16 February 2007


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A blog friend of mine is not well, she is in pain. She has endured a lot of mental suffering in her life and she had the courage to come out of it. Please pray for her. This post is for her well being.
I have no faith, I don't pray, but I wish her a speedy recovery.

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The picture above is Tirnelli Temple, surrounded by hills and forest. Ideal location for a place of worship. This temple has a unique significance. Some pictures were taken last year. This time I went with my friend of nearly 40 years, very dear and close friend Asokan.

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This trip was not planned, it just happened. We wanted to go to some villages in Karnataka.
Due to disturbances around Mysore area we decided to go to the neighbouring state of Kerala.

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Asokan joined me from Bangalore.
Chennai - Bangalore - Mysore - Mandavadi - Tirnelli Temple.

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This is very close to my native place of Coorg. You can go by train upto Mysore, then by bus to either Kalpetta (very good road) or to Manandavady ( spine breaking road ) We went to Manandavady from Mysore rattling our bones.

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Though completely lacking in devotion, I love going to this temple, alone for the first time, 2nd time with Nirmal and my third, this time with Asokan. Its a pleasant feeling. I love walking around the temple and in the surrounding forest, pretty safe to walk.
Asokan taking a picture in the neighbouring forest.

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There is a small and beautiful stream flowing through the forest. This is the unique and most pleasant feature of this temple.

This is called Papanashni ( e2dees, please correct me )
Papa, paap (in hindi) Paavam In Tamil is sin. Nashini is perhaps washing away. Papa nashini is washing away the sins.

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People take a dip in this stream to wash away their sins. It is a ritual followed by a puja which is the most pleasant to watch, perhaps more pleasant to perform.

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A family has gathered here to wash away their sins and ask for god's forgivance.
Actually I did not know what was happening. Asokan was following the proceedings and explained it to me.
This is how it goes.
There is a pujari (priest) conducting the rituals.
God please forgive our sins, then they wash away the sins of the family, friends, their neighbours and they ask God to forgive the sins of all human beings of this world and pray for the well being of all of us.
They offer food to nature (birds eat it)

All for the well being of you and me. It was very touching.

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There are people out there who pray for you. You may not know them.
I'll keep my personal views aside.
The prayer for the well being of all human beings may or may not work.
But the sincerity, seriousness and utmost devotion behind such a prayer is overwhelming. I was touched. These people take the trouble of going to such a remote temple to pray for all of us.
I will not laugh at such rituals in future.
Here Asokan is chatting with the pujari.

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This pujari is 84 years old and still very healthy. I look like his father, 59 I am. As usual I showed him the picture on the small camera screen. Its OK, he said and smiled.

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well ! I did not take a dip in the stream but dipped my finger and washed away all the sins my finger committed.
I'll take you there one day.
please pray for my friend
We are not alone, the prayers of unknown people are with us.
Each one of you sincerely wants peace and harmony and prosperity of all living beings of this world.
All my love

Blunt Knife


vinay said...

papanashini does mean...the one that takes away your sin!!! it cleanses you from all the sins that you may have committed!!!hope your friend gets healthy soon!!!

PS:coorg..i ahve always wanted to ask..my friends tell me..girls from Coorg are very beautiful...are they so??

vinay said...

actually your interpretation os not exactly correct!!! These offerings are done as a part of a pooja called "Bali". it is done for the family memebers who have passed away.When a crow with black neck comes and haves the food offered, it means that the soul is happy!!

Rauf said...

Thanks for the correction Vinay, They pray for departed souls of their near and dear ones, they also pray for ALL the souls who have left. The washing away the sins ritual is done in the same fashion. The pray for ALL the people of this world including their near and dear ones. I think it is called universal prayer.

Yes Vinay, girls from Coorg are very beautiful, unfortunately they have all gone to US, so please rush to the US embassy. They all seem to have disappeared. Have you seen Coorgi style of wearing Sari ?
Now you'll find very few wearing them, they wear only on special occasions like weddings. Shalwaar Khamees has invaded everywhere in the south, you will not find any one wearing half Sari any more, it has completely disappeared from Kerala, rural Tamil Nadu Karnataka. The school uniform for girls is shalwaar khamees everywhere. I don't know about Andhra. I wanted to write about Coorgi dress, but I don't have any pictures, have to ask my friends to wear it for pictures. Coorgi style of Sari is very comfortable, there is more freedom, both the hands are free.
They can run 400 meters hurdles wearing a Coorgi sari. In a regular sari one hand is constantly engaged. Actually it is Coorgi tribal style. They can easily work on farms wearing a sari with both hands free.

