9 July 2007


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Well well well,
Am i proud ?
i don't think so.
am i happy ?
Not much, i voted for it though, now there would be lot more tourists coming in and lot more money. i am happy about that.

Pronounced Taaj Mehl. Crown of all the palaces, Taj is crown, Mehl is a palace. It is not a palace, its a monument. No one lived there.
Two people are living there now.

knock knock, anybody here ? HALLEW !!
ha ! who are you ?
I am a traveler i was passing by and i am tired, can i have a glass of water please ?
Nice house ! , and who are you ?
i am the king of Hindustaan.
Would you like to stay and rest for a while ?
Stay ? You got to be kidding. Nice to meet you sir and thank you for the water.

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I posted one picture sometime back in a different context but never had an idea of having a post on it. Its nice, good feeling, but you feel nice watching a sunset or watching clouds too.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Its huge, humongous x 10000,
you would ask why ?
same question about the great wall of China.
WHY ??
These pictures don't give you an idea of the size.
Splendour, yes.
Grand, yes yes yes.
You have to see it to believe it. It is SOMETHING.
Wonder ? yes
it deserves to be a WONDER.

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It is the most photographed structure in the world. Highly intricate and inspirational craftsmanship. i have my deep respect for those craftsmen and the architect. But not for the builder. He wanted it. Thats why its here, so you have to be thankful to him as well.

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Can you see the people there ? Its huge. Awesome is not the right word.

Except for the camera and water bottle, they don't allow anything else. They don't allow camera batteries too. Please don't carry any bag, the security is very tight. They may spoil your mood.

Its a unique experience. You'll be happy. The beauty and splendour comes very close to that of Nature. Its the most beautiful man made structure in the world.

Included in the wonder list or not, it hardly makes any difference, it stands alone.

i can tell you this much, others are wonders but this is ecstasy.
Its a must.

Please click HERE or BLUNT KNIFE link on the side bar for detailed pictures.


macnife said...

WOW... your photos are simply awesome. The ones in this blog as well as the others - I especially enjoyed Passion Green... beautiful!! I owe Pingu big time for pointing me this way.

PS. Loved the last pic of the Taj, the composition was lovely and the lighting perfect.

BTW, I would be grateful if could take a look at my photos ( http://macnifepointofview.blogspot.com ) and give me some pointers (photography is very new to me - I got my first real camera only in May 2005).

Pingu said...

Rauf Uncle,
upar jo macnife hai he is actually Pappu...naam badalta rehtha hai :P

His other blog is http://macnife2001.blogspot.com. Bahut modest ban raha hai...his photographs have won prizes in photography contests in Utah. Mere blog ka jo header hai...woh wala photu isi ka hai.

And I got my first real camera last week. sabse basic model ka digicam...heehee...abhi tak apne ghar ke deewaron ki tasveeren keenchi hain... :P

Rauf said...

Thank you Macnife, Sure i'll look into your page, A camera is a tool of expression, you can express anyway you like on any subject of your choice. No pointers needed for digital photography. Six year old children are coming up with amazing pictures. Some take it seriously and would like to learn more. i would be too glad to to be of any help.

Rauf said...

Aree Pingudee, Whatoo ? opees mei masti maarti ? Apna kaam kar.
Hi Bitiya Raani,
i have never entered any competetions and won no prizes, My best prize is your liking them bitiya. I'll write to you,
lots of love Bitiya

her indoors said...

you are so right, it is a masterpiece, no words do it justice, thank you for showing it us, hope you are well Rauf x

zzz-writer said...

RD babu
pics look awesome/ awsome (forgot the spelling)
aapke blog paar aakar main partial amnesia ki shikaar ho jaati hoon..hairaan bhi ho jaati hoon.
kya wajah hai?? aapke mosquito comments (on my wisdom post)ka kamaal lagta hai.
hope you wud take this in your stride...
aur eek baat bolun?? aap mujhe bhi bitiya keh kar bulao pleez...acha lage ga.

Rauf said...

Hi HER INDOORS, sorry i did not make it clear.

There was a massive campaign on the net and mobile phones, electronic and print media to vote for Taj Mehl to be included in the list of 7 wonders of the world. Taj Finally made it.
There was celeberation all over India.

Taj doe not need any campaign. Wonder or no wonder, it stands alone. Hope you make it to India with Mr. Himself and see for yourself. took these pictures a couple of years ago, have taken many times before, a couple of times i did not have any time to take pictures for myself. I was busy taking pictures for others with their cameras. You take picture of one couple or a family and there are ten couples lined up asking you to take their pictures.
Without asking or without being told people maintain silence. The place hits you like thunderbolt.
It makes you numb for a while.

