20 November 2006


"The pumpkin field in front of the house was blown clean. Nothing was left of the whole thick crop, except that in place of the pumpkins there was a woman's head. I looked at the face to see if I knew her. It was a woman of about forty. She must have been from another part of town - I had never seen her around here. A gold tooth gleamed in the wide-open mouth. A handful of singed hair hung down from the left temple over her cheek, dangling in her mouth. Her eyelids were drawn up, showing black holes where the eyes had been burned out. . . . She had probably looked square into the flash and gotten her eyeballs burned. "
-Fujie Urata Matsumoto, a survivor - Hiroshima.

Lot worse could happen to us.

We may do our best to preserve our ecology, We can make our planet greener than the day one. But there are people out there who can destroy all your efforts, your love, all your hard work in a matter of seconds. They are very few in numbers, so few that you can count them on your fingers. Let us stop them first before we plant another tree.




"Angeldust" said...

Yes... Rauf, let us stop those few - and, "the other few poachers" along with them, that are contributing to the extintion of some of our planet's species - and ourserves too, from creating so much gargabe. Every little helps.

There is some sunshine here today working hard to squish itself through the heavy dark clouds... There is always hope!

blessings to you

ruth said...

The words of the Hiroshima survivor are as vivid as a photograph.

e2d said...

Hi Rauf. I feel hopeless and depressed.
My new website reads lifeseriouslysucks.com
I appologise.

Bobbie said...

"Hope springs eternal." If this old saw were not true, it would be hard to keep going in the face of some of the evil that exists in the world. As long as good people are hopeful and keep trying to make things right. As long as we can discuss ways to change the things that are wrong there is hope.

ruth said...

Hope is fine. Plans are fine. But I don't think they are going to get us anywhere. Unless and until we, individually, embrace our own responsibility to be transformed, from the inside out, whatever happens in the world will just be more doing and failure. I think I understand the intention in these comments, because I also don't want to despair. So in that sense I want to hope. WE create the future. Start within yourself. I can't allow the fear that someone will spoil the world for me to stop me from BEing my authentic self. That's all there is that is forever.

Anonymous said...

agree on that...it is dangerous and alarming.


The term "Human Intelligence" has always struck me as a contradiction in terms.

Why do I find this funny? Famous last words -

Mayor of Hiroshima "What the f*ck was that?"

Humour gets us through. It has to as there's little else.

Rauf said...

Angeldust, Its surprising how human intelligence takes a wrong turn. We may think of Robert Oppenheimer as a monstor but the fact was quite otherwise. He was a highly respected scientists among his colleagues. An expert in eastern philosophy, knew many languages. got his PhD at the age of 22. But he was not a happy man.
He advised President Truman against using the weapon. But the weapon was made eventually and dropped was on civilians

Rauf said...

e2dees, Do we believe that such weapons of mass destruction will never be used ? History proves otherwise. Apart from the nuke in recent history, chemical and biological weapons were used to destroy the vegetation, you know where and when.

Rauf said...

Yes Bobbie we have to keep our fingers crossed and hope such weapons of mass destruction will never be used. If there is no intention of using them, why make them at all ?

We have a history of such weapons being used on people. Billions and billions are spent on R&D and making such weapons. Are they made just for exhibition ?

Rauf said...

Ruth yes we can insulate ourselves and remain happy.

Rauf said...

Mystic rose, today such weapons are 2000 times more powerful. Though we are too small to destroy the planet but we have enough material to destroy all forms of life plant and animal life 16 times over and make the planet unlivable and unfit for any form of life to grow.

The fact is we have them, the question is why we have them. Self destruction is something I don't understand.

Rauf said...

This is not my imagination FOUR DINNERS. Such massive destruction has happened and is happening every day in different parts of the world.

Out of hundred people who cross your parked car only one thinks of pinching it. You have to spend a lot on securing your house and belongings because this one person exists and he is always on your mind, you lock your car for him You have to think of this one person always not the 99 law abiding citizens

ruth said...

Rauf, perhaps you misunderstand me. I hope so. Because your response does not match my intention. Now if we disagree, that’s fine, but I at least want to be clear. By being transformed from the inside out, how does that imply inaction or lack of concern, or as you put it, insulating oneself? If people are transformed, then they will respond to the world’s crises out of a place of love for humanity and the planet. If we respond out of fear, hatred and disgust, I believe we will only spread more of the same. It is my responsibility to be aware of the world and of people’s suffering. But it is my first responsibility to be aware of myself and what I am.

Chinna said...

These people feed on our fears.

All these bombs are supposed to protect us from all manner of evils.

If we can stand up as a group and show we are not scared the whole illusion/necessity will collapse.

Rauf said...

