27 August 2008


I'm driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, "George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan." And I did, and then God would tell me, "George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq …" And I did.
So said Saint George Bush the son.

i don't eat saints, they don't taste good even with pickle and chutney. yuk !
i hate saints.

So, God told St.Bush to invade Iraq.

He could be lying like he's been lying on various other issues.
What if he is telling the truth ?
That he did receive the Divine Revelation from God
He can't be lying all the time, he lied because the people behind him made him tell all those lies.
poor chap
No one told him to shut up, they just let him make a fool of himself. Thats what they wanted.
What they didn't tell him was that his Divine Revelation is actually a phenomenon called TLE

Temporal lobe epilepsy.
if he was telling the truth, you had a president for eight long years who was not mentally very sound.

Now the mindologists, brainologists, headologists and nuttologists are digging up all the Divine Revelations people recieved so far in history. Few books have been written on the subject. Please check.

People were indeed telling the truth about those Revelations.

None was lying about them.
It was a true experience, Feeling of Aura, blinding flash, some get incence smells too. Brain plays such tricks on us. There are thousands of different kinds of epilepsy, seizures, very few reported and studied. scientists are doing it now.
Neurotheology it is called. New subject.

For me the most interesting case is St.Teresa of Avila.(1515-1582) please see Bernini's masterpiece Ecstasy of St.Teresa.

act one scene one
She claims she was having an affair with God,

act one scene two
she claims God was having an affair with her..,
You will not find these exact words.
means the same.

act four scene four
tragic end
after two years God dumps her.
in other words she stopped having seizures

Same thing, a case of Temporal lobe epilepsy

Now Turlington would be furious, how could God ignore me and have an affair with some one else ??

Soon we'll be having elections in India.

Except for the Indians, no one is really interested.
Where as, entire world is focussed on the result of Elections in the US for obvious reasons.

All are affected.
i am one of them.
The US government is not known to mind its own business like the other countries do.

As an outsider What do i expect ?
i would rather have a US president who is a liar or a crook or a casanova, but not a saint who receives Divine Revelations directly from God every night.
oh DEEAH ! thats scary.


mystic rose said...

OH DEEEEAAAAHH! That would be terrifying indeed. well atleast we are saved from Billary Clinton.

kenju said...

You are right, Rauf! Very scary!

Ruth said...

There are so many reasons to say God told you to do something. Big part of your constituency is God fearing, so that sounds great to them. Second, if you want your people afraid, then they will be very afraid if they don't obey God. Third, who is going to argue (besides you and a few others like me) with someone when they say God told them something?

Every American President has to be Christian, there is no exception. Can you imagine an atheist being elected? But to bring the religion and God messages into a decision to go to war (oh and all those religious leaders who said we were attacked as punishment from God for homosexuality) is despicable.

Oh I wish we could sit and talk about it. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Of course now many fear that a Muslim might be elected.

It's just wrong thinking all around.

vishesh said...

so its official :P lol...lets hope we have someone who won't leave a lot of ppl jobless here...:D

Sandy said...

OH my..how interesting this post is.

Actually I think its' some kind of technology where voices are inserted into your head, after all, in my opinions all those who "seem" to be in power are only tools...

so much for elections...I just can't get into it anymore...

There is NO one savior who is going to put this country straight or stop these invasions happening...

I'm very disillusioned.. I guess I read too much.

All I know is for some reason, my heart is in India. I think I must have lived there before.

vera said...

i discover your blog, very rich, so rich and so good pictures!!

Amrita said...

Well, one can claim divine revelations to prove they are right, but not all of them are fake.You have misunderstood St Teresa.

Somehow it has been "revealed " to aethiests that there is no God.

Can you imagine a Muslim or a Christian being the PM of India?

monsoon-dreams said...

i do believe in God,who is a very loving one.but yes, i am sad about whats going on in this world.God is not to be blamed for what people do.we are responsible for our own actions.

Rauf said...

EEEEEEEE MYSTIC MYSTIC ROSE We'll be having more disasters, As Ruth says, Orders of God will not be questioned. There is a good majority in the US who still believe in President Bush. Call Britney Spears and find out. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Rauf said...

Yes it is JUDY, What if the new president receives a Divine Revelation to attack China, Korea or India ? So far Divine Revelations have resulted in Profits for some people. And you Judy, you are a victim of those Divine Revalations, You have to pay through your nose, paying taxes, citizens like you bear the cost of the war.

Rauf said...

Thomas Jefferson was perhaps the only president RUTH who was open about his doubts about God.

