1 November 2006


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Its a conspiracy

In the post before last I mentioned that the environmentalists are barking at a wrong tree. They are actually barking at a wrong tree deliberately to divert our attention from the real issue, Genetic Engineering which is an immediate threat to environment.

Billions of dollars are at stake and big giant greedy multinationals are involved.

Why are they screaming about Global warming ?

No immediate solutions, what ever measures we take will go on for hundreds of years to produce results.

Give up comforts ? not possible.
Give up Electricity ? Not possible
Give up traveling, flying ? Not possible.
Change our living style ? Not possible.
We have gone too far.

Putting an end to Genetic Engineering...... Quite Possible.

Within one week we can draw curtains on genetic research all over the world.

Result ? Huge loss to giant multi nationals. Running into billions

United states Government refusing to sign the Kyoto accord is a hot issue, It doesn't make any sense !

The environmentalists, the media, every one is after it.

Why ?

With this issue they have managed to divert your attention from the immediate threat of genetic Engineering.
Its all a conspiracy
Very clever.

With GM food all over, they can control the society. They can turn your children into programmed zombies, or robots, This is possible with genetic engineering.
This is what they are after.

Please wake up.

There are hundreds of articles on the net. I'll give you the links on comments, I'll write about artificial forests in a couple of days
Blunt Knife


sandy said...

You've given us a lot to think about. I want to read more.
I don't feel I can comment yet because this is something I was vaguely aware of, but always though of genetic engineering as a way to produce larger harvests and more disease resistant crops.

Ruth said...

I agree with Sandy. I'm finding it difficult to comment now, after reading your post a few times. I want to study the issue more also. Thanks for the challenge, as always.

Rauf said...

Sandy, even I thought the same. Actually I happy about it. They claimed to end world hunger in ten years. But gneteic engineering took a sharp turn when they started making biological weapons which is far deadlier than GM foods, I am not even touching that topic. Things started happening,some psychopaths who call themselves scientists started pursuing research which could eventually destroy all forms of life. What else would you call people who design our own destruction ?

In my previous post I cooked up a funny story about GM foods. In the end I said these genetically modified food could eventually be used to control the society. It was meant as a joke. But Suresh (Wildpic) drew my attention to an article, i was surprised to find that there are others who think on the same lines. Controlling the society with GM food is possible.

Advantages of Genetic Engineering

More effective and cheaper pharmaceutical products

More abundant food crops
New approaches to the generation of energy

The recovery of resources and pollution control

Diagnosis and correction of genetic diseases." (Wheale & McNally, 1988, preface xv)

Improved food storage and nutritional quality
Faster and improved tree growth" (Healey, 2004, p, 2.)

Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering

World-wide pandemic

Catastrophic ecological imbalances

New agents of biological warfare

Increase the power of the state to manipulate and control people." (Wheale & McNally, 1988, preface xv)

No conclusive reports that GM foods are safe

Possible genetic pollution

Agriculture and the environment will be irreversibly altered.(Healey, 2004, p, 17.)


Sandy, if you have time please read these articles on biological weapons.


Rauf said...

Ruth, I understand, please take your time.

Cari said...

rauf thanks for the links
i would like to read about it a little bit more

Rauf said...

Caroline please check these links


"While scientific progress on molecular biology has a great potential to increase our understanding of nature and provide new medical tools, it should not be used as justification to turn the environment into a giant genetic experiment by commercial interests. The biodiversity and environmental integrity of the world's food supply is too important to our survival to be put at risk"

"Genetically engineering of the food we eat is an inherently risky process. Current understanding of genetics is extremely limited and scientists do not know the long-term effects of releasing these unpredictable organisms into the environment and people's diets."

Ruth said...

What I should have said before, Rauf, is that I have never agreed with genetic engineering. Intuitively it just seems a dangerous thing to do. What I don't know is if it's a conspiracy, but I don't deny it. I just don't know.

Rauf said...

Ruth Conspiracy is my idea, rest of the things are true. Scientists share the same fear as I do. I have given you the links in response to your comment on the previous 'genetic engineering post
but those are pretty long ones, This one is like a declaration or a statement, It will take just five minutes


I'll give you more links Ruth.

