8 July 2006


You have seen birds expressing anger and fighting a couple of posts below, They express their love and affection too. Its such a beautiful feeling to watch them loving each other.

I tell you you would be moved to tears to see their love, I sometimes forget to take pictures, just stand there and watch. Its a rare feeling which I can't express.

Hey look at that ! WHOAA!!
its time to learn for some.

Love is a feeling any heart can generate.
Love is giving Love is caring.
Love is a never ending flow of joy when you share.
No emptiness. Your heart is always full.

They too get pretty excited, they express joy, they sit and wonder, Life is so beautiful. They don't know of any heaven or paradise, this is it. Life is here,
love is here. This is their heaven.

Ah ! the mating season, yes they have mating season, don't know why humans don't have any mating season. We'll have mating holidays mating vaccation, you find a message on the door gone to kodaikanal gone to switzerland on a mating holiday.

They are happy to watch others express their love, see how excited they are. No one teaches them how to love, They just know it, We know it, We don't learn.

This is the mating of white Ibis. they make a lot of noise, vigorous flapping of wings, nothing else exists for them.

He is not eating it himself, This river Tern is bringing food from a distance for his loved ones. Love is to help others survive.

Please take a closer look at the above picture, you see so much love here. please click on the pictures for full screen view. How wonderful it is to love each other.

then comes mating. The loving couple is open bill stork. They only know how to love and survive. Life is only THAT. We have made our lives so complicated.

Hellow !! May I have your attention please ?
I am watching football on the giant screen don't disturb me.
What ?
What do you want ?
I am here dear.

Oh sorry sorry
I've been waiting here for so long

Ok ummmmmmmmma ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma
muuwwah muuuuwaaaaah

You never pay any attention to me
i was watching football dear

Can I get back to football now ?
All males are like that..... I am fed up !!

This chap has amazed me, It seems he just disappears when I am not around, loves to sleep on my bed.

Demads my attention always, tries to catch my fingers while I am typing. Watches me till i go to sleep, nibbles my toes, doesn't bite but makes me say ouch! , wakes me up by placing his fore legs on my chest.
Its such a great feeling to be loved, I am broke all the time absolutely no savings, but i feel so rich. Love is a never ending never drying source of wealth.

Blunt Knife


samuru999 said...

What Amazingly beautiful pictures!
Your comments with each picture
was wonderful also.
Your cat I loved!
I have a cat that sometimes will
be at my feet as I am writing...
Thanks for all that beauty!

Claudia said...

It IS a wonderful feeling to be loved...AND to be able to love in return.
Your post is lovely, as always, Rauf. You keep us coming back.

wildpic said...

rauf, i 'hate' tv, but sometimes i love what comes out of love for money ... heard this sometime back ...
"perception is reality" ..."opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. if u hate, then u still care" ...

Rauf said...

Samuru999, Humans have more capacity to love and share their joy care for the suffering. It is the love kindness and compassion in humans which has defeated the concept of survival of the fittest. Any disaster anywhere people rush to help or contribute if they are far away. Such a majority of good kind and compassionate people are dominated by such a minority of evil. what a tragedy.

Rauf said...

You are never alone Claudia, love gives you company, because you always think of protecting the one you love, Out of almost seven billion people, very few are indifferent. Most of us humans are willing to sacrifice. Willingness to love, to share, to help is keeping the planet still livable.
love will not let the planet dry up. The planet will not let love dry up.

Rauf said...

Great to see you back Suresh
huggs and huggs first.

Hatred is an extreme emotion. Indifference dehumanises a human but it does not make a human an animal which would be a promotion.
Indifference ejects a man from the cosmos. He doesn't belong anywhere, but a man filled with hatred belongs somewhere.

Cari said...

Love is beautiful :}

ari4u said...

awesome pics rauf. Captured at the very perfect moment. It is so hard to get animals to show expression. I wonder if animals have expressive eyes, like the humans do.. or maybe a smile... or a naughty wink ;)

My share of love...

Take care..

ari4u said...

and oh, ginger has lost some weight... on a diet???

Rauf said...

You know better Cari, you have made great sacrifices but you have not lost anything by giving.

Rauf said...

They don't wear a mask Aamir they don't try to be super birds they don't try to be saints like the humans They are very expressive. They communicate, they live as a family, I'll have a post on how birds of different species live in harmony, share a tree and water.