Ruth, the best example of transformation is the recent results of the mid term polls. Unfortunately this transformation comes after paying a heavy price, after considerable damage , after the loss of thousands of innocent lives.
Who is responsible for the loss ?

Initial attitude of the Americans citizens towards Vietnam and Iraq war was positive. After witnessing the mess and disaster it turned negetive in both cases.
The reason ?
There was no fear initially, citizens were confident of military superiority. Actual disaster took place, Then came the fear and transformation, as evident from the recent mid term election results and the subsequent pull out plans in both cases.
Was there any gain ?
Can you understand the damage due to lack of foresight ?
Can you understand the damage due to not learning from the past blunders ?

I am not writing out of my imagination Ruth, I am writing after a great deal of thinking, after the damage caused due to chemical weapons used in Vietnam, to destroy human life and vegetation, effects of which are still being felt after nearly 40 years.

Do we wait for the actual disaster to take place to transform ourselves or we fear, forsee and realise the threat of such a disaster ? Concern stems out of fear. By the time I realise who I am it is too late.

We either forsee and become aware of the disaster
like I responded in a single sentence 'yes we can insulate ourselves and remain happy' and wait for the disaster to happen.

Unfortunately we will not exist to transform ourselves.

There is no hatred or disgust in what I wrote Ruth. There is anger frustration and fear. Please ask those vietnamese children who are born without limbs without eyes what is the responsibility of being aware of themselves is.

Rauf said...

The problem is there is no fear Chinna, hardly any one seems to be afraid of the consequences. Lessons of Hiroshima Nagasaki Vietnam, Iran Iraq are quickly forgotten. We will happily and fearlessly go extinct

krystyna said...

Hi Rauf!
I have to say that I'm afraid. We live in a dengerous world. I'll try to think positively but truth is truth. We could do whothever posible to protect ourself and world and our earth. But is it posible?
All the best to you!

Rauf said...

Krystyna, No one can predict the political situation. No one could imagine that the Belin wall would crumble and the iron curtain would fall. Dictators like Saddan Hussain were manufactured and were armed to their teeth, after ten years there was a sudden turn around. No one could predict the sudden change, No one could predict that Vietnam and Iraq war could end up in such a disaster. After 50 years we may have some maniacs ruling the world having scant respect for human life and ecology. We seem to be having such world leaders right now.

If my neighbour brings a most ferocious breed of dog to protect himself, He may keep the dog chained always. You can well imagine my fear. I can make the situation worse for the entire neighbourhood by bringing a wolf to protect myself. Situation in the entire neighbourhood would be tense even if we both don't have the intention of letting the dog and the wolf free to run around and bite people

Leila said...

How sad that someone would destroy that which we have laboured over...

Rauf said...

Laila, It takes years to build and years and years to grow and it takes just a few seconds to destroy it all.

Thought you were on a long holiday as you had not updated your blog for a long time.

Hope you are fine and Happy Laila.

ruth said...

Forgive me for using the words “disgust” and “hatred.” You are right that you did not express that. I was projecting what I hear others around me saying. That was misrepresenting you, and I apologize.

Of course there has been terrible damage. I think you know me well enough to know that I comprehend the horrors of our world, our history. I know how much thought you have given this, made yourself sick and worn out thinking about it.

We have to use our minds to overcome these things. Our thoughts and ideas and actions need to be put to the task. I agree that we must. Awareness and knowledge of the world’s horrors – does that mean we have to FEAR it? I don’t mean fear in the sense of “I don’t want this to happen.” Of course I don’t want something terrible to happen, to my children, to anyone’s children! But to be afraid? We need to be warriors and NOT afraid. To see what must be done and do it.

I see a human transformation happening where some people can not do the things that have been done and are being done. This transformation from the inside will do more to change the world than more posturing from politicians, votes, spin, etc. As inner awareness of our connection with all life progresses, the structures of our societies will change. Those things don’t change just by a change in governor or senators. It might change for a while. A new treaty might be voted in to help the world in some way. But that will not change things permanently. The next vote, a change of people’s fickle minds, and we’re back where we were. People live in their minds, where egos are in charge and perspectives can be changed in a minute, according to the latest spin.

I don’t mean “being aware of myself” in the sense that I ignore the suffering around us, Rauf! Maybe you think I’m like the statement you made of Krishnamurti and other gurus, that we can sit around navel-gazing and forget about the rest of it.

That is not what I’m saying. I’m saying if we don’t transform the pollution within ourselves, no changes will last. But in the meantime, of course we must act and change what can be changed.

Rauf said...

Ruth, its my privelege and I am proud to know a sensitive and transparent person like you. Your contribution has always been immensely valuable to me and to my readers. Thank you once again.

I Wish happy Thanksgiving to you and to all my readers


(yer response to me comment) I know it is mate. It depresses me so much. Wish it'd all stop. It will one day when the earth's had enough of us.