Rauf said...

Oh yes now I understand vinay, please see the farmer's pictures a couple of posts before. Women are wearing shirts over a sari, to make both hands free.

ruth said...

Once when I was a teenager, Rauf, some Indian friends dressed me in a sari. I have a photo somewhere; if I find it, I'll scan it and send it to you. I hope you'll post a photo of a Coorgi type for us to see.

I love it when you post a map. So helpful!

I can see why you love this place. The old stone, the mountains, it is very beautiful. And I can even get a sense of spirituality and peace.

I don't know if we have spirits. I don't know if prayer works. I don't pray the way I did when I was a Christian. It's different now. More like putting all my consciousness onto something. The saying is "where attention goes, energy flows." I think there is a truth in this mystery. I've seen many things happen that could be coincidence, could be synchronicity, could be answers to prayer. I don't know. I don't know what God is. But I believe there is something beyond us that is Life and gives it. Could be in our minds. And all the time scientists are finding out how powerful our minds are. I don't know.

I appreciate your sensitivity to others' beliefs, even when you do not hold them yourself.

ruth said...

Also, I don't believe in sin, unless it is seeing oneself as separate from others.

I can't believe that pujari is 84! Very healthy and kind looking. He looks free, and maybe that's the secret, eh?

ruth said...

I forgot to say that I send all my loving energy to your friend.

magiceye said...

rauf....god is a concept. if you have faith in yourself you can pray and emit positive energy which will benefit the recipients. all rituals are eco friendly in essence.
my prayers for your friend to bounce back in the best of times!

isabella said...

Interesting journey, Rauf. For you it seems to be as much spiritual as it was physical. There is so much raw beauty in India! The location of the Temple, the breathtaking views, the forest with the mossy boulders (if only they could talk!) - all my senses are getting intoxicated!
I am a non-practicing Christian, but I do believe in a higher spirit. Some energy that watches over us, otherwise I have no explanation as to why I survived a car crash, while those around me did not.
My best wishes to your ailing friend. And you get some rest this week-end, my friend.

priya said...

Our prayers to your friend rauf and asusual you came with a different concept.

Mystic Rose said...

so this is where you went..and the waterfall. (is this the one, or ma i mistaken?)

i love that little stream, its so cold here, that even the thoguht of going in any water makes me shiver..but wish i was there, papa nashini..nashini is destroyer, literally. if man could commit sin, river could wash it away. i am sure your finger has found salvation..and you too..:P

the hills in the background in the first pic are soo beautiful..and all the pics, actually. the old temple, there is a timeless quality about it. someday would like to go there..to all such places.

that pujari is definitely not 84..he probably doesnt knwo when he was born :P, people like to do that you know..so they can appear ageless and saintly..i am atleast 120..:P


Beautiful pics. Felt like I was there. Caz says she'll say a prayer for your friend in church on Sunday.

Jax has been lookin' with me and says "Hi Rauf". She's thinkin' about India for her 'gap year'. Several school friends have family out there she could stay with.

Cindy said...

Hi Rauf! Beautiful pictures- I love these glimpses that you give us into life in India.

Hayden said...

wonderful pictures as always... it is a form of meditation to come and see your posts..... a quietness...

the power of language is interesting, isn't it? I often want to say "my prayers are with you" despite the fact that I am an atheist and do not pray, have never prayed. But it SOUNDS so much more loving than saying "my best wishes."

Rauf said...

Dear Ruth,
I would love to see your picture in a sari, you are still very slim, it would be beautiful on you.
It is a very elegant dress, not suited for winter though. I'll post making of a silk sari in a couple of weeks, forgotten lot of things to post.

I will not attach any spirituality to the place, at the most I can say that I find it very relaxing, largely due to its surroundings. I'll go there again perhaps. Been there three times already.

We have given many names to some things beyond our minds, spirit or soul, conscience. They are not beyond actually, they are within our minds. Believe me Ruth, it is not complicated, we have made it complicated. Its just a feeling.
Feeling good feeling bad. There are different levels of feeling good, we have words for them thanfully, like ecstasy. Same with feeling bad. Don't know what is highest here, I am not good in English. Feeling rotten may be ?

