himself. Thats what they wanted.
What they didn't tell him was that his Divine Revelation is actually a phenomenon called TLE

Temporal lobe epilepsy.
if he was telling the truth, you had a president for eight long years who was not mentally very sound.

Now the mindologists, brainologists, headologists and nuttologists are digging up all the Divine Revelations people recieved so far in history. Few books have been written on the subject. Please check.

People were indeed telling the truth about those Revelations.

None was lying about them.
It was a true experience, Feeling of Aura, blinding flash, some get incence smells too. Brain plays such tricks on us. There are thousands of different kinds of epilepsy, seizures, very few reported and studied. scientists are doing it now.
Neurotheology it is called. New subject.

For me the most interesting case is St.Teresa of Avila.(1515-1582) please see Bernini's masterpiece Ecstasy of St.Teresa.

act one scene one
She claims she was having an affair with God,

act one scene two
she claims God was having an affair with her..,
You will not find these exact words.
means the same.

act four scene four
tragic end
after two years God dumps her.
in other words she stopped having seizures

Same thing, a case of Temporal lobe epilepsy

Now Turlington would be furious, how could God ignore me and have an affair with some one else ??

Soon we'll be having elections in India.

Except for the Indians, no one is really interested.
Where as, entire world is focussed on the result of Elections in the US for obvious reasons.

All are affected.
i am one of them.
The US government is not known to mind its own business like the other countries do.

As an outsider What do i expect ?
i would rather have a US president who is a liar or a crook or a casanova, but not a saint who receives Divine Revelations directly from God every night.
oh DEEAH ! thats scary.

22 August 2008



i needed her so badly
i am happy, i made her smile.

She gave me her best. she made me smile.
We need each other so much and such moments are so precious that we wish they last for ever.
We can't be happy alone, unless we share our joy.
byeee sweeet, she was on a boat on the sacred river Ganges.