29 June 2008


30th June is the 100th anniversary of the Tunguska event
what is the right word ? Anniversary ?
there can't be an anniversary of a disaster.
i very much doubt if the news papers or the TV will remember the event, even if they do, they would ignore it. Because the event speaks of a God who doesn't seem to be in control of his creations.

Tunguska is in central Siberia, the people are TUNGUS ??Tunguskans ??, not sure please check.

In the early morning hours of 30th June 1908, a ball of fire entered the earth's atmosphere. Seconds later, there was an explosion of unimaginable magnitude followed by a heat shock wave which swept the villagers off their feet. No deaths. None reported. The explosion happened miles and miles away from the villages in a fur forest of central Siberia. 2000 sq kilometers of fur forest was burnt. The entire forest was leveled.
There was no crater.
The shock wave was felt all over Europe.

What happened ?
No one knows for Sure.
There are only theories.
Most plausible one is that a fragment of comet hit the earth at 70, 000 miles speed.
No crater, i repeat. And no trace of any radio active material.
Such accidents keep occuring every second in our universe, multiverse.
We have more than one universe.

The funniest thing is.
No one went to the crash site for 20 years. No one cared.
Russia was ruled by the Czars in 1908 who never cared for the poor and Tunguska is so far and so remote in a very hostile Siberia, the Tunguskans never existed for the rest of the world.
Please check the details on the net. i am talking about something else here.

We have planets, we have stars and we have galaxies, not one or two but trillions and trillions of galaxies like ours. In between the space, there are rocks floating, metal, dust, fragments of comets, pieces of ice, pieces, yes pieces the size of Nepal or Switzerland. The one that hit Tunguskan forst was tiny,
just the size of a football field.
These fragments keep hitting planets every second.

Would you smile if i say some fragments of icy comets are diamonds ?
Yes they are.

i hear God's voice
Hey rauf you are greedy, do want a diamond ?
yes God, Yes God

a burning ball of diamond as big as state of Texas falls on my house at 70, 000 miles speed
a gift from God
i can be very rich selling that diamond.
How lucky!

'oh Shit ! its a diamond'
rauf said that a minute ago
where is rauf ?
i'll be quoted in famous last words on the net.
Luckiest man on earth i'll be.
rauf is buried under a diamond ?

Scientists who later investigated Tunguska found diamonds in the forest leveled by the explosion.
God created everything ?
Our 4.7 billion years old planet Earth is just a tiny spec of dust in trillions and trillions of galaxies.
Chances of another hit are remote. But the scientists say this happens once every hundred years.
Is God who created everything in control of his creations ?
Must be a very irresponsible God. A mischievous child.


kenju said...

Not irresponsible at all, Rauf. He have free will to everyone and everything.

mystic rose said...

What an interesting incident. It is strange, isnt it, that there are many impacts, but they occur mostly in the oceans or in uninhabited areas? Quite interesting too that if it had happened 4 hours later, the air burst would have been over St Petersburg and hence wiped it out compeltley. Also quite unusual that it burst in the air just before it would have hit the earth. That impact, on land, was what eventually completely wiped out most life in the dinosaur era.

the power in this Universe is awesome.

Ruth said...

I’m small, but in my mind I’m the most important thing. I see everything through these eyes, and they send messages to my brain, I hear through these ears, feel through these nerve endings. Even if I focus on others, put their needs before mine, help and serve, I am filtering everything through ME. So why wouldn’t I be the center of the multiverse? Why wouldn’t I create God, who focuses on me, loves me, approves or disapproves my behavior? I create God because it’s how I survive. I have to make meaning out of this chaos.

That's how I feel about the creation of religion. But I have no wish to argue with anyone who believes in one, follows one.

Who have you been talking with these 3 months, rauf? Some religious people?

vishesh said...

lol rauf,that was funny :) But seriously who is this god? i want to talk to him...i mean he is doing so many things yet he isn't coming in front of us...did u see the tamil movie kadavul ?

Claudia said...

Dear Rauf, I'm glad you're back and are alright. I'm sorry if I ever offended you because if I did I didn't do it on purpose. I had never heard of Tunguska and enjoyed your post. Stay well. You are an amazing person.

Aaarti said...

