14 July 2009


Oh that is not Da Vinci's brother
Da Minkee is meee
and dis is maa hand
code, kode in Tamil is a line


oh ! looks very old,
i AM old.

Some time ago a friend of mine said i have a simian line.
where ?
here, She said
there was no arrow there
i putted that arrow in the picture.


Hoye' ...... What is a simian line ?

its a headline (not newspaper headline) heart line, liver line, lung line, Kidney line, something she said all fused into one which goes right across the palm, cuts it in to 2 halves.

is that any good ?
or bad ?
what i meant was will it bring any luck or money or i can get away robbing a bank

monkeys have them she said, she was not trying to make me happy. plain information.

Well, that was good news, but i forgot about it,
i suddenly remembered in the train on my way back home

i wanted to check

what line was it ? i forgot, Tillian line, sillian line, pillian million, killian, Killian is most likely as i have killed lots of mosquitoes.

i googled early morning yesterday, i could have called her to find out.
i tried sillian line + palmistry, bikkaas i am very silly
so google asked, do you mean simian line ?
i said yes yes yes clicked on it

There were many sites listed
there were pictures illustrations and all
lots about simian line, had no patience to read
yes monkeys have them
i was happy.

All these years i wished i was a monkey
Now i know I AM A MONKEY
i am somebody
i am special.

so packed my bagpack early morning, left home, looking around with utter contempt
as i am special
i expected the traffic to stop for me
it didn't
i expected the cops to salute me
they didn't
Got the Tanjavur bus, 250 Kms travel, 40 KMs beyond Cuddalore, to Kurunjipadi.
I was going to Ben's first birthday party, Ben is one, i mean one year old
comfortable reclining seats and i was singing
feeling top of the world
had my ipaad on.

Vadalure, i said when the bus conductor approached me,
Jawahar would pick me up from there

80 rupees, said the conductor
why is he taking money from me
from meeee ???
i am special
i am da minkee
i had to pay


thats Ben, Soni, Jawahar, mom dad and Soni's mom dad
Terrific Biryani, i ate and slept
do monkeys eat biryani ?
Do they smoke ?
i do
i am a special minkee

had to write on environment, some misconceptions, but after a long break i din wan to write sumptin annoying depressing and unpleasant
What was i doing all these days ?
i have a right to do nuttin
You have to say someting in the face book, what you are doing
what you are doing ?
just scratching my yeddu
i'll write about nuttin in my next post
nice to know i am not alone
all my love


Ruth said...

You are a very old minkee, rauf, minkees only live about 20 years. You must be a super minkee, quite special.

Ben's so sweet, Happy Birthday, Ben. And Soni is beautiful. Birthdays are happy, except when we don't want them any more.

As they say, maybe getting old is better than the alternative. I don't know, since I haven't experienced the alternative yet.

You have a nice Simian line.

Cuckoo said...

You are a super monkee ooops minkee.

Ben is so curious about the cake, Happy birthday Ben.

Yes yes monkies do eat biryani.

The Survivor said...

Good to see you back Sir.

tulipspeaks said...

u made me to gaze into my own palm!



vishesh said...

well guess you are from the age of ramayana ..:P

Claudia said...

I've been looking for my simian line and I can't find it... awww.

I used to have a friend that read palms. She read everyone's but when it came to mine she said it was just too much of a tangle of lines to make any sense of it.

I gave up on being serious. Now I'm just facebook silly. At least for a while. Maybe I'll find a simian line one day.

Lovely, happy picture! I've missed the faces and the stories in your wonderful photos.

Peter said...

So nice to see you back! Love your posts! (Discovered them too late.)

The lovely smiling birthday faces made my day!

My line seems much shorter, whatever it means; probably better not know.. or maybe it's just that I'm not a minkee. Will try to live with it! :-)

(I like very much your introduction to the comments; "no copyright, no intelligence..." (Same with my blog, but I haven't written it.)

D@r$hi said...

finally my wait is over.. i know how real it would sound to u ..but i checked ur blog almost everyday to get some updates from u..n now i hvae this smile on my face to see u back sir..:)

n by the way i agree with RUTh u r a super monkey with supper humor n super talent..

pls sir pls.. keep blogging.. cos i missed it
..eyes are waiting for some photo treat after such a long break..

D@r$hi said...

And i cloud sense the meaning of ur blog name "daylight again"

modern exile said...

The 'MINKEE' strikes back!!
(Aren't we all suppose to have a simian line?? EVOLUTION ..whatever)

It's so good to have you back Rauf:)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

First of all, nice to see you back...

Can anyone guess it that Rauf is 61year old monkey?? i mean special monkey..?

I have been waiting to see more of your photosgraphs....

hope to see few soon...


intelligentwins said...

nice to read a typical post of urs after a long time!wanted to call you uncle..wil do so sometime..:)

songi minkee!

monsoon-dreams said...

where's the treat for making u realise that u are a special monkey? ;-)

namaki said...

Well you know what ??? I looked at my palm and I dont hve a simian line .... anyway I see it was a nice birthday paty ! and thanks for you visit !

rauf said...

