31 October 2009



its heavy.

Four years have gone by and i am blinking as i blinked at an empty box four years ago.
Claudia also completes four years of blogging this month.
Ruth completes four years in January, Alicia is my senior, already completed four years in June and the senior most is Barbara of Shamantra's House, who started blogging in 2004, unfortunately not writing much now.

These are my teachers, my mentors. . i have learnt a lot from them.
In India, we respect our teachers

Before i could write this post, i rearranged my first few links according to seniority before it gets down to alphabetical order. It may not mean much to you but means a lot to me. 
i hold them in my highest esteem.

Did i learn to write ?
No, i don't write, i can never write like them, i never claimed to be a writer, i talk, i talk to my friends here, in this box.

My teachers inspired me, stood by my crackpot theories, encouraged me to be original and fearless, criticised me, correted me, i learnt to be less rigid on ideas and be flexible.

i used to treat not knowing with utter contempt.
Today, not knowing is my birth right.
i have changed.

Today i remember Edith, who is no longer with us, but her link will remain as long as i have the strength to write. Her page is still open.

i thank Google for offering a platform to express our views.
Along with freedom to write comes the responsibility to maintain the integrity of the blog and its space provider. This is not a play ground. When some one offers you space, its your responsibility to keep it clean and not misuse it.

i do not know who offered it first, in my opinion, Google is still the best.



That is Senthil walking. Planted there because he was wearing a red shirt. This is near Adhirampalli Falls.

what is this post about ?  
oh, these are just pictures of some lovely roads in Kerala, Been getting lot of mails enquiring about places and distances, connections. Not much information here, just pictures
That is Chalakudy - Adhirampalli - Valparai road.

It was Chinna who told me about a thing called Blog.
Blog ?
what is it ?
There's a google web site where you register and  upload your pictures and write about them. Obviously he was thinking of my travel stories, had hundreds of them. i thought it was too complicated for a dimwit like me, but i found it easy. i never thought it would take a different turn, painfully depressing arrogant and annoying.
So the journey began.



Circle of blog friends expanded as i went along.
This was not as simple as i thought. They were not just my readers

They occupied a large part of my life  They knew me more than my own family and friends did. It was like some invisible strength supporting me. At the end of my life, it was no longer a downhill slide. 
Neil, my friend FOUR DINNERS,  Your wit and humour made me young again. Your posts, mails, your support in Daylight Again was energy booster when ever i was down.
Not many blogs then, when you clicked on 'Next Blog'  You always found something intersting.
Please read FOUR DINNER'S   POST  about clicking on 'Next Blog'






That's Panneer, Bala and Senthil, by the river
You can go on taking pictures right along the road, breathtaking landscape. The road till Adhirampalli is pretty good. After that its pretty bad, full of potholes till Valparai.


bad road is a  blessing actually. You go slow, stop at places, look around enjoy the landscape. Pictures were taken in December 2008. Things could be different now.

This is India, you don't have to look for subjects to write. Subjects come knocking your door, Some of my friends here in India and some living abroad were pretty annoyed with my posts.
Do't write, just keep posting pictures, your writing is hurtful, depressing and arrogant. its embarassing for us to show your blog to our friends. They were complaining.
Its just an insignifican't blog, don't read. Don't show it to your friends
yea we don't read.
Please don't tell my wife that you have a blog, my friend was begging me on his wedding day. i don't want her to know that i have friends like you.
oww !



This is Valparai from a distance. Valparai - Pollachi is a pleasure drive. Very good road. This is Tamil Nadu, Many spots to stop and take pictures. .





Pictures below are taken Wayanad. Have to write a lot about Wayanad So many stories to tell you.
This is Calicut - Kalpetta. road. I take a bus normally.







Kalpeta - Mananthavady road is not good but the places you cross are beautiful. I'll have a post on Wayanad, don't know when. Following  is Mananthvady - Kutta ( Coorg ) 30 KMs of pleasure drive. crossing Tolpetty, Begur wild life reserve. Tolpetty is Kerla - Karnataka border, road is pretty bad after that. This again is 2008 information.




Another romantic green drive is Mannarkad - Mukkhali - Aghali - Anakatti,  This road takes you to Coimbatore. Anakatti is Kerala - Tamil Nadu border. Mukkhali is the road to Silent Valley. I have already posted Road to silent valley in Blunt knife, a couple of years ago.  

