26 April 2007


6.10 i am still on the road
No traffic, early in the morning
Moin, my nephew was clipping on his Pulsar
i was behind him
6.15 is my Kovai express
i tried to walk like John Travolta on reaching the station but on the crowded platform ended up walking like Danny DeVitto
half running half walking, lugging two bags and a water bottle.

We indians are movie crazy people
At any given time the ghost of some movie star would be in my body
the longest stay of a ghost in my body was Clint Eastwood's
i'll give you an idea how movie crazy we are.

A traditional wedding of Anu and Satish, sweetest friends, both of them, wedding ceremony was in full swing with an army of pujaris, priests and about a thousand guests, witnessing. Suddenly, some one yelled ' Rajani Kanth' Big time local god like movie hero
That was enough
Everybody rushed to the balcony to have a glimpse of him
Believe me
please believe me
you have to believe me.
The priests abandoned the bride and the groom, left the ceremony, abandoned chanting of mantras. they too rushed to the balcony for a glimpse of the hero.

so i am on the railway platform walking, running like Danny DeVitto, like an Orangutang
awful coffee you get in the trains........grabbed a good one, and rushed to my coach
When i got into the coach i became steven segal, had a window seat, i insist on it at the time of booking
where is my window seat ?
searching with a hot cup of coffee in my hand and the train started moving
Here it is.
what ?
Somebody sitting there, a boy, kiddo, i smiled he smiled back
its ok, i give my window seats to kiddas always
Is that your seat ? a lady asked
No, she did not ask it was more like an interrogation by a cop
yes, its my seat.
well, we have taken it, you go sit over there.
where ?
she pointed to a vacant seat in the middle, four rows behind
over there,
what arrogance !! oooh !
in such situations i normally scratch my head
i had to give my coffee to this lady, make my hand free to scratch my head.
she may even drink it.
Her attitude ! some attitude, was that an attitude ?
i was already staggering in a speeding kovai exp. i couldn't stagger more spilling my coffee on some poor well dressed soul., Bag and water bottle in one hand and hot coffee in the other
what an attitude !
I saw the vacant seat and i sat there
finished my coffee
she said 'we have taken it, go sit over there'
she did not even say 'can we have your seat?'
I would have said yes please
oh ! forgot to scratch my head. Now i scratched my yeddu vigorously
i never keep such issues pending

just a matter of a few hours, I'll be in Coimbatore
I forget such attitudes fast, didn't want to ruin my journey.
I was on my way to Coimbatore - Pollachi - Valparai then to Manampalli forest.
Five minutes of peace.
Hellow, Sir !
what ?
This is my seat, a very soft and gentle voice
i saw a big stomach touching my nose
actually his belt buckle was touching my nose.
red shirt, red shirt ? blood red.
what ? I had to make an effort to see his face,I saw his chin.
Sir, i think this is my seat, he told me very earnestly very softly.
oh sorry !
No unnecessary dialogue No unnecessary dialogue at all
The gentleman was very polite,
definitely not from Chennai
must be from Coimbatore
people of Coimbatore are always well mannered and polite.

Let me give you a similar situation
a guy from Chennai telling me that i am occupying his seat.

' yaaoo, this is my seat ' get up
oh !
yenna vovho ? why are occupying my seat ?
it was vacant...
Vaaat ? vacantaa ?
there was no one... i thought.......
vaat ? i thaaat ? thaaattaa ! any vacant seat is yoursaaa ?
where is your seat ?
then go and sit there why are you in my seat ?
yenna saary ?
padicchavanga, Yejjucated peepal (educated people) traveling ticketless and, as if this train belongs to his appa (father), he tells some one else, not to me,
now a war of words would escalate.
This is a typical Chennai behaviour, but this did not happen,
the gentleman was very polite
its ok if was wearing a blood red shirt
any way,i was evicted
that is eviction number 2
Eviction number one was my seat being taken
I am seatless now
I went back to my seat, i am the rightful owner of that seat for a few hours
ha ! I saw bulky old man sitting on my window seat, no boy, probably his grand father.The boy was occupying the opposite window seat, perhaps same family
I crossed these people went right up to to him and said
'get up' ! in Steven Segal style
I did not say 'please get up'
i had to be arrogant to an arrogant family, arrogant response
i had to prove that i am from Chennai
He got up
Eviction number 3
His wife an old stout lady was sitting next to him. She took advantage, she made herself comfortable occupying half my seat
its ok, i need only a few inches. i sat next to her,
got my reserved window seat back
The old man pushed himself and occupied the seat opposite, actually stuffed himself in between.
6 seats 7 people, facing each other, all well fed, on the heavier side, i am the only thin one there.
i studied the geography of the seats now
one mother, two children, one boy, about 9 or ten and a girl, about 12 or13, that makes 3 seats. grand father grand mother, that makes 5.

