26 October 2005

Rotten Job

You are not happy with your job ? Now you would not complain, took this picture in a sweet little town Kalpetta, wynad, kerala. He is always there, morning till night, holding the board, that is his full time job. Visited the same town after a couple of months, yes he was still there, felt sorry for the chap, decided to have a meal there, for the sake of the chap standing outside, I will not write a song on the food I had, but I felt happy, probably he couldn't get a better job, or he owns the place ?? highly unlikely.... don't be surprised.. there is a road side eating joint here in T'Nagar, the man made such pile of money that he owned a couple of big restaurents and yet he continues selling food on the road


Anonymous said...

Can find a similar scenario in a developed country too. A man holding a board "Large Pizza $4.99"
Whose idea was the first?

Zarina said...

nice post!
To survive in this world you may find yourself doing things to survive that no one else will....take in mind that not everyone has the life we do.
he is making an honest living.....but as you said he should change the sign to "so so vegetarian food Hotel"
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