Rauf said...

Ruth, no one is accusing the environmentalists, only I am accusing them, geenpeace is an environmental agency, they are totally against genetic engineering

This is a greenpeace statement

"Their release is 'genetic pollution' and is a major threat because GMOs cannot be recalled once released into the environment."


After supporting Oldham Athletic Football Club for 42 years I think I'm already zombified. Too late for me.

It's a frightening thought though. Sounds far fetched but I wouldn't put anything past the politicians.

Rauf said...

FOUR DINNERS, I know controlling the society is far fetched, I wrote it as a joke in my previous post, i was surprised to find that scientists too are thinking on the same lines. There's a lot of material on the net. It is possible. Psychopaths who call themselves scientists, who have made weapons of mass destruction can do anything, There are biological weapons that can destroy all forms of life from the planet.


Genetic engineering has no limits, has no sky. They can add an owl or a bat's genes in to the food and under trade secrecy laws they are not required mention what genes have been added.


Candy Minx said...

The thing is, it doesn't have to be a ocnspiracy, or a tough way to control outcomes.

People are worn down, we feel overwhelmed and hopeless.

There are so many issues we want to feel compassion over and we don't know where to begin or what to do. Everyone feels that a drop in the bucket is not enough...we must remember that all our drops add up to a full bucket.

The governemnt and pharmecuticals companies don't have to have a conspiracy agenda because peopel just don't know how to research and notice and reject the pressure to conform.

How many of us feel ill and then ask for emdication for mysterious ailments lije fibromyalasia, the best cure for arthritis is constantly using our bodies and taking flax seed oil.

Instead sufferers runt ot he doctor for prescription ibuprophen or medicine and stop using their bodies, driving cars instead.

We give our leaders cake walks every day.

They don't have to conspire anything. We're not looking.

Rauf said...

Candy, this is a series, I have written 7, three more to go.
We have been committing blunders after blunders for thousands of years. Change in our food habits
clearing forest land for cultivation, growing food, I have already written about it in my previous posts. And now this gentic engineering. There are people working on redesigning nature according to their whims and fancies. This process is irreversible The damage cannot be rectified. This is an immediate threat but the media and the environmentalists are after global warming which is a long term process, it will take hundreds of years. Genetic engineering or what I call tampering with nature is a recent phenomenon and easy to put an end to it. But unfortunately this is not happening. Billions of dollars have already gone into it. An off shoot of genetic engineering is biological weapons already in abundance. We have designed our own extinction. It is not ignorance which is causing problems, it is human intelligence and knowledge leading us towards our extinction.
There are three more posts to go Candy, I'll have some solutions in the last one.

ari4u said...

I dont know what to say Rauf. I am overwhelmed with the flood of information here reading all your previous posts and it is taking a while for it to sink in.

I already know the food we eat is genetically or checmically altered but i wasnt sure if it was a conspiracy. Well, anything can happen. Check out the link here...
Whats in my food?

Some excerpts from the above link

Did you know that farmers can control how yellow an egg yolk turns out to be? You might not know it, but the yellow color comes from xanthophyll and carotenoids in the feed, which is absorbed through the hen's intestine, metabolized, and deposited in the egg yolk.

Jell-O is the comfort food of generations. It's made of gelatin, which goes into making other products like yogurt and ice cream. Not many people know it, but it's made from a protein that is derived from prolonged boiling of animal skin, tissue, and bones.

That yummy yellow tint you see in raw chicken at the grocery store doesn't come naturally. It has been fed canthaxanthin. This hard-to-pronounce pigment is added to chicken feed to enhance the animal's yellow color and make it look palatable.

And finally the winner...
When you dig into a strawberry Yoplait yogurt, take a moment to contemplate where the beautiful pink color comes from. Strawberries? Think again. It comes from crushed bugs. Specifically, from the female cochineal beetles and their eggs. And it's not just yogurt. The bugs are also used to give red coloring to Hershey Good & Plenty candies, Tropicana grapefruit juice and oranger-strawberry juice, and other common foods. The Food & Drug Administration doesn't require that this cochineal be identified in the ingredients. Manufacturers simply identify it as an "artificial color."