Another lady sitting in my row, not this family, because they did not offer any food to her,
poor thing slept all the way to Coimbatore, with her mouth wide open.
Now the bulky old man was staring at me,
his bulky arrogant daughter, who said we have taken your seat, was staring at me,
his 2 bulky grand children were staring at me,
i did not know if his bulky wife was staring at me
because she was sitting right next to me,
i turned my head to check if she was staring at me
she was staring at me.
They all must be wondering, oh ! what an animal !!
dreadful looking and so rude ! 

Now perhaps the old man thought, my wife is staring at this hairy gorilla
you can't trust these women, my wife may fall in love with him
they may elope as soon as we reach Coimbatore
they may both jump off at Salem itself and elope
why take that risk
he got up, evicted himself, eviction 4
and told his wife to get up,
she got up, eviction number 5
and the old man sat next to me.
Old maami, His wifee was safe now
satisfied ?
bad idea pal, in Bruce willis style. i did not say that, in my mind, i said that in my mind
she stuffed herself right opposite
now she could easily fall in love with me without straining her neck.
We can now both dream of singing duets running around the trees in pouring rain, changing costumes, yellow trousers green shirt red shoes, old maami doing thyee thakka, and me the gorilla in the park running behind her with a bunch of bananas in my hands,
oh no, let her dance in the rain and sing
but i'll wear a rain coat and run behind her,
i don't want to catch cold
was she still staring at me ?
I didn't know as i was looking out
had my iPOD on by then.

Arakkonam gone, 7.30
Now lot of action, everybody was moving
they were taking the breakfast out
tiffin boxes and one giant hoptpot.
i saw
idli and molagha podi, some reddish chutney
sssssssssssssss !

victoria falls coming out of my mouth
they won
naturally, they did not offer one bit to me
they ate it all
i checked, all finished, no left overs finnnittto
they ate everything, all idlis gone, this is how they are all on the heavier side.
jog jog jog, i would have told them, drink a lot of water.
Now washing of hands.
All left one by one.
The girl took advantage and sat on the opposite window seat which was occupied by her younger brother.
Now the boy threw a fit
he plonked himself on her sister's lap and was digging his elbow in to her stomach trying to push her.
Stop fighting the mother ordered.
She had enough

they were fighting over something or the other right from Chennai central.
Now the mother odered her daughter to move and let the brat take the window seat
the girl was evicted
eviction number what ?
I am losing track of all the evictions
I was watching all this.
The girl was very sweet, though bit on the heavier side, wearing Bermudas, lovely eyes, now wet with tears
I hate that
I really hate that
i hate when stupid mothers favour their sons
wanted to kill that stupid woman
I evicted myself, eviction number ? never mind
told the girl to take my window seat.
she wouldn't take it, she wouldn't move, looked away
ok, told the boy to take my seat, so that his sister could take the opposite window seat.
just look at this, the old man who was sitting next to me pushed himself on to my window seat
i snapped at him 'move' . Like Schwarzenegger i did not say 'please move'
MOOOOV , I bawled at him let the boy sit here.
i get pretty nasty sometimes
He was clearly scared of me.
he moved, the boy evicted himself and occupied my window seat.
the problem is not over
old maami, my heroine, pushed herself and occupied the opposite window seat.
WHAT ???
the girl was still in tears
now pepsi

they all had pepsi
girl refused, perhaps she was sensible or angry
i did not yell at the old lady
i am supposed to be her hero
i just pointed my finger towards the girl and the window seat
she got the message
they were all scared of me. i AM scary indeed
she evicted herself and let the girl take the window seat.
the boy had a window seat
the girl had the window seat.
Now I am seatless
So many were standing
no problem
the girl looked at me
i smiled, she did not smile back
What ?
massala dosai from the pantry car
they all had masala dosai
Dosai ?
just an hour ago these people had so many idlis
idlis after idlis
idlis after idlis,
never ending idlis, out of a huge magic hotpot
and they finished them all,
i saw the mother washing the hotpot an hour ago
they were buying everything from the pantry car that passed by
food pepsi maaza potato chips every thing.

