29 June 2008


30th June is the 100th anniversary of the Tunguska event
what is the right word ? Anniversary ?
there can't be an anniversary of a disaster.
i very much doubt if the news papers or the TV will remember the event, even if they do, they would ignore it. Because the event speaks of a God who doesn't seem to be in control of his creations.

Tunguska is in central Siberia, the people are TUNGUS ??Tunguskans ??, not sure please check.

In the early morning hours of 30th June 1908, a ball of fire entered the earth's atmosphere. Seconds later, there was an explosion of unimaginable magnitude followed by a heat shock wave which swept the villagers off their feet. No deaths. None reported. The explosion happened miles and miles away from the villages in a fur forest of central Siberia. 2000 sq kilometers of fur forest was burnt. The entire forest was leveled.
There was no crater.
The shock wave was felt all over Europe.

What happened ?
No one knows for Sure.
There are only theories.
Most plausible one is that a fragment of comet hit the earth at 70, 000 miles speed.
No crater, i repeat. And no trace of any radio active material.
Such accidents keep occuring every second in our universe, multiverse.
We have more than one universe.

The funniest thing is.
No one went to the crash site for 20 years. No one cared.
Russia was ruled by the Czars in 1908 who never cared for the poor and Tunguska is so far and so remote in a very hostile Siberia, the Tunguskans never existed for the rest of the world.
Please check the details on the net. i am talking about something else here.

We have planets, we have stars and we have galaxies, not one or two but trillions and trillions of galaxies like ours. In between the space, there are rocks floating, metal, dust, fragments of comets, pieces of ice, pieces, yes pieces the size of Nepal or Switzerland. The one that hit Tunguskan forst was tiny,
just the size of a football field.
These fragments keep hitting planets every second.

Would you smile if i say some fragments of icy comets are diamonds ?
Yes they are.

i hear God's voice
Hey rauf you are greedy, do want a diamond ?
yes God, Yes God

a burning ball of diamond as big as state of Texas falls on my house at 70, 000 miles speed
a gift from God
i can be very rich selling that diamond.
How lucky!

'oh Shit ! its a diamond'
rauf said that a minute ago
where is rauf ?
i'll be quoted in famous last words on the net.
Luckiest man on earth i'll be.
rauf is buried under a diamond ?

Scientists who later investigated Tunguska found diamonds in the forest leveled by the explosion.
God created everything ?
Our 4.7 billion years old planet Earth is just a tiny spec of dust in trillions and trillions of galaxies.
Chances of another hit are remote. But the scientists say this happens once every hundred years.
Is God who created everything in control of his creations ?
Must be a very irresponsible God. A mischievous child.

23 June 2008


When this sign greets you in the month of June,
you know you are working with very lazy people. This is not shocking when you are waiting at our local Telephone office.
This is pretty normal.
i am fine with lazy people as i am very lazy myself
i am fine with slobs as i am a big slob myself.

Hi my dear friends
i was in a no man's land for a couple of months with no telephone and internet, that is not the only reason for my long absence, its a long story, i'll tell you later

i wanted internet connection with a new telephone line.
i mean the net comes with a telephone line.
The telephone was promised in a couple of days but it came ten days later.
When do i get the internet ?
it will take another ten days
your password and log in name has to come from our head office in Bangalore
it took 15 days but it came.
what ?
what what ?
what is my password ?
yes password
what ?
my password
yes, password
password ?
what ?
i don't believe this ! my password is password ?
and it took you 15 days to set my password and it came from Bangalore after rattling a few super brains ? WOW !
password, you are not joking ?
No sir !
you are joking are not joking ?
yes sir
you mean you are joking ?
no sir
dear o dear !
so my password is PASSWORD
yes sir
Thank you so much for your deep thoughts

The net came at a wrong time when i was breathing dust sitting on a lot of debris,
had to pack my putter immediately as i had just managed to get the labour to work on my new room.
One look at me and they know that this guy has no money.
They don't show up
They are interested only in big work, big money
had to look for people who had no work
found an old carpenter who was willing to work on my weird designs
So it took time, the work is still going on at snail's pace.
it will take another week for me to settle down at my new place.

I sincerely thank all my blog friends who kept enquiring about my welfare, i would reply to all of you individually. i had no access to net for more than 2 months
Thank you so much my friends, i am overwhelmed
i am fine healthwise, and hope you all are doing fine and enjoying the summer.
Here i am finding ways to love the heat
you have to
heat or cold
Otherwise we ruin our day by complaining about the heat cold rain or no rain
All my love, i'll be back soon with a new post.