13 October 2009



ah aa !
naa, he looks innocent
He is not.



Meet Pandurangan Pillai PhD, makes perfect calculations perfect leaps and jumps, no training,  all by himself and now teaching me a thing or two. a motherless kitten, i was his mother, now he is my mother.
And he thinks he owns me.


Ramesh took this picture.  i had to feed him with a dropper, it wasn't easy, i thought he may not survive, he badly needed his mother's milk. What i was feeding was barely enough



i think this is the first picture i took. So tiny he was, here he is biting Soosha's finger, she said he is a female
i said oh !
then Fiona confirmed that he is a female
i said oh !
i had already named him Pandurangan Pillai its a male name and he was responding when i called. 

what if he is a female ?  and females stay, males move on, disappear, like my previous cat Ginger, Sweta had named him Ginger,  he was borned in my house, disappeard after a year, prolly he camed back looking for me, but i wasn't there, the house wasn't there. my house was demolished and re constructed, took one and a half years.

Ruth's cat is a female but her name is Bishop. Its ok if Pandurangan Pillai turns out to be a female.



He is trying to climb on to the CPU

Becky and Sathya brought him in a shoe box one night., Becky said he was found abandoned in her colony. Screaming in the rain.

What is it ? i asked her when i saw the shoe box

' KITTANN unkill ' said Becky with her chubby smile, i was more shocked to see how tall Becky had grown.
Sathya had already called me saying she's bringing a kitten. i couldn't hear her as i was crossing the road, heavy traffic. i reached home fast. 

One look and  i knew that he is not going to survive, barely a couple of days old,  He needed his mother's milk  to survive.

i said nothing, i couldn't disappoint Becky and Sathya, Now it was up to me to take good care of him and make him survive for a week.


Kuppuchaami camed said he is a female. 
Dhroov said he looks like a female but behaves like a male.
oh !

 He is playing with Priyanka here, i call her Kuppuchaami. 

PPP was picking up, but still i had to feed him with a dropper, only milk so far, no semi solids. Suresh brought him a Tin of baby food . He wouldn't take it, had to force feed him with a spoon. This gave him some energy,.
i think too much energy. 
That is still a problem, became hyperactive
he bites my toes, nibbles actually.


Ah Haa !  kaal marks (foot prints in Tamil) on my camera bag, he was trying to steal my camera  and run away to China, i caught him red handed, i had the evidence, i took him to the court.
He engaged a good lawyer, i am a poor man, i couldn't afford one as i had  solid unshakable evidence.


Do you carry fish in your camera bag ? his lawyer asked

i carry my camera, why would i carry fish ? i am not a cat.
there your honour !
Down came the judge's hammer ' Case dismmissed'
i lost the case. 
i had all the evidence

any way, i have some more stuff on him, i can blackmail him later on.



Makes himself comfortable where ever he pleases, Looks at me then closes his eyes saying do not disturb.
i have to adjust  Here he is sleeping behind the monitor. This is a recent picture.


oh ! thats Tippanna on the screen saver. Now he is watching me type,  trying to catch my fingers. He'll go downstairs now to my sister's place. Loves hanging around there, kitchen smell,  gets goodies, fish, chicken and all, nothing for him here. Walks all around the place, on the keyboard shutting down the system sometimes, looking for a mouse ?




oh what a messy table !  i tidy up sometimes, when chokrees come, not to impress them but out of fear, they start cleaning up, oh deeah ! they puttees my tings heres and theres an i keep churrching and churrching for my tings
an i can't find dem.

Pandurangan Pillai is not impressed with my work, but he watched me one day with great admiration when i was pushing the stagnant rain water on the terrace towards the drain pipes

i scream at him when he walks on the keyboard and he runs behind the monitor, see how he is looking at me, planning his next mischeif


i call him and he comes running always, and he knows how to humiliate me when friends are around
When i want to show off
'Abey hoye Panduvey......... idhar aa beh'  (come here)
He doesn't even look at me, i simply don't exist for him, my friends say i have to be thankful that he is not suing me.