I really appreciate the democrats for fielding a candidate with a muslim sounding name rhyming with Osama. It is a bad move actually.
You may accept him Ruth but not the great majority. Its not late, he can still change his name to Batman Robin. Citizens would gladly accept a change of name.

Fear is a good commodity to be marketed and there's a lot of money in it. Divine Revelations point only towards where money is.
God is smart.

Oh yes Ruth, Jerry Falwell Pat Robertson are listed under famous idiots. God wants me to be rich ??

yes we'll sit and talk and laugh Ruth.

Rauf said...

VISHESH, don't forget the mass suicides of the Indian Farmers. Yes its official. We all are affected by those Divine Revelations. Our own politicians are the partners in crime.

Rauf said...

Dear SANDY, we all grow up reading stories in holy scriptures that good prevails over Evil. How we love reading that. Those stories are like champagne. They make us feel good. Just stories. But Evil has been very powerful right through human history.
I write facts to the best of my knowledge SANDY, the fact is, with or without God our world has a majority of good. Love kindness and compassion is on the rise. Best ever in history. A majority of the citizens of US and the world would do their best to bring peace on earth. But they all are so helpless. The Evil or the DARK FORCES are so powerful as they claim that God is on their side and it looks like that.

i would be so glad to be your host Sandy, We have our own chaos though. Its like God is not aware of Indians, Indian Farmers or the people of Darfur in Africa. We in India wage wars in the name of God, there are communal riots, monorities are victimised. All claiming that God is on their side. somehow democracy survives in India, bashed up, bleeding, infected.
India is so full of life Sandy. You can see that there is so much giving, love, kindness, compassion, crime, injustice brutality, racism, untouchability, everything in the name of God.

Rauf said...

Thank you VERA, Welcome to Daylight Again. I couldn't follow yourlink. Do you have a blog ?
Thank you once again.

Rauf said...

Actually they are not fakes AMRITA JI, In this post i have said that they all were speaking the truth, expressing their true experiences. i went in to scientific aspect of such Divine Revalations and what causes them. i may have added a little humour here or there. I speak facts.

You would be surprised Amrita ji, only in 1992, with great embarassment, the Vatican officially accepted that our world is round and revolves around the sun and Galileo was finally cleared of all the charges. It will take another couple of hundred years for them to accept the theory of evolution and remove Chapter one Genesis from the Bible. Such a change is unthinkable now as the round world was unthinkable a few hundred years ago, it was considered blasphemy and books were burnt in a pile on the streets along with people who read them till late eighteenth century. These are historical facts Amritaji. Even Johanns Keppler believed that our world is just 7000 years old, a man who has contributed so much to our knowledge. A part of his mind was shut by beliefs. Helio Centric theory came from Omar Khyaam first from Persia, but he kept his mouth shut for the fear of religious persecution. three hundred years later by Nicholas Coopernicus. He happened to be a priest.

The Vatican did not repeat the same blunder of putting a lid on the theory of evolution. They got smart this time. They gathered all the scientists who were religious and were asked to come up with a fresh theory to defend Genesis. so came the creationist theory, the intelligent design, which was unheard of a century earlier.

The current study, neurotheology deals with Divine revelations. These facts will be accepted one day. Sooner this time.

Rauf said...

oh i am smiling MONSOON, You are sweet. Positive mind, positive thinking. Exactly, it is us. wars, poverty, suffering, injustice, racism crime, yes it is all us. Tsunamis, earthquakes hurricanes cyclones tornados too ? I don't expect natural calamities from a loving God. Things have gone out of hand Monsoon. Nobody seems to be in control.

monsoon-dreams said...

hmm...making fun of me,right?:-)
different people,different views,rauf.hey,i am coming to tn.would u be my host?just kidding:-)

Rauf said...

i would be simply delighted, i would love to
No Jokes no kidding
i am serious
and i was serious about the comment too, i was not making fun MONSOON, my dearest friends are priests, kerala ofcourse, we argue we fight, then we have chiggen mudden, beefey, fisshi curry aappam stew, kattan kaapee.
oh so many pictures to show you Monsoon.

Ruth said...

Even if Obama does not get elected, people have been forced to face their fears with him running. Maybe they can learn something from who he is, maybe the race walls will come down even a little. Maybe they can learn that you can't judge a person by their name or how they look. I hope so.