Rauf said...

JeeJeeJee Bitiya Aapki saadagi par bahut duaayen nikleen dil se'. Sheeshe' ki tarha, saaf dil aur saafgo lagti hain aap.

Theek hai ab bijness ki baat karte' hain.

aap jo hum se' pandhra rupye' pacchattar paise' udhaar liye' the' do saal pehle', meherbaani farmaa ke' lautaa deejeye' Faakhe' ki naubat aagayee hai. Aapko yaad toh hogaa.
Ghareeb, sadak chaap, phateechar kangaal aadmi hoon. Meherbaani keejeye'

UP mein sab mujhe' bauji pukaarte' hain. Banaras Allahbaad aur Lucknow par toh hum fida ho gaye'

Aagre' ke' pethe' ko hum bhool hi gaye' Bas Taj ki azmat aur logon ka piyaar yaad hai.

yeh RD ka kya matbal huaa Bitiya ?

i am not joking about sadak chaap or being a kangaal, sach keh rahaa hoon.

Ruth said...

Yes, your photos are magnificent, and I can get a feel of it, even though I'm certain it is breathtaking to be there. I'll never forget the photo of Princess Diana alone on a bench in front of it, which spoke volumes about her loneliness.

The sky gave you a lovely backdrop, the clouds are simply gorgeous. You have caught amazing detail in these photos, I can see the stone outlines and the filigree of the architectural details.

I especially like seeing the colorful sarees with the white stone.

vishesh said...

havent still had the chance to see it ......want to want to sooooooooooo badly!

macnife said...

It is true that digital cameras have made photography much more accessible, especially to a hobbiyist like me. I initially took up photography when I moved to Salt Lake City to simply share with my friends and family the beautiful sights I was seeing every day. But after a while I realized that sometimes you see a little bit more in a photograph - it tells you something, evokes a certain feeling. And that's the reason I want to learn more about the art of photography - so can capture not just objects but the vision they present to me.

That's why I loved that photo titled 'Is it love?' so much... you didn't really need to type out the caption, the picture was saying it all. Heck, all your photos are like that. I hope that it's achievable through practice and not some intangible sixth sense conferred by genes.

zzz-writer said...

thanx rauf jeeee
rd ka matlab mujhe khud maaloom nahin..haan aapke kisi comment se hi aaya hai yeh mujhe pakka pata hai!!!
chalne dete hain, kya harz hai, kuch alag si respect hai ussmain, otherwise aapko naam se pukaarna kuch theek nahin lagta mujhe.
baaki business to business hai ..aapko hum dilli ki chandini chowk main faalooda kulfi khila denge to chalega na?
bye 4 now
take care

DJ Kirkby said...

Incredible, your photographs are awesome! Is it my eyes or does the Taj list slightly to the right? Must be my eyes...

isabella said...

Congratulations to India and her people for the Taj Mahel honor! And you do it justice with your stunning photos! What a feast for the eyes!

Yes, the sheer size of it is staggering...

Rauf said...

Ruth, Perhaps Shah Jahan ( Shah is king, Jahaan Is world. N is half pronounced in Jahaan So he is the king of the world.) Visualised that people would like to get themselves photographed against my Taj Mehl. The Marble seat is placed at the right spot where Princess Diana sat. She was wearing a red coat in harsh sunlight, i would have appreciated a blue coat. It was a stunning picture. That is nearly impossible as there are hundreds of people at any given time. The all the news papers and tabloids highlighted her being 'alone' more than the Taj. I think she was taken there in the morning hours. Security was the main concern. Evening is the best time. i have not been there on full moon night.

She made news didn't she. Sweet thing she was.
Of all the celebrity deaths, hers was the saddest. i was so depressed, though i have utter contempt for anthing 'Royal' i heard it first on the BBC radio.
then on the TV. BBC kept repeating Keith Jarett's number, i had it on tape but don't know the title, still trying to get it. All i know is that it is the first number of the album. My tape is damaged.
I did not miss even a second of her funeral. Every one at home was sad. All my neighbours and my family watched the funeral in total silence.

Rauf said...

Vishesh, avoid summer months, late evening is the best time.

Cuckoo said...

Awesome pictures Rauf !!
Though there is no doubt, Taj is always one of the best but your pictures made it look like THE Best.

Keep posting.

Rauf said...

