29 September 2008


There is so much of painful interference, arm twisting and bullying from the US government all over the world, i think rest of the world has the right to choose who becomes the next US president. The results so far are amazing. i picked it up from Claudia's blog. PLEASE VOTE HERE And Check the result


Ruth said...

I wish the world could vote. I have felt that way for a long time, since my brother Bennett told me about the hypocracy and inconsistency of our interference. I was a young teenager when I realized how unfair it is that my government messes and messes but the ones who are messed with have no voice. Well we don't have much voice here either.

Rauf said...

RUTH, Did you check the result ? it says people voted from 163 countries
Barak Obama 86.2%
John McCain 13.8%
i voted for Obama. i think they allow only one vote for an IP address. Now my sister can't vote
it says you have already voted from India
This site works well in Firefox Ruth.

Cuckoo said...

That's a good idea Rauf ji. Shall I also put this on my blog ? What do you think ?
But I think I can not bcoz it doesn't support self hosted Wordpress. :(


Rauf said...

CUCKOO JI it should work, its just a link

i'll mail you the code if you want, it makes the link open in a new page
Hope you are doing fine Cuckooji

Cuckoo said...

Ummm... let us see. Ok, Mail me the code. :)

But you haven't told me if it is a good idea to put on my blog.

I am fine, thank you Rauf ji. :D

Rauf said...

Why not CUCKOO JI ?, It is a good idea.
This comment box is not accepting the code
please give me your mail ID or send me a blank mail
i'll send you the code which opens in a new page. this is the code i have added inmy post

Aaarti said...

Interesting.... i casted my vote..

here's what i dont understand rauffeee~!!

Barack Obama "86.2%" (66934 votes)
John McCain "13.8%" (10718 votes)
Total number of votes: 77652
Countries voted from: 164

even now??? u have said the same %s earlier on ur comment.. now i voted, n % dont change?? me no make no difference??:(

Rauf said...

OWEE AAARTEE, lucky guy whom you voted !
Percentage will change only when there is a massive shift.
lot of guys have voted from Iran what a surprise!, there was only one from Iraq voted 107 from India, We seem to have more Obama supporters here. Now it shows total votes 77764, when you voted it was 77652, your vote has been counted Aaarti.

You have to come home for Ramzaan Please don't forget. i coll you

Ruth said...

Yes yes, I saw the vote totals, and I was not surprised because I have been reading many articles in world newspapers, following the general support for Obama. After the first presidential debate there was no doubt that he is the more statesmanlike of the two. People criticize him - even around the world - for not being aggressive enough, not tearing into McCain enough. But that is one of the characteristics that sets him apart.

But I didn't look at the map yet! I forgot to look at the breakdown. Will go do that now.

Ruth said...

Oh, now I remember why I couldn't look at the map, rauf. The flash player was making my laptop run too slowly, so I had to abort. I'll try it at the university.

vishesh said...

lol its Obama :P

Claudia said...

I also voted Obama, Rauf. Isn't it a shame the world can't have a say on this election?

kenju said...

I hope these numbers bode well for Obama.

Rauf said...

oh yes RUTH, Obama supporters are increasing world wide, hope this has some effect in the US, 74% is pretty good.

The break up of result countrywise works well and fast in Firefox Ruth, but it gets stuck in IExplorer.

Rauf said...

hahaha VISHESH, tell your friends to vote. It looks like i am campaigning for Obama from Chennai. Don't tell them about Sarah Palin, all boys would fall for her. The lection results affect us and affect the entire world. A green card holding Maaplai is supposed to be a hot property. the dollar still rules, it may be down at present. Are you thinking of earning Dollars Vishesh ?

Rauf said...

CLAUDIA, you know that India is rich with natural resources, fertile land, 365 days of sunshine, rivers everywhere (they are drying up) and abundance of skilled labour, and now the software brains are springing up from every house. But still India is begging, mostly from the US government. the election result is important to us.
Like you Claudia many are hopeful of a change in US policies.

Rauf said...

JUDY, if the Election results in the US are different from the world view, then something is seriously wrong.

Ruth said...

Oh good, rauf, I was able to see the results in Firefox. Sooo interesting.

Unless something drastic changes in the next 30 days, it looks as though Obama will win. The current Rasmussen polls report gives him a 73 electoral vote lead. As tough as the financial crisis is, it may have given him the edge.

Sarah Palin is gorgeous. Thankfully people now see (after televized interviews and the fact that they aren't letting her talk to the press) that pretty legs and hair don't make someone qualified to lead the country.

tulipspeaks said...