At Jolarpet the kids were cribbing about something
both were whining
whats their problem ?
they both had window seats
What do I do, what do i do ? said the mother slapping her forehead
do you want me to go out and get you ?
the train stops only for a couple of minutes.
the mother was exasperated, holding her head in her hand
What do they want I asked
she looked at me completely defeated
they want comics she said
What comics ?
no answer.
i'll get you in Salem i said
none offered me a seat.
a couple of hours passed,
i was standing enjoying music

they were eating oranges
the train was entering Salem
i asked again what comics ?
the mother said, no sir please don't take the trouble sir,
she says 'Sir' oww !!
what comics ? i asked the girl
her eyes lit up
Tinkle she said
hokkay i'll get you
Sir the train stops here only for a minute sir please don't go out sir
i said i am fast then i looked in to her eyes and like Jim Carey , Ace Ventura style I said ' i am fast I am VERY fast '
Poor harassed mother, its ok if she ate 12 idlis and two masala dosai, poor thing
i jumped out before the train came to a halt
started running on the platform
asked a porter where the book stall is
stupid book stall was on the next platform
ran 200 meters dash, found the book stall
do you have tinkle ?
which one
any thing
he pulled 2 sizes, one magazine size one book size, thick one
give me both
how much ?
i paid him
i saw the train moving
where is my camera bag ?
how stupid of me
i left it in the train, my return ticket money cameras every thing was there in it.
i always do such stupid things
i was running like mad
'uncle uncle uncle' the kids shouting, they were waving at me helping me to identify the coach as it crossed me
got in to the moving train in to the next coach and walked back to my coach
why you took trouble sir, i could have bought them at coimbatore sir
i said the kids want them now, NOW in the train, not in Coimbatore i said, wondering how little these parents understand their children
how much sir ?
please ! i said
no sir, no sir, please tell me sir
i refused to accept money
i was still standing

its ok, Erode-Tiruppur-coimbatore
just a couple of hours,
iPOD on, The Doors ' this is the end ' playing
the boy was reading the comic munching potato chips
the girl was reading the comic munching potato chips
peace at last
not for long
suddenly the boy snached the book size tinkle from his sister's hands
she snached it back
they kicked each other
now the mother says, give it to him
the girl wouldn't
this woman was favouring her son again
i can commit a murder, i just wanted to stangle this stupid woman
'give it to him' the mother yelled at her daughter
the girl threw the book size tinkle at her brother
again she was in tears.
i did nothing, i did not say anything' not a word
i just took one step forward and removed my ear phones
i just stood there glaring at the mother, ear phones in my hands, my gorilla face close to hers
'give it back to her kanna', the mother said
the boy looked at me
he gave the book size tinkle back to his sister staring me with hatred

Now the mother, grand mother grand father were staring at me, all of them full of hatred
this is the devil who started the war
The sleeping lady was still sleeping, her mouth was wide open
i went back to my music
Mark Knopfler and James Taylor were Sailing to Philadalphia.


"Angeldust" said...

This is a precious account - my friend Alanna was right when she sais you were apoet!

WIll be back to finish it


Lots of love and hugs dearest Raufie.

Too, too bad that we did not get to see the wedding photos - at least those of the magnificent (I can only imagine) ceremony, not of all running to see "hero"... lol!

mystic rose said...

I laughed soo much.. my tummy is hurting and tears in my eyes..

awesome post! so much humor.. iw ould ofocurse like to see you look like steven segal or Ace Ventura..and CLINT EASTWOOD!!!


hmm point ofcourse, is the way so subtly even in the littlest things, so much prefernce is given to boys over their sisters.. that they come first and girls are expected to quietly subjugate themselves.., and this comes form mothers.. i gues spart of it could also be that since girls are quieter they would nto amke as much as fuss as boy would. but still.. the lesson this conveys to both of them.. ugh! totally identify with you wanting to strangle the woman... (did u say that? i think you did).. :))

anyway.. wonderful story teller.

Madhat said...

I wonder if you are crazy but then I get your point. :)

mala said...