It has happened Ruth, You are in East Lansing I am in Chennai, I can't say you are an illusion, you are there. Something we have not understood so far. Till then we can attribute our existence to a higher system which is beyond our comprehension. Some are sure what that is, good for them, less confusion. Actually Ruth, non believers have never caused any booldshed in this world. 'I am right' is the root of all the confusion and bloodshed in this world.

I sincerely believe, as you say,in the energy we create or generate. positive or negative. I have seen its effects. Mostly in ourselves.
I have not been to a doctor in 30 years, not because I am a saint, I am not a healthy person, perhaps because of my don't care about my body attitude. I have a list of people whom I would like to murder, our Chennai auto rikshaw drivers, some politicians.
I try to forget the bad experience in a short period and keep my good humour intact most of the time. I am very reckless about eating, can't be very choosy while I am traveling and the local dishes tempt me always. I know its not a good attitude. Now I see new allergies that I never heard of in young people, it is actually negative attitude. They can easily over come those by slight shift in attitude. Oh my god ! From spirituality I have jumped to food. Don't know what I am talking about Ruth. I think I am talking about positive energy ?? Perhaps.

It may work or not it is always good to wish well for others have a positive feeling for others. The pujari claims to be 84, perhaps he is healthy because of this reason, that he has been sincerely wishing well for others. You are absolutely right in guessing the secret of his healthy life.

Rauf said...

MagicEye, yes God is a theory and God is a concept. I have no faith in myself as I cannot predict my own actions under different situations. In response to Ruth's comment I have said I can commit murders. I am not sure of myself. All I know is i feel good most of the time and wish well for others. Feeling bad doesn't last long, I don't let it.

Rauf said...

Isabella, our actions are physical guided by our mind, for me there is not much difference in spritual and physical. If I am physically sick it affects my mind, there goes the spirituality. If I am terminally sick like a cancer if my prayers are not answered my spirituality gets thrown out of the window. I have to simply accept that it is time for me to go. As you and Ruth say there is something beyond our understanding.
Sometimes I feel that some power is controlling us. It could just be a feeling, emerging out of our mind, nothing more than that. You are in Naples, Ruth in East Lansing and I am here. This is not an illusion.

On Feb 12th, Without knowing what lies ahead went on a forest trek to see a waterfall. there was a guide. Only two of us. It was a very steep descend nearly 80 degrees and it was quite slippery.
I'll be 60 next january. Half way through i regretted having gone there. on my way up I thought I would never make it back home, i slipped and held on to a root, very thin, the root breaking or my letting it go was my death. Somehow I felt I could reach home and see my nephew and niece. You don't know how strong that thin root was Isabella. i hauled myself up and grabbed another root.
Here the positive energy worked.
I'll write about it in my next post.

thank you so much Isabella and Ruth for wishing my friend well.

Rauf said...

Priya, thanks so much for your prayers. its very sweet of you.

Rauf said...

Owee No Mystic Rose, that came the next day, this is not the place.
Destroyer ? OMG now I am afraid.
Here the water is not cold. I did that in Manampalli forest, one of very thick forests we have, don't know what river it was, fast current and freezing water, My friend Suresh was with me. It started raining, You wont believe mystic rose the raindrops were like hot water shower, they were so warm. I could understand the physics. the theory of relativity. the rain drops of normal temprature seemed like hot water shower when compared to the freezing waters I was in. I could understand many things in a flash. Relativity is in our mind. So is the feeling of higher power.

You don't believe the pujari's age mystic rose ? I'll ask his birth certificate next time i go there,
not for me sir, mystic rose does not believe you are 84
He would say I'll have to ask my dad about it.
WHOOOAAT ? Your dad ?
how old is he ?
my dad is 24 !
124 ?
no just 24

everything is possible mystic rose, yupsee as you say he looks too healthy for 84
Perhaps positive energy is his secret as Ruth says.

When i say my mom is 15, i am not lying, some of my mothers are less than 20

Rauf said...

Thank you for the prayers FOUR DINNERS, thanks Caz, so sweet of you indeed !

