30 October 2005

Natural Instincts

Moin was playing cricket on the beach when tsunami struck, he and his friends saw a 30 feet wave rising, they stood there and watched with wonder, they had no idea what it was, they never knew that it was a killer wave, they realised the danger only when it reached the shore and ran for their lives, while running Moin, my nephew, kicked the people who were still sleeping on the beach and told them to run, and he stopped his friends from going after their
motor bikes, they all would have lost their lives for sure, They escaped because they could run faster and ignore the loss of their motor bikes. An hour later Moin found his motor bike one kilometer away from where he had parked. It was completely damaged. Damage is of little or no consequence, people lost their lives on that fateful day I don't have statistics nor do I have confirmed reports. During natural calamities like earthquakes or the recent tsunami, there are no reports of any animal casualities. They sense the danger and escape. The entire tribal population in one of the Andaman Islands escaped to safety when tsunami struck, So did all the animals.

We humans too are equipped with the danger sensing
mechanism, but its not working any more.

Greed hatred religion and technology have taken over.

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Subi said...

To gain something we have to loose somethings like we have lost our natural instincts for religion & technology.

Next we will loose ourselfs for robots.