Same road but pictures taken in two different seasons.







On my recent visit i found the road to Anakatti in good condition,  Same road as above pictures.







This is my favourite Punalur Sencottai road. 




Now the road is pretty good, these are old pictures. I'll post the new road pictures in a different context. Its not going to be a pleasant read.

oh too many pictures and i am tired. 
Nilambur - Gudalur came as a shock to me. It 1s breathtakingly beautiful. its sad that nobody drives slow here.
i was with Suresh and i had a train to catch from Nilambur. i don't know when i'll post pictures of Nilambur - Shornur Train journey, i'll wake up one morning and post them.

It was a tragedy when i took Rajkumar and Eugene on the same road., We'll wait till the morning ?
No, No time, we crossed this beautiful road in the night.


Hi Suresh !  
Suresh will wait for hours. Sit and observe, no hurry,  Both Sureshes are like that,  Coimbatore Suresh (Wild Pic) and Kothagiri Suresh..Both are keen nature observers.  They finally met last year in Kujnappanai, kothagiri with big man Sujith. i think we need another meeting. more pleasant this time.
Something went wrong last time. i love both of them.



Kerala Tamil Nadu border check post. Tamil Nadu side of the road is pretty bad. This is 2007. Things must have improved now.



Four years is not very long. i never got obsessed with my blog, passion, yes i was passionate about it., i am rather. i have made mistakes. There are good posts and there are bad posts. it never occurred to me to delete the bad ones. i have just one bad experience. i don't regret that. i literally demolished one blog run by some philosopher. That was not a good thing to do. i could have kept my mouth shut.  i am not a good guy and  i am not a saint.. 
i see things straight,
simple and straight. 

i am smiling, thinking of some bolgmates i have met. We are friends now. 

Sweet  Neeru, She's in Belgium now very charming always happy cheerful, very enthusiastic, always wants to learn something, naturally asks lots of questions about photography. 

Pingu, very witty, who deleted her blog for some strange reason, she is such a talented writer. 

Aaarti, oh what fun she is,  such a darling oh deah ! she's got brains. i keep my mouth shut and listen to her. She can talk on any topic.

and Monsoon Dreams, who always fights, No, its you who always picks up a fight she says. 

None of them talks about the blog, we talk about different things.

Suresh has a blog, wild pic, Nitin has three, Nirmal has one. i am very sorry i have not introduced Padmaja here, she has a blog too, she lives in NYC, i'll add her link after confirming from her.

i really wish i could meet all of you one day.
all my love


monsoon-dreams said...

tired saying 'wow' to ur pictures!still...accept my 'wow!!' x no. of pictures posted here,okay?
i know all ur friends are sweet and good and i am the only one who fights!!and u let the whole world know abt it.how dare u write so!! ;-)just kidding.i know that u know that i am very good(confused?forgive my english).now dont start a fight for writing this comment!

Ruth said...

I think you found my blog by clicking Next Blog, rauf. You came and left a comment about Wordsworth's poem on my daffodil post just a couple months after I started my blog in 2006. When I came to DA after that, my life changed. I don't exaggerate. You opened my eyes and kept opening them when I didn't always like it. Even when I don't like how I feel here, I am always touched. You took blogging to a new level. No one blogs like you, I mean no one.

I know you are unwell, and busy, and these things keep you from posting often now. But the impact is still here - deep impact.

I hear the word "Kerala" and I only have beauty in my head.

You are my teacher.

Ruth said...

Came back to say - most of the time I like how I feel here. Even when you think you are annoying, I am enriched.

Elizabeth said...

Annoying NEVER
enriching and amazing is more like it
quite a different part of India than where we were
so lush in contrast to Rajasthan

simply lovely pictures, Rauf

do hope you are feeling better?
How did I manage to miss the wonderful kitten post?
I love animals so much.She/he reminds me of our kitties in Morocco.
We now have a dog who is very wonderful and very spoiled since our children are grown. But he is well behaved!
He reminds me exactly of a dog I wanted to bring home from India.
Anyway, dear Rauf, greetings on Halloween from Manhattan.
My main blog is now at


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vishesh said...

good :) Congrats :) Nice pic :)

Four Dinners said...

The pics are glorious as always. They seem to be almost alive.

