2 December 2010


Congratulations !
Good news ! We are going.
i think the present generation would live to see the beginning of the end of human race.
This is going to be fast, it will not take millions of years.
Good for the planet, Good for the animals, they'll have a party.
The monkey would dance
This is not my opinion, the experts say the same

"If all the insects on earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on earth would disappear. If all humans disappeared, within 50 years all species would flourish as never before" - Jonas Salk

The recent WIKI LEAKS marks the beginning perhaps.
What are they doing ?  they are operating from Sweden. not from a different planet.
They are aware that they are dealing with the CIA. The most powerful organisation in the world.
so powerful that they can stop the sunrise
you are staring at me
yes the CIA can stop the sun from rising
ok.  it was a bit wide, please adjust. It was just to make you understand how powerful CIA is

CIA can finish Wiki Leak people in a matter of seconds, but they'll make a mess of it. They are very messy people. They can finish me, they can destroy my house kill my family and my neighbour's who don't even know know what a CIA is and i would be standing outside scratching my yeddu. 

These chaps can't light a cigarette without setting the house ablaze.

Right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Where ever they go, they leave a mess behind. What ever i know about CIA comes  from various books i have read.
i have not met any of them, thankfully.

CIA has no country

Then why would Wiki Leak people take such a risk ? Unless CIA  leaked the information themselves ?.

Why would they do that ? except for the embarrassment,  the information doesn't help any country, not even the USA.  

Does it help any one ?

yes it helps the corporates to gain control over different countries. 

In another 50 years we will have only corporates and no countries. 
This is just the beginning, beginning of the end of human race.

Corporates have near total control over USA and unfortunately people are not aware of it. They think they vote and see 120 varieties of coffee to choose from and they think they are free. 

Corporate control is spreading  all over the world.

It is a bit difficult to gain control over India. No one runs India really. India runs by itself. It is not even walking. 

India is a carriage drawn by four horses going in different directions. The carriage is not going anywhere as it is too heavy with people inside resisting any movement.

i think i am wrong here
India is actually controlled by a bunch of demented rats called astrologers,
and moonstruck cockroaches called Gurus Bhagwans and swamis. Most of the politicians go fall at their feet. 

Think of four different astrologers advising our four different leaders. You can imagine the mayhem, chaos confusion gripping the country.

Part of India has been sold to the corporates by our greedy and corrupt politicians. The corporates partially control Indian agriculture now. This being the main reason for the spate of suicides among farmers.

The governments however inefficient and corrupt, are afraid of the people. The corporates are not. They own everything, they own your life.

If you don't have money to buy food,   you die. Simple.

This takes care of three fourths of world population, there will be mass suicides like the farmers of India. It is happening in Orissa.

There would be no racism, only useful and useless will be differentiated, not blacks and whites or browns and yellows
the useless have to go. the corporates can't feed the useless like me..

So what remains ? Only a few millions of useful people who will die in corporate wars.
There goes the human race.

But the corporates forget one thing
The will to survive, the fighting spirit and the willingness to sacrifice found only in humans.  This will defeat the corporates.
And they forgot the power of love.
Please don't worry