3 November 2005

Mary Jo

1495 Medieval England
Mary Jo is merrily walking on the cobble stoned streets of London, smiling, a song on her lips, on her way to school. Suddenly a severed head oozing with blood comes rolling down, stops at her feet, she kicks the head out of her way and continues walking, now she is very angry, because there are blood stains on her shoes. She stops to wipe them off, reaches the school and screams at her teacher for giving her low grades, she thinks she deserved more.

2005 Present England
Mary Jo is merrily walking on the streets of London on her way to the dance class. Suddenly a severed head oozing with blood comes rolling down and stops at her feet. Mary Jo just faints. Now she needs months and months of therapy to get herself back to normal life, but still can't get rid of the nightmares and wakes up screaming in the nights. Seems impossible for her to erase that incident out of her mind.

What is the difference between Mary Jo of 1495 and Mary Jo of 2005 ?
Its plain evolution
Mary Jo of 2005 cannot accept such a gruesome act of violence,
She is more civilised.
Stop smiling
Has the killing stopped ?
Perhaps it has become less gruesome
No philosophies and religions helped to contain greed and violence, in fact religion condoned killing to spread the word of God. From the club of the stone age to the present day sophisticated gun the killing continues. Its lot easier now to kill and with much less effort and time. Mass murder is possible with little or no effort. More than 150,000 people murdered with one bomb in Hiroshima. Now the entire planet can be wiped out by pressing of one button
Is the evolution going in the right direction ?

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