Wow! Fun-tastic trip. I laughed right thru. heeheehahahho I loved this one.

vishesh said...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) good one....

yes the original chennai guy will shove you out...and maybe even abuse......i have seen the variety who eat and eat...OMG!!
Manampalli forest...??
i wanted to go over there??how is it??

Karamkudi Reddiar(KKR) said...

where are you Dearest Raufie?

So Hum said...

Hi Rauf, Rachel here, I haven't had a chance to read your blog as I am on the run, but I did catch the Clint Eastwood part and have to laugh. I have never had a movie star live in my body before. I think I'll try it today- see if anyone notices:) I just started a blog finally last night, so I wanted to invite you- I don't have a fancy camera and I am still figuring out my cheap photo editing program, so please don't come with high expectations! Adios:)

Ruth said...

rauf, I think you are either on a train or have arrived at your destination for the festival.

This was a very entertaining story. My only fear is that the daughter will turn out like her mother. I'm proud to know you and how you stood up to them.

All the movie references are so funny. I think it would make an interesting movie to see someone play-act as if they were various film characters.

Cindy said...

If it wasn't so funny, I'd feel bad for you, having to put up with all that on your journey. People can be incredibly rude no matter where you go, I guess. But then, you sometimes run into those who are so nice they make up for the bad ones.

magiceye said...

rauf you should be making short films!!! superb screenplay you have here!

Rauf said...

Dear friends,
i am traveling again, i'll be back in a few days, i'll respond to your comments and mail when i get back
all my love

her indoors said...

that was on very funny post, i can just see you running like danny de vito, hope you have a safe trip x

e2d said...

That was a very funny naration of your train journey Rauf.
Enjoy the forest and do pay my respects :)
Take Care Rauf

Four Dinners said...

I would make a sizeable hole in my vodka supplies after a train journey like that! Brilliant account. Cracked me up.

Sangita said...

Not good left me real angry...U can't let ppl take u for granted..Noone should do that.How can u not demand ur seat back when u need it?? Can't avoid the angry ovrtone :-(

Lisa Francisco said...


It is a good post! I can't finish it because I am at work. :( how are you?


OmanforLife said...

I just wanted to say that you have quite a talent for storytelling/story writing. Very entertaining style.

"Angeldust" said...

I am glad I had a chance to pop back to finish reading this post before your return - tears in my eyes again...
This time from laughter!!!

It also brought back memories of a different society, where one lives in "community" at all times.

Any number of your actions here would be frown upon.
The police might be called on you. No matter if you are right or wrong. Parents would be offended to death and you might end up in Court with a number of accusations.
Interesting how we choose to perceive one another’s actions.

This kind of interaction is what gives color to life, what shows us that we matter to one another, even when it appears it may be negative it gives us all a “point of reference”

Hmmmmm - it is all so "clinical" and detached over here… although, at times one may observe such interaction with new immigrants.
Of course, I find myself using some of the "attitude" more and more often with teen-agers at large, as they tend to be an unruly/uncivilized bunch when traveling in packs…
Must admit, I surprised myself a couple of times with my own commanding tone!
Once home, I chuckle at what the fact that it all went sooooo smoothly after. lol

Lots of love and hugs dear Raufie

(I think someone – further up – is mocking the way I address you … hmmm J )
I just finished with StudioGaleria’s update as per shows. Ready to roll tomorrow – the Big Day!

Rauf said...

Dearest Angel,
Just back, very tired.
want to make it clear Angel
no one is mocking at you, the lady in question calls me raufy too. friends call me raufy, mostly ladies call me raufy, family specially my mother's side call me raufaan, N in the end is half pronounced. There are two types of alphebets for N sound, one with a dot in it and one without a dot. N with a dot is pronounced full like MOON. without a dot is MOO and half N.

My father's side call me raufaan only when they need something from me, like hospital duty during nights or running erands.
By now after reading my posts you would have come to a conclusion that i regret being a man. I would have made a good nurse Angel. My friends put me on hospital duty to stay with the patients in the nights. I normally pick up fights with doctors.
love and hugs Angel, I'll catch up some sleep and write to you

Rauf said...

Dearest Angel,
Yesterday the situation was reversed. I was occupying some one else's seat as i had no reservation. A family boarded some where in between. i got up. but they forced me to sit and made me comfortable and the lady said i look very tired and offered me her sleeping berth to take rest. Their children, a boy and girl both teen agers were reluctant to be comfortable in my company and they were calling me 'baba' which i didn't like. 'baba' is generally refered to guru or swamys whom i hate passionately. i reached home in comfort without reservation.