Hi Jax, I would be too glad to take you around, by the time you come perhaps my house would be ready after reconstruction, There'll be a room for you and your friends. What a joy for me to be in company of an international athlete. September to February would be fine. After February it becomes intolerably hot. summer here has come early. lots of migratory birds in January February, close to my place Chennai
and in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. Lots of festivals from September to november. Don't trouble dad for a new camera, you can use mine. hoping to see you soon in india Jax.

Rauf said...

Thank you Cindy,
Been traveling a lot these days. Hardly at home. hope you are doing Cindy

Rauf said...

Hayden, I say 'oh my God' all the time.
some prayers come from the heart. You just wish them well with all your good feelings or positive loving energy as Ruth describes it.

We seek wellbeing of our friends or other people of this world. Some know and pretty sure from whom they are seeking, some like me are not so sure but still seek.

hope you are doing fine Hayden, hope jake is behaving well. This is positive as well Hayden. An animal makes you a better human. Jake does not do anything in fact, a dog is a dog, behaves like a dog, he is not a saint or a swami or a guru to change you, it is your love and care for him makes you feel good.
It does change a lot of things Hayden

Ruth said...

It took a lot of courage for me to let go of Christianity. I was so sure I was saved, I was right, I would live with God forever. I was terrified to let that assurance go. I might go to hell.

But I kept asking myself, how can I be "in" or "out" based on something I think in my mind?? If God is like that, I don't want him/her.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that those who don't believe have not started the wars. And, those who have tolerant beliefs do not start wars. Have you ever heard of a Buddhist war? I haven't. Maybe there have been some.

When I'm looking for the truth, I ask myself, "Is it loving?" For me, that's the bottom line. If it's hateful or exclusive, how can it be true?

Sorry, I don't mean to give a sermon like my father. BTW, my father, a Baptist minister, became quite open and less opinionated in the 8 weeks of cancer at the end of his life. Looming death has a way of clarifying what is important.

I'm glad that root held you, and you it.

Suji said...

Nice pics...very serene and peaceful place. Would love to go there someday. Will pray for ur friend.

lesleyanne said...

greetings Rauf!
i am in awe of your photographs. i have been fascinated by your culture and looking at your photos is like a breath of fresh air in my lungs.
i can see why you love this temple. i too could find tranquility there.

peace and happiness to you.
lesleyanne from New York.

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Rauf -

Places of worship are some of my most favority places - usually when thay are empty, silent - quiet, only sounds of nature to be heard...

This temple looks wonderful, every bit of it down to the the
bricks on the ground and the grass growing in their cracks.

Prayer has an incredible power. It's "energy" has been scientifically measured.

Of course, people pray in many different ways - for just a many different reasons with just as many outcomes.

The problem comes when we believe that our prayer has not been answered, as there is no such thing.
A "favorable response" may not be necessarilly what is on our journey's path. How we see/accept this, depends on how we understand "our religion or our spirituality".
I came to understand that I must seek or take a diferent approach or direction - and in the long run, it works out for the best.

Then again - I don't believe we were born in sin, in a (or any)punishing gods either, but if we know we did something wrong we must right it!!! And, not by praying...

Hmmmm. I did not think I was going to go on about prayer... to add, for me, a bird singing is "prayer", just as the forest and the stream by the temple are "prayers"...

It all depends on what we call what and, when and where.

I'll include your friend, as I (also) "pray my gratitudes for you each day".

Love, joy and laughter - with a big hug

"Angeldust" said...

PS: Rally good maps!

Left you quote yesterday - at the Kerala post - totally missed this one...
DOn't ask, please !!!

Rauf said...

Dear Ruth, I can understand your situation growing up in a highly religious atmosphere, which indeed was a good and very strong foundation for you. When you deal with Peter and Lesleyanne or students at the university, your foundation is very much at work. It reflects in your writings.

Ruth, You did not let go of Christianity, you let go of the organised Christian practices. That does not make you less religious. You don't have to go to a Church to be a Christian. What I see is one fine morning you realised that there are many different ways to seek the truth. Your observations while in Istanbul
would have made you realise that others are right too.

Your mom not getting a chance to lead the congregation was a loss to the community. Environmental awareness could have come a lot earlier. A Church to which Angeldust is going has taken up environmental issues, pretty late though.