I am honoured and flattered that you consider me - as I consider you - a friend.

Maybe I will get over there. I really hope so.

....er....there is a bar yes?...;-)

Matangi Mawley said...

sirjee... gr8 pictures as usual.. bt i need to confess something!
i ve had this un explainable love for kerala.. always.. been there nly once bt.. been in love with tht place forevr!
i hav this dream.. i should go on a loooooong vacation to kerala.. visit the entire state of kerala.. bt dont know whn tht wd happen.. if evr it would! :(

gr8 pics sir.. once again!

Candy Minx said...

Dear Rauf....

Again, the most stunning photographs. I am so glad and so grateful to have met you blogging. I feel like I know a little bit of you...as if we have already met. I do not believe in borders, in race, in gender, in separation...I believe somehow we have already met. Met through our mutual non-verbal language. Met through your writing your visits your energy of heart.

I love this post. I love how you know you have changed. I have changed too. I am less harsh and more interested in reading the spisit of and soul or heart of blogs. Less than the direct words...and yet also the words.

hey...I am determined to get to india and Kerala! One of these days. I hope by end of 2010. We are working as a goal...as a vision to get there.

Peter said...

I'm so happy that Ruth recommended me your blog, only that it was quite recently and I haven't been present over the four years!

This post, mixed with Kerala adventures, you philosophing over blogging... was just fascinating, so nice to read! Great thanks!!!

vinesh said...

Your blog is very nice... i like your blog ....
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Claudia said...

Oh Rauf! Your blog has been an inspiration for the past four years. I hadn't even realised I had been blogging off and on for that long, my life has changed so dramatically, I lost my North for a while two years ago, still haven't found it back completely, I'm a bit like a broken compass at the moment. I admire you and your posts immensely, your photographs are among the best I've ever come across. I can't pick a favourite, so many of them are so completely enthralling. You are one of the very few people I am glad to have met over the internet.

Congratulations and here's to the next four years.

Sewmouse said...

Dear Rauf:

Congratulations on your 4-year blog anniversary.

Your photos have taught me so much more about India than any travelogue movie or school class ever did. This latest post is an example - I really never thought of India as being hilly - although silly me, because I know it is, but it never really STRUCK me until I saw your photos of the switchbacks in the road.

I'm sorry some call your posts "annoying". You have been a teacher for me, not only of the beauty of India, but also of things I never considered. The effects of globalization on individuals - the plight of Elephants - so much to think about. I guess this is like what some politician here called "Inconvenient Truth".

The eyes of the little girl in the poor village who saved you from the dog... they haunt me. Your photos are lessons. May your blog continue, and may you enjoy good health and fortune for many many more years to come!

Alicia M B Ballard said...

I am so moved by your words Raufie dear, your images...

Tears are clouding my vision, rolling down onto the carpet! :)

I'll say:
You, feel.
You, write.
You, see.
You, share.
You, have a conscience.
You, care...

I love you dearest Raufie.
I am so proud of having you as my friend - I show you off !!!
(non bloggers have you bookmarked!)

Gee, I thought it was longer than 4 years, thought it was 6... donno what to make of that?

You taught me "Lots of Love and Hugs" and so much more... About being human in a wide open world...

You are Very Special indeed.
Keep going you ruffian-saint

Well as a blogger I'll take it - but your B-day is 6 days ahead of mine... you are the "true" senior. lol

D@r$hi said...

i dont know what to write today..cos "amazing" isnt an enough word for the pictures above..actually for all those pictures in ur blog. i don't remember since when and how i got to ur blog .. but i m glad that i did.. or else i would have missed out on so much..cos there so much to learn , to know , to see, and so much to bring a smile to my face..i really want u to keep updating. i never get bored of visiting ur blog..i wonder the people who say :"Do't write, just keep posting pictures, your writing is hurtful, depressing and arrogant. its embarassing for us to show your blog to our friends"
i would rather say ur blog is a treat for the once who wanna know more about India..with an another perspective with all minute details.and i would also saythe day ill meet u that would be the real happy day for me.. cos i have so much to ask u ..so many things.. hope we will meet some day :D... congrats for blogging for so long..

Marie said...

merci pour cette promenade. C'est très vert...

tweetey30 said...

