23 June 2008


When this sign greets you in the month of June,
you know you are working with very lazy people. This is not shocking when you are waiting at our local Telephone office.
This is pretty normal.
i am fine with lazy people as i am very lazy myself
i am fine with slobs as i am a big slob myself.

Hi my dear friends
i was in a no man's land for a couple of months with no telephone and internet, that is not the only reason for my long absence, its a long story, i'll tell you later

i wanted internet connection with a new telephone line.
i mean the net comes with a telephone line.
The telephone was promised in a couple of days but it came ten days later.
When do i get the internet ?
it will take another ten days
your password and log in name has to come from our head office in Bangalore
it took 15 days but it came.
what ?
what what ?
what is my password ?
yes password
what ?
my password
yes, password
password ?
what ?
i don't believe this ! my password is password ?
and it took you 15 days to set my password and it came from Bangalore after rattling a few super brains ? WOW !
password, you are not joking ?
No sir !
you are joking are not joking ?
yes sir
you mean you are joking ?
no sir
dear o dear !
so my password is PASSWORD
yes sir
Thank you so much for your deep thoughts

The net came at a wrong time when i was breathing dust sitting on a lot of debris,
had to pack my putter immediately as i had just managed to get the labour to work on my new room.
One look at me and they know that this guy has no money.
They don't show up
They are interested only in big work, big money
had to look for people who had no work
found an old carpenter who was willing to work on my weird designs
So it took time, the work is still going on at snail's pace.
it will take another week for me to settle down at my new place.

I sincerely thank all my blog friends who kept enquiring about my welfare, i would reply to all of you individually. i had no access to net for more than 2 months
Thank you so much my friends, i am overwhelmed
i am fine healthwise, and hope you all are doing fine and enjoying the summer.
Here i am finding ways to love the heat
you have to
heat or cold
Otherwise we ruin our day by complaining about the heat cold rain or no rain
All my love, i'll be back soon with a new post.


vishesh said...

hi rauf! nice to see you back :D thought something happened to you :D welcome back :)

mystic rose said...

Thank you so much for your deep thoughts. . ha ha ha.

Im lovin' it.

sonia a.m. said...

Hi Rauf! I am so glad to see you back! Welcome back! I miss your wonderful photos and witty text!
I am looking forward to another post very soon!

monsoon-dreams said...

welcome back,rauf!been missing ur posts and snaps.i used to check every day to see if u have updated any of ur blogs.awaiting ur posts and wonderful snaps.i too miss monsoon in kerala this time.i havent been to wayanad yet,some day i will.how come you know so much abt kerala?
have a good day,rauf!

Sandy said...

Yeah!!! Rauf is back. Sorry to hear about the hard time getting that password, how frustrating...

I kept checking and waiting, I was missing your beautiful photos!!

Welcome back.


vrinda said...

finally, there you are :) been missing you for quite some time now....glad to see you in the blogosphere again :)

Ruth said...

Happy New Year, rauf! Blogland has been chillier while you were away, and now we get to hear your unique perspective again.

I know it hasn't been easy, and yet you always employ humor. We need your words and pictures in this wild world. As Loring said, 'Rauf is back, the world still has a chance.'

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

hey happy LAZY new (blog) year RAUF, hahaha! you made me smile:)
I hope I am not offending you now because I take your words and YOU, very seriously.

wat a mass ehh! I was having also for a while no internet, and now I have internet, I cannot blog as much a usauaL bacuase I have 1 arm (for a while after a SHOULDER-surgery) so everything goes so s-l-o-o-o-o-ow, but anyhow thanks for telling me that you are back... I am here and somhow not always able to blog either...

welcome dear Rauf
see you , I 'll keep coming back!

Bye have a nice day JoAnn/Holland

Aaarti said...


Good to see you back in blogsgramam.... :D

hows the internet doing and do u remember the password??? lolz..

yepp, i know,..some peepals make stupido movies and some peepals like me pay money, go watching it and then cribbing abt it...


tulipspeaks said...

welcome back! :)



I just loved your blog.i felt you were speaking for me.it happens very rarely..me too have similar allergies..
Great pictures..
Above all,me too share your vision.
As the masters say"something opened in a flashing moment...
I start seeing the same unsame world with fresh eyes...."
There is wisdom...
me too blog..
do visit my "new zen guru"...
take care bye...

Nathalie said...

Rejoice, rejoice, Rauf is back.
Your password password story is definitely one that needed to be told.

Glad you are well and WELCOME BACK !

The Manic Street Preacher said...

what's the password again? ;-)

welcome home mate

Cuckoo said...

Welcome !!

I thought something has happened to you.
Your password is great, don't change it. Nobody will guess it anyway.

Rauf said...

Hi VISHESH, i am fine, thank you. shifting, settling down took time. Back to school ? Hope you are enjoying the summer cooling down

Rauf said...

EEEEEE MYSTIC ROSE, You know the problems of BSNL, silly but dependable people. They sent me 3 modems.

Rauf said...