Rauf said...

No Aamir, I suddenly got an idea at the end of the post, but couldn't find his latest picture. what you see here is an old picture round about the time you and sweet Salma came. This chap was very friendly with Lord boo and used to play with her every time she came.

Imemine said...

Love is free, free is love,
Love is living, living love,
Love is needing to be loved.
--J. Lennon

Rauf said...

What is the title of this song Imemine ?

Imemine said...

It's called Love is real.
You can listen to this song as sung by the Lettermen, one of my favorite groups, at http://www.geocities.com/astrids2ndplace/LoveIsReal.html

Hayden said...

extraordinary pics, rauf, and I love the captions. I sit here reading with a tired puppy in my lap, his nose tucked into my elbow. makes it difficult to type - but - he has sweet eyes.

e2d said...

"Love means exposing yourself to the pain of being hurt"-
Feeling a lot of love for France...particularly for Zidane.(see what I mean)

Beautiful images Rauf and thanks for giving us a peek into yr room..loved the organized clutter:).Books, music system and a reading light(i think) next to the bed is SUPER NICE!
and yr cat is adorable.;)

Don Iannone said...

The initial title says it all, Rauf. LOVE! And this round of photos is Lovely! Thanks for keeping an eye open for all us who rely on your vision. Blessings.

Rauf said...

I've heard the letermen long time back. Thank you Imemine I'll check the link

Rauf said...

What a stupid guy e2dees, why he had to do that ? Nadal was graceful in his defeat and spoke well, he is just a 20 year old kid
and this french guy is nearing retirement. Sad to see such behaviour. Sorry for your feelings for France but Mauresmo would have made you happy.

Ah jes jes jes e2dees, there is pain, there is hurt in Love, This pain has given us some great works in poetry specially in Urdu.

I'll send you a picture of my room, I was 12 when I occupied this room been living in the same room for 46 years. It has undergone many changes over the years.

I normally read sitting on my bed my elbow dug in to the pillow, I need good light, eyes are weak. The cat is good company, demands attention, gets friendly with visitors specially with Nirmal and Arshi. He used to play with Arshi.
Some clients are afraid, they tell me to send the cat away. I say I don't want clients. Thats why I am always broke and still struggling.
the cat is not to be blamed for my being broke always but my attitude towards clients has never been cordial.

Rauf said...

Hayden Hayden Hayden ! Why Jake is tired ? Are you making him write your posts ? is he trying to convince your clients ? my fellow sits on the table, steps on the keyboard, some times steps on the power key shutting down the system, makes me angry. Can you believe he doesn't understand a simple sentence like ' get out of here' ? He just sits there staring at me and my fingers running on the keyboard, I am a 2 finger man.

Here in india, cars busses trucks are sacred, they perform pooja for the safety of the vehicle and the occupants. interiors are decorated. I always find toys in the dashboards, usually a teddy bear or a pup with a flexible, nodding head. The other day i was given a ride, found a pup on the dashboard, I did not pay attention. after some time it started barking gentle barks, wow a barking toy ? No it was a real dog, I was told it is called pug or puck

Rauf said...

I am usually carried away by such moments Don, I forget to take pictures. I just sit down and watch, sometimes afraid that pulling my camera out of the bag may disturb them Its the camera bag zipp which makes disturbing noise. I take pictures only when the camera is already in my hands. I have missed capturing many such beautiful moments.

Gangadhar said...

Grat post,Rauf..
Al these pics 're so lovely..
loved all of them indeed...

Rauf said...

Thanks Gangadhar

Lord Boo said...

love the topic, Poms; you're so right; being loved is even more rewarding than being rich; and who should know that better than you and I :D *hugs*

Rauf said...

EEEEEE Lord Boooeey ! Love you so much reee piyaari gorgeous ghodee ! Missing you so much. Perhaps ginger is missing you too.
All my love hugs and hugs reeee !

Ruth said...

I always appreciate the love that emanates from you through your computer all the way around the world, Rauf.

Rauf said...

Thank you Ruth, I am not a well built and strong person. I have no weapon or strength to defend myself and my family. I have survived all these years without a scratch on me or my family largely due to the fact that love prevails all over the world. We have a majority of good and kind people. It is not the law of the land that has protected me. It is the goodness in humans which has protected me so far.

e2d said...