Pix are beautiful.. I love meeting people from other countries. I have a few friends from other countries on my blog but in real life I have quite a few esp with where we live.. I live in green Bay WI USA. and there is a culture shock to those of us from small towns that dont know how many different cultures can live in one city.. My home town in Minnesota is only 6,000 or so.. Green Bay has about 103,000 people..

My main blog is nbrsspot.blogspot.com.

The Survivor said...

Its a delight to see the pictures you take.

Four years of blogging, wow that's a long time :)

Keep posting!!

JulenaJo said...

Rauf, I have only been following your blog for a short while, but I am so glad I discovered it. Your photos are beautiful and your writing is unique--thought-provoking and full of passion. In college I had a dear friend from Mysore. I haven't seen him in over 25 years. But there is a very special place in my heart for India. Thank you.

Ashi said...

Dear Rauf, so four years are the goal or just at hand? For my part then I have to wait another year I think ;)
Nice green road you I still being amazed by the photos you are producing.
Thanks for mention my mother - Edith's "E-section" is still on yes but now without the ability to comment, and that sadly cause of spam comment - alas but it can be read still.

All the best Rauf in future blogging :)

tulipspeaks said...

The photos are all awesome!! So peaceful and cooling to my eyes!
Thanks Rauf!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rauf! Hope you continue to enjoy blogging.

Lovely pictures as always..


rauf said...

oh You should thank me for making you world famous MONSOON DREAMS, now you'd say you were already famous, of course you are. Thought i am a frog in the well, i could get famous with your help.

rauf said...

RUTH, it was indeed a stroke of luck when i clicked on 'next blog' and found yours. It was an unforgettable moment and i distinctly remember Daffodils.

i have not done anything startling or earth shattering Ruth. i have been presenting facts to the best of my knowledge without dramatising them. And i also say that i could be wrong. i still don't claim to be right, thanks to you Ruth i feel that i have a right to be wrong. you helped me to change my views on many issues.
And the discovery of SynchroniZing made me incredibly rich.

Aaarti said...


Wowww. what can i say.. this post is such a feast for the eyes... amazing pictures... whoaaaa... each one is so much more breath taking than the other!!! :)))

And well, i for one believe we all have our right to express what we feel on our blogs.. if we cant do it even here, then where else?? and if others have problems with it, oh well, go figure!!!

hugssss... keep travelling.. keep clicking.. keep writing!!

btw, is there like a code u've put in the layout that the background color keeps changing every now n then? bcoms lite red, then dark...!!

hope ur health is alrighty.... i was in Coorg, then went to Goa and now going to Coorg again-this time just a weekend trip :)

Anonymous said...

Rauf Ungil!
Dhangs u! Dhangs u for your kindd words! And for calling me Pingu Bitiya :)

4 years... now I sbell just like you! :P

What a coincidence - the first post I commented on was also on Kerala...Withered Hand - I remember it well.My favourite. I came here following a link from vishesh's kid sister's blog. :)

Take care of your health and be good,
Aapki Pingu Bitiya

rauf said...

My dear friends

i did not disappear anywhere this time. We had some good rains in Chennai and there were some problems like frequent power and net disconnection, i enjoyed the rain nonetheless, sitting and drinking coffee and watching the rain. i loved it.

rauf said...

You have traveled all over the world ELIZABETH, rich with the knowledge of different cultures traditions, food and fashion of different parts of the world. i have traveled only within India.

Yes your observation is accurate. Rajasthan is a desert and Kerala is lush green. But there is a vast difference in the attitude of the people in general. People are very friendly and helpful in Rajasthan and the place is not very clean and the surroundings are mostly unhygienic, Kerala in sharp contrast is relatively clean, with fertile land, abundance of water and good spells of rain every year. But you'll see indifference in people. They are not even aware of the natural beauty and wealth surrounding them. They dream about some promised land somewhere away from India. You'll be happy traveling in Kerala as long as you don't interact with the locals.

Thank you Elizabeth, i am fine now, planning to travel again this month. i am sorry i have not been on the net and have not visited my friend's blogs for quite sometime now. Net connection was disrupted due to heavy rains in my city.

rauf said...