Rauf said...

FOUR DINNERS, I thought of you when I saw this site, with an amusing title 'ZOOM ON DOOM'


Zoom into GB you'll wonder why they have so many of them. Instruments of self destruction. Whom are they afraid of ? GB has a bloody history but none of the Commonwealth countries are contemplating any revenge. Instead GB has enough problems upto her own neck accepting immigrants from these countries. The only advantage I see is you get to taste different kinds of food.

If your neighbour has a ferocious dog, you'll wonder what is he afraid of ? He may not unleash it but the very presence of such a dog is enough to make you nervous.

Does that make him feel powerful ?

Yes that could be the only reason.
He may feel powerful as long as some one doesn't bring still more ferocious breed of dog. Your neighbour France has lots of them. At such a situation what else can we do but to protest. You are worried about the safety of your children. The situation is so ridiculous the you would sit and laugh at their foolishness.

Thank you so much for your response

Anonymous said...

Hi Rauf, powerful post and powerful comments and response. Not sure I can add much to the incedible insights already here.

I believe overall...people do not want our planet to die. Most people want a good comfortable life for themselves and their families and friends...and it is that POWER that will stop devastation.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand the interconnectness of all our choices, all our actions. Someone must take a stand and we should not expect our politicians and economic leaders to represent us...they don't.

We need to insist on a good simple sharing life for ourselves and our neighbours.

We must ask, "Where are the others?"

Good discussion you have inspired Rauf, well done on you!

wildpic said...

does god(nature) play dice ? ... yes yes he plays dice, drinks and watches action movies ! ... so, nobody takes anything seriously anymore ...

Rauf said...

Its a very unpleasant subject Candy Minx, been contemplating to post it or not for a long time since this too comes under the threat to our environment. Finally decided to add it since such man made disasters have taken place in recent history. There is no guarentee that such disasters will not take place in future.

The very presence of such weapons of self destruction is enough to make one nervous, if they use them or not. The threat is always there.
Half of northern hemisphere is littered with such weapons. Southern hemisphere is surprisingly free. But that is not any consolation. Presence of such weapons is baffling as you will not find a single person who wants to damage this planet, our home. Every one of us wants a safe and healthy atmosphere to live. I am making an attempt to go to the root of the problem Candy Minx. Thank you so much for helping me and for your thoughts and contribution.

Rauf said...

Suresh Einstein had problems of his own. I don't know when he said that.
oh yes we have many distractions which take us away from the issue, Bipasha Basu is one of them.

samuru999 said...

Hi Rauf
I really don't have a comment except
Sometimes, I just don't know what to say...
So, I just wish you a most happy day!


Claudia said...

The most dangerous WMD is human ignorance and stupidity. Fight that and you'll have a better world. Bloggers can play a vital part in this fight.

Cari said...

hi rauf

yes! very very true!
the effects of hiroshima are still lingering...absolutely right

i think the people who are in "charge" of calling any kind of WMD is a power hungry mongril

because of these bittersweet fantasies from one...many suffer...mother nature suffers right along as well...

god help us...

Rauf said...

Hope there are millions of sighs like yours Margie ! One major thing is in our favour, the 'will to survive' against all odds.
I do hope for a happy today and a happier tomorrow for our fututr genetations.

Thank you so much Margie.

Rauf said...

I deal with very ignorant people Claudia but they are not stupid. I find it easy to make them understand. Those who are highly knowlegeable and learned and yet ignorant, those who refuse to accept facts are the most difficult to deal with. The most intelligent are the most stupid, people who refuse to understand.
A doctor is the most difficult patient always.

Rauf said...

History repeats itself Caroline, I am only afraid of thet, now with present technology history will repeat itself with more serious consequences. We may forget our recent history and relax, but there is no guarentee that such man made disasters will not occur again. Hope sense prevails and the weapons of self destruction are dismantled soon for the safety of our future generation. We have to start the work towards a healthier and happier planet for our children.

"Angeldust" said...

Yes... is it interesting how we can turn something beatiful into something ugly highly regrettable?

The light and shadow side presenting itself to new discoveries, opportunities... Provoking, demanding, highly opposite choices for some?

Warm regards to you dear friend

Rauf said...

Angeldust, 'Colossal Blunder'is an act of wisdom for some.
warm regard to you too Angeldust.
Hope things warm up soon, here we say hope things cool down soon.

Joan González said...

Happy 2007

salut joan

Rauf said...

Thank you Joan

Paul said...

Fantastic pictures, thanks for the "trip." This thing with the poor getting poorer and the rich richer is bad news. From what I understand it's a particular problem in India, but it seems to be happening in many places throughout the world.

- Paul formerly "Darius" of possiblegospel