20 April 2007


Mother Earth has a well laid out plan.
Mummy has had enough of our violence and arrogance.

24 hours 365 days, mother earth is not just a programmed robot, its some thing more than that, It has a thinking mind. Its been spinning non stop for 4.5 billion years, some say 4.7 or 5, but i'll stick to 4.5 because my teacher said so.

We wonder about our hearts beating non stop since the day we are born. This earth has been spinning non stop for 4.5 billion years maintaining a constant speed. One second slower would charr us to death, one second faster would throw us all into the space.


Simple, only earth has liquid water.
Water generates life.

Distance from the sun is the main and deciding factor.

Lets take our immediate neighbours Venus and Mars. Venus is closer to sun, the water would boil and evoporate. Mars is far, water would freeze and it would never melt.

Please correct me if i am wrong, please don't be polite and accept what ever i say. i am telling you out of my school memory, which is ancient.

Other deciding factor is the circular orbit around the sun. The temprature is nearly constant, i said nearly, we have seasons, that is a different internal matter.

In an eliptical orbit, the temprature would not be constant, so life will not exist. Any other planet with similar characterstics and position will have life on it.

Mother earth is kind to us most of the time.

She has had enough, This has happened before. Now she is planning to wipe us out.
She has under estimated our love kindness and compassion, which will see us through the crisis.
She forced the giant reptiles to eat their own children. This will not happen here. We humans will sacrifice our lives so that our children would live.
I will not say she has underestimated human intelligence. It is human intelligence which is going to drown us and it is human intelligence which has brought us to face the crisis.
So we have to stop those intelligent and brilliant minds who are waging wars, spilling blood, making money, getting richer. These guys will become richer by selling fear, Selling global warming. Throwing you into panic. Giving you suggestions which will make them even richer.

I still maintain that global warming is not a result of human greed. They are making you feel guilty. They have some plan which i can't figure out. I'll think and tell you.

Democracy all over the world would last only for next 100 years. Perhaps even less. Democracy cannot exist in a state of emergency, when there is massive migration. Military rule will take over. I don't say martial law is good for us, at least we will get rid of greedy politicians. What we have to keep is our love compassion and kindness intact.

Rising sea level due to global warming will come into the land from all sides which will push us in slowly, resulting in massive migration. With expanding deserts, dried up rivers, which is already happening, we will have to live near water which will become scarce. We will have little land to live. The sea will keep coming in to engulf us as the planet gets warmer and warmer. Then mom will push us to a corner, strike us with one blow, we will be wiped out. This is her plan. This will take three to five hundred years in a slow phase.

So what do we do ?
please think and suggest.
First you have to understand that the things are seriously going wrong at all levels.
Global warming is just the beginning.
No panic as yet.
The environmentalists are giving you a scare.

Some suggestions are repeated here from the SPEED 13 post in January
Super powers acting as world police will not work
We have to do it at local levels to begin with.
Earth can heal itself without our help.
But we are not allowing it to heal
The entire planet is run and managed by female species, only humans are male dominated. Completely against nature. This has to go. Change of heart.

All decisions to be taken at local level with women having deciding powers. They will keep love kindness and compassion going.
I don't say men are not kind. But it is men who wage wars. it is men who need comforts, it is men who demand speed. i am a man and i know what i am talking about.

We have to do what mummy wants us to do. Warm coastal areas all over the world are thickly populated, causing maximum damage. Abandon the coastal area, 200 KMs from the coast, 500 KMs for larger continents all over the world.

We have to withdraw, just take our hands off, give back the land.

No attempt to help, by growing artificial forests as the environmentalists suggest which would be a disaster.

Allow the nature to grow, all along the coast. Allow it to heal itself. You can see pictures in my earlier posts how nature picks and chooses and how it grows in abandoned areas You can see the power of growth.

If we do it in another twenty years you can see the temprature drop and a steady sea leavel in 50 years. Australians have to move to Asia. Only kindness and compassion will help, i don't mind repeating it. And the People of England will have to move to Africa. No one will be superior, No one will be inferior. Nature will teach us a lesson.

Well planned migration will be lot less painful than forced migration.
No right to property
You have to allow migrating people to occupy lands inside. This cannot happen in a democracy, so the military rule will help. This has to be done before panic sets in. Panic will set in another 50 years all of a sudden, because we have been taking wrong steps to tackle global warming, following the suggestions of the greedy people.