I have not given him any freedom so far, he loves going out of the window and i panic, there are bigger cats lurking around who would cut him to pieces, literally. His world is only my room on the terrace and the first floor sister's place, never allowed him to the ground floor. i leave him at my sister's place when i go traveling  or i lock him up if i go out for a couple of hours. i can't hold him now as he escaped through the ground floor gates, Salomi, the first floor girl caught him on the street and brought him back, he is too young to be let out on his own, still a kitten, behaves like an adult sometimes when he is brooding or watching me work.
He has growed big nows and heavier, still difficult to catch him.


Priyanka brought Karpura Sundari ( Black beauty)  a female Boxer pup  juss two months old, younger than Panduranga Pillai. He watched her for a long time from a distance, never seen a dog before,  suddenly decided to scare  Karpura Sundari, but she turned out to be wise and remained calm.



Is he thinking of taking over my blog ?  may be, like corporate take overs. Perhaps you'd like my blog under his management, perhaps my blog will no longer be depressing and annoying.

Here he is playing with a kitten toy oofie sent. He loves it.

oh, Finally, He is a male
Is he ? 

i am fine, recovering slowly, 90% fine, still no doctors. have gained one kilo, 55 kilos now i am. have to put on three more kilos to get back what i lost. 

Friends are advising me to stuff rocks in my pockets when i go out to prevent me from getting blown away with the wind. 

Not writing what i had to write, have no strength to engage myself in any controversy or debates. Some more pleasant posts to come. i'll update my other blogs in a cuppal of days and pull dem out of cold storage.


Happy Diwali to all of you, Be safe, please don't spend much on fire works. Its fun but its waste of money, more over the Sivakasi fire works manufacturers still employ child labour. Thankfully the sale of fire works is declining every year.

All my love.


Aaarti said...

Heyy Rauffeee

take care of urself.. and get 100000% alright soooooooooon.... :)

Zat ees one very adorable kitty kat.. me the thinking u got him now vonly, and then seeing the bigger pictures.. ooh, that karpura sundari is gorgeous.. me the had a boxer before Flappy, but she lived a long happee life and then went to heaven.... bless her!!!

:)Happy deewali to u toooo...

The Survivor said...

He surely seems to make your place his home and seem to be having a lot of fun!!

Hope you recover and get well soon.

Wish you a Happy Diwali.

vishesh said...

lol so cute :D
Stuff parangal to keep your self grounded :)

Ruth said...

Finally Pandurangan Pillai's body is catching up with his eyes.

rauf, you have an imagination, but with PPP I don't think you need much of one because he is everything: clown, acrobat, thief, hoodlum, voyeur, hunter. All you have to do is watch and a story unfolds.

But I'll argue with you about the perfect calculations. The way he knocks into things is pretty funny. Well, maybe it's just that shiny immaculate floor that throws off his physics.

I laughed and laughed, and I'm still smiling. Where he fell asleep between the box and pillow is really something.

freefalling said...

I want to hold him, (um...her).
His face looks like a boy.
I love his fat little belly.
And his little shoulders as he squeezes in for his sleep.
And his crazy sideways jumping.
My face is smiling.

Sewmouse said...

Pandurangan Pillai - such a long name for such a small cat! My cat is much larger but has a very small name "Kili" (Pronounced KeeLee)

The way to tell if the kitten is a boy or a girl is to turn them over and give an indiscrete peek near the tail-end. Unfortunately, kittens do not like to be turned over and indiscretely peeked at, so they will bite and claw you. I still have scars on my wrist from Kili and her sister and brothers.

Be careful - kittens sometimes decide it is a fun thing to chew on the electrical cords for monitors or other things.

Claudia said...

Great report, Rauf, very thorough and humorous. I was wondering about PPP for a while now, had no news about him for a month. He looks so cute and quite the curious cat. Must keep you on your toes.

I adopted a cat, Panda, back in June but it ran away a couple of weeks ago. The girls are shattered.

By the way, the portrait on your computer screen is stunning!

I'm glad you're feeling better and
I wish you a Happy Diwali.

Mo said...

Very cute

Gwen Buchanan said...

What a wonderful roommate you have Rauf... I can see why you thought she was a he... the kitty has quite an angular face.. very strong looking... but I guess she is a strong female.. so you better be careful!!!

doesn't steal your clothes either, like some roommates, i bet.. probably likes to sleep on them though.....

all the best to you!!!

Marie said...

excellent reportage ! Il est trop beau, ce bébé chat !!!

Alicia M B Ballard said...

I can see the beginning of a hot romance!

