22 December 2006


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You must be busy with Christmas preparations. Today is 22nd ? I don't know. Now I am in a new house and we don't know the neighbours yet. They don't seem interested in knowing us too. This is a direct result of globalisation. No one has time to know people for the sake of knowing people. No purpose. Now every thing has purpose. I have been doing things with no purpose all my life. Now I am completely out of place. My present situation is a bit shocking. It takes time to get used to not smiling at your neighbour (I tried but got cold stares in return) or for being treated like a statue.

Most of human communication is non verbal.
The body language says ' Hey man, I don't want t know you or I don't have time to know you'

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This pelican says ho ho ho ! He is happy. Merry Christmas !

My sister normally sends anything good that she prepares to the neighbours. There is a constant stream of goodies coming from our neighbours on Christmas and other festivals. We happily eat and they happily eat what we send. My sister takes delight in giving recepies. Now I am afraid what if the neighbour falls sick after eating what we send ? It was ok in the old neighbourhood but not in the new one. We can't take chances. I know you are laughing.

Anyway we will be moving back to the old neighbourhood after six or eight months when the house construction is complete. It takes time here in India.

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Went to Bangalore for Suresh's exhibition. It was a huge success. Terrific response. 'Art in Nature' was the theme. You can see most of the pictures exhibited here in Suresh's blog WILDPIC

From there I went to a couple of villages in Karnataka. Kokrabellur is a sweet village near Maddur on the way to Mysore. Bellur is the name, Kokra is bird in Kannada language. Some Pelicans, a bit early though, I'll go there again in Feburuary.

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These pelicans are communicating too !

Took pictures of the village life. very sweet and sincere people, always ready to help.

Can I keep my bag here ? I'll pick it up in the evening.
Oh Yes ! no hesitation.
OMG ! what if there's a bomb inside ? No worries for them

Tea is one rupee. You don't get much to eat. My friend Shankar had packed me a couple of sandwitches which I shared with a little girl Sudha. She accepted without hesitation, I would hesitate to do the same believe me. When I sit on a rock under a tree after a long walk, people stop and ask if I need any help, I speak a little Kannada.
Why are you walking in this blazing heat ? here take my cycle. The chap insisted.
Thank you I love to walk.
But you look so tired ????

They want to know where I come from.

'Oh Chennai ? a lady drying red chilies said. 'gold is very cheap there'
Is it ? I've never heard of that, I've never bought any gold in my life' I said
For them Chennai is as far as the north pole. She offered me tender coconut water.
They are not afraid of talking to strangers. They want to share, they want to know you.

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I always show them their pictures in the small camera monitor. I love to see the delight on their faces. This man too has something to say.

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These simple folks teach me a lot. To communicate, to know people, they bring me out of my shell. They are not afraid of the risk of losing something.

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This smile was in my mind when I boarded an over crowded bus at the end of the day and I did not feel tired. Forgot her name.

We have not stopped existing. There is nothing wrong in knowing people. There is no fun, there is no joy in just existing for ourselves.

I'll post more pictures of the villagers later.

I had no internet connection all these days, I'll respond to your comments on my previous post today, and I haven't visited your blogs in a while, I'll do that today.

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I hope these smiles brighten up your day like they did mine.


Hope you have great fun and share your joy with some one you do not know. Its ok if they think you are mad. Lot ofpeople think that I am mad.

I love you all


9 December 2006


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I tried to understand but couldn't come to any conclusion.
Would you please explain what is happening here ?

Took these quick shots while crossing them in another boat. I told the husband in English and in broken Malayalam to let his wife sit.
I had to yell at him as mine was a noisy motor boat.

'Bhaari' is wife, 'Irikki' is sit down in Malayalam. He mumbled something back which I couldn't hear as my boat was faster.

Half a mile away I kept looking back at the boat, the wife was still standing holding the baby. I lost sight of them after that.

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When I came back home after a few days I kept staring at these two pictures trying to understand what was happening.

This was not crossing the river or a short ride, they were still in the boat when I kept looking back and they were moving away.

There is little room where the husband is sitting. The wife has to cross the husband and sit behind him which would rock the boat.

There is more sense in wife standing. She wants to hold the baby and that is fine. Husband is managing the other kid. but why and how this happened ?

Husband gets in to the boat first and takes the older kid, then wife gets in holding the baby ? Why is she still holding the baby ?

There is room behind the husband, but he did not have the commonsense to occupy that seat and allow the wife to sit where he is sitting now.

Is it too late to adjust now ?
Is the wife too confident to take such a risk ?

Or the wife thought let me sacrifice my comfort for the safety of my family ?

We humans committed a monumental blunder on the page one. Page one is the first page of the last four pages of the fourteenth volume of the history of the universe. We clicked on a wrong link opening a wrong page and the subsequent pages, links and all the pop up windows were all wrong ones.

I'll conclude this series on environment in my next post SPEED 13 which is not a good number and will not make a pleasant reading.
This post is an introduction to that huge blunder we committed on page one.

I am fine healthwise, please do not worry about me. Things are going fine, a bit chaotic but under control. Thank you so much for your response and concern. I am just overwhelmed.
I love you all so much.