4 May 2006


This mother and child have no right to live. They have to be sterilised so that they don't produce more humans of their inferior race.
Shocking ?

Please type EUGENICS in google search and see what result you get. Please refer to the dictionary and encyclopaedia. Try WIKIPEDIA or
Science Magazine

I am not beating a dead horse, this is not a dead movement. Forced sterilisation is still being carried out in the US and rest of the world. Please read The Eugenics conspiracy This is not widely known as they controle the world media.

This man and his children are not supposed to exist.
I believe in humanity. There are kind people who allowed my father and grandfather to live. That is how I am living.
Research and studies are still going on in the US and Europe.
Hitler was not alone.
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Heather said...

Some really neat photos.

Rauf said...

This post is not about pictures Heather. I have posted pictures of untouchables and low cast people of Rajasthan for whom life is a constant struggle. they live and die as social outcasts. They live without respect. This post is about a global conspiracy against people of lesser races.

Lorraine said...

I had stopped using Proctor and Gamble products as they tested on animals in labs. I shouldn't be surprised that they'd be involved in such horrors. How many people have buried their conscience do you think?
I ask you Rauf, what makes you get up in the morning?
I used to believe I made a difference.
I used to think that love and and respect was all that was needed. I wish I could remember how to feel like that again.

Rauf said...

Lorraine, any one who claims that he is living without any fear is lying.
I am scared and so are the likes of people in the pictures.
forced sterilisation is common practice in India.

Its easy to turn a blind eye and pretend that such studies, reasearch and execution never occured, and pretend that it doesn't affect us.
What is scary is that major world leaders supported such views. Rockefeller foundation was funding such research to the German scientists till months before the start of the 2nd world war. Funding of such research and execution is still on, details of which would hurt any right minded person.

Lorraine, Love and respect alone are not enough, safe and secure atmosphere is some of many things required to wake up, which the government or the society is refusing to provide. People like those in the pictures live under constant state of fear.

Cari said...

So the mother has no say in this matter?

Rauf said...

Yes Cari
The entire bunch of poor people were abducted and were subjected to forced sterilisation, so that they don't breed inferior race. This was done under the guise of population control. This happened openly during Emergency period under Indira Gandhi's infamous regime.

I am not talking of India alone. This happened and is happening in the US and Europe too. Though not openly. Germans found sterilisationis a slow process, they opted for genocide.

Superior race is breeding slow and inferior race is breeding fast. suddenly people woke up. Specially in the US, Immigration Restriction Act of 1924 were passed, targetting Italians Jews, Africans and the Hispanics. big names were involved in this, please look for Margaret Sanger in google search, you'll get the other names. More than 60,000 people were involentarily sterilised. Radio active effects were tested on patients in mental institutions.

Leila said...

I read the wikipedia aritcle on eugenics. i am shocked.

i'm not surprised but i liked to believe such things could never happen in the world today.

i'm not proud of my ignorance.

i have seen first-hand many perversions of human rights, but it never becomes normal to me. things go on in the world that are inconceivable, shocking things. and learning about them doesn't help. but i still refuse ignorance. what can we do?

Ruth said...

I was just reading yesterday in the "this day in history" email about Dachau and the terrible tests, experiments and genocide that happened there. Yes scary, yes shocking. But just as horrific practices are being carried out by "clean," "sophisticated" western companies participating and condoning in hidden acts of control like you're talking about. Thank you for increasing my awarenss. I participate in human rights watch organizations by donating and sending letters to Congress and the President when I'm alerted. But I wish I could do more.

Rauf said...

Laila, Apartheid is recent history for you, Now you would wonder how rest of the world kept quiet for so long. Its evolution of human mind again which stopped accepting racial segeregation. Then the pressure from rest of the world began, its all because majority of the world is 'good' Evil people are very few but they seem to have all the power. For a moment can you think of an innocent girl who was bought and sold ? Slave trade existed like you buy a car all over the world. a slave was a property not a human. All the major world religions sanctioned it, condoned it, none of them ever said a word about abolishing it. None condemned it as a crime against humanity. Its very hard to believe. But this is a fact.
Its easy for us not to accept historical facts. This may happen after 50 years when your grand children would refuse to belive that some thing called apartheid ever exixted.