I know, my heart had been captured, I can identify with you...
Congratulations my dear friend.

Eat lots and enjoy Diwali

Lots of love an hugs

modern exile said...

enjoyed this post Rauf
and wishing you a Happy Diwali :)

rauf said...

oweee ORTEEDEE, Happy Happy Diwali ! Any big plans ? big Shopping ? Aiyoo ! i took Gini, a german girl who came on a visit to Ranganathan street, she was terrified of the crowd, i kept pulling her arm wading through the crowd. We walked in to an udipi to have kaapee and i saw her bag was neatly cut open, she was carrying her passport money my camera and all, luckily nuttin was lost, we gave no time for the pick pocket to pick anything. So be careful when you go to T'Nagar.

i don't knows why such a cute and harmless dog is called a boxer.

This is actually my second kitty Orteedee, the first one ran away buttoo his mother stayed for a long time before we handed her over to the blue cross as we were demolishing the house for re construction.

Enjoy Diwali Orteedee, save some sweets for meeee !

rauf said...

oh YOGESH, they don't stay, outside world is too tempting, females stay. i was heart broken when the first one ginger left. Now i am prepared for the shock. Yes i am having fun and learning thing or two as well.

i am fine now Yogesh, Wish you a happy Diwali, its tomorrow here in Chennai. Have fun. Be safe. Enjoy the festival weekend.

rauf said...

i am grounded VISHESH, i don't know what parangal is. not traveling anywhere this week, have to go to Bangalore for a day next week. i should be ok by then.

rauf said...

yes yes RUTH, he skids and knocks into things. His physics still has some rough edges. Sits on the window contemplating but knows its too dangerous to jump over and comes back.

Actually they seek human company Ruth, body contact, sleeps touching my legs, climbs on to my chest and stares at me very close to my nose. they don't like to be alone. Jumps on me with claws open for grip, that hurts. Lots of scratches on my legs now and on shoulders toos. There is a bit of showmanship and he wants people to watch his tricks. What i don't like is the habit of biting my toes, nibbling, showing affection i think, but that also hurts. He is quiet when he is alone. Right now he is a darling of many of my friends and kids downstairs. Lot of people to feed him. Yes some are afraid and some allergic to cats. One lady who brought her daughter to be photographed screamed when he saw him, he was just 2 weeks old then.

rauf said...

EEEEEEEEEEEE LETTY GIRL, oh the sideways jumping is really funny, i haven't seen it before. i have to adjust when he sleeps on my bed. or go to the loft, i meanmy bunker bed, he still can't climb up there, he tried last night but gaave up, i had to go up the loft as he started pulling my hair. he has the right to the bed and i can't disturb him. Do you have a cat Letty girl or a dog ?

rauf said...

Stiffy Byng's dog was Bartholomew SEW, so i gave him a proper dignified name, seriously, my friends find it very funny. Whats his name ? i say Pandurangan pillai, they break in to a laughter. and he was responding to the name. he is no longer mine now, others have shortened his name to Pandu. He seems to be confused.
but i insist on calling him by his full name.

determining the gender was tricky, i never made any attempt so i kept asking my friends. soon he'll be having a fan club. i thought i shouldn't turn him over and check, but i was observing his actions, not much aggression made me believe that he is a female.

oh yes, Sew, i panic when i see him biting dem chords and pull him away. i have seperated the power chords made them inaccessible.

rauf said...

oh its really heart breaking when they leave CLAUDIA. i kept searching for ginger my previous cat all over the neighbourhood for a week.


i know how Ana and Clara would have felt.

on the monitor is Tiffany's picture in her Bharathnatyam costume. My friend Nancy's daughter, now married and lives in Houston i think. i have portraits as my screen saver.

thanks for the greeting Claudia, there must be some indians in the neighbourhood, be prepared for some noise. Friends are coming over, i don't celebrate but they bring Diwali sweets.

rauf said...

thank you MO

rauf said...

EEEEEEEEEEE GWEN, actually i was worried that i had given him a male name and what if he turns out to be a female. Cat is a cat, a good companion at times, entertainer, a teacher, indifferent and disobedient. My previous cat Ginger was more, more, more more what ? more sympathetic to me. he was pampered only by me but this chap is pampered by many. He seems to say i have no time for you.

Here's a story about a room mate Gwen.