TUNGUSKA... whoa, now that is very intersetting i say... never read anythiung like this ever.. where did this place come from???? and how did u come upon this tit bitty info??? interesetting indeed~~~

well, i guess we are all greedy at some level.. we want God to take care of us and usself vonly....

oh,yes.. God is sure one child who is upto NO gOOD most of the time.. other times he is sleeeeping..hehehe... he needs to go see a Shrink who will clear his head and give him some new ideas...

wat would it be like if a comet or one of these fasttt thingys hit india? hit chennai????hmmmm.. food for thot dont u thinkso???

how are u doing? all settled? i shall give u a buzz tomorrow.. coming by that side~~

monsoon-dreams said...

rauf,glad to see u back.
i had never ever heard of this before.thanks for sharing.we cant comprehend the ways of God.must be something known only to Him.have a great day,friend:-)

Anonymous said...

glad to be slowly crawling back in blogging again for the million times! ;))

and of course i won't miss reading ur interesting posts rauf...how've been? hope everything is well...take care! ;;)

Sandy said...

ahhh, always enjoy your writing. I remember reading about this event awhile back. Watch out for those diamonds!


vrinda said...

intersting incident tht: wil have to check the net for details..loved the way you went about writing this one...sigh! arent we all the selfish guns who would stil rejoice at a gold coffin!

Anonymous said...

hi rauf...just checking for updates...hope ur safe and sound ;;)

The Manic Street Preacher said...

hello old bean. soz I've not been by. Been in Spain then in bed with a virus. Lost half a stone in three days. ah well. I can eat more curry now!!!! ;-)


Martians mate. Either that or Captain Kirk took a wrong turn ;-)

So many mysterys so little time eh?


Tunguska!i liked the name.For a moment or so I thought i was reading "Flash Gorden"..LOL
liked it.
i still remember the Sky lab and the fear it generated..
It was nice...
wishes and thanks..

Rauf said...

Dear JUDY, people like to believe that Tsunami never happened, hundreds thousands of innocent lives lost. If this is a 'WILL OF GOD' i wouldn't like to believe in such a God. 'God's ways are mysterious' is an answers priests give when they don't have any answers. People have free will, we all would like to stop evil, but have we ? We couldn't stop wars, bloodshed, atrocities, poverty, hunger, suffereing, disease or floods and earthquakes. These don't speak well of any God for that matter. This is not free will Judy. i am using the Tunguska event to express my feelings. Things go out of control here on this planet and in the multiverse, we have more than one universe and it is constantly expanding. For what ? i don't know.

Now i am sort of settled Judy, i was without phone and internet, sitting on a pile of debris, doing up my room, when internet came my putter went kaput. Things are okay now but far from perfect. Hope you are doing well.

Rauf said...

MYSTIC ROSE, Few days ago, a running ceiling fan fell on my older sister, it fell when my sister leaned a bit forward, she was reading news on the internet. The weight of the fan fell on the back rest of the chair, hearing screams i rushed down to the floor below and saw my sister sitting in a state of shock and the fan blade resting on her head. No injury. None. Now i went into a shock.
It just happened though i would like to say she had a miraculous escape. i immediately went out and bought a table fan for her. She is 65.

Rauf said...

Actually RUTH, there is no point in arguing. Its better not to argue. Belief is a belief and we have to leave it at that. None in past 3 months Ruth, but religious people, priests always come for friendly chat, but discussions always end up in smiles and hugs. i've had only a couple of bad experiences with friends. But these discussions have not affected our friendship.

A person would believe if he wants to believe. For instance the story about Beethoven being circulated in the net is completely untrue but people want to believe in it and they circulate it.

Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone
This story of Jesus Christ is completely fabricated and is not there in the original text of St. John's Gospel.
This story was added to the Bible 400 years later. But who wants to know the truth ? People WANT to believe in it and they believe in it even if it is false, they don't want to know.

Rauf said...

Hi VISHESH, some times i use humour to mke a point. What do we do if we get a Tsunami of petrol ?
a gift from God.

Its better to be queit about God and follow all the rituals parents tell you. Peace at home is first priority. You can discuss these matters with like minded friends.
People get very emotional about this subject. Heated arguements always end up in bitterness. Please be careful in choosing people for such discussions. It hurts a lot and people are very touchy when it comes to beliefs and religion.