Thank you VISHESH

rauf said...

oh FOUR DINNERS, yes there are bars here where only very rich people can go. i'll get you the bottle my friend, no worries. What a delight would it be when you Caz and Jax visit India, right place for you to have fun if you have the patience to wait for an hour on the road just because some clown is holding up the traffic and the cops keep gaping at him. India is a paradise of clowns, lots of fun is guaranteed. You are my guest i'll take you around. We'll have fun Four Dinners.

rauf said...

Who is sirjee MATHANGI ? i have a beard, you can see in the picture. Being a Sardarjee would be fun. Jolly people. But i am a dry morose and irritating guy Mathangi.

Kerala is a beautiful place, absolutely no doubts about it, but the Keralites don't deserve an inch of it. Short vacation is fine but a looooong vacation would be a torture. Even the Mallu NRIs don't like to stay that long, when they come on vacation, they run away. i make several trips a year to various parts of Kerala, but as far as possible i avoid interacting with the locals. Asking for directions or talking to the guy at the enquiry counter is a nightmare. More than half my friends are Mallus. And i love Kerala. If you are prepared for indifference and rude shocks you would love the place.

Ruth said...

I noticed the ZED, rauf. That was sweet.

rauf said...

Thank you so much CANDY

You do not know how i appreciate your patience and the patience of my friends who wait for the pictures to load on my marathon posts, i know it takes a while for the entire page to come up.

Through interaction in blogs, we are exposed to each other's surroundings, culture, ideas, art literature and personalities not well known, which makes our angle of view much wider and adds up to our knowledge making us richer. i was exposed to a very different, exciting and incredibly creative modern art in 'The Gnostic World of Candy Minx' i am so very thankful to you Candy.

i am so glad that you plan to visit India. i am always here to host you and guide you. India is a land of extremes, different cultures, not everything is pleasant and living in India it is very difficult for me not to be harsh as there is so much injustice, intolerance and superstition to name a few, in every part of the country.

i am eagerly looking forward to meet you Candy

rauf said...

i am also very thankful to Ruth and Claudia for directing me to your Paris Blog PETER. i get to see the pictures of lesser known areas of Paris which i had never seen before. Your narration and attention to detail is simply marvelous. Thank you so much Peter.

rauf said...

You have completed four years of educating your readers and admirers like me CLAUDIA, You and Ruth have opened windows for me, Besides educating and entertaining myself with your posts i learnt one important thing that you don't need a sophisticated professional camera to take incredibly beautiful and stunning pictures. You do not know how your research and discoveries like the 'Story of stuff' have spread on the net through various blogs. Thanks for all your research Claudia and thank you for posting them on your blog.

rauf said...

Dear SEW, Hi ! How you've been ? i am sorry i very seldom go on line these days
i smile when ever i visit your page, something always new about US waiting for me there, i pick up some new phrases, i thought Sarah Palin is long forgotten, you keep me updated with spicy bits of information. What i appreciate most is your honesty. You too pour your anger and frustrations with wit and humour. And you don't hesitate to speak your mind.
i hate saintly blogs Sew, and i hate saints.
Hope its still not too cold and i hope you are doing fine Sew.

rauf said...

oh i am deeply moved dearest ALICIA, indeed i AM your senior in years, but not in wisdom creativity and imagination. You are a gifted artist and i can't even draw a straight line straight.
Your energy and enthusiasm baffles me. Recently i advised my friend Asokan, a photographer to put an end to his exhibitions as he is too old and weak to run around arranging things like exhibition halls, printing framing printing of brochures and fixing some celebrity to inaugurate the events.
You seem to do all that with relative ease Alicia, speaks volumes about your efforts to bring your art under the spotlight to inspire the viewers and the budding artists.

i have occupied a space given by google and i did not know what to do with it. It took me time and guidance from my seniors to give it a direction. But i kept my feet on the ground and never for a second i was under any misconception that i am a writer of some kind. i talk to my friends in my room and i do the same here in the blog, just talking. Your enthusiasm, imagination and interest in life is inspiring dear Alicia. You know how to spend your time usefully and creatively, and you richly deserve all the rewards bestowed on you though some times the harvest is not up to your expectations. The world is full of people who take advantage and benefit from other people's efforts. i am a victim of such people myself, but that has never discouraged you from being more creative next time.

lots of love and hugs dearest Alicia, hope you are doing fine.

rauf said...

