22 January 2009


yes i heard.
very impressive and sincere in his words. Barack Obama was clearly affraid to speak out. 2 minutes in to the speech i thought oh deeah ! he is giving champagne, 
words that people want to hear.

My fellow citizens, thank you for making me your president, here is some champagne, now go home and sleep, i'll wake you up after 4 years. He took 18 minutes to say that. He did it in style.

As an outsider what did i expect ?

not a word.  
offer transparency to the people. 

Make democracy work. Not a word about that  eeder.

He is not aware that democracy was crushed to death years ago in the US. Closest he came to mentioning the dead democracy was with this statement. 

"......On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the 

petty grievances and false promises, the 

recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too 

long have strangled our politics."

No, democracy did not bounce back on Nov 4th 2008. People were so frustrated that they would have elected a donkey to power. But we have Obama.
Obama was not possible in 2004 
and will not be possible in 2012. 
Obama happened by chance in 2008.

Any hope to  make the democracy work ?
Yes there is.
Obama can do it.
and he can come back in 2012.
and lead the world by exmple.

You have the best. 
Best brains in the world. Science medicine and technology, best in philosophy and journalism, art music literature and entertainment. 
26 nobel prize winners from 2000 - 2004. yes i counted. Highest for any country. 

These best brains allowed the country to be taken for 
a ride by a few criminals. Were they sleeping ?
No, democracy was not working. their voices were not loud enough. and they fell on deaf ears. Media was not on their side. Media supported the criminals.

Now Obama can change all that, offer transparency in administration. He can allow the Citizens to participate in running the government. consult the 
best brains on major issues. 

He made good use of the internet for his election campaign. Now he can use the internet to revive the democracy and show the world.
He can have web site for direct opinion polls on major issues. Direct, not through agencies which are not always reliable.
Have discussion forums on various issues.  He can have a full fledged establishment processing all the views of the people instead of wasting money on CIA, supporting crimes against humanity.

Stop terrorising, bullying, political and economic arm twisting of the small and poor countries. Not a word about that in his speech.

"....... know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy".

i think he very badly needs a crash course on  American history.

i would have called him an honest man if he had said, 

"we are 5% of world population but our contribution to the environmental damage is 30%".  Now lets rectify..  ???
No ??
All he can say is

".......nor can we consume the world's resources 

without regard to effect. For the world has changed, 

and we must change with it"

To change, He has time till December 2009 for the next Kyoto Protocol.

"......we'll work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat and roll back the specter of a warming planet" 

He says lessen.  Does not say eradicate. Good start anyway.

He chose to remain silent on Human rights, perhaps he doesn't like jokes.

..."To the people of poor nations, we pledge to work alongside you to make your farms flourish and let clean waters flow; to nourish starved bodies and feed hungry minds"

But at what cost ?. He doesn't say a word about globalisation.

He did not waste any time blaming the previous government. That was wise. No point in doing that.

Perhaps there were speech writers behind it, but they cannot bring an honest and sincere tone which Obama brought convincingly. 
He means business.

There is no guarentee that he will not invade Iran,  Trinidad or Fiji. Hope he does not repeat the blunders.
He brings hope and dignity back to the White house.
Good luck Mistah ! I wish you well. 


Aaarti said...

Oh,yes, i too noticed he dint put down the earlier Govt nor did he go on a blame game..

yes, he sure can talk well!! guess we have to wait and watch to see what he does!!

how u doing Rauf? long time....Am doing good, these days just killing time, spending it with friends and well, being vetti!!:D

vishesh said...

lets hope :)

mystic rose said...

A very thorough analysis :). And fair too.
We can only wait and see, And hope that he is all he seems to be.

Ruth said...

It's funny, because I was cringing a little for the man sitting behind him, when at times Obama said it's time to change things. Maybe it's about expectations. I didn't expect much in this one, because it's supposed to be poetry, inspiration, all that.

My friend showed me the new White House website: www.whitehouse.gov. It looks to me like he wants to be transparent. And I like that civil rights is at the top of his agenda.