Macnife, your picture on Pingu Bitiya's template is lovely.

Much depends on how serious you are about photography. My first priority is being in the wilderness, spending time with the tribals or in the villages and the cities just walking on the streests observing things, eating roadside food. Taking pictures is secondary. i love taking pictures of people right up their face which is possible only in India. People would object in the west.
Here people love to be photographed and i shoot with no hesitation. i smile and walk away. You can see 2 Banaras posts. The atmosphere means a lot to me. i would like to remember it and pictures help me. Still my 2MP Kodak is my favourite. i always carry it with me.

Rauf said...

JEE JEE Bitiya, jee jee jee
mei se' ek Jee kum kardoon ? piyaara lagta hai. Magar Mere' naam se, jee ko nikaal phenkiye' meherbaani hogi.

Pata nahi tha aap Dilli shehar ki rahne' waali hain. Theek hai Chaandni chowk ka faalooda khilake
aap mujhe' jannat ki sair karvaiye' Ek lambe' glass mein.

aajkal main Dilli mujhe' nahi bhaata, utne' paise nahi hain mere' paas. kaafi mehanga ho gaya hai. Mera yaar Nirmal tang kar raha tha ke woh idli dosa hi khaayega, jamia masjid ke' peechay idli dosa ? kya tuk hai ! main ne' bas ek chai li.

Jee Jee Bitiya, app ke liye' agle' post mei Jamia masjid ki galiyan pesh karoonga, bas aap ke' liye.

Rauf said...

DJ, i always have problems with keeping the camera straight and to the centre.
You are right. Taj is fine. Precise calculations have gone into it, accuracy to micro millimeter is maintained all over, and it is made to withstand massive earthquakes.

Rauf said...

When you hear loud banging noise coming from Shah Jahan's grave you can be sure ISABELLA is stepping in.

Bang bang bang, for god's sake let me out of here.... she's coming she's coming. oh my gaaad ! Save me.

his queen would say she is a sweet girl Jahaan panah (Jahaan is world and N is half pronounced. Panah is to give protection. So 'Jahaan panah' is the king who protects the world)

No no no she is going to ask embarassing questions she'll make me confess my crimes, let me out of here.... hide me hide me pleeeeeese.
bang bang bang

Rauf said...

Cuckoo ji Cuckoo ji kaisi hain app ? Thoda sa paani, thodi si barsaat yahaan bhi bhejiye' AKKHA Chennai sookha padaa hai.

Even a blind man can take good pictures of the Taj Cuckoo ji, its stunning from every angle. Bumbai ka Taj sirf baahar se' dekha hai, andar jaane' ki himmat nahi huee.

lorenzothellama said...

Amazing pictures. They made my eyes water! Really, really want to come to India. So far I have only passed through Delhi airport and I don't think that was somehow typical of India!!!

Love Lorenzo.

Rauf said...

Hi LORENZO, Yes it is not, Airport atmosphere is highly elite and completely alien to a billion road side Indians like me. India vibrates in its villages. Taj Mehl is history. There are some families still desperately clinging on to the aristocratic way of living. We no longer have kings Maharajas and Nawaabs. We have a local Nawaab's palace called Amir Mehl. Never been inside. We used to sneak in and play cricket there in the big ground behind the palace.
(without pads gloves and shoes) until the guards (underpaid and who were always sleeping) chased us out. Most of the time the guards would have sympathy for us and let us play. Poor Royal kids loved to play with us but were not allowed. They simply watched us play, and watched us fight and kick each other.

hope you come to India and see the life of adjustments which is our culture and see some past glory like Taj Mehl.
lots of love Lorenzo

Matangi Mawley said...

i am ok.. and the taj is splendid! awsome photos rauf!!!

Rauf said...

Thanks Matangs, please get cracking. Waiting to for you tickle us with your humour. What a country, i love being here, We have too many jokers making news. The news paper itself is a daily dose of jokes. We can be miserable if we want to by taking things seriously, but your attitude makes life worth living, your attitude makes this world beautiful.

Ruth said...

Abi, I know what you mean about Diana, I felt it too. I have a hard time with the royals, but because she was "other" it was easy to love her. Her story was mythical.

I was up feeding baby Lesley watching Diana's wedding to Charles on TV. William is close to Peter's age. I related to her as a mum and a woman.

I was devastated when she died. Nancy and I had visited Paris two months before she died there. I am still stunned by the connection I feel with her.