We have time but not much time. Migration is inevitable. There is no other way.
My friends would laugh at my ideas, but some of you will take it seriously.


Lord Boo said...

Darling poms, visiting your blog after an eon. Loved the colours, they are straight off my head and liking. Your blog this time sparked my interest, definitely food for thought. I have never believed in global warming, to start with. Earth has always undergone temperature changes, and this is one of those. But this new concept of migration did intrigue me. Will delve on it for sure. Take care of yourself, Poms, and no monkeying around !! *hugs*

Rauf said...

ummmmmma dee Booey, what monkeying ? You know i am from the trees i keep hopping. just slipped and fell down, banged my stupid head against the stupid marble floor, don't worry the marble floor is doing fine.

I am repeating what I have already said in my environment series, you have read those. Planet is warming up, this is nothing new, planet has warmed up and it has frozen before killing all forms of life, only green algae and cyano bacteria survived and we are the descendants of them. Still you can find traces of ice on the equator.

take care sweeet booey ! Please give my love to Keedams
all my love and hugs

Rauf said...

You know better Booey ! you the microbiology thing, postgraduate.

iamvisheshur said...

wow!!i am always astonished by older people's memory,my grand father who is 75 can still quote the laws and say the applications and all those kinds of stuff...and his most amazing ability is that he can quote from tamil , english and sanskrit literature for things...

back to the topic...
talking about global warming and we humans as a creatures of destruction(as many believe)..is if you ask me completely false..as you said mommy has her own ways..we will leave it to her...we are also forgetting we are a part of nature..we humans have gone too far..by saying what we do is man made..aren't we the creations of nature too??
destruction will be there and as you pointed out it is the females who dominate in all the species...but in us humans the ratio is really bad....so there will be more and more destruction for things to come to a balance...now we don't need to worry about saying the earth as you pointed out...it will save itself..after all it is mommy!!and so i extend my reach to the stars above!

OM!the light shines the brightest!!

Ruth said...

rauf, your plan sounds viable, and the shores could restore themselves. I'm afraid voluntary migration will not happen. Only when forced do humans do anything en masse.

If you get a chance, will you watch Gore's movie and tell me what you think of it? I know everyone is discussing his "science." And I know you think it's wrong. But there are a lot of scientists who think humans are responsible. If you watch it, and you come up with a reason you think these scientists have something to gain by promoting this perspective, let us know. I just can't see what they would have to gain to help humans try to be responsible to the planet. And scientists I respsect are not talking about creating artificial forests. There are environmentalists who are not promoting some of the wild things you suggest.

Thank you, as always, for your deep thought and perspective.

I'll be back Monday.

lesleyanne said...

Rauf! i love the new look of your blog. it's beauty incarnate. and goes well with your theme of the global warming and the environment in jeopardy.

how strange it is to live in a time when science and technology have accelerated the earth's possible demise. but yes, these are great thoughts. if only more people thought as you do.

thank you for your birthday wishes! i hope your world is beautiful.

The Old Fart said...

Powerful post Rauf, your words are so true. I think about the young today and what kind of world are they going to have when they reach the age that I am at now. Scrolling down after reading this post I found your beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.

Rauf said...

As you say we are nature, we come from nature. That is true. But are you in line with nature ?

Please tell me which other species is causing destruction ?

There is absolutely no waste in a forest. You see perfect waste management there. Waste of species A is the resource for species D.
Nature is perfectly balanced. i am repeating what i have already discussed in my Environment series SPEED. Only humans create waste which is hard to dispose. Apart from our usual garbage, the energy that we use produces enormous waste, most of it is toxic. We humans have created imbalance in nature. Other species are the unfortunate victims of our comforts and intelligence. Very few know that we dump toxic nulear waste under the sea, which does not decompose and remains there for ever. One day it is going to hit us. i have also said that being vegetarians we are going completely against nature. i have given reasons for it. We humans are carnivores. which is a fact.
We have alienated so much that we have nothing to do with nature now and i hear every one say that i love nature, believe me Vishesh we are lying to ourselves. People who say we love nature have not seen the devastation of a tsunami. i have already discussed these points in detail in my SPEED series.

The fact is we humans are much inferior to the worm in the elephant dung. And we have kings and queens and superior and inferior races.

