26 May 2006


These are the first raindrops in Wynad last year when I was in Kerala Chasing the rain. I had to wait. I was enjoying the company of Dr. Krishnadas and family when it started raining, seeing me excited he took me for a drive. It was pouring.

I am in a train, 5 in the morning, it is still dark in Trichur Railway station, I am up and others still sleeping. Mallus, Keralites want the news paper before they wake up. They wake up dreaming of a newspaper and they have it before they have a cup of chaaya.

Newspaper hawkers screaming the headlines, one chap buys a Malayalam news paper. I quietly go sit beside him after having finished my second coffee before 5 am. It is still dark as the train picks up speed, all lights switched off, i can hardly see the newspaper and our man is reading it.
Where is it raining now can you please tell me ?

huh ?

weather report ??

huh ?

I repeat in what ever Malayalam I can manage

I can see the white sheet but not the print. not very happy over my interruption. he checks and tells me 

'Nho rhayine'( no rain )

goes back to the story he was reading.
must be raining somewhere would you please check and tell me.
He mutters something and checks again, I appreciate his effort in dim light, takes time to locate small bit of news,

'littal rhayine in  Pyyannur Kasargode'

thank you
I know that he doesn't know where pyyannur or Kasargode is
I know where it is
i know more of kerala than a keralite does

A man from Talissery would have gone to north pole south pole east pole or the west pole but he would not have seen Mahe' a few kilometers away.

unlike my city of Chennai, the rain in kerala is always pleasant for me. I love the smell of banana fry and rain. Sometimes fish coconut oil and rain. Wow !

Where ever I go I keep asking people where is it raining now,
' Something is wrong with this chap' that's the look i get. but they all oblige.
nice chaps.

its not hard to find a man with a newspaper, they all seem to carry it with an umbrella, I'll be the only one without an umbrella or a newspaper, they read tomorrow's newspaper, they read last years newspaper. I have not seen people eating newspaper all the time anywhere in India but in Kerala. I don't read, i don't like ruining my day, sometimes I may read the sports page. My nephew and niece read them, we get 2 different newspapers at home.

rain is just a weather report in Kerala newspapers, where as here in Chennai, rain is big news
front page big headline. Now you know why I am chasing the rain


Leaving tonight for Kerala, on a rain chase, A wedding in Guruvayur first, two of my friends are getting married. not seperately, I mean they are getting married to each other, both are my friends don't worry, one is a boy the other is a girl. Normal thing. and I am the cupid. I may be wierd but my friends are normal.
So Nirmal and Sindu are getting married on the 28th.
Happy occasion for me.
I'll post the wedding pictures for you, simple wedding in a temple, but the temple is not simple
Guruvayur is one big famous temple.

I'll be back on 4th of June
love you allBlunt Knife
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17 May 2006


I wonder if passing eagles or storks give them compliments
Hi Gorgeous !
She looks proud no doubt.
They perhaps do appreciate each other's beauty, and compliment each other.
I was in a hurry to post this blog as I had posted 16 pictures in a single blog in Blunt knife today without any problem, and pretty fast too. Lucky day.
All pictures are full screen size, please click on the pictures.

The design on wings of this snake bird is simply amazing, some birds are slow in flight more graceful in take off, this one is very fast and graceful like a black porche. I wait and wait for them to take off, with my camera ready. I am suddenly alert when the flap their wings. nothing happens, they just flap their wings a couple of times and just sit there. perhaps they try to attract your attention. some times I feel that they are showing off. they have their own chemistry. Perhaps they long for right company, and try to attract friends ?

hey ! look at my figure !
If they are given the power of speech, they'll have all the Bollywood Hollywood producers lined up to sign them.
Unlike the humans, females are not badly treated by their males. I haven't seen them fighting.
Perhaps they would start fighting once Hollywood producers start approaching them.

I just sit there and watch them , getting crazy ideas I keep talking to them,
would you act in my movie ? I'll give you a major role.
what do I get ?
how about fish from Alaska for one whole year ?
I'll think about it, I've been offered fish from Siberia for 3 years.

This is figure. she could be a top fashion model. Tall and slim. Do they watch their diet ?
Struggle for survival keeps them in shape.
what a shape !
I think only pets like cats and dogs or domesticated animals get fat. Others stay in shape.
Nothing wrong in being fat. Very cheerful people.
If you like chocolates, go ahead and eat them
Eat without any worry, without guilt
The problem comes when you don't burn enough energy.
but please don't starve yourself.

Do you want this figure ?
Eat a bar of dark chocolate, to compensate eat one bar of white chocolate. Blanced !
good idea ?
Feeling hungry is a sign of good health.
please eat well, don't bother about figure
You are not going to lose any friends
I have not heard of any one losing friends because they put on weight.

Da Vinci code is being released tomorrow and there are protests already all over India, peaceful so far but may turn violent. The Censers have not released the film yet. Perhaps the film will be shown right under the nose of the Pope in Vatican but there's all possibilities of the film being banned here in India.

Well this is India for you. you should know that barring a few, all those who are protesting may not have heard of the book, which was sold in every nook and corner. I think Its a wrong title. Leanardo da Vinci is leonardo of the village vinci, its a name of a place.

Please don't think for a second that I am a serious person.
I go crazy and goofy all the time. I love talking absolute nonsense.
love you all.
Blunt Knife
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14 May 2006


This is Anju my friend and her son kyle, happy isn't she ? Sweet thing she is. Simply adorable.