Such evil movements never die, They keep the evil intentions alive. It becomes your duty to be alert and make others aware. Its not a good idea to forget history.

Rauf said...

Ruth, In all the constitutions of the world equal rights and equal oppertunities exist only on Paper. They can bring legislations but they cannot legislate people's minds. In India people who have led an opressed life for hundreds of years cannot compete with higher casts even if equal oppertunity is given to them.
Inferiority complex remains for ever. Fear remains for ever in their hearts.

Its so good to hear that you participated in Human rights watch activities Ruth. You are doing your duty in making people aware of such atrocities still being carried out on unsuspecting people.
thank you so much Ruth.

Lord Boo said...

i'm shocked, Poms, i really don't know what to write; i don't understand how one human decides the lives of other humans, and their rights to live; is this the same as how iit used to happen in early 1900s in India, regarding untouchables ? most were mass-murdered, so that the "chandals" could be wiped out. Hmmm, it's a sad, sad world..

rachel said...

Dear Rauf, I am Ruthy's niece, Rachel, and found your blog on her site (synchronicity). It is amazing! Wow, your perspective on life is inspiring. Thanks for investigating and reminding us of the things we fall asleep to in our contentment!

Rauf said...

Lordee Boooeey, ummmmmmmmmma deee
People who read this comment would be in a state of shock booey.
Chandala are the people carry shit Garbage, on their heads, I mean literally. No respect for them, Among the inferior cast they are the most inferior. Animals are fed and allowed in to the house but not them. They don't know what respect is. Food is thrown at them.
I had a problem in the Himalayas, in a village called Malana, I was a camp leader for NHTP. The whole village turned against me. Because I ate and had tea at an untouchables house. His name was Sangat ram, used to bring fire wood for the camp. I treated him as a friend, used to sit and eat with him in my tent and took him where ever I went. I was alone in the camp for a few days before the trekking started. I used to eat at his house before our cooks arrived. The villagers couldn't do anything to me as they were scared of me. Sangat ram was not allowed to have his hut inside the village. His hut was outside the village, and the surroundings were very clean perhaps cleaner than the high cast villagers. They threatened to burn the camp. But they never did. Since the trekkers used to hang around me all the time they thought i was some kind of a swamy or guru or some demon.
I took adavntage and used to scare the shit out of them.
A couple of weeks ago found an old slide of a group photo with Sangat ram, taken in 1981, the year you were born Lord booey yea yea june july it was. I'll try to copy and send you the picture. The village is most beautiful in a Himalayan valley surrounded by snow capped mountains.
Huggs and ummmmms

Rauf said...

Dear Rachel, how sweet of you ! You must be very Proud of aunt Ruth, I have an army or nephews and nieces, cousin's children, My own sister's children are most dear to me, I live for them. Moin and Rubina their name my nephew and niece. I live with them in our small old house.

You have done your bit when you make people aware of such acts of atrocity Rachel. Now I came to know that it is still done in some schools, the victims are dull children with low IQ.(any race) They want to create a perfect race. Very shocking.

So nice to know you Rachel, what are your subjects of interest ? Why don't you have a blog of your own ?
thank you so much Rachel for visiting my blog.

Hayden said...

oh dear, rauf, I fear you are getting sucked in by the US christian right movement. eugenics and conspiracy? I tell you - on the ground here - it is HARD for a woman of ANY race to find a doctor willing to risk his life to provide an abortion here, doesn't matter than it is legal.

There are entire states where not a single doctor will provide one.

literature like this is designed to pull people in to fight for "right to life."

me? I fought to keep my sisters from dying from coat-hanger abortions in back alleys. I thought we won.

we won in the courts and in legislature, 65% of our population supports the right to choose, but the hard right has targeted doctors, nurses and clinics - terrorizing them and killing them for performing legal services.

why isn't this in the news? because our administration supports it....

eugenics? no. Life, on any terms, is king. Doesn't matter if it is life by rape, life by incest, it is life. and life rules here. Make no mistake, the laws and the truth do no walk the same path. The pressure is to make the living woman lie down and bear the unwanted, criminally conceived child... we make no divide.