Thank god for organic food... or best is to just turn vegan

Rauf said...

How can one turn a vegetarian Aamir when the apple we eat has pig's genes in them. Even the organic food is polluted due to cross pollination and organic food is so expensive.

Now you tell me which is an immediate threat to environment. Global warming, for which there are no easy solutions or Genetic Engineering which has irreversibly
disasterous consequences, though we may have short term gains.
This does not mean we sleep on global warming.

All I hear in the news is about global warming. I have been watching BBC for ages, nothing about dangers of genetic engineering, scientists are talking against it but still there is no media attention. Put two and two together you have a conspiracy theory.

I thought a great deal before accusing the environmentalists. Greenpeace warn about serious consequences of genetic engineering and about the offshoot the biological weapons which can wipe off life from this planet. But they too are after global warming. I have been thinking so much about it that I have lost weight and fell sick for more than 15 days.

Thanks for the link Aamir pretty scary it is, how do these guys come up with such weird ideas ?, have to tell boo about it, she is the one who comes up with earth shattering screams on seeing an insect and she is specific about flying and hopping insects.

Rauf said...

"Aren't you all aware that that the giant food cartel successfully lobbied Congress long ago to be legally allowed to not have to specifically label everything they put in a product. Such as "other spices." This can be a load of dangerous, toxic, crazy things in your food that if you knew what it really was, you'd never sensibly touch it. Could a 'nice' trusted food company use ingredients known to be harmful for human consumption? You bet your boots baby. They are big, publicly traded corporations out for the money! Their stock holders demand it, and their CEO's job depends on it! Educate yourselves, America. The food industry giants are not looking out for you"

please read the rest here


Rauf said...

"Wake up, America. You must read Kevin Trudeau's book, "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About." If you want a real eye opener as to who and what the FDA really is and what is in the food system we all are eating! And with the absolutely genetically modified food completing the destruction of our wholesome, God-given nourishing, natural food chain we may forever ruin the possibility of ever being whole humans! We are the number one worst in having our food supply dangerously tainted in the whole world. The giant food industry conglomerates are so in the pockets and pants of American legislature, politicians, and even our "watchdog" government agencies that we are being literally poisoned 'legally' on a daily basis. And they know it! Educate yourselves- because you are the only ones who really care about your life, your health, and your loved ones!"


Suji said...

Interesting...scary...disturbing...thought provoking....all at the same time. Have to read all the links u ve mentioned. Thanx for all this information.

Rauf said...

Worst still Suji, this has been happening in india for ten years, Asians and Africans were the first guinea pigs. Pig genes are added in the fruits and vegetables for longer shelf life. Organic food is so expensive, and this is India, you know what happens here, you can't even trust organic food, they'll sell anything as organic, How do we know ? Each and every fruit can't be certified. And there is no assurance that GM food is safe. This is an immediate threat to the environment and not global warming.

samuru999 said...

All this info is a bit overwhelming for
me to digest right now!
I will come back later, and read some of the links!
I'll just say now this is distrubing!
Thanks for all your info Rauf!

Take care!

samuru999 said...

I also want to say...you are amazing Rauf!
You care so much!


Claudia said...

I've only just read your latest posts and I'll be following your links with keen interest, Rauf. Perhaps because I'm an engineer and a scientist myself, I have always deemed genetic engineering as utterly fascinating. I am fully aware that, as with any other technology, it can be misused with potencially devastating consequences if it is not closely monitored and regulated or if its control falls into the hands of Big Capital. The subject is thought provoking and deserves all the attention it can get. Thank you.

Rauf said...

Thank you Margie, please take time and keep yourself updated on this issue, there are hundreds of sites warning about GM foods

You see flowers in a garden Margie, everything is hunky dory, It is easy for us to insulate ourselves and live without fear as though nothing wrong is going around us as. In fact the world is a mess. And some of us refuse to see it.

Rauf said...

