18 January 2006


Believe me, like my friends and readers, I have no clue myself, but I'll make an attempt.
In my opinion, IN MY OPINION, this is how the aliens would have reported.

This planet is blessed with humans, shining with love and kindness. These humans are so good that we find it hard to find a bad person. With so much of goodness shining, we see the oceans of tears. Their goodness is overshadowed by evil, done by so few, so few that we can't even locate them. All we see is good people. The world is a beautiful place, and the
presence of humans makes it more beautiful.

Those who have been reading my blogs must be thinking that my life is full of bitter experiences. I have none actually. None, until I have a news paper in my hands, thats when bitterness creeps in. My life is simple and uncomplicated, filled with love affection and kindness of my family, my friends and strangers who have made my life such a pleasant journey.

This is Priya, a tribal, her parents are illiterates. Here she's a bit terrified of me. After a long trek through thick and dense forest, I landed in her small tribal settlement, had a wash in a small stream, sat on a rock and relaxed for a while.

I had to find a shelter as the sky was threatening to open up. Out of nowhere her mother brought a big jar of steaming hot black tea. I was speechless, and drank all of it, I was tired after a steep climb and descent, and I badly needed it.

I was kicking myself for not carrying biscuit packets which I had purchased the previous night from the town. I just forgot in a hurry. I normally carry them in my camera bag for tribal kids I meet on my treks, here in south or in the Himalayas (I would advise you to carry small packets of tea, its most precious for them in the remote areas and your chocolate could be the first chocolate of the child's life.)

I was foolish enough to offer them some money which they didn't accept. By now Priya was pretty relaxed with me. It started to drizzle, and time for
me to leave, they begged me to stay a while longer,They pleaded the way my sister would do, I ignored their plea and stepped out with tears in my eyes. Strangers, illiterates, showing so much of love and care ? And little Priya was doing everything to protect me from the barking dogs, a small child protecting me leading me till I crossed the stream. It started to rain heavily. I did not have the courage to turn back and wave at her. I kept walking in the rain.

This is little priya again, I know she is smiling behind that bamboo fence, She gave me so much, I gave her nothing.
The world is full of such lovely people. Its a pleasant journey.
Blunt Knife


Lorraine said...

Beautiful story, beautiful child :)
I have read often that we attract what we keep inside, or words to that effect. You must be a kind and giving person!

Chinna said...

What a lovely kid.

Your bag and red kerchief? looks so out of place there.

wildpic said...

lovely write up rauf, alien report indeed.
these people have very strong belief in the laws of nature around them and they are humbled by the unfathomed truths among.

Rauf said...

Thank you Lorraine,
I don't practice partial or selective kindness, so I cannot call myself a kind person. I have normal human emotions, anger love hatred jealousy, I am selfish, yea I smoke, thats the worst part.

Rauf said...

Chinna, That is not a handkerchief, its always there in the camera bag. Its like a signature. The child was a bit surprised when I told her that I am scared dogs barking at me.

Rauf said...

Suresh, why does any one need to be humbled ? More we know more humble we become automatically, the nature tell us to shut up.
One little tremor Suresh, the whole house could have collapes on my head, I would been buried alive with all my pride, knowledge ingorance or enlightenment.this was just before tsunami struck, it changed Moin's life as well.

Rauf said...

Chinna, I saw the pictures, the blue gate lock was screaming so alive it is. I wanted to write but its asking me to sign up. I'll do it. the tight rope picture looks very good on my screen as it is a bit darker.

Suresh Arasoo and Lorrain please click on Chinna

Anonymous said...

Of ur recent posts I think this one is the best. nice way of tellin it.


Rauf said...

Thank you angel, I'll leave God alone for sometime. I won't bother him don't worree.

MP3 Doctor said...

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KKV Arasoo said...

Hey Rauf where is this place.Its so serene,clean and presume the air smelt cleaner than Cheenai,Maduari or all the capital cities of India.

Rauf said...

Pollachi-anamalai-topslip and from there you have to trek, I'll take you there Aras next time you come. nice place to stay In topslip. first picture is wynad kerala

Rauf said...

Aras when are you posting your blog ?

KKV Arasoo said...

just getting started .let me just leave a comment for the moment.the computer is wired up for something different for the moment

Talker said...

Don't pictures paint a thousand words?

Rauf said...

Yes Talker they do.
but I prefer one or two words not a thousand. More than the technical quality, a picture should create an impact.

wildpic said...

alien report - all flowers are flowers ? chk my new post rauf.

Anonymous said...

Would the aliens give a report more confusing that the blindmen's report of the elephant.
Rauf nostalgic pics. Feel so much at home-rins

Anonymous said...

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