27 February 2006


You see a clock on this page, and in my Blunt Knife blog. The dial is jet black. If it is grey, your screen is too bright. Not good for your eyes and the life of the monitor would be short.
Please adjust your monitor with the help of this site
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Thank you
Blunt Knife


This River Tern seems to be pretty mad with two of her chicks raising hell. She is angry stamping her foot. She is calling her husband.
Where have you gone you irresponsible idiot ?

Mama I am hungry Mama I am hungry
Wait Papa has gone to get you some food, wait wait. Whats taking him so long ? She's jumpy, must be sitting with his friends and drinking beer, let him come I'll kick his ass Where are youuuu ??
Mama I am hungreeeeee!!

Now both the chicks don't scream at a time, they create quite a racket, too loud for their size, one screams the other keeps quiet, when the first one gets tired the second one starts, making mommy Tern mad.

oweee this chap has an attitude, I don't like it.
Hey you chikee ! don't mess with me I know George Bush !
and the chick says I don't care if you know baby Bush or Papa Bush, po daa just get lost. I am hungry.

I didn't expect the wing to be so big for a chick No wonder he is not afraid of George Bush
Hiyeee papa papa papa !

Where have you been you lazy ass ?? These chick's been making my life miserable what took you so long ? have you been drinking ?

This is what we are supposed to do to survive, go find food for ourselves and for the kids. Is that very complicated ? We get trained for it, ten years at school, endless years at college, we have made it so complicated.
Blunt Knife.

25 February 2006

At your service your Majesty !!

Believe me these guys are really funny, they look like some court jesters straight out of Twelfth Night, very pleasant to watch them, extremely entertaining.

Here this chap looks like Jeeves, Lost in deep thought, perhaps thinking how to get Wooster out of some mess or how to get him into some more trouble.
Blunt Knife.

24 February 2006

Broadway Kochi.

Never knew there is a Broadway in Kochi until e2dee told me. There is some quiet charm about it. I loved the place, walked up and down twice through it. there is a lot of activity but pretty quiet, very strange. Went to your place e2dee, Found that I've been there before, Some Kerala Tourism chap took me while I was shooting for 'God's own country' campaign. Too early for vegetable cutlet. My food provider ( I refuse to call them waiters. I never order food I request food) told me that vegetabill cutlait will be available only at 'panirandu mani' I had a very yumms yumms masala dosai and a perfet cup of strong kaapee after a long time. I couldn't go back there to taste the cutlet, had a bus to catch.

I was sitting where the water bottle is. You get home made pickle and masalas there. lots of good stuff on sale. Tempting but Couldn't afford to add weight to my baggage. Struck a conversation with a couple. the lady said its a fav. hangout for college girls (perhaps St. Thresa's ) I said OWEEE, sad I am leaving in the afternoon.
I'll Come up with a blog on fort kochi in Blunt Knife soon.

18 February 2006


I was in wilderness, back to wilderness of shopping malls and traffic for a day, I am Kannur, Kerala, No net or phones all these days, going back to wilderness of trees and animals. Last night I had an amazing experience of watching 'THEYYAM' at a temple at Taliserry, Overwhelmed at the help and kindness of people whom I hardly know, this is what you get in kerala apart from some terrific food. Don't know when I'll get back home, perhaps on wednesday when I run out of money ?? Tol you me goin one way ticket ?? I have lots of pictures for you and I'll reply to all the comments once I gt back, have to catch up some sleep, by the way I love the traffic, sounds nice after a long time
All my love to all of you.
please take care of yourself.
Blunt Knife

13 February 2006


Life never stays gloomy for ever.
We can change things with a litle effort and change of attitude
There is always a hope of brighter tomorrow.

The world runs on hope.
A shift in priorities can force a change in the seasons of our life.
A new life begins with a few drops of rain.

Our attitude is rain,
It can wash away our problems.
Brown turns to green.
There's always a hope,
Hope for a better future.

Blunt Knife

8 February 2006


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I used to carry music with me, on my treks, stupid idea. Now I don't carry any more. There is enough music in the air, its a state of mind, you accept sounds of nature as music. The surround sound is sheer ecstasy. The birds the elephants or the monkeys may dislike Mozart or Sibelius. or they may like Stravinsky and Sigur Ros, you never know. Perhaps they enjoy each other's sounds. I have seen monkeys sitting very still in a state of absolute concentration. Some times all you hear is the whispering sounds of leaves and none other. No activity whatsoever. They all decide to sit and listen. All of them.

Blunt Knife

5 February 2006


More pictures and details in Blunt Knife.


Beauty grace and elegance in nature. Here's Rudolph Nureyev and Anna Pavlova for you.( they performed at different periods) You don't need any Tchaikovsky to go with it.

A scene from mid summer night's dream.

Blunt Knife