Hi SONIA, Thank you so much, i'll be posting pictures soon, they are in my computer, using my sister's system now. Hope you are doing fine and enjoying the summer.

Rauf said...

Hi MONSOON DREAMS, i have to update my links add yours and a couple of others. Still in noman's land. Many posts on kerala are pending, not all will be pleasant to read i'm afraid. Feet are itching to go to Alleppy. Dear friend has moved in to a new flat in Eda Kochi, have to visit him, Mannarkad friend (silent valley), practicing herbal medicine, i go there to eat rava puttu kadala kari and to walk in the rain. i never carry an umbrella.
A newspaper and an umbrella would make me a Keralite. and i don't read news papers. Kattan kaapi addict, i have a glass of kattan kaapi every half an hour, kattan chaaya is fine too with pazhampori. All road side stuff. even when pouring cats and dog. and i smoke. disgusting ??
Hope you are doing fine Monsoon Dreams.

Rauf said...

SANDY, i will not be posting any pictures for a while, but i am enjoying your pictures. A couple of sparrows are visiting me every morning. You are a terrific host Sandy. The birds love you.

Rauf said...

have to add your link VRINDA once i get back to my putter, i am not sure if it is in working condition, it has gone through a great deal of rattling while shifting to my new place, old place actually but rebuilt. A short spell of rain brought some relief.

Rauf said...

Thank you RUTH, Happy new year in the month of June is pretty normal. Less misery if you don't expect miracles. Our Telephone Department works slow but very very dependable. They are not after money like the private operators fleecing you. Getting a new telephone and the internet is costing me very little and they sent me three modems, all without money. i have returned one, i have to choose between 1 and 3, the third one has wireless too. But i have to install my putter first to test it. Weather now in Chennai is very pleasant.
i am not very sure my return to the blogland is pleasant, my readers would realise that i am very good with my mouth shut. My next post will be nasty.

Rauf said...

oh so sorry to hear that JOANN, what happened ? i haven't read your previous entries. I'll do that in a while when i am on my own system, right now i am using my sister's computer. i have shoulder problems too. Hope you are feeling fine now JoAnn.

Rauf said...

EEEEE AAARTI, How's 'get smart' ?? long time no movie though i am surrounded by movie theatres, some more coming up in a multiplex in express estate. i can see both spencers plaza and express multiplex from my mottai maadi. please drop in. nearing completion. painting to be done.

Rauf said...

AMMU, Thanks. Friends are calling me to KL, but i don't even have a passport. When they come to Chennai my job is to look after the children while their mommies go shopping and i carry things too.
i am a good baby sitter and a porter. They buy half of Chennai.
Saw your page Ammu, i really don't know where to click its way too complicated for me.

Rauf said...

Thank you MAN IN PAINTING, Its the wise and the intelligent and the most civilised who have caused the maximum damage to the earth and the life on it.

Rauf said...

i made some friends in the telephone office. The kind of questions i was asking perhaps told them that i am not a very bright person. so they had all the sympathy for me.
Hope you are enjoying the summer Nathalie.

Rauf said...

Hi PREACHER, they read me like a book. Only an absolute dimwit like me will forget a password like that. and they knew it. i was asking lot of stupid questions making a fool of myself, i made a few friends though.
please give my love to Caz and Jax. i know you are having fun Preacher.

Rauf said...

Hi CUCKOO Ji, yes yes something has happened to me, at the age of 60 i suddenly realised that i have become an adult. There was a change of atmosphere which i was refusing to accept. i realised it was not a sensible thing to do.
How are you Cuckooji ? i'll visit all my blog friends when i get back on my rails.
Gaadi patri se' utar gayee hai.

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Thanks RAUF,
To anwer your question: I was having a shoulder surgery, and that takes a while to get back to normal movements, its since june 3th (than I had the operation in Hospital) I am walking with a sling around my arm/elbow and wrist, and I cannot drive a car, just walk or a short bike drive...But this will last until september, in Dcemeber all would be back to normal ( the movements) I hope...
What do you have for kind of problems with YOUR shoulders? I hope its recovering Rauf? You never said anything about it, just let me know...
I am back to basics for healtreasons (as said) and I'm makings small shots with my cell (mobile phone) You would b surprised and today saterday 28th I showed my birthday celebrating dog,

Happy weekend from JoAnn

Ashi said...

Hi Rauf, it's been a while since I have been at your site. Sorry to hear your about your troubles. It's almost as: this new age of electronick computerize should make things easy, but it's not quite up to it just the same - paperfree office - that's a myth I can tell you we take copies all the time, orginizing them just in case of the inevitable break down.
but it's good to see you around again.

Ladybird said...

Nice pics. Thanks for visiting and commenting...

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Raufie dear,
I almost boke down and was looking for time to contact/visit RUth to ask her if she had news from you.

It sounds like Civil Servants..."Password"
I was roaring all the way through!

There something so universal about stupidity

GLad you are back
Big Hug

Vincent said...

you are an oasis.