Much of what he "says" he has been saying through the almost 2-year campaign. He had to keep his speech short. He has talked about transparency throughout his candidacy. He says on the website he wants to be the most transparent administration ever. I believe him. And I think he will do as you suggest and use the tech tools that are available.

I don't know, rauf. I don't think it's all up to Obama. Something has shifted. I feel it. There is a cloud that has moved away. People are ready to get their hands dirty and make things better. I don't think we realized how utterly strangled we felt under Bush-Cheney. And seeing Cheney in the wheelchair was so cartoonish, he was like Mr. Potter in "It's a Wonderful Life." There was a big sigh watching them wheel off. Something left with them. I hope it will stay gone.

We'll see. I'll try to be open and objective. But I'll also try not to be cynical. We have to be open to capacity, to possibility.

The Preacherman said...

Don't hold your breath old bean.

Obama is a politician.

Politicians are lying cheating scumbags....sooner or later.

Goes with the turf

(I'm a cynical old devil aren't I?)

We shall see my friend. We shall see eh?

freefalling said...

I wish I could contribute,
but I have so many thoughts whizzing around in my little pea of a brain,
and I can't make them organize themselves into an actual opinion.

People are tricky
(that's as good as I can do).

Gwen Buchanan said...

Rauf, People see a leader.. and they have waited for one for a long time..
I think the solution is up to everyone.. us too and I don't even live in the states..

I'm hoping its a catalyst for the world... I do not expect miracles.. but I think many more people now, are willing to put their own effort in rather than sit back, and not take an active role...

I think that more people are aware they are a part of the whole thing... If he leads like he would want to and not have his hands tied I think progress could happen...

At least I hope so...

Claudia said...

I don't think that his speech could have been much different, Rauf. The acceptance speech is politics for the media and this one had to address the need to downsize the titanic expectations that have come to surround Barack Obama. It had to be made very clear that he's not going to solve all the evils of the world and that it's up to the common man to make the necessary difference in our collective fate.
After the Bush disaster, Barack Obama couldn't help but win this election. The euphoria around him however has become so contagious that people tend to forget that he will necessarily have to take some extremely unpopular measures in the near future and that life will not become a bed of roses all of a sudden. Right now he represents hope and he is certainly a breath of fresh air - especially having his wife and kids around him - ... let's see how long it lasts. Actions speak louder than words, especially words spoken to the media.

rauf said...

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence

rauf said...

EEEEEEEEEEEE Sweet AAARTEEE, You always make me smile. Happy girl you are.

yes yes, that is what we people do, our NETAS. They come to power and keep blaming the previous government for 4 and a half years into their term when things don't go well. And they take the credit for the good things the previous government did.

i was not well Aaarti, so sisters grounded me.

Now i am hokkay, some money in my pocket, itching to travel again, going to Silent Valley in a few days. Give a hug to Plaappy for me. And keep smiling. When you smile the whole world smiles.

rauf said...

Yes VISHESH, We Lets hope, He brought dignity back to the White House. Seems honest and sincere. i like this man.

rauf said...

There were many more things i wanted to say MYSTIC ROSE, but the post was getting too long.
He warns the people outside the US, but doesn't warn those who damaged the country and ruined the economy.
Every President talks about how the country is built with sacrifices in the past. He could have avoided those champagne words and delivered some bitter pills.

The iPOD i have is made in China, Mystic Rose and i am angry.(it works well) I would call Steve Jobbs a traitor. I would like to see 'Made in USA' on the iPod, The name of the country of its origin. Such a wonderful and delightful product. But greed makes them destroy local economy and seek profits by employing cheap labour.
Every American product has suffered this fate. This is an important issue concerning the welfare of the Americans, finds no place in the speech. There is absolutely no point in repairing the doors windows and walls when the foundation is damaged. What ever rectification measures he takes will not last.

rauf said...

dear RUTH, the best thing happened on that day is positive energy. American atmosphere is bursting with positive energy now. And this charismatic man Obama brought it with him to the White house with dignity.

i ran the video a couple of times without audio just to watch his expression. There was fear in his eyes. Hope you read Woodrow Wilson quote Ruth. Every elected American President is a slave. His hands and feet are chained. He is sold before he takes the oath. Americans are the most cheated and deceived people in the world, though living in relative comfort. This shouldn't discourage you. i have no knowledge of economics and i indulge in some crude thinking. The economy is not really shattered. It was never shattered. Only individual lives are shattered. The money is always there. It does not disappear. It only changes hands. your loss is somebody's gain. its plain and simple. This is the trick. Now with all the positive energy and renewed vigour citizens do their best to make a living, save, invest, only to lose again after a few years. This is a master plan.