Once you let go of the organised beliefs and come out of the box you became a free thinker but still remain religious. Many problems arise out of expectations. When a person goes to a Church naturally he or she expects something in return, happiness, success. As you have no expectations from God, your life becomes much happier and You are a very happy human being Ruth.
Except for annual check ups you will not go to doctors. I wish the same for Lesleyanne Peter and Don.
Its so sweet of Lesleyanne, she's here. I am so afraid of disappointing her Ruth. Children are our best teachers, they make us better humans. I learnt to behave myself and control my anger my language when my nephew and niece were born. I have to be very careful about what I write in future.

Rauf said...

Ruth, I lost my thread while responding to Isabella, what I wanted to say was facing death changes your views on the purpose of life. Suddenly the truth becomes something else. Perhaps your dad felt the same.

Rauf said...

Suji, thank you so much

Rauf said...

Sweet Lesleyanne is here ! I am very pleased and honoured, at the same time severly under pressure.
I have been careful from past few months when I came to know that children read my blog. That has helped me to behave myself, I am no longer reckless in my writing when I started blogging. Now you'd say that you are not a child any more. You are, for me, even when you turn 50. I very badly need your views on different issues, Views from young minds are like early morning breeze, cool and fresh. It will help me and my readers Lesleyanne.

I am 59 and I have years of photography behind me. I find that my pictures are very harsh. Mom doesn't have much experience but I find her pictures very soothing to the eye, and very imaginative. I love the choice of her subjects both in pictures and in writing.

Yes the location of the temple is beautiful. But peace and tranquility can be found even in NY stock exchange. I don't know what goes on in such places but I have watched on Tv, they are pretty chaotic places. We carry peace and tranquility with us where ever we go. No point in going to such places with a war in my head. People go to such places to seek some thing, with anger hatred confusion in minds and such places don't really help. Places like this temple are external factors. We have to tune our heads ourselves without seeking any help.
Life is simple Lesleyanne, we make it complicated and seek refuge in such places and seek teachers. We have to simplify our lives the way we made it complicated. Only we know how to do it, not the teacher.

I never knew you have a blog. Its very sweet simple and elegant.
suddenly remembered something Lesleyanne, have to do something now.
I have told you, i very badly need your views here.

Edith said...

Dear Rauf, thank you for letting us be part of your yourney. The pictures are beautiful and the words to them explain so much about your culture. I am very interesting in how people live . Concerning the religious things I think people all over act mostly alike even it seems to be different. You may think you don't believe in God, on the other hand you were touched when visiting the temple. That means to me it tells you there is something anyway in your mind leading you somewhere in that direction - only you are not quite ready for it. I understand you well not feeling well about your friends situation and prayers will do her good. On the other side we all are here to learn to solve our problems and can only do it by ourselves. When our mind is ready we will be well. This doesn't quite go with the church I belong to, but I have chosen to to it my own way.
This morning the TV showed the terrible scenes of the train bombed on it's way to Pakistan from India. How dreadful for the people who had to die that way.
Hope to hear from you aagain. Edith.

Ruth said...

I agree with much of what you wrote about me. I have not let spirituality go, but I am also wondering if we have spirits. Is it just semantics?

I have let religion go. I have let Christ go. I don't know quite what to do with him! The thing is, I think we are all divine. Perhaps he (and Siddhartha, and Muhammed, and some others) had less of a veil between them and the divine. They were able to see God more clearly. But we all have that ability, I believe with all my heart. Seeing God within, whatever that is. God is not Other! That is what I leave behind in Christianity (and every other religious form that teaches that). But you are right that I received an amazing foundation in my home. And I need to be reminded of it, as much as I dislike it at times.

I agree with Angeldust, and Edith and you, and others here.

Rauf said...

Dearest Angel, sin is subject to individual interpretation. Sin according to organised religion is different. For you chopping of a tree is the gravest sin, not so according to organised religion. Not keeping a promise to a child is a sin for you but not for them.
Some religions are refusing to evolve according to changing times.

We have popular temples and we have not so popular temples. Money plays a big part here. Temple at Tirupati, andhra pradesh south India is the most popular of all and gets the highest collection in the country. This too is at the top of a hill but I am not comfortable there.
Been to a temple in the himalayas against the backdrop of snow covered mountains, ideal location for a temple, place called Badrinath. I was not comfortable there too, got away as fast as I could.