Any one who considers himself or herself superior is sick

Rauf said...

Dear Ruth,

All the pollution and the carbon emissions in the atmosphere are very negligible Ruth. But dumping of toxic nuclear waste is a serious threat.

I think the tribes of interior Amazon and central Africa would survive. they know the art of survival which we have forgotten.

All the tribes of India have been invaded. We have offered them insentives, forced their children into schools which teach them our values and the knowledge which is pretty useless to them. There are some who have resisted our invasion. Ruth i really regret doing that. Now we have to go to the tribals spend a year or two with them and learn the art of survival. They will be our future professors. Hope there are many of them to teach us. Like other animals Ruth, even humans had the body sensors which could detect the coming disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, a few minutes in advance. We have to get back those sensors and develop them Ruth. We can get them back only in the company of the tribals and in your case the native Americans. We need their help badly. i can imagine you wearing feathers around your forehead, armed with a bow and arrow carefully approaching a wild boar.
TOONK ! ah gottcha !


Rauf said...

Sweet Lesley, How well you have you have conveyed the message in a few words. i would have taken pages to convey the same. This clearly shows your strong foundation. Your feet are very firm on the ground. Unfortunately rest of us find ourselves in a rat race that includes me. i would be very happy the day the economy we have created crumbles and paper money loses its value. This will come only when there is a serious threat of invasion from some aliens, when money cannot save our lives. Same goes with war affected countries where survival takes the priority and not painting of the walls and buying new furniture.
Money is a disease we have created. Love of which has made us lose our basic survival instincts.
I feel sad when i see my nephew and niece. i love them to bits, but their priorities have altered in recent years, they are very successful. this may not happen to you as you have a very well laid foundation. Knowledge of art music and literature, how ever useless, helps us to determine what is really important in our lives. They enhance the ability to understand life better. It will be very difficult for many to drop their possessions in case of emergency and it will be very easy for you to do it.
It will be sad to see people clinging to their possessions and losing their lives as it happend in most cases when tsunami hit us. Many lost their lives trying to save their belongings.

We should be prepared to give up every thing to survive.

Rauf said...

Hi Bill,
traveling again next week.
our trains keep calling me. Fortunately trains in india is not history, they are very much alive and thriving, may not be very efficient, but they take you to where you want to go.

Actually Bill, Kindness and compassion is on the rise. i am afraid to think that it has reached its peak. now we begin to see the decline in some. i find IT youngsters pretty insensitive and ignorant. This is a loud genralisation. Many would jump on me. Most of them have no passion of any kind except passion to make money. This is what i have observed. i wish i am wrong. Now many are saying yes rauf you are wrong

i am glad that they don't have time to read this blog and this comment.

But IT kids are not many, rest of the kids are fine. Soon we'll see the end of bloodshed. We'll see the equality restored and we will join nature in near future as these kids are very environmentally conscious.

hope you are doing fine Bill.
enjoy the weekend

Chinna said...

in a situation like this there will be no army to help. they would already occupying the best land for themselves. if you try to get in they will shoot you!

on forced migration in the face of imminent danger: just check out how many people live in the foothills of active volcanoes. i rest my case.

magiceye said...

miss your pictures..!

Rauf said...

Chinna, this is why i am insisting on love compassion and kindness which is on the rise all over the world now. This can happen when migration is well planned much in advance before panic sets in. Situation will be completely different iin a forced and panic mass migration, love and compassion will be the first to disappear, and what you say is bound to happen.

Foot hills of active valcano is a favourite place to live. As the land over there is more fertile than the surrounding areas. They are usually evacuated when the valcano is about to erupt. Still, some people refuse to leave. i have heard of people dragged out of their houses and stuffed into trucks.

Rauf said...

MagicEye, it is a sad comment

isabella said...

Dear Rauf,
What a timely post, considering today we celebrate Earth Day 2007!

I must agree with you that we need more women leaders! More nurturing, less destroying.

As far as global warming is concerned, I have my own take on it. While I do not deny its existence, I believe that it is a natural occurrence caused by humans. The Earth can adapt. We just need to adapt ourselves. For every glacier that melts, it exposes a newly arable land. If Florida sinks under water (as predicted), Michigan will become a warm haven (which reminds me to be nice to Ruth!).
It's all up to us, and the choices we make.

Rauf said...