All mothers are happy but we make them unhappy. Writing about mothers is a silly thing. We all love our mothers, I am writing without thinking. I don't have to think to write about my mother or all mothers of this world. Then one day the whole world becomes empty and you are alone when you realise you have lost your mother.
We never realise until then, that mother was our best friend.

When we make them unhappy, we don't realise for one second what they have been through raising us, protecting us. The first priority of any mother is to protect her child, nothing comes before that

She'll kill you if you go near her child. She'll kill you.

I am too angry to cry.
We don't know what a sacrifice is
Ask a mother what sacrifice is
No, she won't tell us
and we'll never know.
she keeps it to herself.

This is Jayam, My friend Ramesh's sister, daughter Rachel.
Rachel now is in her school final. Met Jayam and Rachel a couple of weeks ago after a long time

Ah ! Chubbanna, my friend Suba, I am the punching bag for her, kicks me all the time, we have trekked together, but that was long before her marriage. Aditya is 10 now. second son Akkuna matata, thats what I call him is 6. I see her efforts and sacrifices in bringing up her children.

Happy mother and daughter selling bangles in Jodhpur Rajasthan. She'll do anything for the survival of her children.

Mother Earth
Mother Nature
Mother Country
Mother tongue
I repeat this every time in blogs or in comments
nobody asks you what your father tongue is
What your mother speaks ..you speak. Natural.
what a silly question.
Every one accepts the primary role of a mother. Mother is supreme. Mother is god or next to god. We just accept but they don't get their due.
Remember, god has not sacrificed anything.
Your mom did.

Some relief here, a little bit.
According to Islam, paradise lies under your mother's feet. Those are just words which are often not followed.

No Religion accepts that it is the females, of all species who hold the planet together. Its the females who shoulder the responsibility of keeping this planet in one piece.
A fact ignored by all major religions.

No, she is not performing the balancing act. She has to walk for miles,
yes for miles to get one pot of water in the desert of Rajasthan. polluted or clean, she has no choice. She has to walk for her family, for her children, she seems to be enjoying it.
She is happy, and so is this lady.

All mothers enjoy their motherhood. Its our bad attitude which makes them miserable. This lady could be a good artist, most of them are, but they have no time for it, nor any energy left. All her energy is directed towards protection and survival of her children.
So don't ask her about sacrifices. She'll break the pot on your head. DHOINK !!

All pictures are full screen size, please click on the pictures.
Blunt Knife
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11 May 2006


Ah ! Rain, I am on my way to Rajasthan, Its such a joy, but I couldn't jump out of the train, No need, I already soaked myself enough in Kerala, I can sit inside, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy watching the rain from my window seat. This is Trivandrum-Jodhpur long distance train and it has a pantry car. I was getting a regular supply of coffee.

I am talking about coffee when I am supposed to talk about water, The most refreshing drink
Any one wants to argue ?

After millions of years of evolution we are still at the mercy of nature.
Water generates life.
Almost all the civilisations flourished on the banks of rivers. No water, no life.

We can buy water, we can purify it, boil it and drink. So no problem polluting the rivers ?
But what about other creatures, these birds and animals, water belongs to them too. They drink polluted water and get sick and die for no fault of theirs.

They have as much right to pure water as we do. They cannot form a union, organise a protest rally or create awareness, this is something we have to do.

They already have enough problems to deal with, they don't pray to God for rain, they simply perish, leading to slow extinction.

This open bill stork has enough reason to complain, its called open bill stork because his bill has a gap, poor chaps, have lot of problems drinking water. Half of it spilled out of the gap.

What ever water they can hold in their open bill, they have to take off and fly and feed their chicks, They have to make number of trips carrying water back and forth to feed one chick. Poor guys.

I took these pictures in March this year, I felt thirsty myself, I realised that it was too hot for the month of March. I felt the heat of May. I almost had a sunstroke, had to take shelter immediately.
Now these chaps cannot afford to wait till their chicks learn to fly. They have to fly away when its time. Half the chicks of migratory birds die on the way.

What ever the data says... what ever expert may say, this is all due to global warming. These birds are unable to adjust their timing according to abrupt climate changes. Is it their fault if they do not know how to adjust themselves ?

Clean or polluted, they have to drink water. They have to survive, Its too much for us to expect them to adjust themselves for human folly.

I watched on BBC today. there are 25 000, yes you heard me right TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND privately owned luxury aircrafts, and ten thousand more coming this year as business is booming.

Aha ! take a look at this take off !! This flight is a pure joy ! and they don't pollute the air we breath.
Blunt knife
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With the exception of Lord Boo and Mudassar, none of my Indian friends living here or abroad commented on my previous post, 'I HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIVE'.
It doesn't come as a surprise to me.

Blunt Knife

4 May 2006


This mother and child have no right to live. They have to be sterilised so that they don't produce more humans of their inferior race.
Shocking ?

Please type EUGENICS in google search and see what result you get. Please refer to the dictionary and encyclopaedia. Try WIKIPEDIA or
Science Magazine

I am not beating a dead horse, this is not a dead movement. Forced sterilisation is still being carried out in the US and rest of the world. Please read The Eugenics conspiracy This is not widely known as they controle the world media.

This man and his children are not supposed to exist.
I believe in humanity. There are kind people who allowed my father and grandfather to live. That is how I am living.
Research and studies are still going on in the US and Europe.
Hitler was not alone.
Blunt Knife
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