In Indian trains specially in long distance journeys we meet all kinds of people. Mostly are unselfish. We carry a lot of luggage(baggage) all the useless things, once their luggage is arranged and kept safe they relax and get friendly. i don't mind questions. they ask lot of questions since i look 'DIFFERENT'
i have to answer personal questions too. All the details of my family and i have to explain why i am not married. I think being alone, old and not married attracts a lot of kindness.

Yes what you say is right Angel, interaction gives colour to life.
In India it is very difficult to remain detached, nearly impossible.
But it is happening in modern families, who don't even know their neighbours. Every one is after PRIVACY western style. We are getting westernised and getting ourselves isolated. I have seen suicides in rich families. i can understand suicides resulting out of poverty.

Yes, Teenagers traveling in 'packs' get unruly and noisy, quite true.
lots of love and hugs Angel

Chimera said...

i adore Clint Eastwood even now n ur train journey was soooooooo hilarious that I found my collegues staring at me just like the family stared at you :D

Chimera said...

and i just read your comment to Angel in which you mentioned 'PRIVACY' the Western style - having been to the West a couple of times, I do not say it is entirely true and I also find nosey neighbours irritating.. they are looking for trouble rather than for helping.

Rauf said...

Mishteek Roja !
This is pretty common. Boys are given preference. Its the mothers who are usually guilty of unfair treatment of daughters.

Had to keep an eye on my sister, i did not let it happen in my house. my nephew and niece get equal treatment. Niece is more pampered here.

Rauf said...

Madhat, yes i am crazy

Rauf said...

thanks Mala, story in reverse happened yesterday in the train.
I was occupying some one else's berth and those people were exceedingly polite and made me comfortable, they were going to Dhanbad.

Rauf said...

Vishesh, yes if it rains before your school reopens you can go to Manampalli forest. Its near Valparai, but you need to talk to the DFO or the range officer to stay there, they generally allow serious people. it is not open for tourists. Very green and well maintained forest, not a bit of plastic there. Take a guide if you want to trek there. Or you can take permission from Top slip range officer. you can stay at top slip and go for a trek, there are family rooms available at top slip.

Rauf said...

KKR I am back

Rauf said...

Hi Rachel, absolutely no expectations, just pour your thoughts on different issues. Every one has some talent, perhaps you are not aware of your hidden strengths which will come out once you start talking about yourself.
please write for yourself and not for friends or others. Glad you decided to have a blog. No entries as yet. I am eagerly waiting Rachel.

Rauf said...

Quite true Ruth, they always turn out like the mothers. this is something i have discussed in the environment series. Female infanticide is usually demanded by women themselves. Women prefer only sons. Though there is law against it but it is still in practice unfortunately.

the train was late, so i missed the festival, went to silent valley.

Rauf said...

Cindy, you'd meet all kinds of people in the trains in india, most of them are very kind and adjusting. Yes adjusting is what india is all about. i forget these experiences and see humour in it.

Rauf said...

MagicEye, thank you, have lot of scripts in mind. Movie making is in everybody's mind. we all think that we can make better movies than what we see on the screen. even i dream of an oscar and i have a ready acceptance speech too.

' thank you mummy, thank you daddy, i know you are sick and tired of the people, so you brought me in to this world to torture them, here i am accepting an oscar for doing what you wanted me to do. i promise i will continue to torture as many as i can by making many films in the future.

Rauf said...

i know my long posts are torture too MagicEye.

Rauf said...

HER INDOORS, i like Danny Devitto, there are many who go unnoticed, one such actor is Austin Pendleton.
Terrific performance always in what ever little role he gets. other name which comes to my mind ia Alley sheedy.

Rauf said...

Hi e2dees, hope you are doing fine.
i was lucky to get the first rain in kerala. got myself wet, just walked in the rain, few minutes. very pleasant smell of first rain. Met some tribals of Attapadi.

Rauf said...

hahaha FOUR DINNERS, none to match yours. Life in Indian trains is so interesting that you would very easily spend three days just watching people, all kinds of people, fellow travellers, hawkers selling pins to atom bombs, beggers, singers, musicians. people will keep you entertained.

Rauf said...