It takes a man like Obama to change the whole system, the way Kennedy intended to do. If he makes an attempt, mark my words Ruth, his life is in danger. He has to be extremely intelligent, tactful and careful to carry out his plans. i have a feeling that his intentions are to save Americans from the clutches of evil greedy few that Woodrow Wilson spoke about.
Pray for him Ruth.

rauf said...

Hi PREACHER, This Chapee looks honest and sincere, lets hope he stays that way. i felt the same towards Blair, i liked him a lot, but, but, you know what happened.
No such expectations from Brown. He is born a crook. He can't change even if he wants to.

rauf said...

Hey LETTY GIRL, your pea brain is too big for me. Laughing at ourselves requires even smaller. But people think that we are not clowns. What else are we ?

rauf said...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"
- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Dear GWEN, i am not free either, i find myself in so many traps. Worst is the trap of money.

People have been doing their best, putting in their best efforts for ages Gwen, they never stopped. It continues. People were led to believe that they are free and they were getting deeper and deeper in to traps. My mind was not mine, some one was putting things in there. Ever since i stopped watching TV and read news papers to a little extent i started to think with clarity. i was amazed at this trap of money, how they operate how they enslave you. there has to be some one to lead us all out of this trap and i wish it is this young man Obama. i was a bit disappointed with the inaugural address. i expected him to declare a war on the greedy. He will, i am sure, he has the makings of a rebel.
i think people in all major cities of US should come out, form a chain or hold a rally saying 'Do what you have to do, we are behind you'.

Ruth said...

You're right, there are too many things that strangle this country that feel impossible to change. Like the Israel connection/lobby. I read in an article by Amy Goodman that on the train whistle stop to DC ". . . in response to a person asking Obama about finding a just solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict. . . Obama said he was just one person, that he couldn't do it alone. Obama's final answer: "Make me do it."

We have to find a way to make him do the things that seem impossible.

mystic rose said...

Dear rauf,

My point exactly. The real wealth of a nation is the sum of its resources and its production. Perhaps Im old fashioned. But it seems to me that this juggling of finances here and there, and sending most of the goods to be manufactured elsewhere, is like building castles in the air. Without work, how will people be able to afford your products? And American people are losing on expereince, hands on expertise.

Regarding Obama, Chicago is one of the dirtiest political arenas inthis country. To wade through that and come out clean, or atleast cleaner than most is not an easy feat. It ofcoruse requires a lot of tact and dexterity. The problem for corruption is honesty and integrity anywhere is a threat to it. Which explains why he chose to run for presidency as quickly as he could. Sure, there are some controversies surrounding him, his house is chicago for one, and the way he acquired it. Possibly he will make sure to benefit on a perosnal financial level while in office. But the thing is even if he delivers one tenth of what it seems like he could, the country will be much better off. The thing is he didnt depend on major corporations to take him there. It was the American people. So atleast for now the rich and greedy are not going to be running the government.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Rauf, I wasn't blown away by His speech either.. I was looking for a little more... He was very serious..and I know it is a serious job.....
Suppose he knows more than we do about certain things?

Gwen Buchanan said...

I mean about things exposed behind closed doors...

rauf said...

Dear CLAUDIA, The internet was playing hide and seek, something wrong with my modem, sorry for the delay in response.

Things are different for an outsider Claudia. i shouldn't care who is up there. But i do and i have to as i feel the hands of the US president squeezing my throat and millions of others in the world. i feel a bit relaxed with this new man. He might carry on with the ruthless globalisation with more vigour. All our religious leaders supported the rich. Slavery was condoned not condemned. Church of England apologising for supporting slave trade came as a shock to me. There is a very faint hope that this man Obama would do something for the poor like me.
Hope its getting warmer over there, my love to Ana and Clara.