I never knew about earth day Isabella. True, we have to adapt ourselves. This is the change of heart i am talking about, it involves many things. Vegetarianism like you have mentioned in your post is completely out of line. i have written in detail about it in my environmental posts. i think there is one post on this subject alone. every citizen of this world turning a vegetarian would be an environmental catastrophe.

Now i have to make a list of people
i have to be nice to. i am on the eastern coast of south india, i have seen the devastation of tsunami, we seem to have forgotten about it.

Isabella, please send Ruth a box of chocolates.

Anonymous said...

another interesting post of yours...umm...for me...global warming is caused by so many things gone wrong...i really don't think we can solved this problem...the least we could do is try our best...but then again only few people trying to do the right thing won't change a bit...sad to say but we are going downhill...
not unless all of us human beings change our ways to prevent global warming...even if we do...it'll take years...maybe decades or even more to restore it...we all need to share a helping hand...otherwise nothing will happened! :(

Rauf said...

Shimmer, i really wish older people and the decision makers could think like you. What we need is a change of attitude and change of heart and we have to start making sacrifices now and learn the art of survival. We can't wait for some disaster to wake us up. We already had warnings. You are the furute of this planet Shimmer. i have hopes on youngsters like you in bringing about the change.

mystic rose said...

definitely food for thought.. and sounds like a very viable plan.. that ofocurse, knowing you are practical and everything.. :P

sometimes the more scholarly accomplished we are, the more the sinmple solutions elude us.

agree the rivers are drying up.. desert is spreading. and feels like something needs to be done, cant ignore the signs of global warming anymore and hope it will go away or someone else will do something about it.

Rauf said...

Thank you Mystic Rose

Ruth said...

rauf, thank you for asking Isabella to be nice to me. She might not otherwise. Hehe.

Just got home from an island that might be one of the ones under water in a few hundred years -- Manhattan. Glad to say we rode on lots and lots of electric trains. It made me happy not to drive a car. But then I got on an airplane and burned up enormous amounts of fuel and added carbon to the air. I am the problem, I can't kid myself.


'Nature will teach us a lesson'

I hope we're not too thick to learn it.

Great post mate.

Rauf said...

Ruth, Big cities have their own charm, i longed for traffic noise
when i had enough of wildreness.
Bombay and Manhattan i think would be first to go under the sea. Bombay's Nariman point extends into the sea, lot of money is spent every year to keep the sea away. Its a smaller version of Manhattan. More than the imposing structures it is the people who make the city. It is micro organism and insects which really make a forest, not the trees and animals.

Your flight adding carbon in the atmosphere has very little consequences.
Ruth there are 25 000 private jets in US alone, this was some five years ago, now there should be more. Here again the environmentalists are scaring us.
Draining up the resources is not a problem for the earth,
pumping out oil and digging metals is not a problem for the earth.

Draining the resources is a problem for us.

They are running out fast. i think they are afraid of paper money losing its value. We can't eat money. The economy would fall if drastic measures are taken. Have to think on this Ruth. Its confusing. Our attention is being diverted for some reason. We have another 20 years to sit down and carefully plan without involving politicians, without fear or in a state of panic. Scientists are divided. Don't know whom to trust.
most of them are funded by giants.
It will not take much time to make people understand without creating panic. Media will not help unless there is a disaster coming in a few days time.

Rauf said...

FOUR DINNERS, we are indeed thick headed, specially Indians, We are repeating the blunders which the West has committed and regretting.
Politicians, Educated people are are running after 'progress'
We have no idea where we are going. We want New york City in India. We want a London here. That seems to be the vision we have. the way cities are expanding, the way construction industry is booming is really mind boggling. South India which has 'Progressed' faster has no water. All the rivers barring one have gone dry.
India had 40% forest coverage now it is reduced to 3%.

i think i told you earlier FOUR DINNERS that we are fighting over the river waters. Riots in Karnataka. The supreme court ordered the state of Karnataka to let more water into State of Tamil Nadu. Now if i go to Karnataka and speak in tamil i'll get bashed up. Any vahicle with TN registration is damaged or set on fire. This is just the beginning

Dawn....सेहर said...

Amazing post...! Its an awakening post! I enjoyed it
Keep writing

Rauf said...

