28 October 2005


There was a threat of cyclone 'Vimala' a distant cousin of hurricane Wilma. Hope she doesn't visit Chennai.
Why I have posted so many pictures of the rain ?
Well I love rain, I love walking in the rain, I love taking pictures of the rain.
Whats the big deal ? Its just rain ??
It IS a big deal for people of Chennai.
My friend's wife was nagging him to buy a couple of umbrellas, but he kept forgetting. One day she warned him that he would not be allowed inside the house if he comes without umbrellas.
In a fit of anger he bought 5 umbrellas and dumped them all on the table " Take , go dance in the rain, with all the umbrellas.
The umbrellas never got wet
There was no rain for next 3 years.
We used to beg him not to buy any more umbrellas.
visiting friends borrow umbrellas and forget to return, we don't really mind and we forget too
as we don't need the umbrellas for the rest of the year except for pretty girls who use them to protect their skin
Hope of sunshine today, people get busy, putting clothes to dry. There was no disconnection of
telephones, power or the internet, perhaps I was lucky, there are complaints in the other areas
All trains leaving Chennai are cancelled, schools colleges are closed. Streets are still water logged.

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