Can we ask this mother to love and raise this child? not our problem. the undifferentiated cell cluster must live.

this is the rule that trumps all others.

Rauf said...

Dear Hayden, no where in the blog nor in my comments I have mentioned the word' abortion' I spoke about forced sterilisation.

"The goal of creating a “master race” originated not with Adolph Hitler and the Nazis of World War II, but with the intellectual and financial elite of the United States at the beginning of the 20th century"

These are not my words, These are the words of Edwin Black, famous well respected writer in his book
'War Against the Weak: Eugenics and 'America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race'

WAR AGAINST THE WEAK - It began on Long Island and ended at Auschwits...and yet it never really stopped -Edwin Black

It won a International Human rights award - Best book of the year 2003

Wish I could get that book on my hands. I tried but its not available here in India.

This is not one of my crackpot theories Hayden, of which unfortunately every word has come true. Kennedy, Vietnam or Iraq war.

A favourite pet term of Former President Bush was 'A New World Order' was about eugenics. Along with many foundations Bush's grand father Prescot Bush funded the Nazis who found a short cut to Eugenics - Genocide.


More I dig, more hurt I am

If you want you can choose not to accept facts Hayden.

Rauf said...

To my dear readers
I am sorry this may hurt you


mudassar said...

i dont understand why do people kill other people when they kno that they are going to die one day?

Rauf said...

Mudassar, it is very complicated.

Nobody thinks that he is going to die one day to begin with.
Generel idea is, the person thinks that he is going to live for ever. Not satisfid with what he has, wants to have more. He cannot see others having good life. He doesn't want to share. He thinks that the earth is too small for him. He has to get as much land as he can get.
And he thinks that he is superior and wants to have a good share.
Greed and intolerance is the main reason for killing.

Imemine said...

I don't know what it is all about. I guess it is happening. Again I think it is a war between the rich and the poor. There are no weak races. A black woman and his offsprings, with a lot of money will survive anywhere.
The question I think is:
How do we survive with less money and raise our children happily, not in poverty?

Lord Boo said...

and you know what the saddest bit is, Poms ? this chandal issue is still rampant in so many Northern states; i'm not too sure if it exists in South India, but this is such a miserable state of affairs; there should be a law against it, like how it was against Sati ( though i'm not too sure how that helps, since Sati is carried out in remote villages even now ) i've been very disturbed since yesterday; constant train of thoughts, and now the link that you posted, has infuriated me further (been a little too
annoyed with the US govt. lately); watched Farenheit 9/11 couple of days agp, and believe me, Poms, you were in my thoughts all along; if you haven't see the movie, it's a must-see for you; i would love to grab you and sit you down and watch it with you; download it from the net if you can, or i'll post a DVD to you. *hugsxmillion*

Leila said...

It is hard to accept such awful facts. But we must, of course. Or choose to ignore them, which as I said is worse.

I wonder what else governments are doing behind our backs?

Rauf said...

Yes Imemine, poverty is a social evil which has prevailed for centuries. Rich take adavantage of poverty in many areas.

Abduction and forced sterilisation back fired in 1977 and Idira Gandhi government fell. Afterall, it depends on the poor majority's vote. Then incentives were offered for voluntary sterilisation. Even unmarried youth
would get themselves sterilised for some rupees. This was a good trick. Afterall Indians are leaders when it comes to wisdom. These poor and hungry would give anything for some money, they sell their blood, kidneys, they sell their own children, A neighbour of my cousin bought a child that way, they gave her good education took good care of her. If they offer 5000 rupees for the left hand, believe me Imemine, we'll have more than half the population without their left hands. Such is the level of poverty here.

Rauf said...

Lord booey ! we don't find such pathetic conditions in the south, Andhra may be to a certain extent.
Sati is some thing which will shock readers. Boo would you please write a short note on Sati ? Have to tell Laila and Ruth about it and for other readers as well. Its too painful for me to write. No history is pleasant.

What ever I said about Iraq war has come true. Now they have their eyes on Iran. No haven't watched F911 I'll sit with you and watch someday booey
ummmma and huggs

Rauf said...