Seher, You enjoyed it ?

iamnasra said...

hope all is well on your side

Chinna said...

if there is a controlled migration, i suspect there will be no love and compassion involved. it will become scientific. here, the survival of the species will be more important than individuals. as the available land mass will be limited, that would mean choosing who has the 'right' to survive because they have the best ability to propogate the species. sure to lead to some 'sophie's choice' moments. or maybe some of us can do the lemming thing . . . we are doing it in slow motion anyway.

"Angeldust" said...

OK, dearest one....
I am rolling up my sleeves - jolted me awake from tiredness and sleepiness!
(I will fault you if I can’t sleep now – I came over to enjoy your magnificent pictures… yeah, yeah, another day…, hmmmm)

I have no idea why you - with your heat and water situation - are not entertaining that global warming IS HERE and, that these people are just now beginning to catch on.
NO fear factor here.

Not going father than our region - it hardly stopped raining since November bringing all kinds of disaster to the region - the end nowhere is sight, as the Spring thaw has not even started!
For almost a coupe of weeks the sealing boast of the East coast have been frozen in place and most boasts are going be destroyed, catch lost as they are being rescued by helicopter (ice breakers can’t brake through the ice thickness!!!!)
Last week an Inuit (Eskimo) village lost homes to the sea, which has already claimed a lot of land from hem the village, will have to be relocated, the Gov. is not happy and very hesitant, as it will cost millions.

Perhaps where you are observing from, you may not need to make may changes, but here, is "the land of milk and honey” and plastic and paper bags and tons and tons of waste per person per year…
The use of fossil fuels - and the greed for land to plant corm crops for alternatives... etc. etc. etc...
Farmers using more energy than we ever imagined they would - as we don't farm up here - we "have a food industry".
We don’t grow in the land by sunlight.
We grow hydrophonically in glass-encased beds... ha!

You have - despite the poverty and chaos - maintained a somewhat healthier relationship with the land, not much here, where the crops are “produced” with the incentive of potent chemicals, in huge land parcels by small families with huge machinery!!!

Were that is not the case, the few, poor MIGRANT or IMPOSTED farmers are working for almost slave labor in utter poverty – another story altogether

Yes, my dear Raufie - Global warming is here... and we will be suffering it more profoundly "sooner than later".

And, YES we are sacrificing our children - hedonism is alive and well in this continent - money, or the pretence of having it, rules!

Getting rid of greedy politicians?
Sweetness, that is definitely on another planet!

Your opportunity for debate is appreciated – particularly on this topic as this past Sunday was internationally “Earth Day”.

The old gal is groaning and moaning and going thought some serious changes

But I know that for you and me as well Earth Day is every day.

Lots of love and lots of big hugs

Rauf said...

I am fine Nasra, Thank you

Rauf said...

Chinna this requires massive campaigning which would involve you Mala and Meghu, hope Meghu doesn't choose any other field.
It would be a human interest campaign. You can do it peacefully since it will not be in the wake of some disaster.Only politicians need a disaster to act. It would be your job to keep kindness compassion alive. Plus all the social service organisations and green peace movement would be involved in motivating people. No one would give up their lands, so military help is required. Media will be interested in creating a panic. There is money in panic. Campaigners can urge the media to act and to behave. I can't talk about other armies but i sincerely have a very high opinion of Indian army. Plus we have to accomodate people from the islands and perhaps some Australians too.
So stick on to 13 degrees North Chinna.

Rauf said...

Angel, Angel, dearest Angel,
Global warming is here. i have been saying the same in all my posts on environment. What i say is that it is not caused by humans. Global warming is a natural phenomenon. It has happened long before humans came and it was followed by the freezing and defreezing of the entire planet. This took two hundred million years. We humans are too small to cause any abrupt climatic changes. I am trying to connect global warming with present human attitude, not plundering. Digging up resources and drying them up is our problem, earth is not concerened about it. Earth has healed itself in the past after massive destructon by the giant reptiles.
We the humans are the earth's problem. We are going against nature. So we are going the way giant reptiles vanished from the surface of the earth. Our skeletons would be excavated would be kept in museums and future new intellegent species would study them. Perhaps one million years from now. Hope my skeleton is found by some music lover. He would study my skull with music on.
I would prefer a she.
And i say that earth has underestimated human love kindness and compassion. We would prove to be tough nuts to crack. I am not relying on human intelligence.