My friend's daughter was in a hostel in my city. i used to go see her carry some home made food for her sometimes. Father had given her an ATM card so that she can draw the money from the bank when ever she needed. She hardly withdrew any money as she was not intersted in going out shopping. Her dad received a bank statement of some fat withdrawals. Worried, he called her and she denied withdrawing any heavy amount. It turns out that her room mate accompanied her on one occasion to the ATM counter, she recorded the number in her mind, then stole the card and withdrew the money a few times. both were 15 year olds.
After a promise not to report the matter the room mate confessed stealing the money.

yes yes Gwen, this chap likes to sleep on my dirty clothes. Wow how did you guess that ?

rauf said...


rauf said...

oh dear ALICIA, There is no kitchen here and he seems to be more attracted to my sister's kitchen. He just wants me to watch his acrobatics and tricks.

Diwali is on, i hear crackers fireworks going off. Such a waste of money, polluting and noisy. People are enjoying, having fun. tomorrow i would be getting lots of sweets.
Hope you are enjoying too Alicia
lots of love

rauf said...

Thank you SAGORIKA, Wish you a delightful Diwali too, hopefully with your family

Vagabonde said...

This little chap or girl, whichever, looks quite mischievous and agile. A little cat is so small, takes so little place and makes so little noise but they can take a great part of our heart. When the little companion is not close, suddenly the place feels empty. Your pictures are so full of life and a wonderful study of Pandurangan pillai whose name is certainly a mouthful for me as I would call him Panduran - but that sounds Indonesian to my hear. I can tell he knows that he can make you do anything he pleases.
Happy Diwali. There is a brand new temple in Lilburn, Georgia called BAPS Swaminarayan Hindu Temple. It is made of marble and has intricate carvings. I have not visited it yet but have seen pictures and read reports. It is in a small suburb of Atlanta (which is on the opposite side of my area.) Here is the site if you wish to look at it: http://www.swaminarayan.org/. The picture of the temple is on the home page, in the background. Do not eat too many sweets!

Four Dinners said...

Been a tad lax visiting old bean. Back on track now.

I am gobsmacked.

My last post is about cats.

I just called Caz up to read this.

Love and hugs Caz x

and crackin' post old bean...4D

Stagg said...

What a cute cat!

Matangi Mawley said...

u know.. i love cats.. i wanted to have one always.. bt my mom doesnt like having any pet.. bt pandu is so cute! reminded me of crooky,tilo and mili..

our flats is newly constructed.. so we dont have a car parking facility yet.. we station our car at a nearby garage for now.. my dad goes there on a regular basis to keep a check. One day, all the rubber tubes were bitten off by some new being. we found these three kittens beneath our car.. one black, one while and one gingery.. we soon found out tht the black and the white ones were females and ginger one was male.. i wanted to bring home one.. bt since i was not allowed, i took up this responsibility of taking care of them.. i names the two females as tilo/milo.. boy is crooky.. coz he was a crook! :) he drinks all the milk i bring from all of them, himself..

well.. they r off somewhere.. i dont find them anymore.. bt shant ever forget them! :)

very good blog post!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rauf! Happy to see that you are back blogging..
Dr PP is one cute/lucky cat!What fun to have him/her around the house.
Also enjoyed your previous post on "shaved heads". Beautiful pictures as always. Wish I had as many ear piercings as the lady with the shaved head.Pretty awesome i think but my mother would have a fit.
Anyways...take care and have a happy Diwali

rauf said...

Confirmed male VAGABONDE, The name Pandurangan Pillai is indeed mouthful, it is my protest actually. The names we call ourselves should be lot simpler. A friend of mine named her daughter Shrehsti. i said the child will not be able to pronounce her own name until she gets to high school. We Indians have very long names which includes the name of the city town or village they are born. So the name of my cat is 'Chennai Pandurangan Pillai PhD' unfortunately i do not know the name of his mother which has to be included. My friends sisters and kids in the neighbourhood call him Pandu.

Thank you for the greetings Vagabonde, i was invited by my friends but could go to only one place. oh i love sweets, friends brought quite a lot.

yes i have seen pictures of the temple, quite extravagant, i do not know which god would be pleased with such lavish spending when millions are starving.

rauf said...