This is 7th in the environmental series Claudia, I think there are 3 more to go. I thought a great deal about this. I did not come to any rash conclusions without doing any research on this issue. Demerits of GE far outweigh the merits. Plenty of material on the net. please check Geeenpeace UK site. All the species are going along with the laws of nature, only we humans have defied them with our intelligence, philosophies and knowledge, and we have the audacity to redesign the planet with our whims and fancies


wildpic said...

hi rauf, just wanted to mention some words of Friedrich Nietzsche, who by the way turned insane and died young.

There are no facts, only interpretations.

Deception, flattering, lying, deluding, talking behind the back, putting up a false front, living in borrowed splendor, wearing a mask, hiding behind convention, playing a role for others and for oneself — in short, a continuous fluttering around the solitary flame of vanity — is so much the rule and the law among men that there is almost nothing which is less comprehensible than how an honest and pure drive for truth could have arisen among them.

Our destiny exercises its influence over us even when, as yet, we have not learned its nature: it is our future that lays down the law of our today.

and rauf, genetic engineering is here to stay, a glowing transgenic tobacco plant bearing the luciferase gene of the firefly has arrived !!! no need to turn the lights on to smoke anymore ! ... as Richard Dawkins puts it ... "By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out" ...

take care rauf ...

Cindy said...

lots of food for thought here, Rauf. I plan to read more about this as well.

Rauf said...

Our brains are indeed popping out Suresh, It is our knowledge and intelligence which is proving to be our worst enemies.

Unfortunately Friedrich Nietzsche died before he could see the research on eugenics. He would have given his blessings to the scientists.

well Suresh, My cat lied used flsttery, he was talking behind my back, plotting against me, he even tried to kill me pushing empty boxes on my head

Rauf said...

There's a lot of material on the net Cindy


Davo said...

Empires come, empires go. Yeshua ben Yoseph had a crack at changing notions in his time, and failed. The Gaia principle will prevail, whether we like it or not.

Rauf said...

Now the world is being redesigned by some scientists Davo and we are watching it silently. Don't know how nature is going to react in the longer run. Pretty scary it is.
According to Gaia principle, You and I are affected even if we stay away from it. We are equally responsible if we keep quiet Davo.

Just hoping that nature rectifies human blunders

Ganagdhar said...

Well Rauf..i'm back from my official tour..and very gud series going on here,Rauf..Already said in the previous posts that it made me thinking..and you know me discussed about this with so many friends in these days..
And the links you provided in this comment session're amazing..thank you..

Anonymous said...

Yes, very very clever...

and your previous articles :)))

hey, thnaks for your commnet and the little bit of translation.

Rauf said...

Its like carrying a heavy load Gangadhar, 3 more posts to go on Environment. Hope you had a good time, Thanks for making your friends aware, it has to be a collective effort.

Rauf said...

Its scary Mystic rose, Indian government too has come under pressure to accept the technology.
if you have some time please read this statement Mystic Rose, its not very long

ari4u said...

Rauf, pl take care of your health. It is more important. Eat well, sleep good and dont stress yourself too much. You worry me at times.

Rauf said...

Sure Aamir, I will, My family thought that I have lost my camera or something, They've been wondering why I have not been playing any music too. Thanks so much Aamir, My love to you SL and SR

Anonymous said...

This is the fourth time i am coming here,reading all the comments,copying all the links,reading at nightwhen i find some free time,and its so scary and today when my students started a discussion on globalisation we all got steered to genetic engineering and most of them are not aware of it being a part of India past ten years,lot of them promised me that tonight they will find more information and one of them is going to give a presentation about it all,Atleast we can make everyone aware of it,i will try my own way.


iamnasra said...

I was coming for somthing else..then ended doing something beyond me..Great ino

Rauf said...

Alapna ! there are three more posts to go in this environmental series. (Titled SPEED) Thank you so much for making your students aware. That is a great contribution. You are young and young minds can bring about a change. What I am wondering is, our media is going after Sanjay Dutt Salman Khan and other movie or Cricket stars but they are silent on this issue. Most of the food aid we receive is GM food rejected by people of their country.

please check this greenpeace site too

"Agribusiness not only is introducing human genes into food without a national discussion — they are moving to make sure that people do not know enough about what they are eating for such a discussion to occur".