RUTH, code or kode is a line in Tamil but the lines on the palm are called Rekha (Hindi) Rekai(Tamil)

who ever read my palm said that its weird. Steinbeck had the same, i am happy about that and Tony Blair too had it and i am not too happy about it, he is not a good monkey

rauf said...

CUCKOO JI, got the word Minkee from Peter Seller's pink panther, he says minkee. He is inspector Clouseau. He keeps arguing with a beggar with a monkey begging by the side of a bank, he keeps demanding a liscence for the Minkee while the bank is being looted right under his nose. He picks up a bundle of notes the robbers drop and hands it back to them and as a good cop he clears the traffic for their escape.

How are you Cuckoo ji ?

rauf said...

a bit confused
i am always confused Yogesh.
The Survivour ? i think i am not going to survive in the blog world for long. Survived for three years.
4 years by October, still have not learned the art of diplomacy. i just yelled at Airtel called them frauds, some body is going to sue me. Hope things are fine Yogesh.

rauf said...

AMMUDEE, know a guy, calls himself psychic numerologist, astrologer, palmist all rolled into one, may be some more, vastu paerhaps,
what is a psychic numerologist i asked him
he told me sumptin i forgot right there. never showed him my palm, used to come with wife and kid to take pictures long time ago now that kid is going to college.
told me to change the spelling of my name and i'd be rolling in money. Met him after a long time last month, he said that i did not take his advise as a result i am still struggling.
yes i am struggling, i said, but you are still a fraud.
He said he'd bring his son for a portfolio. He too is not rolling in money.

Aiyoo i juss sawed you blog, owee Raama Raama, so many tings there dun even know where to click. chokrees dancing, pictures of poochees and all, eeks ! i juss scratched my yeddu and pulled out, too comebligated for me Ammudee

Whattoo ?? how are you ? How far is PhD ?
hope you happy happy Ammu

rauf said...

i found something this time VISHESH, You can vanish, you can disappear and cease to exist just by staying away from the computer for a while.

yes yes perhaps older than Ramayan but i will not burn any city. oh deeah ! what a ghastly thing to do.
All the holy books are filled with violence.

rauf said...

CLAUDIA, These lines are formed in the womb, depending on how tight the fist is clenched. i think we are born with a tightly clenched fist ?? i am not sure. i am afraid to touch new born babies. i am afraid even to take pictures. Some parents object. my friend wanted send a picture of his newly born son to his brother in US. But his parents did not allow me. i sneaked in and took a picture with the smiling mother, later it became a big issue, big fight.

These lines don't mean a thing Claudia. Things are more complicated in India. Horoscope is made according to the time of birth and the astrologers come up with predictions. these guys read your palm and read your horoscope and tell you that your earning and food is abroad.
Twins, just a minute difference. Nirmal and Vijay. Nirmal is in india his twin Vijay is in US.

rauf said...

Lines don't mean a thing PETER, some take them seriously specially in India. Its big business. You can't see them without an appointment. You'll find palm readers on the streets as well.
Some keep knocking every door with a string instrument, i think i have a picture.
They read your palm
and tell your future in a song,

just imagine them singing

'hey lady lady you gonna have a baby baby
But your dad will have an accident and die may be may be in a week
pay me pay me lady
i'll make your life touch the peak.

But they always say pleasant things to make money

India is a funny country Peter.

rauf said...

Its a new thing Sweet DARSHANA, you can vanish or cease to exist if you stay away from the computer. Actually i did not like it, i wanted to be in touch with my friends but the computer was biting me, bugging me. i was doing nothing actually and i was at home all the time. Just didn't feel like touching the keyboard. But you can't keep yourself away from your friends for long. some times i feel that my net friends know me more than my real friends. i don't like the word 'net friends' i need a better and more loving word for them. Because i have received immense love affection and care from friends whom i have never met.

oh its raining in Mumbai, no rain here unfortunately. Hope you are happy sweet Darshana.

rauf said...

oh not yet SAGORIKA, perhaps in the next post. i say i am special minkee. i'll be writing about humans being special, about how wrong we are to think we are special or superior to other species. We have more complex system but definitely not evolved.

How are you Sagorika ?, any rain in your part of the country ? Good rains everywhere except Tamil Nadu. No luck here. Any idea of visiting south ?

rauf said...

oh i am talking again MAHESH, that is not good. Actually i don't like it myself, i don't get any joy or pleasure out of annoying and hurting others. i don't like writing depressing posts. Want to write only about happy happy things. but somebody has to say. my friends always choose me to to convey unpleasant news. i got used to being unpopular.
Are you in Mumbai Mahesh ?

rauf said...

OWEEE sweet NEERU, are you in Poland now ? i was in Sencottai last week, just for a couple of days, went to Thenmala. My friend Sujith was with me. Have you heard of Sundrapandiyapuram ? Its a neat village, spent half a day there before boarding the train back to Chennai. i'll send you some pictures Neeru.
Take care, avoid ice creams.
any swine flu there ?