Sangita hope you are feeling better now, going for your normal morning walks.

don't know what is written on my face Sangita, people straight away come to me and ask for my berth. i always give away. i don't mind sitting in the nights. some bad experiences too. One gujrati family boarded at Chalakudi, lots of children, one lady asked for my berth. i said fine please take, later i found their husbands happily sleeping,
chaadar taan ke' aaram se'
i told the lady to wake her husband up, she said poor chap is very tired and let him sleep and asked me to adjust, i went and pulled his pillow and chaadar pulled him out of his berth. I get very nasty sometimes.

Rauf said...

Sangita, forgot the funniest part,
The train stops at chalakudi only for a minute and these people had lots of children and lots of luggage. they stuffed everything in the passage. i started helping them in arranging. their men folk were just chewing paan and spitting everywhere. after a while these ladies started treating me like a porter, Hey tumhare' ko Akkhal hai ? yeh khaane' ka saamaan hai isko ooper rakho. One IIT student pulled me by my collar, she said uncle please don't help these people they don't deserve it.

Rauf said...

Lees ! how are you ? you hokkay ? been away traveling, spending time in forest. its ok if you don't have time to read the story. please take care

Rauf said...

OMANFORLIFE, thank you

Rauf said...

hahaha Your Majesty Princess Chimera ! Nosey neighbours following you too ?
i thought Shahi Royal families don't have any neighbours.

'Love thy neighbour as thyself'
i read this somewhere, God is supposed to have said that.
He said that bikkaas God does not have any neighbours.

My house is a walkin and walk out
Neighbour's children grow up in my house. i do not know where the sugar bottle is, my neighbours know where it is.

i have shot many people dead with my gun which is two fingers and my thumb Bam Bam ! And i have shot myself dead in the mirror many times One shot Bam ! i look at myself with contempt
'do i feel lucky you punk ?', after shooting myself dead i blow the smoke coming out of the gun 'phooo'. i used to kill my friends with Clint Eastwood dialogue. the cigar in my mouth was a long piece of sookha aam (dried and salted mango piece for making pickle) My mom used to scream at me
for chewing the sookha aam and spitting it out in clint Eastwood style. Unfortunately i have never seen a real gun in my life. I used to walk around my house weaing a blanket over my dress like a shawl in Madras heat. i got myself a hat too bought in moore market, the madras chor bazaar. its not there any more, the complex caught fire, the government set it on fire to extend the railway station. all my memories were burnt to ashes on that fateful night. I'll write about moore market soon Princess chimera. i used to buy old books, hollywood magazines (photoplay silver screen)with pictures of leading ladies and Heros, beatles dave clark five rollingstones, astrix comics
i had a good collection. like me there were thousands of crazy boys in madras who were very sad that night. some cried, i cried too.

vishesh said...

nice idea..i will be asking my father about it then..its he who plans these stuff...

Rauf said...

Hi Vishesh !

Coimbatore - Pollachi - Ana malai - Top Slip. You can stay at topslip and go to Parambikulam which is Kerala. TN - Kerala border road is beautiful. Please don't forget to carry a flask with you. A torch is a must. You have to walk quite a distance to have a cup of tea or for meals. You have to order your meals a couple of hours before.

please carry a few biscuit packets for tribal children

iamnasra said...

so this what happens in the train back over there LOL

iamnasra said...

I missed my Is

Rauf said...

Yes Nasra, train journeys in India are very interesting

Chinna said...

it is ok to flirt with the mind - ie the lady sitting opposite you. flirting with contact is out of the question - ie lady sitting next to you.

Rauf said...

Chinna, its the reaction of the old man, her husband which was funny. He was on the window seat sitting next to his wife and i go and unseat him and sit next to his wife. They were all staring at me.
perhaps the old man did not like his wife sitting next to me and he sudddenly told her to get up. That's when my visualisation of eloping with her started.

Anonymous said...

We should all take a leaf out of that book and maybe our planet wouldn't be dying.

Rauf said...

The planet is not dying Jo, we are.

Anonymous said...

great post as always...and an interesting train journey of yours! ;))

Rauf said...

Thank you Shimmer, More people more incidents in the trains, always something going on, hawkers, singers musicians, lot of fun on Indian trains. No fun in higher Airconditioned coaches, life is boring there, every one is quiet, everybody is somebody, they have to protect their image or presteige. so they don't interact like in cheaper coaches in which i travel.