Ujang Ronda the Happy Farmer said...

Woooow, good article.
Greetings from Indonesia

tulipspeaks said...

We have 4 years to watch him to do the work. Let's see what he has in store.


Anonymous said...

if he just sits tight and does a narasimha rao - that is do nothing! - the world will be a better place...

Pauline said...

And the operative word is "Change" what type of change or what benefits to humanity only time will tell. I so enjoyed your comments but lets give the guy some space to prove himself.We need change for the better each day the world becomes smaller and each day we learn of our connectedness. Lets hope for a better tomorrow for each of us....

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Raufie dearest
just wrote a long disertation in response and, enthusiasn for Obama and good wishes foro the US and the rest of us!

It went up into thin air

will be back one of these days and put my two bits in - again :)

Lots of love and hugs

rauf said...

NO ! You are not old fashioned MYSTIC ROSE, you are thinking in the right direction. You are an outsider inside, i am an outsider outside. So you have better knowledge and you actually see things happening there, you meet people. where as i imagine things and come up with crackpot theories. i put 2 and 2 togedder and make 8. i may be wrong on many issues.

This thing called outsourcing is not helping any one except the heartless fast profit makers. i see short term prosperity here in India and young people here build a life over a bubble, buy flats, buy car get married, after a couple of years one fine morning, they are told no job from tomorrow. Bikkaas the big boss has moved to some other country which is ten rupees cheaper.

There is no pride in work, no loyalty, we are making things only to last a few months or a year and they are trashed. The New President has a lot to do. He should bring pride to labour, give them job security and encourage local products, local economy, discourage outsourcing and not to make the workers feel that they are paid slaves.

rauf said...

He has a fight on hand RUTH, not one but many. He needs all the support that he can get which i doubt very much. His own party members may double cross him. So he has to make very strong connection with the people directly, make strong connection with the intellectuals in the country which are in abundance. If he really wants to be a good president he should forget about getting re elected for another term. And he should make these four years memorable one which brought about a wave of change. Media is not going to help him in his fight. They'll do everything to pull him down with scandals. If he is focussed on getting re elected, he is sold.

rauf said...

obviously he knows more than we do GWEN, and knows who are responsible for the mess the country has fallen into. His priorities are to pull the country out of the mess and he cannot afford to go after the criminals who seem to be too powerful. But i don't expect him to be too tactful either and let 4 years pass without much change.

rauf said...

Thank you UJANG RONDA, Welcome to Daylight again

rauf said...

AMMU Hi, coming India ?

Citizens who have voted for him are expecting some radical changes, as an outsider i am expecting too. But we are asking for problems with too many expectations. all he needs is massive support from his citizens.

rauf said...

ANONYMOUS, Doing nothing like Narshimha Rao is encouraging the criminals who ruled the country for past eight years. Narshimha Rao turned a blind eye to the demolition of Babri Masjid, which made things worse. Made the country insecure. Which is unfortunate. this brought a wave of fundamentalism in India, destroying the country

rauf said...

i agree with you PAULINE, only time will tell. Any change from the present situation would be a welcome change, nothing can go worse. We have a short memory and keep repeating the blunders. We never learn from history. Lets hope the blunders are not repeated. this seems to the best hope for a better tomorrow.

rauf said...

Oh Sweet ALCIA, this has happened to me many times. its okkay, i know your views on this subject. But your contribution would be so valuable to my readers and to this blog.
Hope the exhibition went off well.
Love and hugs

Hayden said...

He has put it in numbers, Rauf. Has asked for 80% reduction in carbon footprint from each household. Will it happen? Not quickly enough, but - it is a very bold goal, and he has courage to ask for it. As much change as we need may be too much for any leader to do in these times, but I for one will not fault him for the courage to try.

Those of us who want change tend to devour our leaders by shouting "not good enough." I choose to support his efforts. Is it enough? Of course not. But it is surely headed in the right direction.