Sweet DARSHANA, 'meri Aankhon ki tnandak' That is what i feel Darshana when ever i visit your blog.
'a breath of cool fresh morning breeze, innocent, straight from your heart, Dil se' and suddenly i fear how manage to live in a fast paced harsh and cruel city like Bombay. How a delicate person like you commutes always worries me though i have not mentioned my worries to you. i love Bombay nonetheless. But placing you in the city is very hard for me Darshana. i don't pray to any god but i wish for your safety and welfare always. i spend most of my time in the forests with animals and birds whom i trust and i know what to avoid, i keep away from snakes, i know i should not say hello or shake hands with a crocodile and i know what it will do to me. Unfortunately humans are not like that. You may not know or suspect when a nice smiling person will bite you, hurt you or pick your pocket. you are so young sweet Darshana. i know you have the courage and determination to deal with harsh realities of life and the unpredictable behaviour of humans, still i am worried.

Let me be your host if you get a chance to visit Chennai, hope we'll meet someday Darshana.
All my love.

rauf said...

Merci MARIE, L'État de Kerala, dans le sud est de verdure luxuriante et par contraste, l'État du Rajasthan, dans le nord est un désert avec des gens très colorés et festivals. Espérons que vous visiter l'Inde bientôt.

rauf said...

Hi TWEETEY, yes i understand your feelings. Its the same here. i meet foreigners in the trains and always try to strike a conversation with them, mostly Americans and Brits. Most of them are very polite and don't say much about what they feel about India and they always say something nice which i don't want to hear. i honestly want to know what kind of problems they face in India.

I would suggest a BBC documentary
'The Story of India' which has six episodes presented by Micheal Wood. It is really worth watching. Thank you so much Tweetey.

rauf said...

Thank you YOGESH, sorry for the delay in replying to your comment.

rauf said...

Thank you JULENA, for your visits and your kindness. i had no idea what i would do with the blog. Would any one be interested in reading my thoughts, my protests, frustration and anger. There is injustice all around my country, millions of silent sufferers who don't even have any right to protest, who don't have any right to worship, and don't have any right to dream.
And i had to speak against superstitions misconceptions even among the most educated. It took me some time to give this blog some direction.

Thank you once again Julena, hope you are doing fine

rauf said...

oh no ASHI, four years is not my goal, i never thought my blog would last even six months. Its the encouragement from my readers specially your dear mother whom i respected very deeply. She participated in many debates on my posts and her contribution on environmental issues are most valuable to me and my other readers.
May her soul rest in peace.

i had often wondered if this blog is of any use to anybody Ashi. Now i get many mails every day asking for information and pictures. i am glad some find this blog useful.
Thank you so much Ashi, hope you are doing fine.

rauf said...

AMMU, yenna dee ? when you gettin your PhD, i am waiting eagerly to call you Dr. Ammu
When you comings Chennais ? My friends from KL are coming in Jan

rauf said...

oh deeah anodder PhD !

Hi e2dees, when you gettin your PhD ? so that i can call you Dr. e2dees

May i prejant Doctor e2dees from Honolulu ?
or do i present Dr. e2dees from Kochi ?

oh there is a PhD story to tell you e2dees, When my friend Reeni (Thiruvarpu kottayam now in NJ) presented her thesis and i found myself sitting with the Examiners, they thought i am a scientist. She just asked me to be there with her, i was late and it was pouring cats and dogs. i walked into the AC hall dripping wet and one of the examiners pulled my arm and made me sit next to him and pushed the mic on the table towards me to ask questions as Reeni was presenting her thesis. i ended up asking some stupid questions. i did not know the subject. i received some hiding from her later plus coffee, jilebi samosas. She got the PhD.

rauf said...

oweeee ORTEEDEE, i goes ear to ear EEEEEEEEEEEE when i am on your page. You bring fun to the blog world, don't know where you find the stuff. And you splash vibrant colours on the walls of your space with your writing, experiences and observations of daily life. WOW ! and lots of information and warnings toos. You got da brains Orteedee and abundance of knowledge which you share with us. Me got no brains.
Yours is a useful blog, i am doing my best to make mine useful but i don't know if the readers find it useful. Buttoo moss of my posts are quite useless utterly useless.
i meens any one who visits you is in for a treat, gets something out of your page. Like the brainy game you have posted. i toll you me got no brains for it.