Ahoy FOUR DINNERS, Pandurangan Pillai and Pythogoras could have been good friends. i am not good with maths, a couple of teachers could have helped me.

Everything ok ? My love to Caz and Jax.

rauf said...

Thank you STAGG

rauf said...

Yes MATHANGI, the mother cat keeps shifting to protect the kittens from getting bitten by the male cats. There could be other reasons. They have very well adapted to our 'progress' Though flats are unsuitable for pets and other residents object just to make your life miserable.

Mili is my friend Priya's cat. hope, mili, crooky tilo are safe somewhere. They will come back and you will be surprised when they recognise you. I have seen competetion within couple of days after birth, kittens keep kicking each other while sucking mother's milk. Mother always protects the weakest one.

Hope you are doing fine Mathangi.

rauf said...

oh E2DEES, whattoos ? How you bees ? One sister is fine but the other is complaining, she doesn't like cats or dogs.

Does it hurt to have so many earrings when you sleep ?

i was in Ernakulam a month ago. i was sick, Sujith was with me, i refused to go out of the hotel room. it was raining. We went to Thekkady Munnar. Munnar Devikolam Thekkady road is beautiful, road is bad but the place is lovely, the road going to Bodi i think.
What happened at Thekkady is sad.
God's own cundry peepal are responsible for it. the double decker tourist boats are over crowded. i was against promoting Thekkady when i took pictures for god's own cundry. Now the tranquility of the place is shattered.
When you coming ?

Peter said...

What a pleasure to watch this post! The picture, the videos ... and your wonderful comments in between!

(I'm just going to meet for the first time a new little dog that my daughter and her partner got. I guess the pleasure will be something similar.)

Take care of the cat and of yourself; you should obviously both take some weight!

rauf said...

Thank you PETER,

yes its indeed a pleasure to watch children and adults alike enjoying the company of pets. They become family and objects of great concern adding to the daily our activities.
Hope you had a wonderful holiday Peter.

Candy Minx said...

Oh these are delightful. I was howling with laughter how he fell asleep in between the books and pillows. What a beautiful friend you have with Phd!!! I am so happy for you.

And I happy for me that Rauf is back in my blog life, thank you blessed person!

tweetey30 said...

She's adorable.. I came by of Candy Minx's blog. I have a white cat with Orange on her. Thanks for sharing her with us..

Four Dinners said...

Jax is home from Uni and just read this post with Caz (who'd already read it but pretended she hadn't)

You are very much a hero of theirs right now old bean.

Maximus Spittimus incidentally is now on our laps.

Love and hugs from Caz and Jax x

er....manly howdo from me...;-)

JulenaJo said...

What a delightful post. You are a very kind soul to take care of this tiny kitten. He (or she!) will reward you a thousand times for your trouble! Blessings on you!

rauf said...

He is a funny chapee CANDY, i gave him a PhD in physics because he was teaching me a thing or two. His fans are increasing by the day, i used to lock him up when ever i went out for a couple of hours for the fear of bigger cats cutting him up. Now he is old enough to defend himself, so i set him free to explore.

i have not been blogging much from past year or so.
Hope you are doing fine Candy

rauf said...

Thank you TWEETY, welcome to Daylight again. i had an orange one too, called him ginger. But he disappeared. He probably came back but we had moved to a different location by then.

rauf said...

Jax in university makes me feel too old FOUR DINNERS She is a bright kid.

Thank you Caz, hope you come to India soon with Jax and Hubby. Lovable family you have. You are doing a great job keeping our friend in control.
Love and hugs from me toos. Four Dinners.

rauf said...

Thanks JULENA, i am glad he survived. i had no hopes as he was too little without a mother. Now he is healthy, running around entertaining us friends and neighbours.

hope you are doing fine Julena

ShantanuDas said...

Ahhh Dr Panduranga Pillai! Cute cat!!
And as usual fascinating post!!...
As if you have mastered the art of living!!

ShantanuDas said...

Ohh.. sorry by the way.
Happy Diwali to you too!!
I am not that good at wishing these things.. so forgot to wish earlier..

rauf said...