This one is special. Its a poor temple, hardly any collection. Same dilapidated condition from past two years. No one bothers to repair it.

The amount of money and jewelry people dump into temples will baffle you. Many stories, court cases where people offered their infant children to the temples. They are not poor people. bundles and bundles of currency notes and gold are dumped in to Tirupati temple collection vessel. A huge vessel gets filled up every ten minutes. Temple autorities find infants in the vessel.
Suurprised ?
Lots of love and Hugs Angel.

Rauf said...

thank you dear Edith. Many things were revealed to me when i nearly lost my life a few days ago. I forgot about them the next day. I'll try to recollect and post it in a blog. One thing which hit me strongly was, what ever be our choices, or options available to us, we all want to live in a society. I may feel alienated in a society, I may go against it but still i want to live in it. i used to long for a life in the wilderness. i realised how wrong I was. I would not be happy in a paradise alone. there should be a balance of tranquility and chaos.
Absolute chaos and absolute tranquility is not suitable for humans. After my experience I would prefer chaotic life.

When I live in a society I cannot afford to deviate too much from it. I have to draw a line somewhere. there is a self drawn limit to our freedom as well.
Strictly speaking, I cannot call myself a free man. Apart from the rules of the society, we make a few of our own. We bind ourselves with self made rules.

I am not sure where I stand Edith as long as there are unanswered questions in my mind. I can't call myself a complete athiest nor a believer. Becase I simply do not know. some are quite sure of themselves, quite sure of where they stand. But I refuse to join them though I am under the same roof in a society. i could have been burnt to death a few hundred years ago but today's society has evolved and allows people with different views to live under the same roof. I have been very fortunate to be accepted in a society. I have to respect their views.

Rauf said...

Dear Ruth, I think spirituality is another word for 'better understanding' It is as simple as that. People try to complicate it with complex philosophies. If you understand the theory of relativity better i would call you a spiritual person. Eduacation, information and knowledge is completely different and cannot be brought along with better understanding. A highly educated person may have poor understanding.
This does not come with knowledge.
Some how i am very reluctant to call it 'higher understanding' Though some are convinced that they have higher understanding, which makes them superior. No one is superior to an ant or an amoeba.

Spirits ? No I don't think they exist. So is our soul. It is in our minds. Everything ends with us.
The universe exists as long as our mind exists or functions.

You are absolutely right, we all have the ability to see within and find the force we call God. This is simply better understanding.
you are my teacher Ruth.

It is not right to say that following the book of established rules makes us better humans. You don't need stories to make you understand good from evil right from wrong. This is something you know by yourself. You know what is right or wrong without the book of rules. You don't need any guidance to be a better human.

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dearest Rauf
- just a little visit -
Yes I understand, as religion is a huuuuuuuuge business - carried over to TV "evangelism" - in North America, and while some sell snake oil without any regard of whom may they leave in the poor house, other less flamboyant and truly spiritual, moving on with the times - outside "the Jesus hype" (reeeeeeealy big here!), are struggling to have their needs met or are running on a deficit...

Have not heard of children being offered like that, but I have seen, particularly in Mexico and Argentina a wealth of unimaginable offerings!!! Then again, many RC have sacrificed their children, forcing them into the priesthood and nunneries quiet regularly - a little bit harder nowadays.

A couple of years ago I visited in the City of Richmond one of the largest Buddhist Temples outside of China. I was looking forward to have a wonderful relaxing "day of spiritual pilgrimage". Everyone had told how wonderful and spiritual a place it was.
I had to bold out of there in a bout a half our. As I began visiting the different Buddha’s and reading up on them, I became highly annoyed at the rhetoric. NOT FOR ME.
I realized that without the beliefs of this particular religion, it would be impossible to keep such masses under control!!!
The advocacy of suffering as a "natural state of life", let’s say, at a minimum, is unappealing to me.
ALthough I am by no means an expert in Buddhism, the information I have, coupled with two very "reactive" physical experiences, tell me to RUN.....

Love and lots of big hugs dear friend

"Angeldust" said...

to quote myself...
"to add, for me, a bird singing is "prayer", just as the forest and the stream by the temple are "prayers"...
And at the same time they are "Temples" as "sacred places"!

Mystic Rose said...

I tagged you, :) hope you dont mind. we would like to get to know a bit more about you..:)

please check out frothy waters..

