19 June 2006


We have problems here, This is cattle egret in normal peaceful state, I have posted their pictures of the amazing colours of their beak, starts with purple around the eye, turns to orange and then to yellow at the tip.
Please notice the feathers, all at rest. No problems here.
Please click on the pictures for full screen view,
you'll understand the story better.

Ah! tension mounting, Grrrrrr.... don't know what is the dispute, perhaps the other chap has hacked into his account cracked his password and reading his mail ? They both are angry, feathers are up, stiff. Signs of problems coming. Expression not too happy.

Hey Hey Calm down ! Back off man back off ! I said back off !!Whats your problem ?

Hey this is not good, you are raising your claw to attack him.
Now the feathers are outstretched stiff. you can see the anger in both of them. you can see the violence

hey Hey back off ! You raise your claw you are dead, be careful be careful I said.

I am in a boat right under them, this is happening on a twig joining two brances.

How dare you read my mail ?

Mail ? What mail ? who is interested in your trash ?

see see ?? unless you've read how do you know its trash ?? back off ! I said back off !!

You are coming too close, I am warning you I am warning you, stay away man

Look at the feathers on their heads, all up and stiff.
this is when I stood up in my boat to deliver my message of peace

Shanti Shanti my cheeeldren ! Pleeese be peeeecefool, I raised both my hands like a Guru or a Swamiji
'May all beings be happeeee, may all beings be peeeecefool'fighteeeng is not gooood my cheeeldren, calm down be peeeeceful

who is this clown with a camera ? Abey hoye ! Chal phut, get lost
Look who's talking ??, you people are killing each other and you are telling us to be peaceful ?

No no no my cheeeeldren This is not gooood, every body has problames, pleeeese calm down, don't be angreeeee, theeeese problames can be peeecefully settalled. pleeeese give up violaaance.

Ha ! give up violence ? what are you talking about ? Go tell l that to the eagle. go drown yourself with your camera, be useful to the crocodiles, why don't you be their breakfast ? Get lost.

Forgot to post crocodile pictures I'll post them in Blunt knife soon.

One is still sulking, the other is still talking, tell me who is male and who is female ?
I don't know, they both could be males or females. but their feathers are still up they both are still very angry.

Well ! my message of peace backfired, it did not work,
with all the messages of peace we have at hand, things are not looking too good. I have not heard of any swamiji or guruji going to Daffur, somalia Ruwanda Iraq or Afghanistan, they go only to western europe or the US where there are Dollars and Euros.

This is how my message of peace ended. not a picture of harmony. they are looking away, no chance of a meaningful dialogue, you can't bring them to sign any agreement any treaty.


Anonymous said...


Gangadhar said...

Nice message of peace,Rauf...loved it..Greta pics!
And lok forwrd to crocodile pics in ur blunt knife!

hava great week..

Lord Boo said...

hehehehehe !!!
lovely lovely pics, Poms
the last pic had me laughing so much
the way the birds were facing away, yet, bottoms close to touching
so like humans
it's so weird, how all the species on this planet share the same basic characterestics.
nice narration though, you're lucky you didn't get pooed upon, standing on the boat near them, hehe *hugs*

Patty said...


that last picture is priceless, Rauf. :)

this world needs more peace, kindness & harmony.

peace & hugs to you, Rauf.

...looking forwards to those croc pictures.

Rauf said...

Mala, in one hindi comedy serial, two brothers are supposed to control their anger, who ever wins gets the property. older brother hires one guruji to teach him the art of controling anger. Finally the chap makes guruji so angry that he starts breaking things.

Rauf said...

There is no message there Gangadhar, just for fun, I was surprised to find the birds fighting, took pictures, put them in a sequence and made a story out of it. This is just a fight. Anger is a natural emotion.

Rauf said...

Lord Booey ! yenna dee ? Birds fighting is very funny. some one cracking your hottamale came to my mind. put that in the story. This is how you and I fight over nothing. I miss your fights lord Booey. When I saw the birds angry, told the boatman lokesh to row faster, I missed many shots. I had just taken a few pictures of a crocodile, poor thing was peaceful and resting. Then I heard some loud noises, these birds can be pretty loud when angry
ummms and huggs reeee Lord Booey

Rauf said...

Thank you Patty, Sure I'll post crocodile pictures in Blunt knife soon, not much excitement there, took some close ups on that day and suddenly my attention was diverted by these fighting birds. Told the boatman to row faster, he couldn't control it, the boat went under them and crossed the tree branch, on which they were fighting. so missed many shots, the boat was actually moving while I clicked those pictures. It was too late when the boat came to rest. had to turn around to click the pictures. the fight had ended.
When i was under them as lord Boo said i was afraid they would pour their anger on me. the idea of peace message came right then.

love and huggs Patty

Ruth said...

Funny narrative in pictures. Yes, anger is natural. We can be honest and clean with it, but most often, we're not.

Rauf said...

We learn from consequences of anger and act accordingly. Anger has to be expressed Ruth. As you say I find most people only putting up an act and talk about peace and tranquility. Anger is a normal human emotion and by controling or supressing we are trying to be super humans. Animals and birds make no attempts to become super animals and super birds.

e2d said...