Rauf said...

oh CLAUDIA, how can a soft sweet and gentle person like you offend any one ?

i sincerely apologice for my late response. Shifting back to my newly built place (i had no part in it, done by the younger generation) making changes, making my place livable took time. i was without internet and telephone for over 4 months. Now i am slowly crawling back to shape, rather normalcy is crawling back to me.

i read your 'goodbye' post and there were no entries after that and i kept checking for some time.
By the time you started posting i disappeared from blog scene with no internet. And when the net was restored, my computer refused to behave. i decided to be patient with the things happening around me, i had no option any way, had to be patient, not every thing was pleasant. My laziness had a big part in it. i was not in a hurry to get back to normal state of living. Now i am nearly settled in the new place, still refusing to accept changes in my life, though technically a better place, but i lost the atmosphere i had built over a period of 48 years which my friends used to love.

i was very eager to know your husband's experience of India. Hope you and your husband
Ana and Clara are doing fine and i hope Rose is still around. Girls normally keep them safe in a secret box which they carry to their husband's house and no one is allowed to touch it. Do you have a secret box Claudia ?

Listening to Invicta FM coming from Kent i think.

Claudia said...

Oh, dear Rauf! How wonderful to hear from you again! I missed you!You are such a kind and good person. I've been going through some rough times since December, when my best friend (Iznogood, who commented on my blog) was stabbed to death in his own home. He was one of the most important people in my life and the brutality of the loss almost drove me to insanity. I'm slowly trying to get back to normal but it's not easy: a couple of months ago, Clara's best friend, a sweet 8 year old whom I've grown to love, was diagnosed with a rare and virtually incurable form of leukaemia. She has been undergoing very painful treatment and the suffering is impossible to describe. She's a wreck but she's also a tough fighter who desperately wants to overcome all this and play with her friends and go to school again.

It must be very difficult for you to leave your old place. When a house is in the family for so long, it has so many memories attached to it, it becomes a piece of us just as we become a piece of it. My grandmother died last week and we have to return the house where she lived since 1939 to the landlady. It's the place where my mother was born, where she grew up and lived, where me and my sisters grew up and lived, the setting of all big family and friend gatherings. It hurts to let it go. But life goes on and it's good and right that is so. Only the fond memories remain.

My husband really liked Mumbai - that is all he saw of beautiful India. He said he'd like to be back one day to travel around the country some more. He brought me back a beautiful embroidered cloth.

Ana and Clara are fine as is Rose, who still sleeps next to Clara.

I do have a box that has travelled with me throughout life. Don't we all? Too painful to open.

Sorry for the long comment, Rauf.

Please be well.

Rauf said...

Dear CLAUDIA, i can't even say i understand your feelings, i can't even imagine what you went through, its easy for me to say a few words of comfort, you would just gape at my words and the words your friends speak to comfort you. Only you understand the impact of the loss of your friend. i just wish you have the courage to deal with such a tragedy. When i think of Clara's friend, i just wonder why, i keep asking why this should happen to an innocent child. Sometimes i disagree with Richard Dawkins. Though i don't have faith and don't believe in any God, when i hear about such a tragedy a prayer just comes out involuntarily. i just wish a miracle for the child. Hope she goes back to the school to play with her friends soon. We refuse to learn from such tragedies. The loss the place where i grew up, my possessions are so meaningless. i feel ashamed. Yes memories are precious, sad sweet painful, happy. i am sorry to hear the loss of your grand mother.

Today was a day of learning, learnt a lot in the story of stuff, thank you for posting it Claudia. Wish i had watched the clip when i was writing the SPEED series on Environment.

Hope you would visit India soon with husband and children i would love to be your host in Chennai.

Rauf said...

Hi AAARTI, walking and shopping in Bangalore ? please watch this clip, which Claudia posted a few days ago


please be patient and let the thing load, its worth the wait. its witty and serious. After watching this clip you would
give me all the things you shopped in Bangalore.

Tunguska, central Siberia, i was always interested in why and how people live in hostile parts of the world, right from my school days. Briefly read about the event in my school days in connemara library. Then read about it in detail in Carl Sagan's book Cosmos some twenty years ago, i remembered the year 1908, just checked the date and it was 30th June.

