14 January 2006


What ?
Staring at me ?
Whats that silly expression ? Are you jealous that I have a camera ?
What are you thinking ?

Dear GGODD ..... is this how I end up ? A human ?
EEEEKS ! Not meeee. Down with evolution !!

Hey you monkey! Listen to me.
Now you tell me, what do you think of us, the human race ?
Are you envious or happy that you are not one of us.

Are we a happy lot ?
you can't generalise ?
Well, this monkey does.
This monkey does not care if I am ignorant or enlightened or I have a degree in chemistry. All he cares about is I have a Nikon digital. He wants it too.

Collectively are we humans a happy race ?

I'll make things easier for you

Just imagine a bunch of aliens watching us from space. What would be their opinion of human race ?
They can't see that you are happy and I am a lunatic.
They see all of us, collectively, and file a report to their boss.
What would that report say ?
Hey boss ! These humans are yummy ?

Imagine yourself in space and looking down. Would you think of a passport and visa to move an inch, do you see any lines dividing us ?
Blunt Knife


Anonymous said...

oooh ! he sure looks angry !

Rauf said...

Yes he was angry when I told him that he has Brad Pitt hair style.

wildpic said...

like that huh ... this post hangs between one tree and another, interesting. am more of a hybrid monkey, know less about human ESP. but from what little i know, i like nikon digital too !

can tell u a bit about what the fella is thinking, he says 'we dont have a word called happiness, we stop with pain and pleasure. we eat, play and poop, then ... our universe grows all around, providing for all'.

now, i have my monkey problem with understanding ESP, what do u mean by this ?

Suresh, 95% of what I know has no connection with experience.

then where does it come from ?

Rauf said...

we know what India is and still there is so much to know. But it is always interesting when a foreigner gives his views on India.

Most of my information came from books movies TV, now the internet.
almost nothing to do with experience.

Rauf said...

mean the outside view, what an outsider thinks of the human race.
I think I have written it pretty clearly, no pharases no metaphors.

I can see my cat jumping with joy, yes monkeys are a happy lot, they have group discussions too, perhaps one of them plays a psychiatrist, but no couch. as you said survival keeps them busy, they tackle boredon better than us humans.

wildpic said...

ok, always a fresh new perspective enhanses our understanding and gives more meaning to our experiences.

a friend of mine is a primatologist, he watches social and breeding patterns in monkeys (lion tailed macaques)for about 12 hours a day, for the past 10 years. he has become one of them, has a major problem in his heart valve and its a big joke for him, never seen him worry about anything inspite of the hardship on the field. a happy lot !

by the way, chk my new post.

Anonymous said...

We started from him and moved away but he has remained where he is because he does not have a passport.Earlier we had a passort and an imunization certificate to stop the spread of diseases.Now they have stopped imunation certificate for us but not our friends we left behind in the wild.So with passport and no imunization certifacte now we have f***** the world and left it with aids.Dont forget that mankind raped that ape first and set the ball rolling for the spread od Aids.The ape is a victim and is he speechless or for that matter what do u want him say.TQ?.arasoo

Rauf said...

Aras, The poor chap is blamed for the virus, perhaps it started on some research table.

I am not having a passport under protest. I don't know whom I am fighting with, my governmet or the system of the world. I want to build a boat and come see you Aras without a passport. but your Government will not let me see you and throw me in jail If I escape the coast guards of my country, which every smuggler does.

Chinna said...

maybe unhappiness has survival value.
only then you look for something better. . . but i think we humans have taken that idea too far.

Rauf said...

Yes Chinna, misery is almost eternal, happiness is momentary.

wildpic said...

rauf, do u think monkeys think straight ? for that matter does nature think straight ? what are the advantages and disadvantages of linear and non-linear thinking ?

Rauf said...

Monkeys think straight Suresh,
survival and procreation is the only thing on their minds like any other animals. only we humans have lots of other activities, but most of our activities too revolve around survival and procreation (like writing love letters)

I don't know what is linear and non linear thinking is.

see, know and belive, or read watch TV, get knowledge/information

wildpic said...

monkeys, plants, for that matter all life forms trick each others witts, try to outsmart in all dubious ways to improve their survival and their genes. if not for that all simple life forms would have shook hands and would not have evolved to face such competition. orchids for eg, make an insect beleive thats its an insect in every way.

this is a whole posting or two ...

Rauf said...

i'll have another posting for the alien report

Lorraine said...

I'm happy to see a beautiful photo of an animal in its natural habitat.
If, on the hand, that same photo was taken with a cage out of site, then I'd be very unhappy, as would the monkey. We have something in common.
Interesting post :)

Rauf said...

Thank you Lorraine, that was one funny day to remember in my life, I have written abt it a couple of months back

I never take pictures of animals in a cage, its ages since I've been to a zoo, perhaps in my childhood, No, I think 20 years ago when my nephew was a child.
Thanks for wtepping in Lorraine

Rauf said...

To all my friends and readers:

I am sorry about my dialogue with the monkey. Actually I was very angry at all the monkeys on that day. I have written about it in October blog.

Sangita said...

Quite an interesting view point..Never thought that way..Still not sure of the answer though..Might be bunch of weirdos all doing their weird stuff ..Still thinking

Rauf said...

Sangita I try to be as creative as possible in my thoughts and work.
None of my friends liked this post, they found it very harsh and unpleasant. Its easy for me to give honey dipped words in every post. You say you are thinking. that is the idea, to make you think
I have no answers myself

Ab said...

An amazing picture and an equally intresting post.

KKV Arasoo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KKV Arasoo said...

Sorry keyboard problem.Where r u no psoting after 14th.Jan

Rauf said...

Aras! The Aliens took me and made me write this blog with a gun pointing at my head.

Aaahaa! Now we are going to have some real fun. please have a seperate blog for Travel and photography. Welcome to blogging Aras.

Rauf said...

Thank you, I have asked my readers to think from an different and unusual angle

Orion said...

oh I don't know - but I think we are all, perhaps, monkeys...