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thank you for being in touch with me Rauf, my friend.. I appreciate it...
oh yes the minkee... like in the old Peter Sellers movie..so funny! and what do you know I always wished (when I was a kid that I could have a monkey but alas.. no monkey)

You are special to have a line like that Rauf.. makes you stand out in a crowd and a great conversation maker... I am just ordinary ... no special outstanding lines on my worn-out, bone snapping, wrinkled hands..

The family you have taken the loving picture of looks so happy... the baby looks like he/she wants to grab the cake.. so sweet...

take care...

sonia a. mascaro said...

So nice to see you back, Rauf! Love always your good sense of humor!

Thanks for your comment on my blog Leituras.
Did I told you that I return to update my blog Leaves of Grass?

Have a good Sunday!

rauf said...

Hi MONSOON DREAMS, i already felt like a monkey all my life, but you made me aware that i am a mingee
a special mingee

Thank you

So what would be the best mingee treat ?

You have all the bananas and coconuts in the world right in your own backyard. Don't touch them. Eating your own bananas and coconuts is not a treat. So jump in to your Aunty's yard and help yourself. Climb up the trees and enjoy. That is a Minkee treat.

If your aunty chases you with a stick tell her that you were having a treat from a special MINGEE.

Kerala is a mingee paradise Monsoon Dreams. Bananas and coconuts everywhere.
Now you know why i love Kerala.

rauf said...

You are a good Human NAMAKI, that is why you don't have a simian line. Thank you Namaki.

Aaarti said...

heylow Raufee!!

Sawwwy, i've been silent for so long.. justu been busy with worku and travelling.. phew.. and cant get enuf of either..hehe.. i know i know, gone mental in my head i know!!! but dis time, dint want to come back to chennai at all.. wondering why..scratching scratching, nothing coming..

and err, i dintu not go to china ok.. i vonly went to nearby bengalooru.. went and had too much fun, and some times just sat at home talking to cousin.. walked around the lake near her house[ bootiful place] ....

How are uvarselves doing? long time indeed... what happening there?? travel as usual???? and since when did minkee[lowe Peter sellers for this..:D] get into astrology???;)

Lord Boo said...

Nice to see a blog from you after ages, Poms! Thought the title was hilarious! *hugs*

wildpic said...

hii raufff ... thats quiet an extraordinary discovery, that simian line ... something has been passed on to you, unbroken, unhanded yet on hand, since the first primate appeared !!! ... no doubt you are very special, feel super, treat ya self as unadultrated ... since the 'codu' has not been broken nor warped ...

cheers ! take good care.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

My apologisies for not being around for so long my friend. I have these lines as well, Hmmmm. I believe Darwin said we came from the Monkeys. Could be true as my sister and I liked watching the Monkee's in the 1960's on their tv show.

Wonderful post.

Alicia M B Ballard said...

missed you
loooooooove you minkee
nice hand,nice "life line" they unsophisticatedly call it here

i am a chimpanzee myself - lol
so, what?
it IS a jungle "out there"

Lots of love and hugs

Alicia M B Ballard said...

So, this hours later.
I am having dinner and the word "simian" pops into my mind...
Simian, simian, simian...
doesn't simian actually mean monkey ?
Leave the table, rescue dictionary from under another growing pile and, voila: simian = ape!!!

you actually have an ape line or ape-like line - lol

mystic rose said...

yeah, well, thats where the minkee came in :)

No that is just your head line... and it is fine, shows you are intelligent, clear headed, stubborn and quite fixed in ideas. and the heart line is actually above it... it is also strong and straight, and very long.. your affection when you like someone, is deep and lasting. One deep relationship somewhere around 25, nothing quite close to it afterwards.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmm i can understand..

no i am in bangalore...

i wish i was there for sometime...

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmm i can understand..

no i am in bangalore...

i wish i was there for sometime...

max said...

Rauf! reading your blog made me happy, and I needed some happy desperately, it's gray and depressing here. And you have no idea what source of hope it is to know that you exist. BTW, you may make a good minkee, but as far as I think, you are The Pink Panther from the 1965 series, including with the famous henry mancini original score for the theme song.

workhard said...

Hi.. i hve got awkward lines on my hand...

Now i have to google to find out what they are...

Work from home

modern exile said...

Where do you disappear for such predictable time span?
ive so much to tell you (feel like telling you)?
Take care. Got an opposite job. Am at Delhi. been writing furiously (though not uploading everything).
Come back.. come back from your escapades...:)

Elizabeth said...

Glad you had time to CELEBRATE!
I've been missing you in BLOGWORLD.
Please write more posts.
Greetings from New York.

Sewmouse said...

So while you are out being the Party Minkee, my camera died. I know you told me what kind to get, but I forgot. I got a new one that I could afford.

It is blue. When I push the button to turn it on, its nose pops out, and I laugh. It takes pictures. When the next quilt is finished and delivered, I shall post a few, but I fear I haven't your talent, Sir.

Sandy said...

hahaha, loved the post and your humor and of course the photos, what a monkey you are!