1 October 2010


oh deeah ! this is suicide.

In the year 2001 the Historians dropped BC and AD and replaced them with BCE and CE  officially.
No change in dates.

350 BC  (Before Christ) remains 350 BCE  (Before Common Era)
and 2010 AD (Anno Domini, the year of the Lord) remains 2010 CE (Common Era)

Our calender is called the Gregorian calender.   

In other words a Christian calender as it started with the birth of Jesus Christ. 
Not exactly true.
The Christian calender we all follow today,  actually began in the year 525 AD  or CE now, by a priest. 
i think he was a priest called Dennis the Short. 
He has a complex sounding name  dixys pixys somting, he was short, dwarf like. 
i am not sure of him being a priest or a monk.
i don't even know the difference between a priest and a monk.
Well,  he started our present calender in 525. AD or CE

Please remember, it did not begin with the birth of Christ, the year Zero, there was no year Zero.

After 1500 years historians decided to drop BC and AD 

Why ?
it makes no sense at all.

They say BC and AD are politically incorrect.

Why ?

The Gregorian or Christian calender, they say is followed by non Christians as well

quite true.

They say, the Christian Calender, BC (Before Christ) and  AD, the year of the Lord is offensive to non Christians, so politically incorrect.

What ?  i never heard of that !

i am not a Christian and the Calender never offended meeee !

The Hindus, Muslims, Chinese or Jews and others have their own Lunar Calenders 
which are completely useless for all practical purposes. 
They are used only to determine festivals, auspecious times or dates for weddings 
and no more.

Why Lunar Calenders ?

Simply because they did not know. Geography was not their major subject.
None had a PhD

The moon undergoes dramatic changes through the month,  as viewed from the Earth. 
Actually it is a piece of rock incapable of undergoing any fast and visible changes 
or emitting light and heat energy. 
It just reflects light from the Sun. 
People did not know that. 

There is no full moon, half moon, or a new moon.
If you remove the moon from the picture, nothing is missing
if you remove the sun, we are finished.
The Lunar calenders of different kinds are absurd and absolutely useless.

i asked a fire spitting Islamic fundamentalist his date of birth.
November 12th 1958 he said
oh !
he didn't tell me his date of birth according to Hijri, the Islamic lunar calender which he should have.

From past 1500 years we all, the people of all religions
were happily, willingly using the Christian Calender, 
BC and AD, 
without any objections, without any protests whatsoever. 
And we are still using it.

Then why  should any one be offended by Christian calender and the use of BC and AD ?

why is it politically incorrect to use BC and AD ?

they are not telling us the real reason.

Why is it incorrect ?

the real reason is, there is no historical record of Jesus Christ.
In Other words, Jesus simply did not exist.
So we cannot use BC and AD.

Do i have the audacity to say that a name which shaped and influenced the world from past 2000 years did not exist ?


and this is not my opinion. This is history.

Jesus Christ can't be a pure fiction
Perhaps some similar sounding nice kind soul existed who was crucified for calling Pontius Pilate a dimwit.

But the son of God, born to a virgin, who performed miracles,  crucified and resurrected,  did not exist.
The set of people who created Jesus Christ went a little overboard. 
They borrowed ideas from existing pagan stories.
If you look at the etymology of the names of days like Monday Tuesday 
or the names of the 12 months 
you'll find that most of them came from Pagan religions.

There is a big reason why they created Jesus Christ which i'll tell you in the comments.

This has been going on from past 50 years and i came to know only 30 years ago.
i kept quiet. It hurt me a lot.
it was difficult for me to accept. i refused to accept at first.
This came to me during difficult times when i was very religious  
and i was just beginning to question my faith, my beliefs 
and the reasons for my existence. 
It coincided with my giving up the job and wandering aimlessly, which continues till today.
My mom would have killed me had i told her that Jesus did not exist.
This is not the end of the story. There is more trouble to come.

Everything about Islam and Prophet Mohammad is recorded by the Historians in detail. 
About all his companions, the revelations, the growth of Islam, the Caliphate 
and all the wars, raids, bloodshed during and after the Prophet's life, everything is recorded in detail. 
Any one who claims that Islam is a religion of peace 
has not read the biography of the Prophet or has not read the History of Islam.

Now The Prophet and Islam are facts,  not a fiction.
Here comes the trouble.
The foundation of Islam rests on the Torah and the Bible and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
Nearly half the Qurr'aan is the Bible and some Torah. You'll find all the Biblical stories appear there with some variations.
They all believe in the same G.O.D (God of the Desert) right from Adam Eve, Abraham  David Moses Jesus. 
They all did not exist.

There goes the religion, G.O.D,  It  all turns out to be a myth. 

That makes most of the people living on this planet believe in myths.

The Hindus are strange. 
They are well aware that their religion is a myth.  
That makes them  more thoughtless than the other myth believers.

Buddhism is just a philosophy. 
Buddha existed five centuries before Jesus. 
History records his life and teachings but not with exact dates of his birth and death.

Now you have a 6th century BCE Gautam Buddha 
and a 6th Century C.E Prophet Mohammad and both are recorded in history.  
In between falls Jesus Christ who is missing in the Historical records.

Myth or no myth, best and the worst has come out of religion.
The merits and demerits weigh nearly the same.

Let us see the impact of a name, Jesus Christ which is a myth.

From past 2000 years no other name has generated 
such phenomenal love kindness sacrifice and compassion in the world
like the name of Jesus Christ. 
The best in art music literature performing arts architecture came out of love of Jesus Christ. 
Most of the charity, in cash and kind, care for the suffering,
immediate aid to the victims of natural disasters comes out of love of Jesus Christ.
So what is wrong in believing in a harmless myth ?

The Atheists may ask are we not capable of generating love ?

No sir

Faith is a force. All Atheists put together can do nothing. 
All people of religion joined together can push the Himalayas to South India. 
Such is the power of faith.
i want Himalayas in my back yard. its so hot here.

Faith can be equally destructive as History tells us. 
Nearly all the bloodshed in the world is the result of love of God 
or the love of religious figures like Moses, Jesus or Mohammad, mythical or real.

We have a living example in Pakistan which is completely destroyed as a country. 
All believe in same God, all follow the same religion. 

what went wrong then ? 

The power went into the hands of religious fundamentalists. 
The country destroyed in the name of God. 
Now that country is further destroyed by nature's fury.

i accuse all the religions for condoning slavery. 

None of the religious figures condemned the slave trade.

Finally it was the love of Jesus Christ which brought an end to slavery.

It is the love of Jesus Christ in William Wilberforce 
which made him and his Church colleagues, fight for more than 25 years
in the British Parliament to outlaw slave trade in England. 
This marked the beginning of the end of slavery from the world. 
Took another 150 years to end slavery completely.

Myths have generated unimaginable amounts of money and activities. Used for both positive and negative ends. 
i would include 9/11 myth here.  It is difficult for any one to accept facts.

Truth is unpleasant, lies are comfortable. 
Myths are nice and pleasant.
The priest tells you what you want to hear.
i am right and you are wrong is a disease we all suffer from.
nothing makes sense.
The big picture is absurd.
It doesn't really matter who is right and who is wrong.
Be silly and be stupid
and be foolish.
it doesn't really matter.
all my love.