People have been imposing their ideas on others for thousands of years Laila, ideas what they consider as good for others. Imposing of ideas is what is happening in Islamic countries as well. History is gruesome, smeared with the blood of the innocent. no history is pleasant Laila. We have to know our history and try not to repeat it. This is what governments are doing, repeating history.

Vietnam, Iraq and now Iran. Now there are no idealogies, Just money. war it money, war is booming business. Lives of innocent civilians are not counted at all. there is no value for their lives. without learning from the blunders, now they want to attack Iran. For the same reason US will not attack North korea, because there is no oil there and no prospects of business and profit.

Rauf said...


Lord Boo said...

umm, Poms, i may not be the best person to write about Sati, cuz the very thought sickens me, but yes, i will outline what it is all about.

Sati, performed by a widow, means "voluntary" suicide on her husband's lit pyre, cuz it is said that a "dutiful" wife follows her husband even in his death. Though most of the times, it is a voluntary act, as it is considered to be a noble deed among most women in the communities, the reluctant ones are "pushed" into the pyre, and left there to burn with her husband's corpse. Sati applies to women of all ages, and if there has been a child marriage, and the child bride is barely 13, and her husband happens to die, she must follow suit !

what a pathetic, pathetic world we live in! we have created such horrid rules and regulations which control our lives and others; and it's so infuriating that we, who are against inhumane acts, are so helpless to do anything, cuz protests seem to fall on deaf ears; for the non-Indian readers of Rauf's blog, or rather, for people who are unaware of what Sati is, there's a nice article on Wikipedia:


hope that was enough, Poms; couldn't do more research on it, cuz it angers me.. *love and hugs*

mudassar said...

r u guys scaring people or trying to inform them wats happening? talking about something will not chang the system. u will have to take one step forward and so something about it..

mudassar said...


Rauf said...

Mudassar, creating awareness is a step forward. We humans rectify the blunders of science, blunders God created. Why you don't find slaves now ? Slavery was sanctioned and practiced in Islam. Slave trade was sanctioned by Khurr-aan . We don't find slavery now because some one started creating an awareness. Be thankful to them, because of them you are a free person otherwise you would have been a slave now. You just can't shut your eyes because slavery doesn't exist now. That was a blunder of holy books, if there is a blunder a holy book is no longer a holy book. Slavery, a crime against humanity was sanctioned by all major religions.

Rauf said...

so sweet of you boo, thank you so much, I couldn't bring myself to write about a painful fact of our history. Its so unfortunate that it is still being practiced in remore areas of India by ignorant people, though its a punishable crime now.
ummmmmms and huggs

mudassar said...

we cannot say it is a blunder of the holy book. cause there are something in this world which u think is not good for you but actually it is good for you and there are also so many things which u think that it is good for you but actually it is not. so we cant blame the holy book !!

Leila said...

It makes me sick. What gives humans the divine right to decide who has the right to live or die?

Ruth said...

Thank you, lord boo, for explaining Sati. I completely agree with Rauf that the initial step of awareness (which implies that we BELIEVE that these things really happened and still happen, that this is not just propaganda) is crucial. All the civil rights that we can thankfully claim today (including me as an American woman) did not come freely, without great cost to people who never gave up increasing awareness. It takes years, even decades, of TALKING about these issues before people sit up and take notice. Talking always comes before doing, but it not a substitute, of course. I do believe it helps.

Rauf said...

Mudassar, according to you and according to holy book slavery is good but we now consider it as not good ? This is a blunder. If the word of God is a blunder, the holy book is no longer valid.
Till early 20th century, young innocent girls were stripped naked and auctioned and sold in an open market in Islamic countries. Would you buy yourself a slave since khurraan has allowed it ? Would you like to be stripped naked and be sold in an open market ? Slaves from Africa were sold in a similar fashion in America.
No holy book considered it as a crime against humanity. None of them say one word about abolishing such a shameful practice.