When i read some of God's statements punishing the women with pain in child birth, eternal submission to man for commiting the first sin, and women having no right to teach or learn, i sincerely feel that God must go and see a shrink. Thankfully this is not true and it is us who have created such a God. and it is men like me who wrote such garbage.

whattoo ? when you coming to TVS petrol bunk ? confusing changes in traffic regulations. Better walk to Sathyam theatre.

Rauf said...

Hi MONSOON, complaining about heat only ruins my day, but i keep my mind happy dreaming of monsoon.
i wrote this post from my sister's computer, now i got my system back, still not very healthy, its a bit sluggish but i can manage. Thank you Monsoon.

Its basic human curiosity which drives people to try to understand the working of nature, Thanks to them that we know something about the world we live in and a little about our galaxy.
Alexander the great wanted to go to the end of the world, and died before he found himself back in Greece. Edge of the world remained a mystery till Nicholas Coopernicus. Now you know that the sun doesn't disappear. People used to pray and make offerings to god to send back the sun next morning.
Their fear was, what if the sun doesn't come back ?

Atlas was tired of holding the world on his shoulders. Herculese wanted some golden flowers from some garden and he had no strength to fight the giants guarding it. So he sought the help of Atlas, okkay friend i'll get you the flower just hold the world for a while. Atlas fought those giants and got the flower. now he got smart. i am going on a holiday Heculese, the world is yours now. But Herculese was smarter. Told Atlas that his shoulder is aching and he wants to shift the weight asked Atlas to hold the world for a second. Dumb Atlas never knew it was a trick and took back the world. It was like a plate not a ball you see now in the pictures. Now Herculese smiled and said bye bye i am going on a holiday.

this was not long ago Monsoon, it was just 2500 years ago. People used to make offerings to Atlas so that he doesn't throw the world into the burning hot sun. This was a serious belief which people then believed to be a fact. Now we smile at such stories.

Hope you are doing fine Monsoon

monsoon-dreams said...

hi rauf,
got ur system back?wow!thats great!so hope u r going to post regularly:-).i love reading ur posts and comments.hope u r doing fine.awaiting your next post...

Claudia said...

Very sweet of you to offer to be out host, dear Rauf! I already see a bit of India through your eyes and I do hope that I can visit your beautiful country one day. It won't be in the near future, though, because I only just have enough money to go and see the family back home during the kids' summer holidays. My parents are getting old and the older and weaker they get, the heavier my conscience becomes for having left them behind.

Keep on posting, Rauf. Your posts are needed.

Ruth said...

What's the story on the internet about Beethoven? I haven't heard about it.

And I also didn't know that episode with Jesus about casting the first stone was added later.

Don't know if you heard about the broohaha over the New Yorker cover with Obama in a cartoon dressed in Muslim hat, etc. People got furious because the little joke (the cartoonist said he was trying to show how ridiculous the belief is that Obama is a secret Muslim) was too close to what some people believe, and seeing it in an image on a magazine, it would confirm their misconception. I posted a little bit about it on huffing. (That is not a solicitation for you to visit the blog, hehe.)

It's good to have you back.

Rauf said...

Hi WHISPER, Enjoying the sun ? It get hot even in December here in Chennai, Now it gets unbearable but not for me, i find ways to deal with the heat, rest of the family can't live without airconditioners. We have lots of sunshine, it gets too hot during the day but mornings and evenings are pleasant, still i find lots of children playing basketball, cricket and other games under floodlights. You must be very busy with school projects. Enjoy Whisper, we have only one life and you'll remember how you enjoyed your teens for ever.

Rauf said...

Thank you SANDY, its hard to locate our planet in the map of our own galaxy, there are trillions of galaxies like ours and they are constantly expanding. Is that any good ? i don't know. Why are the galaxies expanding ? why new stars and planets are formed every minute, i do not know. The essential role of knowledge is to make us aware of our ignorance. What we know is very little and what we do not know is the whole lot. One day we will know.
Hope the weather is good and you are having fun being a host to birds who love you.