Say YES to Obama!



Sindhu :) said...

Barack is somewhere waaaaay ahead of McCain :))

Go Obama GO!

But lets see what the actual US guys do! They are known to be a little dumb sometimes!! :-|

Sindhu :) said...

And yea... neighbour jee - you happened to study at New College? or You were just from the area around?

Rauf said...

RUTH, our elections are lot funnier. Our politicians love to get photographed with the movie stars. All are after some glamour.
Twenty years ago the state owned TV Door Darshan televised Ramayan, the polularity of the serial was phenomenal. The main actors Who played Ram and sita became real life god and goddess. The politicians parties were out to get them in to their party. Only the Goddess relented and joined right wing Hindu party. i don't know what she is doing now, even goddesses become old and lose their charm.

Rauf said...

AMMU whattoo ? you too Obama ? seems to be the choice of the rest of the world.

Rauf said...

SINDEE, i panicked when i saw Sindhu here, deah oh deah ! what do i do now ?? Sindu bees my very sweet friend, incredibly sweet she bees, but she doesn't read my blog, she bees very religious, very very. Sindu she is. simblle spelling. No 'h' there.
Mallu she bees.

oh yes, the rest of the world doesn't exist for most of the US citizens. Why do i have this poll on my page ? a bit odd, i knows. You see, i am affected by it. we all are in a way. This Palin woman wants creationism to be taught in schools. she thinks our world is just 6000 years old and we had dinosaurs 4000 years ago. This is scary. We may have an ignorant and trigger happy president of US with the codes of the nukes in her bag.
i will not sleep if she becomes the president.

Yes Sindhu, neighbour in both ways. i live around your school and i studies in that stupid New College, i am not proud of it. Actully my student days are nearly erased from my mind, i don't seem to remember much. but that was long before Aadarsh came up. i am a relic. i should be in the museum. But i would not make a pleasant exhibit. My niece Rubina (pleasantly plump) studied there, Rubina Kauser. now she bees working in HDFC. some big job. She too lives here wid me. Sneha Kanchana Keertana are her friends.
You are in your twenties, there is a chance that you know dem.

Welcome to Daylight again Sindhu, its not a very pleasant place to visit as most of my posts are quite depressing. And i too do not know how to keep my silly mouth shut.

Sindhu :) said...

Palin thinks world is just 6000 years old??????????????

:-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Gosh!! Is she a dumb fool or what?!

I may know her, but then, there were so many sections - so may not know her too :)

I was there from 96 to 2000 to complete my 10th there.

Rauf said...

SINDEE Yes i found it in Wiki Answers


i still doubt any educated person could make such a dumb statement. She has often heard saying that she would like to ban all Charles Darwin Books. No one can stop her from being ignorant which is her birth right. She is free to believe what ever she wants to believe, but we are dealing with a person who could be the President of a world super power. That is scary.

SINDEE Palin belongs to a Penticostal Church. They are a kind of fundamantalists. i deal with these guys, So i am inclined to believe that she made that statement

had to post this comment a couple of times as it was not accepting the link

Ruth said...

Oh, her Pentecostal background where they speak in tongues must be why she talks so funny.

Gwen Buchanan said...

That was a great link.. What a good idea to see how concerned people think around the world.. I voted.. and watched the debate betwwen Obama and McCain last night.. there was no question who the more intelligent, sane candidate was.. All the way around. Obama won!!! it was so obvious!!! I sure hope he does on election day..

monsoon-dreams said...

i voted,but wont tell u whom i voted for :-) coz u didnt invite me for ramzan.

Nautankey said...

My oh my..I was late her.The office connection was not showing images. And i too voted..obama looks like hot favourite..Read these lines somewhere.. "You know obama, the tall dark man talking in our TV".. "Yeah I did see him,I have mostly seen tall dark men playing for NBA in TV...this is so different" :)

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Neh Rauf my dear,
I do not want to vote, not right now because its not the time and the place,this has nothing to do with you but with the circumstances in my family.....

I'm Just letting you know that I am shocked by very sad news (see my blog) not able to say more,

JoAnn's D Eyes

Nathalie said...

So glad you put this link, Rauf.
The rest of the world should indeed be able to vote, since the result will have so much impact on them...

I wasn't surprised one bit by the result.

Ashi said...

Thanks Rauf for the opportunity to vote and to no surprise it's the team that's winning - good.
Hope you are alright even in this annoying economic depression.