Followers of same holy book are killing each other in Iraq. they don't think for a second to stand united and drive the foreign troops out of the country. They are busy blasting each other's mosques killing their own people.
Does the holy book sanction such killing? Is any Islamic country trying to put an end to their misery ? According to you Mudassar, what is happening in Iraq is right.
You will not find a single word in any holy book to take care of the earth, to give back what we take from the earth. Chopping a tree, polluting air or water is not a sin.
Thanks to the people who have created awareness that steps are being taken in the right direction. This awareness comes from the evolution of human mind and not because of religious teaching or holy books.

Rauf said...

Laila, I have always maintained that I am not superior even to an ant. Yes racism is shameful, nobody has the right to decide who should live and who shouldn't. The planet treats all living creatures as same. History has witnessed racism slavery, cast system and sati, and other social evils. crimes against humanity. I keep repeating myself. It makes me sick too Laila. Hope things change for better. Now a young creative, intelligent mind like yours will work towards it. I have hopes on your generation Laila.

Rauf said...

Ruth, life of a widow was so miserable that she herself would voluntarily jump into the funeral pyre. There was one case of well publicised sati a few years ago, that shook the entire nation. There is legislation and it is a punishable crime now, but still its very difficult to get rid of social evils. Rare cases of sati take place in very remote areas of north India. Since south is very progressive and more educated, such cases are completely absent thankfully. Yes I thank Lord boo too Ruth, she's a sweet friend of mine, she too gets very disturbed by such evil practices

11:34 PM

kathy said...

rauf hello,

what can I do to help?

Rauf said...

Dear Kathy
If you keep it in mind and make your friends aware would be a great help.
In my previous post I wrote about how big research foundations, food corporates are using people of the third world countries as guinea pigs to test their genetically modified food products and funding such research.

How steps are being taken to tackle global warming. fighting air and water pollution,
Drive against junk food and fizzy drinks, fight against the big multi nationals, is all because of awareness spread by concerned people like you Kathy. You make the difference.
thank you so much.

Candy Minx said...

Wow I wasn't expecting to find all this here today Rauf. Thank you for posting about this.

I have been following a blog I just stumbled on when I first started my blog, it is here:


Mudassar, talking does help and opening up discussion among people is a defense and strategy for conflict resolution without violence. We need to share our feelings, our ideas and put our ethics into our shopping and what we support.

For the people in America who are against the Iraq war...I scratch my head...talk and now. Park your car. Ride the bus, walk to corner store. Do you know how quickly the government and everyone would listen to you.

If we don't buy pop, the pop company designs organic drinks, or bottels water.

No one is saying we have to stop everything, but I think we need to ask ourselves...is this the only way to pay bills? Is this the only way to control population, to change the world.

The world WILL change with or without us, nature is so big, and we are so small.

We can look now and talk...then act with your hard earned dollar...do not buy crap. And people will change their programs trust me.

Rauf, I love you and your inspiration to talk about these difficult topics. Good for you,

Guys we can affect the way we live and how we think and our hearts are free...if we work it!


Leila said...

I am acared my generation chooses blissful ignorance over the painful truth, Rauf

Rauf said...

Candy, Read the blog and posted a comment too.
That is another burning issue here, though it is declared illegal and punishable, this shameful practice is still going on, first in the cities, now such clinics are spreading to smaller towns and rural areas. what pains me most is, even educated people
prefer a male child.

What ever you are rejecting there is becoming a fashion here Candy.
junk food is getting very popular here. You have succeeded in bringing a legislation against fizzy drinks sold in schools.
Such pressure will have an impact all over the US, not just in schools.
Here big multinational companies throw millions on advertising to lure the young generation. Worst still is the high cost. An average college or school student cannot afford junk food or a soft drink, but still they go for it, beg or borrow. Such is the power of commercials.

Thanks Candy, love you too, loved your post 'is it true ?'

Rauf said...

No Laila, apart from craze for junk food, younger generation is much smarter and more intelligent than the previous one. This is how the evolution works. Now the younger generation is much more environmentally conscious. They would stop and listen if they have leaders like you to inspire them.

Lord Boo said...

You're most welcome, Ruth, though the fact that it comes from the country i call my motherland, does not make me any proud; yeah, freedom and the right to speak up is definitely a blessing which we take for granted

Terri Jean said...