Hi SHANTANU, Welcome again,
well, i am good at wishing birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, though i don't celebrate but i love to participate. Sky falls on my head if i forget to wish them.
i can say no to rituals but can't say no to goodies. Friends invite me to join the celebrations. i have written a post 'festival of lights' perhaps two years ago, celebrating Diwali with my friends in Pollachi.

oh no, Shantanu, Humans do not know the art of living, Those who claim to know are clowns, absolute clowns. Humans used to know but now the art is forgotten. Just like the animals, humans too had te ability to predict the natural disasters like earthquakes floods. Only trapped domestic animals die in such disasters, other animals escape to safety. i am learning the art of living from the monkeys. i have a long way to go, i am learnng from Pandurangan Pillai as well.

The Asimals are the masters of art of living, not humans.

Next time you are in Chennai please call 98407 68067. Please come over, i am on whites road near Sathyam theatre. Going to Bangalore for 2 days, i'll be back on 1st Nov.
Hope you are doing fine Shantanu.

ShantanuDas said...

Ohh!! Goodies I too like!! What is this life if we cannot enjoy the goodies!! Thanks for your number!1 I am at Chennai itself.. working here.. will meet you after 1st Nov then.. after calling you on your phone! Thanks for inviting me.. I will get a chance to see Dr Pillai!! ahh ha!!

And you are right.. humans do not know how to live... we keep groaning under pain... after creating them in the first place!!

Four Dinners said...

You allright old bean? Very quiet lately.

Look. I've saved me money up for Ann Arbor with Cappy next August but, if you need a pal for a while sod Ann Arbor. You're my mate - even if I haven't met you...yet...and if you think a visit from Dinners would help I'm on me way old bean.

Just say the word....

Besides...Ann Arbor hasn't done owt to deserve me eh?...;-)

Just tell me you're ok. S'all I ask.

ArunManiKanDan said...

Rauf uncle, Pandurangan rocks, nice to see you blogging, Its been long time since i met you, will meet you soon, this is mani, moin's friend.

Sandy said...

What a great bunch of photos! Loved reading it and hoping you are all well by now. That is one cute kitten.


'course I know you're muslim!!!

You are also a decent human being.

That is all any other human being can ask of you.

I'm filling my lottery tickets in religiously and, I promise you this.

If I win a bit of dosh I WILL come over there and visit you.

I would love it!!!

If I'm honest old bean...I ain't frightened for me and mine. I'm frightened for my friends.

The Mahmoods, Mo Noor, Mo Khan etc etc.

I actually sat down today and counted the number of muslim friends I have in England.

More than non-muslim. That surprised me a bit but WTF?

They're my friends and I'll always stand up and defend/protect them. That's what friends are for.

There's trouble brewing here old bean. Big time.

I will try and time it so I'm visiting you when it kicks off...;-)

Mind you I'll have to bring Caz and Jax so I hope you've a couple of spare rooms...!!!

rauf said...

Hi MANI, i see that you have a blog, but no post, i think you want to write about Tamil films.
Sorry for my late response, i was down with cold and fever. Hope you are doing fine, please drop in when you are free.

rauf said...

FOUR DINNERS, my friend, my doors are always open to you Caz and Jax.
i would be so delighted to have you here.

These clowns are not looking around FOUR DINNERS and they are not learning, any right thinking Muslim would avoid them like swine flu. We have them here too, but not allowed to surface, India is a secular country. Irresponsible media sometimes gives coverage to the utterances of these insignificant clowns and it is blown out of proportions. People are sensible, they treat them as barking dogs and go about their business.

rauf said...

Hi SHANTANU, looking forward to meet you, any time after a week.

rauf said...

yes i am getting better SANDY, thank you so much, hope you are doing fine

Anonymous said...

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi! Sonia from Brazil sent me the link to this post because she knows that I LOVE Cats!
PPP Is adorable! And you have done a wonderful thing saving him from a sure death! He is delightful! I enjoyed the pictures and the Videos more than I can say...Such terrific Kitten Energy....LOL!

Anonymous said...

finally, I could find this post once again. You have few [url=http://tipswift.com]useful tips[/url] for my school project. This time, I won't forget to bookmark it. :)

Nirmala said...

Rauf, I enjoy looking at all the beautiful pics you have posted here! Thanks for sharing it with the world. Where are the old pictures though? I miss them. Take care and keep in touch.


Stagg said...

I like the photos!!


chubbanna said...

hey raufy!
say helloo to PPP for meow shall meet him whe i see u next! wear socks to avoid cat bites!!