Angel, you must see our garbage. It will defeat yours. Perhaps our garbage is more biodegradable. But there is a lot of plastic. You and i do not know where the developed countries are dumping the radio active toxic waste. Pacific and antartica seems to be their dumping place. i don't know how many nuclear reactors we have got, there is one close to my city. They must be dumping their toxic waste some where very quietly. But i think we can defeat you when it comes to plastic bags.

Yes farmers here are still maintaining ancient methods, most of them depend on rain, they don't use much energy like in the west. But giant companies are taking over lands here too and have introduced modern energy consuming methods of farming, rendering poor farmhands jobless who are committing suicides every day. Genetic Engineering has reached here some 20 years ago plus heavy use of toxic pesticides. i know what i am talking about as coconut water is no longer sweet as it used to be, it is sort of bitter now.
I had one in january on Pongal festival and it was sweet surprisingly and i was told that they don't use any pesticided in the soil. That was the last sweet one i had, rest are bitter as usual. they tastes like medicine.

I am complaining about the wars and poverty creating economies, racism as the causes of our going extinct, perhaps genetic engineering would speed up the process. We have to take this planet, hijack it away from the greedy politicians. It is a massive effort. Abandon the coastal lands allow the earth to heal itself, it doesn't need our help. i have demonstrated that with pictures some months ago hope you remember how plants jut out of concrete in abandoned houses and roads. We should play along with the earth. We need massive anti governments campaigning. We cannot eat money Angel, money is not going to help. Only kindness love and compassion from each other. i am glad it is not dead yet and it is on the rise, you are a living example of that dearest Angel.
lots of love and Hugs

"Angeldust" said...

Raufie, Raufie, Raufie - I can see us discussing this overnight!!!

I have soooo much to comment on your response, nothing contrary of course, just some "hair splitting".

I have difficulty typing as you must know by now as I am dyxlexic - only when I type. I am fine long-hand. he-he-he - WOuld be mnice to just dictate it into the PC...

More that the politicians, I believe is the huge bio-chemical and pharmaceutical companies are runnning the show through a lot of manipulative lobbying and that leaves the mislead, but possibly well intentioned ones as well as the scoundrells open to all sort of poor decisions and actions.
(I have know some truly decent politician and will stand for them)

On the matter of disposal - the US is burrying a lot of their nuclear waste underground - in barrels - in the Nevada desert.
Some Uranium is dangerously shipped around the world - GOd knows where now, I don't remember, BUT, I am sure the info can be found somewhere in the Greenpeace site.
They used to have a map indicating (while tracing) the route of the ships...

I do believe the "Glabal Warming" as experienced in the present is greatly influenced by green gas emitions, deplition of ozone layer and all the other elements brought forth by both of us

I also agree that SHE is rebelling, that there IS a natural element of "passage" where she just adjusts her wrinkles and spits out crap now and then, sheds her skin ... and, that in the course of her existence she has capriciously had her way... she's a woman after all!

But, seriously, it appears that scientists are able to measure this changes by going back into the layes of millenium of ice and detect (great investigating job) though the particles trapped in it, what was going on - just as with the carbon dating prosess kind of thing...for the untrained novice... :)

I rather talk than write. That said - ciao for now
Lots of love and lots of hugs to you dearest Raufie, Earth Steward

"Angeldust" said...

you had asked Vishesh what other species?

Apparently cattle - with their "gas emitions" are great contributors - to the drama...

ONe would never think of it. The cattle industry is not happy with the "finding"

One that just came to mind.

got to go

All Smiles!! said...

Hmm.. a thought provoking post..a bit scary too..

Rauf said...

Yes Dearest Angel, '
She'll always a woman to me'
Billy Joel.

Just remember Angel, what ever we do, dig out every thing, even if we shave the planet completely, it will go on spinning non stop 24 hours 365 days. Only we are in trouble. not the earth.
lots of love and hugs

Rauf said...

Thank you ALL SMILES, yes, we are in a mess, big mess.

Protegeoflife said...

thanx for u comemnt and every visit to ur blog it gives great readingexperience am really thrilled and xcited by ur thought level

Rauf said...

Protegeoflife, thank you,
Bombay will be the first to go under the sea.

"Angeldust" said...

JUst heard last night "we found" another planet with liquid water, only half of it has light.... 20 light years to get there!

Biiiiiiiig Huuuuuug