Yes, I accept him, I even embrace him, I like who he is very much. Yes, he has watered down his message to get elected. Every politician has to do it if they want to get elected. It's a stupid system. Things change slowly. I don't blame for it, but I have little faith in it. Maybe only benevolent dictators and kings and queens can do what they want. Why would anyone want to lead a country? Why do we need countries? People are chaotic by nature? We don't follow natural order like the monkeys?

mystic rose said...

Rauf and Ruth,

I am not that familiar with religious fanaticism, I mean is it all that prevalent here? Its not something we normally come across, and in this day and age it seems the common consensus is a person who claims that, be he even a religious leader is mentally unsound. It is a foregone, common sense conclusion. So does Bush really claim God spoke to him?
and even if he did, who actually believes him, which group of people does, and are they all that dominant? I think he was elected and supported because of his experience, policies, wisdom(or lack thereof) that appealed to the majority of us. Something in us(the majority of US population) resonated with something in him. Even the wars had support initially. The normally skeptical and cynical media backed him and his policies,
it was something that the whole country united under, the aggression. destruction of an enemy. That is a common tactic employed by politicians, by the way, every time there is an internal crisis, find, manipulate something we can all hate together.
If we cant unite under goodness, peace and love, let us at least unite in hating something.

i am not saying that this is what happened, but I believe all this- the whole situation speaks something about a collective personality. a jumbled mass of many groups and beliefs, there is capitalists, compassionists, opportunists to add ot the brew of ethnic cultures, racial and religious tensions, and everyone here seeking an American Dream.. Its mind boggling.

The kids have a piano teacher, she is black, and they just love her, even though she is not particularly gentle or affectionate. I love her too. She is old and single, and you can see the old school manners. She is also a devout Christian, even fanatic, and believes everything her preacher tells her. Because of the politics within the Democratic Party, there were spread a lot of rumors about obama, I thought she would be happy about Obama being black, but she is firmly convinced he is sent by the devil, he is muslim, and related in some way to osama. Still, to me, she is a dear old lady and try as I might to wriggle someway into her thinking, to understand it, I cannot. She is closed. Because her past was painful, and in the church she has added another layer to her personality, that of a devout, God fearing Christian.

mystic rose said...

Did I ramble on there? I think I did. But I am trying not to generalise, and also to understand whats going on in all of us, plus at a collective level.

mystic rose said...

Ruth, Just read your last comment.

yes, I like Obama too, very much. I od nto like that his message is watered, but now he is trying to get a majority, not just win, but he needs a majority ( in the senate? nto too familiar with these terms here) to pass the bills he wants to pass, to make the changes he wants.

I hated Clinton, Hillary even more, he did little for the country. And some one was saying if Obama does nothing the country will recover by itself. perhaps :)

I thought the fmaily a bit stagey, Michelle's speech was just emotinal enough to win over the sentimental, and nto lose the unsentimental,e tc.. etc.

But he wants to respond to McCain's attacks about him not being able to fight back.

I say its easier for the one in a stronger position to be humble, they can afford to be.

Aaarti said...

ok... now what have you been upto?/ suddenly all this talk about politic and saints.... hmmm!!! ;)

actuvally, reading that post had me thinking[yes, i do do that once in a while.. and the time now is 11.44pm vonly].. am i the odd one out? i dont like politics.. i dont follow it.. honestly i care two hoots for the people who run in the elections...

and i was thinking Obama has already won n taken over the throne.. he hasnt??? whoa.. thats news to me!!!

hows u doing???? in town?me went to trichy and all..was sufer fun!!:)
all was good except mom doing a thandav dance the day i left....

Ruth said...

Mystic Rose, I came out of the Christian church, and believe me religious fanaticism is big. If you wonder what influences the political right, much of it is out of that movement. I think Bush was elected because he appealed to the right wing, and we saw how dominant that is in our culture. I don't know if his experience as a governor had as much weight as who his father was.

The piano teacher, I had not heard of that group of blacks being suspicious of Obama. It doesn't surprise me.

I have accepted the ridiculous fact that to be elected, politicians can't speak their minds. I remember when George Romney - former Michigan governor - ran for president, he finally pulled out before the election, saying he realized an honest man can't be elected president of the US. The office hollows you out, even before you're elected. How can you possibly raise money to campaign and then please everyone when in office? It's impossible. And if you're like the ones who have nothing to lose and say exactly what they think, then you will never ever get elected. So, someone like Obama, who I think has a good heart, does what he has to to get elected, hoping to make some changes, even very gradual ones. He can't do all that he's promised, no question.