Edith said...

Dear Rauf, thank you for your answer to my comment. I was quite shaken when I read that you had a bad experience. I do hope you have found peace in your mind about it and I am sure you are greatful you still are alive. I don't know what happened, but you know sometimes one tries to live out a wish or desire and then it turns into a disaster. Being lucky enough to live it through makes one think somebody is protecting you. There usually follow positive thoughts about ones life and leads you back to the path you have chosen from the beginning to solve your tasks. One has to be greatful to the people we ahare our lifes with even we don't share their views on things. No one is meant to live alone. We have to share and learn to tolerate each other. Take care. Edith.

Edith said...

Hi Rauf, reading my comment over I found some spelling errors. Sorry, please bear with me. Edith.

mystic rose said...

you didnt comment on my tulips pic...:(

ari4u said...

I so envy you. You get to travel a lot and your blog is filled with exotic pictures from all the places you visit. I i ever need a tour of india, all i need to do is browse through your blog, i will find more information here than i would get when i actually travel.

Thanks for being my window to the parts of india i have never been to. Your friend is in my prayers. May she have the strength to deal with her problems.

Candy Minx said...

I hope you are feeling a little better...you know you have many great freinds here in blogland...and you have inspired me with your ideas and thoughts, your fears even. And your knowledge, all of it.

Touching sincerity in the people. I believe. I believe in believing or hope...or determination, a will to life if you prefer.

I shall meditate for your friend and for you...

and for all the cradles and girl babies that may be abandoned(I just read bbc article about setting up cradles for families to not kill their girl babies...but drop them off to be saved...we hope...)

Kathy said...

Dear Rauf

I don't think my comment went through, so I'll try again.

I just wanted to say that i hope your friend recovers and her suffering stops. Seeing these beautiful souls praying for people all over the world is very touching...i wish i lived in an environment like that. I mean...yes we have churches here for people to pray in and we can pray here at home...but seeing people out in the open like that, outside in the river...offering food to nature...its refreshing and feels good.

beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


Rauf said...

Dearest Angel, yes you have to run away from such 'holy places' I have several bad experiences, including corruption (pay money to
jump the queue to have a view(darshan) of the god, which my friends don't mind paying to save time) All Ashrams of India smell of money, where peace and tranquility is sold for a price.

As Ruth describes it, prayer is generating loving energy,
you say such energy has been scientifically measured. Every right thinking person wants every body to be happy and healthy enjoying life.

lots of love and hugs Angel.

Rauf said...

Mystic Rose, Tag ?? You want to know more about me ?? Well, the police is looking for me for armed robbery.

Yupsee I'll do it after the next post, I completell forgot about Ruth's tag too, I'll do both. in different posts.

Rauf said...

Dear Edith,
Essential function of a language is to communicate and you are doing a great job Edith. My spellings are bad and grammer is atrocious. I just talk. My blogs are like I am talking to a friend. There is no literary value what so ever.

I'll write about my experience after a couple of blogs Edith. I keep learning every day. I keep changing my views all the time.

Rauf said...

You need not envy me Aamir, I have problems here in a tropical country. There is a constant layer of dust and very harsh sunlight, we never get very crisp softly lit pictures like in europe and north America. I never aim at taking good pictures, its more like documentation.

Thanks for the prayers Aamir

Rauf said...

Thank you Candy, i am feeling fine.

I keep learning, I am inspired by some blogs, they give me a burst of energy to get up and do something. What I have learnt from you is not to be a frog in the well and express myself without any fear.

Though we have passed laws in the parliament but they are seldom enforced. There is a law against sex determination clinics, but they are still thriving. These demands come from women themselves.
Queen Elizebeth demanded princess Diana to undergo a virginity test before she married Prince Charles.
Mothers want to have only sons, son's birthday is celeberated in a grand scale and not so grand for daughters. Some silly puberity functions are performed in grand scale just to announce to the society that my daughter is ready for marriage. Girls are so young that they don't even know what is happening. They think lot of people come and give presents and they get good food to eat.

MYSTI said...

My Dear Friend Rauf,

Thank you so very much for your loving post, and the prayers that people have said for me. Prayer works, and knowing that so many people care has touched my heart. You have touched my heart. Thank you my Friend. I am doing much better now. I shall post about it soon.