Hi rauf..I know it was sad to see such behavior from someone so senior..but I know for sure that Italian idiot provoked him..must have said something so nasty it was more a reflex than on purpose.
Anyway--who knows and no point in crying over it..

Would love to see more pics of yr room.Having lived there for 46 yrs must have given it a unique character.Please do send them.

(didnt watch wimbledon :))

Nancy said...

Hiya! You have lovely pictures of birds in this post! Everything looks so free and natural, they simply have nothing to hide.

As for the templates, the layout on my page is not a template. The background, title and the compositions of the contents at the bottom are all done by me. I based my layout of a page consisting one post on fellow photobloggers. But I suggest PixelPost if you want nice and readymade templates. They are here http://www.pixelpost.org/v1/index.php?x=downloads&page=template

Good luck!

Rauf said...

hehehe e2dees, you're so funny. Yes without provocation such incidents don't happen. The media blows it out of proportion, shows only one side of the story. the Italian would have called him an egg head about to hatch.

Yes e2dees I'll send pictures of my room.
Please take care eat well and sleep well.

Ruth said...

I agree with e2d, it was such a treat to have a glimpse into your room. Do you wear glasses just for reading, Rauf? Very sweet kitty.

Rauf said...

Oweee Nancy! So good to see you here. Incidentally the last picture
in this post, the gorgeous face on the desktop is my friend her name is Nancy too, my friends would be confused.

thank you so much for the link and the tips, have to seek help, I have absolutely no knowledge of computers Nancy, I know how to upload pictures and key in the text. I'll try it out.

Dear readers, please check Nancy's beautiful blog for some fantastic pictures and terrific design


Thank you once again Nancy.

Rauf said...

Ruth Hi !
you must be very busy preparing for your visit to Ireland with Don. You have delighted your viewers with lovely pictures and unusual information on Paris. hoping to see some street life and your unique perspective of Ireland.

I'll mail you the pictures of my room Ruth. yes I use reading glasses, have many of them as I keep losing them with alarming regularity and I am very fond of sitting on them too.

Rauf said...

Dear readers
this is Ruth's paris blog, where you get to know the details you have never heard before and unique pictures you have never seen before.

seema said...

Ask me ... What is love's most beautiful gift? And my answer ... It makes me a beautiful person.

Rauf, its simply wonderful to watch and feel nature through your photographs.

Ruth said...

thanks for the nice words about the Paris blog, Rauf. I hope folks will visit. I will share stories and photos with you about Dublin and Cork soon from my other blog. Thank you for the journey wishes, Rauf. You know the feeling well. And if anyone has a unique perspective on the world, it's you. Thank you for showing us.

Rauf said...

Seema, quite true
love brings out the best in us. it makes one a poet. Imagination is stirred up. We become better humans.

Rauf said...

Thats very sweet of you Ruth. Your blog has educated me and I am very thankful for that. I think blogging is the best thing that has happened to the internet. I don't have to make my passport.

Rauf said...

e2dees, what you said is right, Materazzi or what ever his name is admits insulting zadane, called him a terrorist.

Ajay said...

uve got an amazing blog. amazing posts :))) LOL

Rauf said...

Thank you Ajay, There is love in every life, trees flowers and all the other living beings. where there is life there is love

Anonymous said...

Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Patty said...

beautiful post, Rauf! ...or should i say LOVE-ly :) wonderful images & writing.

How long have you had your cat? We have had our dog, Cassie, for 12 years. She is sooo excited every morning to see me(she sleeps on my parents' bed every night). She loves being in my room during the day. She can't stand being alone. She loves non-stop. I am not looking forward to the day she dies...i will be very depressed, since she's lived with us since I was 9 years old. She would always be SO happy when she heard the schoolbus come by, dropping me off from school. The first night my mom brought Cassie home, from the lady's house she bought her from, I had to sleep right next to her(she slept on some blankets) in a sleeping bag on my parents' floor, because I was so protective of her. I was scared Cassie would get stepped on since she was so small. I love Cassie so much & missed her a LOT while on vacation. I can't imagine what I'd do without her.

Rauf said...

So sweet of you Patty, These animals too want to be loved, and they love you in return. My cat is nearly 2 years old, born under my bed, i talk to him, he loves watching what ever I do, I have taken lots of pictures.
love and hugs

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