Not just anger Rauf..I think we try and supress all our emotions.Too scared of what others might think.We form a society where majority are hypocrites and non-hypocrites have a hard time surviving.They are not appreciated as much or labelled as crazy or simply ignored.But they wouldnt care I suppose.
Hey!..awesome pictures Rauf and the last one is simply tooooo swwweeeet.:)

ari4u said...

Rauf, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity and talent. This is awesome. I loved your monkey post and commented there and this birdie one is equally great. I know what you mean, we need mediators who are self-less and unbiased, but instead, we find a lot of mediators who are greedy and try to swipe off both warring sides. Keep it coming :-)

Rauf said...

Freedom should have limits e2dees, but one should be free to express emotions. have to contradict my statements. In a way its good that the fear of society curtails our freedom of expression. You get to see everybody's acting, every one trying to become a saint. As Ruth said, at least we can be honest about it.

Rauf said...

Aamir, it applies everywhere, fighting is great business oppertunity, remember supplying weapons to Iraq and Iran at the same time ? The weapons were supplied by the same saints who were telling those countries to stop fighting, what a joke !

There is no money in peace

Cari said...

You always make me smile Rauf.
I bet u they are a married couple.

Rauf said...

Thanks Cari, yes they behave like a married couple, the one sulking must be the husband and the one still talking must be the wife. The last picture suggests that too. Don't know which is male, they both could be females. My role is that of a saint, who adds fuel to the fire, just for kicks Cari, all the dialogue went im my mind.
Actually I wanted to say Hey Hey just shut up, i was afraid they'd fly away. Selfish that I am I wanted pictures, and had to be careful not to rock the boat I was in. Normally I talk to them, like I am too tired why don't you come a bit closer so that I can take a better picture. Taking pictures of birds is a strain on my neck. I am always looking up I feel the pain in the nights, surprisingly not at the time I am looking for them and taking pictures.

chinna said...

i think these birds have been watching tamil films where the guy alway teases the girl to win her heart. doesn't actually work in real-life!

Don Iannone said...

Rauf...Lovely as usual.

You know..these two birds remind me of two guys I met at the bar the other night. LOL

Claudia said...

Hi, Rauf! How can you manage to take such fantastic pictures of such fickle subjects? Your message goes perfectly with the pictures.

Claudia said...

This photo is especially amazing: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7477/1770/1600/04.8.jpg

Rauf said...

Chinna, these birds must be watching out door shootings of Indian songs and dances, wonder they think of them.

Rauf said...

Thank you Don. The cave man made the club, we have guns, human mind has evolved but human nature still remains the same.

Rauf said...

Claudia, I was in a boat when I clicked these pictures, now the boatman Lokesh has become a friend, we had lunch together a couple of times. He knows my interest and I respect his knowledge of birds. He very gently rows the boat while I am standing and clicking pictures. If I rock the boat we both end up becoming lunch for crocodiles. He knows where not to go, He knows the areas which are dangerous. I depend on his knowledge.

We have saints and mediators who cause more harm than good. Human nature has not changed over millions of years. The sight of cats fighting is very scary, I normally throw a mug of water at them. I don't sit and give them a discourse on inner peace and tranquility. We humans are supposed to be intelligent, has it really helped ? I don't think so Claudia.

Darlene said...

Oh, my heavens, Rauf, this was fabulous! Wonderful pictures. thank you so much for following through on all their positions. It was like reading a story, as I progressed through the shots, and I kept wondering what would happen next after your suspenseful beginning. And your dialogue was so wonderfully creative.

Rauf, all I can do is thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Rauf said...

Story is just for fun Darlene. What I wanted to convey is, we all have problems. One day old chicks get angry. I watch the behaviour of newly born kittens, they too fight with each other, express their anger. They express their love too just like the humans do. Only we humans wear a mask.

Imemine said...

Reminded me of Prince Charles and Lady Di.
Nice improvisation. And pictures too.

Rauf said...

Did they fight in public Imemine ?

Jenny said...

Wonderful pictures!!

Rauf said...

Thank you Jenny.

Kate said...

I'm pleased to have found your blogs, and I intend to visit every day. Wonderful photos!!

Rauf said...

Thank you Kate, you seem to travel a lot, and you have taken your readers along through your beautiful pictures.

seema said...

Rauf ... to me these pictures are a message of love that endures all emotions ... culminating may be in harmony which is nothing but peaceful coexistence.

It has been great knowing you through your blog.

with regards


Rauf said...

It is very un natural to hide our emotions Seema, wearing a mask doesn't make us genuine humans. We learn from the consequences, learn to be tolerant. But it is very difficult. When there is love there is hurt there is pain there is anger. Its all a part of being alive.
Your thoughts are deep and very delicate Seema, there is harmony within chaos, and chaos within harmony.

Ajay said...

coooooool . wat else can i say ?

Rauf said...

They have nothing to hide Ajay, they express everything love or anger

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!

Rauf said...

thank you anonymous

Cuckoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cuckoo said...

As usual brilliant pictures with narration.
Linking this blog now.

Sandy said...

Unbelievable action shots and love the commentary...gosh Rauf....thank goodness you visited my blog so I now can see your terrific work..I would never have known.

Rauf said...

Thank you Sandy

Anonymous said...

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