I hope you will see "The Queen" which takes place during the week of Diana's death. It's quite poignant, even from the Queen's perspective. I heard that Helen Mirren began to empathize with the Queen after making that film.

I love looking at these pictures, they are so clear and vivid.

Sewmouse said...

Your photos of this lovely bit of history are very beautiful. I had never realized how large the Taj is, as many of the photos I have seen did not have visible people in them to compare size.

I think the pictures of the smiling children are even more beautiful, however.

(Found you via 4dinners, I think)

Rauf said...

Ruth i'll watch out for 'the queen'

Its puzzling that the English want to preserve the monarchy but they keep splashing mud on them. No restrictions on the tabloids who tear them to pieces in every issue. The Royals are humans afterall, they are expected to be like gods.

Though Raja Maharaja, Nawaabs have gone extinct in India, the 'Royal' Families still cling on to their past glory. Their palaces are difficult and mighty expensive to maintain. A couple of years ago i watched a 'Royal' wedding on the TV, very lavish it was. Except for a handful (we had many of them) whose younger generation was progressive and had business ideas, others live on selling the property and struggle to maintain a lavish life style. One day they all crumble. Some were smart enough to join politics, some failed and some became chief ministers, like the one in the state of Rajasthan now.

Initially the Indian government was giving them a generous pension called 'Privy Purses'. I don't know if it is continued now. All these Princely states had British support. After independence all were 'de throned' 'de crowned' and 'de royaled'. But none had the brutal ending like the Nicholas and Alexandra and their children.
Such things can never happen in India. There is humour in every action the government takes. Clowns and vultures have replaced the 'Royals'

Rauf said...

Hi SEWMOUSE, Welcome to daylight again, i am glad that this is not a depressing post like the others in this blog.

Yes The child's smile is priceless.
most heart warming and the most beautiful. You are right about that.

Hope you'd come to India one day, you will love it or hate it, India is a land of extremes. i neither paint a rosy picture nor do i present only the ugly side of my country. i try to present my country with all the joy ecstasy, poverty and suffering.
The way it is.
i love my country but i don't let patriotism cloud my judgement. this is just another amazing place under the sun. You are going to love it SEWMOUSE

Pauline said...

I enjoyed the photo from the angle within the roofline, the scalloped effect is very beautiful.Your pictures are very wonderful and thought provoking. "Thank you1"

Sharon said...

Quite amazing. The Taj Mahal casino they built in Atlantic City, NJ doesn't even compare. This is splendid the casino version is gaudy!

KAYLEE said...


Kathy said...

Oooooo these photos take my breath away! i wish i could be that close to beauty! I agree...It is the most beautiful man made structure in the world.

Travel Geek said...

hi rauf

Nice blog with lovely pictures. I liked the post on Pochumpalli it is was really lovely.
Thankls for visiting my blog as well

Rauf said...

Hi Pauline,Thank you so much, It has a sad history behind it. But the structure delights us all today.

Rauf said...

How are you Sharon ? Never heard of the casino, thanks so much
yes, just now checked Trump Taj Mahal casino and resort, all neon lit. Too colourful and yes gaudy as you said. But it is a casino.
I think all Vegas casinos are like that. i have seen casinos only in the movies. like Whoopie's 'Sister Act' hilarious.

Rauf said...

Thank you KAYLEE

Rauf said...

Hi Kathy, LA Bankok Delhi
now tickets are cheap i heard.
please come with Richard and Marcey, Now only money makes places far or near Kathy.

love and Hugs

Rauf said...

Oh thank you so much TRAVEL GEEK, It was really nice to read about your activities.


Magnificent. I must see it one day - not to mention the bits really worth seeing.

You educate me. (Which is remarkable considering an entire education system failed to)

Thanks Rauf

lorenzothellama said...

Thank you for your comments Rauf. The flood in the garden has drained away and I was hoping to do some work in it today but alas it is raining hard again.

My grandparents didn't have a lot of money to spare, but my parents worked hard after the war and my brother and I had a very good education.

Now, if I am careful and am not too extravagant I can afford to do a bit of travelling. This year I have been to Japan, France, Spain and the Azores. In September I am going to Scotland for a week and my husband wants to go somewhere in October. I would like to go to India, maybe Darjeeling. What's it like in the Autumn?

Rauf said...

Thank you FOUR DINNERS, Yes this is a must. History behind this is very painful. There is a dark side of everything.
Please give my love To Caz and Jax

Rauf said...