oh there is no code Orteedee, me so dum dum to write any code, i don knows codes. its just a background image, a paint job i did on the system which forms a backdrop to the text. the template says 'url for back ground image' so i putted an image there and it is supposed to repeat itself. It settles down in a cuppal of minats.

i tink i din go no Coorg this year, i go coorgs every year cuppal of times. Coorg is my place Orteedee, i know you'd give me a piece of your mind askin what i am doing in chennai leaving beautiful Coorg behind. i was borned there in a forest. dat forest is goned now Orteedee. Hopees you enjoyed your vijit. you have not posted any pittures so far on your blog.
Coorg roads are more goodder than the ones posted heres in this post.
Chinna ia a Coorgi toos.

hugs from me toos Orteedee. Hopees you continue entertaining your readers with your fun filled and colourful posts

rauf said...

EEEEEEE PINGU BITIYA, its so sad that you deleted your blog. You are a gifted writer with natural and spontaneous wit. Please think of coming back to the blog world. i know you are busy writing books for children now, but you can always spare some time for writing down your thoughts and observations
lots of love Pingu bitiya !

rauf said...

English is a funny language RUTH. i think Z is quite right. But i am so used to the 'English' English right from my school days.

Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds ?

fonetic should be the right spelling for a word describing how a word sounds.

Ruth said...

Ha, that's true.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Dear Rauf, CONGRATULATIONS on your Four Year Blog Anniversary! I LOVE so much your blog and I am so glad and so grateful to have met you. Your photos are wonderful and your text is very intelligent and very witty! You have also a great sense of humor and I have always much pleasure visiting you. Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful country!

Thanks also for the link to my blog, my dear friend!
Have a nice day!

Nathalie said...

I think I found your blog through Ruth's and how lucky I feel that I did.

To me your blog is a blessing. An opening to a country that I don't know and which I learn to discover through your eyes. Your gorgeous photos of the land and its people, your flowing commentary which sometimes digresses and takes odd paths, just like life does. It's like a conversation with a friend, it just flows and navigates from one topic to another. Sometimes you find your friend is opinionated or stubborn but he is also capable of listening. At the end of the day you realise that both he and you benefit from the conversation and we've all learned something. It's beautiful.

Congratulations on your 4 years of blogging. I've been following you since my Sydney days if I remember well. Some of the friends I've made through blogging have become very very dear to my heart. I understand how it's the same to you. The open world that we access through blogging is somehting we can be grateful for.

Love to you, dear Rauf.

Vagabonde said...

I looked at your Kerala pictures with deep interest. They show Kerala well – I did read your comments about the people. My grand children – two boys – are partly from Kerala. I don’t know how much of a part, both their grandparents on their father side are from Kerala. Now the grandparents from their mother side (that would be my husband - he is from the US and me I am French Armenian) so I am not sure. Anyway I have just written a post where I said Merry Christmas in many languages and tried to say it in Malayalam: “Puthuvalsara Aashamsakal” I hope this is right, please tell me if I am wrong – I don’t want to offend anyone and my daugher’s in-laws least of all. I watched the Story of India last year – it was excellent. My daughter’s in-laws travel there from Georgia every year and told us we should visit them while they are in Kerala (I forgot the name of the town.) I’d like too but my husband thinks it’s too far and his health is not too good. As for me, I always wanted to go to Pondicherry since my school days in France, though. Just a romantic notion maybe. Congratulation on having blogged 4 years that is quite an achievement. I started last March and find it fun. I am still astounded that people so far way read my little posts. I don’t feel like they are that good. I shall read your past posts, starting from Oct 2005, because I agree with your way of looking at life.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Dear friend Rauf,
I wish to you and yours a Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!
My kind regards,

Gwen Buchanan said...

This terrain is utterly luxuriant... so full of green and growth.. My best to you my dear Rauf and may 2010 be exciting.. but only in a good way...gwen...

kathi dunphy said...

Such luxurious deep verdant beautiful greens, changing to blues in the distance. It's early winter here and already we are starved for green colors. When the snow gets me down I will go back and look at your pictures again.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see your posts again Rauf. These pics/places are gorgeous. I've never taken some of these roads even though I lived a good part of my life close to these places.
You inspire me to travel.:)
Hope you are doing fine.

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vrajesh said...

great work..

vrajesh said...

Thank you for these nice pictures..

manima said...


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