Hugs and blessings to you my friend.


ldbug said...

So sorry about your friend, I'll be thinking of them for you.

What a beautiful place! I can only imagine it's a lot easier to have faith in such serenity.

How old is that temple? The pillars are just beautiful!

Rauf said...

So very nice of you dear Kathy,
You live in such an atmosphere always. It is not difficult or doesn't take much time to create one. Its all in your heart. Really don't have to spare any time for it. While working or while cooking driving you generate good feelings for others, generate love for others, pray for the well being of your family friends and the people of the whole world. This will not shift your focus from what you are doing, doesn't alter your concentration. It will only enhance your ability to perform better or drive more carefully and cook a tastier dish which comes out of love for others. This is what I have always felt Kathy.
lots of love and hugs and I wish all the peace for you Richard and Marcey.

Rauf said...

Oh Sweet Mysti, hope all these prayers and good wishes relieve you of your pain. There are people out there who wish you well. I know a gentle soul like you wishes peace and prosperity for all the fellow humans and I know you wish easy survival for the animals too.
I know you from your blog Mysti, I have received your warmth, You have prayed for the well being for others. The love that you have generated in your blog has touched me and your readers. I am glad that you are feeling better now. You will get well soon dear Mysti.
lots of love and Hugs

Rauf said...

Hi ldbug, thanks so much, I do not know about the temple, don't know how old it is, looks pretty old, not very well maintained. I'll find out. I have seen places of worship in much better locations, but there is some charm here. Its not noisy like other temples. Hope you are doing fine ldbug

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Rauf

Although you are totally right (and lovable too), you are not going to be able to just skip formward onto "some" tags... naawh!

You owe me one too.
The "List Nine "weird" things about you" meme..." -
you must have forgotten by now that you promised.

But as with GOdot, I am still waiting.

Being wanted for arm robbery does not count!

Love and huuugs

e2d said...

Hi Rauf!
U got the translation of Papanashini right."Nashini", I guess literally translated means "destroyer"..but in this case washaway would be more appropriate :)

What a lovely temple and exactly where it is supposed to be..close to nature.

The forest is gorgeous. I'll be bringing a tent with me this time. It would be such a waste staying in a hotel while visiting all these places :)

Adding the map in your post is such a fantastic thing. I love it...gives me a much clearer sense on how you must have travelled.

Rauf said...

OWEEEE Dearest Angeldust, I will do all the tags together, sorry I forgot about yours, I did not want to interrupt the environment series
Speed 1 - 13. except for the greetings for festival. More over
I am not intelligent enough to understand what it is. I don't understand most of the questions there, actually I am covering up my ignorance and lack of intelligence. in other words Angel, I am not a smart man.
Love and Hugs, Angel.

Rauf said...

posted a comment and it disappeared, testing testing

Rauf said...

e2dees, when you coming ? no cold thereaaa very warmaaa ?

Yernakulone, koikodey - kaalbettey - manandavaadi - Trinelli tembill. We go there e2dees. no tent. yea you can pitch a tent. some friend borrowed my tent and sleeping bag and never returned, now i don remember who borrowed. You'd love manandavadi we stayed there nice room. Sultan batteri is like new york and kalpetta is like a city. Wen you coming ?

Anonymous said...

Yes. People wash away their sins and then start fresh all over again till the next cleansing session!!
God must be tired!


Rauf said...

Hi yoneb, its all our creation. Like going for confession in a Church and your sins are forgiven.
Actually it is easy for God, if the sins are not washed away or forgiven he would need all the computers of the world to keep track of the sins we commit. all the hard disk get corrupted. So occasional formatting of sins is in order.

"Angeldust" said...

You are soooo shameless - looking for strokes - ay Chihuahua - no wonder you are fed on trains by strange wonem!

(I did'n know for a long time either! BUt, I am sure that "Nine wierd (quircky) things" should not be THAT hard!)

Biiiiiig Hug

e2d said...

Sorry for the delay in replying to you rauf. mid term exams were going on for me. I plan to come over in july.
I think I have been to manandavady.Is there a Wynad Developemnt Society in manadavady or is it in sultan battery? Can't remember now.
Also stayed in Kalpetta (long back, during high school days)..my friend's parents live there.Have some beautiful memories of the place.Plan to visit them this time.