Hi LORENZO, The story is other way around. One genration is hard working, next generation is lazy and the third generation is smart. This is my case. I am the lazy generation. The present generation is smart. They realise the value of money and hard work. They invest carefully and reap the harvest. i never thought of investing. i live for the day, and tomorrow will take care of itself. i will never advise any one to follow this, stupid idea actually, somehow i have survived.

Nice to know you have been around the world. it is an unforgettable experience and education. Hope you visit india soon.

let it rain Lorenzo, let the earth get soaked. Your garden will regenerate very soon.

lorenzothellama said...

Thanks for the advice. I think that story about the three generations certainly works here too, but it is usually about the aristocracy or the big industrialists in the 19th century.

The sky is blue today so maybe I will be able to do some work in the garden, although everything is so soggy!

GMG said...

I’m exhausted... Too much beauty in so few pictures! Always wanted to visit Taj Mahal, but never managed. Anyhow, one of these days I’ll have to find some time to get to India. Your photos are superb!

mystic rose said...

It IS a marvel, no doubt about it.
Amazing job the craftsmen did!

Sangita said...

Love ur pics.bee thre as a kid.but somehow strongly felt no pic can capture the beauty that u sein front of ur eyes..So much publicity and still it did not bring out anything on the craftsmen ship details or even a small documentary on taj..I was so disappointed..

Rauf said...

You have time Lorenzo, Its your garden, if you carefully look around there will lot of new vegetation, that you have never seen before. There would be something very useful there. A garden of that size will be good for growing medicinal herbs.

Rauf said...

Welcome to Daylight Again GMG, its been there for 350 years now and it will be there when you get a chance to come. Half the tourists come to see the Taj and go back without seeing rest of India. If you have seen the Taj you have not seen India and you don't see Indians, only the tourists from all over the world. Now that it is one of the seven wonders of the world the flow of tourists would increase dramatically. You'll find India and iIndians in the villages.
Thank you so much GMG

Rauf said...

Mystic Rose, yes It is a marvel. It is standing there because some body wanted it.

Rauf said...

Things were different then Sangita, Now the security is so tight that it spoils the mood. Just the camera and the water bottle is allowed. Go there again with your hub Sangita, and tell him to sing a song. 'Jo waada kiya tha nibhaana padega'

Pauline said...

I hesitate to leave a comment. It appears you have a full time job just responding! Your post is most enjoyable and I will return. I have been thinking of the lovely faces of the children writing on chalk boards instead of paper. They seem so eager to learn, so content. .

Rauf said...

Hi Pauline, please don't hesiitate, i welcome your comments and the comments from my readers have helped me a lot and i have changed my views on many issues. i don't have any rigid thinking and beliefs any way. i am always ready to change and accept that i was wrong. So your comments are very important to me. When i started blogging my language and views were very offensive. Comments from my readers helped me to calm down.

i spend time in the wilderness with no access to internet for weeks. when i get back home i get a heart attack, but i sleep first for 2 days, then i start replying to all the mail and comments. i do it slowly. i write only when my mind is calm. i still write silly stupid and offensive comments.

mystic rose said...

anything that happens in the world, is becos someone wants something, .... whether its monuments like this, empires, religious organisations, environmental pollution, car seats for safety of children, reforms for betterment of women.. all boil down to pride, greed, dignity, creativity, good or bad in human beings.

I have nothing against the taj.. its an amazing monument.. but people do need to know the truth as well... of what happens behind the scenes.

ab bas.

mystic rose said...

and im waiting for your critique of my new post. do you like the story?

Pauline said...

Sometimes know as a retreat, a place of solitude and meditation. No wonder you write with an unspoken presence. Time away for weeks....capturing the essence of life so sweet.

mystic rose said...

is that your writing up there.. that reads 'daylight again' ?

its nice!

Ex-Shammickite said...

These pictures are beautiful and tranquil, but I am sure that the famous Taj Mahal is a busy busy place, with visitors coming to see it from all over the world.
Perhaps one day I'll be one of those visitors, I certainly hope so.

Rauf said...

Mystic Rose, History of this planet is fine, but history of humans is not a pleasant subject to read. It is red all over, still wet with dripping blood. Today's world is lot less gruesome largely due to the evolution of human mind, we saw the end of slavery and apartheid.
i have written about this two years ago in a post

Some are excluded from the process of natural selection. They are still waging wars out of greed, killing innocent people, i call them uncivilised. We in India practice racism, i call them uncivilised too. We may be emerging economic super power. We may be well educated but still some of us are uncivilised, such people are the rejects of the process of natural selection. Today Taj Mehl cannot be built for many reasons, cost is not one of them. There will be hundred court cases before the foundation is laid. This is the evolution of human mind.

i am not aware of the history behind all the present seven wonders. The history of Great wall of China and the Roman Colloseum is soaked in blood. They are still standing there. They remind us of our cruel and violent history.