I don't love the Clintons, but I disagree that he did little for the country. The economy improved, 6 million new jobs were created, he put 100,000 new police offers on the streets, he cut the federal bureaucracy by 100,000 jobs. But the accomplishment I admire most was the $250 billion surplus he managed, which Bush has demolished, as everyone knows.

Sharon said...

I agree this is scary but a lot of people believe this to be true.

monsoon-dreams said...

how do i reach thalaivasal from cochin?

Rauf said...

i really don't remember MONSOON, i was there a few months ago, its a beautiful area, i went on a trek to Kalvarayan forest, somewhere there. i went from our side, took a friend from Pondicherry, actually he took me.
Pondi - Villipuran - Kallakuruchi - Kalvarayan forest. from there we went to Attur i think. i forgot the names.

My traveling is rough, i can tell you how i would go.

Best is. Ernakulam - Salem by train.
Salem - Attur by bus.

Regular night trains reach Salem by 2 in the morning, not suitable.
please take Alleppy Dhanbad exp. leaving Ernakulam by 7.15 in the morning. no reservation. just get a sleeper class ticket and get in.
das wat i doos. You'll reach Salem by 3 in the afternoon. Then take a bus to Attur. No no, Salem -Cuddalur or Salem - Pondicherri bus will touch Thalaivasal. The area is lush green, and good roads
I remember seeing Salem mile stones. i was there a few months ago and i remember nothing. i must've crossed Thalaivasal, but we didn't go to Salem from there.
please come Chennai MONSOON. i can arrange pondicherry stay toos.
Do you have Prends in Thalaivaasal ?

monsoon-dreams said...

thanks for ur help,rauf.yeah,i have a good friend in thalaivasal.i had promised to visit him and family,long back.this time i'm gonna travel to thalaivasal for sure(hope so).so u gonna host me only if i come to chennai!hmmm....thats not a good host,rauf.been to pondichery with two of my friends 2 yrs back.that was a great trip tho i had to create a revolution at home for the permission(even at this age!)

Rauf said...

MYSTIC ROSE, that is the tragedy, such people have mass following largely because they tell you what you want to hear.
Take communal riots in India for instance, Gujrat, and now in Orissa where Christians are being victimised. Entire nation stood behind Hitler.

Rauf said...

RUTH, i really don't expect any drastic changes if Obama is elected. Things are going to be the same. But his election will mark the beginning of willingness to change. People would still place their faith in a known devil, known saint perhaps is a better word.

i do not know the history of US Ruth, i remember reading about President Andrew Johnson, perhaps the only honest President in US history. He came after Lincoln's assasination. He was not a great success. He was a tailor i think and Lincoln chose him as his deputy for his honesty. You have to correct me here Ruth.

Rauf said...

Yes SHARON, people fall for sugar coated words and promises. The present trend creating and selling fear and how the presidential candidate promises the citizens his plans for their security. Create a virus and then sell the anti virus programme. If your computer is well designed against any invasion, which they can easily do, you don't need any protection at all. Its a big game Sharon. Its all about money.

Rauf said...

RUTH, The best promise to get elected is

'we will mind our own business'

But this promise doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere.

Rauf said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEE AAARTEEE, i would ask you to take a rickshaw ride in Rajasthan. ah ! they just don't take you from one place to another, they give you news, politics philosophy. One fellow said that we are still slaves. only birds and animals are free. they keep talking, they don't care if you are listening or not. Does Plaappy watch TV ?

Rauf said...

oh MONSOON! How i wish i host you and all my blog friends who visit India. i was born in Coorg Karnataka (very close to Wynad) and lived all my life in Chennai. Since i live in Chennai Tamil Nadu, i kind of like it, so i would love to be your host here. But my passion lies in Kerala always.

Suresh said...

THALAIVASAL is actually between Salem and Attur/Atoor. Very small town. Great masala vadai. Bus trip should take under an hour.

monsoon-dreams said...

thanks a lot ,suresh and rauf.now lemme plan my trip.is it a safe place?

Rauf said...

Thank you SURESH, i have been there. Anand came yesterday, i asked him where we had lunch and wonderful parpu vadai, he too doesn't remember, must be thalaivasal. Have to go to Trivandrum Suresh, spoke to Asokan. On my way back perhaps. Asokan is pretty excited i'll bring him over, perhaps MONSOON could join us.

monsoon-dreams said...

wow sure!wait till i reach coconut land,please.

Rauf said...