Rauf said...

smiling VRINDA, yes true. When out existence is meaningless its funny to see greed in humans.
What for ? one may ask. Its a tragedy to join the rat race, no options. i can't be a monkey even if i want to. a monkey does not have a credit card, a mobile or a bank account. He is living on this planet too. i tried my best to figure out how we got into this money trap. i can't get out of it.
i would be lying if i say i have no greed. i have to be greedy to live in this trap.
Best thing to do to feel less miserable is to enjoy being in the trap.
work work work, make money buy things, shop shop shop. new paint on the walls new furniture new computer to make us feel good.
i am greedy to make myself feel good. Love is dying, time for ourselves is less. And when i am dying i look at my newly painted walls, my fancy mobile, i wonder, how funny ? why i came here in the first place ?
i want to be a monkey Vrinda,
not a good monkey or a bad monkey
just a monkey. He is a lot better off and happy without a bible khuraan or Gita, email ID or a phone number. Thats how we were supposed to be, but we got ourselves in a trap.

Rauf said...

You can only spread your infectious Ssmile PREACHER, hope you feeling fine. Too much sun in Spain ?

Oh yes so little time to know a little. We can't know everything.
So many books in the book stores and in the libraries. millions. That knowledge is not even a fraction of what we do not know.
please give my love to Caz and Jax Preacher

Rauf said...

Yes i remember the skylab scare. There will be more skylabs MAN IN PAINTING. What goes up must come down.
its a song.

Rauf said...

Dear CLAUDIA, actually you don't need much money in India, unless you seek top class comfort in traveling and staying. September to February is the ideal time. Lots of festivals in September October. India has his own problems. The British are aware of them. so they come prepared. Mosquitos for instance.
Now travel facilities for foreign tourists are getting better and better. Flight tickets are cheaper, no more waiting.
You know about India Claudia, all you need is a bit of patience. We have not given up our laziness. Things go at a slow pace. The contrast is baffling. Rich and the poor, cities and the villages.
Knowledge and ignorance, Latest technology and and bullock carts go side by side.

Yes the first priority is the family, old parents. Its so good that you visit them and keep in touch. That kind of love and care which India used to boast about is fast disappearing. People get selfish after parents spend everything on their education, they abandon their parents and seek greener pasteurs. Parents keep longing to hear the voice of their children. I have friends whose children are abroad and earning and have not visited their parents in years. i have become a son to one such lady, she should be in her late eighties and her son is my age. She loves feeding me. She feels that she is feeding her son. Only son. What a tragedy. In a few cases, i have arranged computers and taught the parents how to chat with their children, but they complain that their children have no time even to chat with them, they keep waiting for ever gaping at the monitors.
What is skype they ask me. Now i have to learn what is skype for them.
Hope your parents are doing well Claudia.

Rauf said...

System is working MONSOON, but has developed a mind of its own, have to call a mandravadi or a psychiatrist. Choomantar, hoosh hooosh Exorcism.
it restarts on its own. sometimes behaves like a stubborn bull.
i'll come up with a new post in a couple of days Monsoon.

Rauf said...

Dear RUTH this the story which has been circulated in the net for a few years now. i have received many forwards too.

If you knew a woman who was pregnant, and she had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis; would you recommend that she have an abortion?

If you said yes, you just killed Beethoven.

Beethoven was the second child of 7not the youngest, only 2 survived.
The first and others died in infancy. He was not deaf from birth. Mother did not have siphylis, she died of TB. Beethoven's loss of hearing was caused by scarlet fever much later in his life. i think this story was fabricated by religious people or anti abortion lobby.

True or false is a different matter Ruth. People who want to believe in it will be reluctant to investigate and would refuse to accept the true story.

Newyorker is read all over the world. This is a clear mischief from their side. i never expected them to stoop to such levels. They need blessings from the corporates to survive. Entire print and electronic media for that matter.
There is a saying in Urdu. ' if you want to live in water, better be friendly with the crocodile'

Ruth said...

Oh yes, I read that Beethoven story when it was an anti-abortion poster on the door of my mom's doctor.

I am not so sure about the New Yorker's intentions for mischief. But it's impossible to trust any media-corporate output.

Alicia M B Ballard said...

This is why I missed you Raufie - preciuos posts.

Love you!