This site has some good questions and answers Alapna


"Vegetarians may not wish to eat vegetables that have been engineered to contain animal genes. Jews who keep Kosher may not wish to eat products that have been engineered with pig genes. Many consumers may not wish to consume foods containing human genes"

Rauf said...

Thank you Nasra, The food availble in your country is mostly imported. I would like to know what makes organic food expensive ?
It is grown like any other food grown for hundreds of years. without spraying of pesticides, naturally grown with no genetic modification like human and pig genes introduced in growing them.

e2d said...

hi Ruaf. How u doing? I see I missed a couple of your scary posts.

Rauf now I know what my first discovery is going to be: A Magic Wand!
(But what if I get all greedy and evil?)

Maybe scientifc progress should be banned!
(But who is going to implement it?)

Maybe we should all join forces and start praying real loud hoping some sort of higher power will fix everything.
(But will the atheists cooperate?)

I didnt have anything sensible or practical to say.
And,I sort of agree with Four Dinners who very simply and nicely stated-"we are all going to be in deep dodo very soon" if all this goes on. :)

Depressing posts Rauf but must thank you for the same.

Rauf said...

all your tests over ?
Anyway I am not going to give you any more reading material, you already had enough upto your cute little nose. Take some rest go for a swim, pleasse don't swim all the way to Japan.

I just want to tell one thing
some people have started calling GM food as Frankenstein Food

Rauf said...

E2DEES, me sorry, it is FRANKENFOOD


its the same thing

Aiyoo Ramchanderji this word has found its way into dictionary too !! Wow


Frankenstein + food


Its a noun hahaha !

Lord Boo said...

Poms, i think it's weird that you and i have been doing research ( independantly ) along the same lines, without each other knowing about it *hugs* i have been doing research on Aspartame, MSG and Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat - please, Poms, i beg you to include these in your next posts, as you will create an awareness of what they are.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in literally everything now, right from Diet coke to chewing gum. but what people don't know it causes brain tumours, and a load of deadly illnesses

MSG, oh boy, i don't know where to start from, about it. It is a carcinogen, and everything worse, and it is used in those 2-minute noodles and in every Chips packet in this world

Hydrogenated Vegetable oil, found in most choclates and sweet things like cakes and pastries, is literally plastic. It's artificial and it's as good as eating toxic plastic !

please include these in your next post, Poms, and also this link


As most of your readers live in Western countries, where these toxins are added in every food of theirs, it might benefit them. I was so shaken up after reading this, that i almost got paranoid for a week. then i have taken control of my diet. And yes, i did know about the crushed beetles thing. It's called Carmine, and is used to give the pink colour in strawberry flavoured foods. Scary isn't it ? please take care of yourself poms. *lots of love and hugs*

Lord Boo said...

PLease check this out, Poms



Anonymous said...

You know how it will look like if you leave a place to nature for 500 yrs without interference?
Something like Ankor Vat. Before the great temple was discovered in the thick forest.
You are right.You dont stand a chance against nature.
Which place is forest1.jpg?

Anonymous said...


These are such thought provoking posts...havent read such enlightening posts ever..the moment I read ur posts I started googling all about this...there's so much to learn...

Anonymous said...


These are such thought provoking posts...havent read such enlightening posts ever..the moment I read ur posts I started googling all about this...there's so much to learn...

Rauf said...

Oweee My sweet Booey ! No wonder they call this Franken foods.

Yea went to that site booey its so scary, going to write about it. what a conspiracy it is. we never get to know what we are eating.
thank you so mucheeee !
ummmmmmmmmmas and hugs reeee

Rauf said...

Hi Yoneb the picture in the next post you mentioned is taken in the Silent Valley forest, Kerala.
This beautiful 50 million year old forest came under politician's greed. but ultimately saved. One of very few patches left in India.

Rauf said...

Thought of writing about this Annie long back, but kept postponing, as I knew that i would be annoying a lot of people. It was a hard decision, no point in trying to be nice and diplomatic, I had to speak my mind. I knew it would be quite depressing.
it has affected my health too. Lost lot of weight by sitting and thinking Annie ! Now I am Vokkay.
I sincerely apologise if any of my thoughts have hurt you. I have stated facts to the best of my knowledge.
lots of love and hugs sweeet Annie!!