MONSOON, i don't have your email ID, please write. i'll give you the directions. there is a lovely forest cottage at Kalvarayan where Anand and i stayed, i think i can arrange that for your stay, and Suresh's place near Kothagiri is another paradise, lovely treks, lots of butterflies, mountain streams, its beautiful there.

Ashi said...

Hi Rauf,
this post is a good one - I'm not crazy about - all this US to be God's own country stuf and people who think they are doing Gods job (in this I especially think about peace and war issue).
This election in US - yes I didn't know you had one in India, and the importance internationally is not that big :) (that's not really right it only seems to be less important) - Mcain has been annoyed over the great interest from outside US "they dont vote or even pay taxes in US" BUT we certainly should have a saying in this election - course the influence that US have is huge.

I'm not sure but hope they vote clearly on Obama - we will see and thus take it from there.

Ruth said...

rauf, I just watched a video of Sarah Palin, McCain's VP partner, talking about herself doing 'God's will' in Alaska to get a new gas pipeline laid. As she said in her speech to the Republican National Convention: '. . . we Americans need to produce more of our own oil and gas. And take it from a gal who knows the North Slope of Alaska: we've got lots of both.'

Also, I read a funny quote today: "Electing Democrats to end the war is like drinking light beer to lose weight."

I think Obama is lesser of two evils, mostly because he won't push for offshore drilling of oil, which the Reps mostly want to do for the economy.

Rauf said...

Yes ASHI, the elections are due this year or early next year.
The US government has to do a lot of house cleaning first before they interfere with the working of other governments and thrusting their brand of democracy down their throats. Its like they have assumed the role of God's police.
Obama has promised a lot of house clean up, hope he brings the change. The people have to change first Ashi. An average American believes that they have the moral right to act as a big brother bullying around.
Hope you are doing fine Ashi, please convey my regards to Bodil.

Rauf said...

Imagine the same situation in the 60's or the 70's RUTH, By now Obama would have been shot dead. Evolution works here also, Now there are more effective methods of removing him peacefully.
Obama or any other, you want a smart and intelligent President Ruth, There is no requirement of intelligence and wisdom in the job. Because the country is not run by the President. Another Bush is more suitable and McCain - Palin fit the bill


8 UNTRUE RUMORS about Sarah Palin

There are lots of rumors flying around about Alaskan governor Sarah
Palin since McCain selected her as his running mate. Here are 8 of the
most common rumors, and proof they are completely and utterly untrue:

Sarah Palin Rumors:

Rumor 1. Sarah Palin likes to eat raw polar bear meat.
UNTRUE. She likes it medium rare.

Rumor 2. Sarah Palin uses live penguins for target practice. UNTRUE. The live ones wiggle too much.

Rumor 3. Sarah Palin doesn’t know much about defense.
UNTRUE. She was once an excellent basketball player.

Rumor 4. Sarah Palin is under investigation for possible abuse of
UNTRUE. She is under investigation for being CAUGHT possibly abusing power.

Rumor 5. Sarah Palin wants to drill for oil throughout the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. UNTRUE. She has no interest in doing that at all.
She just wants oil companies to do it.

Rumor 6. Scholars say Sarah Palin is the least experienced, least
qualified, least credentialed person to join a major-party ticket in the modern era.
UNTRUE. According to a very recent Wikipedia entry, the
"modern era" began in the year 1000 a.d. and records suggest there may
have been as many as 3 other people with a comparable degree of
inexperience who attempted to gain a national leadership position in
their respective countries during that time.

Rumor 7. Sarah Palin strongly dislikes gays.
UNTRUE. Her hair stylist
for her first major campaign (her town’s beauty pageant) was gay, and
she thought he did a fantastic job with her highlights, and used just
the right amount of hairspray, and was a pretty likeable person
considering his abominable lifestyle.

Rumor 8. Sarah Palin has less than two years of executive leadership
experience, in one of the least populated states in the nation, and is
completely unprepared to take on international issues.
UNTRUE: Her several years of grueling leadership experience as both a PTA leader,
and as a part time mayor of a small Alaskan town MORE than qualify her
for trips to Russia to negotiate over the Georgian crisis, and trips to
Jordon and Egypt to represent the U.S. in talks over Iran’s nuclear
weapons program. These are basically the same issue as school bathroom
graffiti, just on a slightly larger scale. In addition, Alaska is one of
the most populated states in the U.S.*

Ruth said...


Actually I do question the intelligence of anyone who wants to be President, rauf. What could they be thinking?!

empty tea cup said...

i wouldn't blindly trust what the scientists say about epilepsy etc.
they keep changing their conclusions every few years too!