Rauf said...

Mystic Rose, yes that is my handwriting. i wanted to include something personl there other than pictures.

Rauf said...

oh Pauline, you are sweet.
i just wrote about the process of natural selection and the evolution of human mind. The love kindness and compassion people like you generate is the result of such evolution. Today People hope to survive in peace because there are people like you to protecxt them. The immediate reaction and massive aid pouring from all over the world when tsunami struck is an example. We are living in a better world today. You will not allow the great wall of China, the Taj or the Colloseum to be built today. thank you Pauline.

mystic rose said...

wow..im impressed. beautiful handwriting !

Rauf said...

Thank you EX-SHAMMICKITE, Now that it is in the list of seven wonders, the flow of tourists would increase. It is already crowded at any given part of the day. Hope you visit soon Ex Shammickite, please visit on a full moon night and watch the splendour of the moonlit Taj. The entry ticket is still very cheap. Hope they don't increase it. They'll get bright ideas now. Spetember to February is good time.
please avoid summer months, it will be like walking on the frying pan.

Rauf said...

Thank you MYSTIC ROSE, The picture of the tree is taken by Ruth, and the round terracotta tea coaster is made by Nirmal's sister Priya, i stole it from her. i had nothing of my own on the template.

Anonymous said...

So magic its seems over there- I hope you are well


Chinna said...

taj is ecstasy - nice line!

Rauf said...

Thank you Nasra, i am fine, been working, to make some money for more travels, i don't need much, travel in India is so cheap and affordable, the only problem is to choose, there are so many places to go. i need one more life time to see the places i want to see within India.
Hope you are doing fine Nasra

Rauf said...

Chinna, i have not seen any man made structure giving you a humbling experience. Thats why i said it comes close to nature.
It hits you the moment you enter the gate. you have seen massive structures. This is massive and stunningly beautiful.

Ruth said...

I agree with Mystic Rose, your hand writing in "daylight again" is beautiful. Did you write it that way on PhotoShop? Or did you write it with a pen and take a photo?

I've tried writing with the PhotoShop pencil tool, and my writing looks terrible.

Rauf said...

Ruth, i wrote on a piece of paper with a thick marker, took a picture. it was blue and i changed the colour in photoshop. i tried writing with a mouse looks horrible Ruth.

Ruth said...

Ok, good. I would have been most annoyed if you had written that well in PS.

"Angeldust" said...

I must say Raufie,
I had seen a few pics of the Taj Mahal - these are some of the best!

The first one id s a supeb photo.

Will tell you though, had no idea it was soooooooooooo humungous!

big hug and thanks for he gift

Twilight Fairy said...

Nice pics.. I also had just 2 hours at Taj. Not enough, need to visit it again.

Rauf said...

The place humbles you dearest Angel, the pictures don't give any idea how magical the place is.

I was nearly paralysed on my first visit some 40 years ago. Next visit was with my friends, My friend Asokan was in tears. This place is ecstasy. You would love it

lots of love and Hugs

Rauf said...

thank you twilight fairy

priya said...

Visited Taj few years back and breath taking. Just awesome and you just don't like to leave even after dawn looking far away in a moonlight.

Rauf said...

Must've been ecstasy Priya i have not seen the moonlit Taj yet.

Aaarti said...

Whoa. I knew u were good,but this is phenomenal....i too have been to The Taj,but never have i seen it so beautiful and breathtaking.. absolutely,i agree with u wen u say others are wonders but this is more...

any more pics??? cmon,take a trip and click some more plss... :D

Rauf said...

Hi Aaarti Welcom to Daylight again. You don't have to be a good photographer or need a good camera to take pictures of the Taj. Any one taking pictures with any camera would be as beautiful. Sure i'll go there again perhaps in October, i am planning a trek in Sikkim side of Kanchenchega.

Moi said...

Great pics of a monument that evokes romance and beautiful craftsmanship...i hope we preserve it well for posterity.

Rauf said...

Thank you MOI, i hope so. there was some controversy about the Mathura oil refinery some years back. Security iis very tight and it is very well maintained. Now that it is the top wonder of the world, it will be given more attention. But it is India. all it takes is a bad politician and a few hoodlums to damage it.