Your photos and comments/stories are absolutely amazing (though some are also heartbreaking). The world is a cruel place. Here in the states most of my work pertains to indigenous genocide (past and present) and it's governmental cover up. There was also sterilization of Native women here in the 1970's, but it "ended" (so they say) when it reached carious human rights groups. By that time, thousands per year were steralized during childbirth and did not know it. Like I said, the world is a crazy (and gut wrenching) place. Thanks so much for alerting us to the unjustice of your land. We all need to learn and accept the truth about human kind so we can, together, do something to change it. -- Terri

Barns of Ohio said...

I simply love your blog.

Rauf said...

So sweet of you Lord Booey, with all the chaos, blind faith Hatred enlightenment, wisdom, superstitions, evil cast system, corruption, hunger starvation poverty, India is a land of extremes. The other side there is extreme love, fun joy, tolerance, helping each other, survival against all odds, I love my motherland and you love it too Lord Booey. Your friends come from all communities, You have crossed the racial and religious barrier and love them all, they love you too. I am proud of you sweetie.
You silly boo, I know you are missing all the exotic mouth watering food as well.
all my love
ummmmmmmmms and Huggs.

Rauf said...

Thank you barns of ohio, wish I knew your name, I am sorry you caught me with an angry blog. More pleasant things to come, Your pictures contribute to our joy, and make us aware how beautiful our world is, Please visit Lorraine's blog, She's up there.
Presenting her part of the beautiful world, So is Patty, Chinna, you'll find them in my various blogs.

Rauf said...

Terri, the world cannot be called a cruel place where concerned people like you live. World depends on People like you, Hayden, Ruth, Candy, e2d, Sonal, Lord Boo, Kathy, Mudassar, Barns of Ohio, Lorraine, cari, Heather, Davo, Patty, Chinna, imemine, and the youngest of all sweet Laila, and many others whom I do not know who spread the awareness, who do their best to make this world a sweet place to live for ourselves and for the generations to come.
This world is our home, I love it. Idon't want to go anywhere, not even to paradise

Thank you so much for your contribution Terri. Its a great help towards making this world a better place.

Lord Boo said...

thanks for the sweet words, Poms ! i'm all smiles, grins and buck-tooth now !! :D *hops around in delight

Oscar Varghese said...

Hey this stuff has been going on for ages. Hitler wasnt the first.Dude,It's all because of the aliens... Blame it all on the aliens .

lolz well anyway..... it is quite shocking.
Came through your comment on anus. You new ther?

Heather said...

i really dont want everyone to know they are in full size

Rauf said...

Boo ! you are really sweet for many reasons ...check my next blog.
ummmmmmmmmmms and huggs

Rauf said...

Sir Zombie, Its a local problem I mean the earth problem. yes its been going on for ages.

Life only on planet earth doesn't make sense, when there are millions of galaxies up there. I too belive there must be life on the other galaxies. Perhaps they'll tell us about the meaning of life here, life itself doesn't make sense to me Sir. Zombie.

Rauf said...

Heather, I don't agree with you.
I enjoy your blog, Its a treat for any one with interest in visual arts. I have enjoyed viewing your pictures full screen size. Lot of visitors don't bother to click on the pictures, they move on unless you insist. Please insist Heather, they are in for a feast.

e2d said...

Wow Rauf! I didn’t know about this conspiracy thing. Heard about eugenics—hitler’s weird ideas( well almost everybody knows that), the forced sterilization campaign during Indira Gandhi’s time which was all crazy enough but this conspiracy which is going on …never knew! I checked out the links, the Procter and Gamble report, all the comments etc ...and ended up thinking ignorance can be so blissful at times. Sorry--I know it’s a very disappointing thought...but too many 'bad 'things happening around and everything is affecting you and THATS IT!! Cant find a solution to anything---neither can I find a way to deal with anything. I wonder if u have read Arundhati Roy’s “An ordinary person’s guide to an empire” in which there is a chapter called “ Confronting Empire”…where she says the best way to confront these sort of issues is by “being a royal pain in the ass” ,sort of re-inventing Gandhiji’s civil-disobedience…which I thought was a neat idea. Will we/ I have the guts to do it? ..Don’t know …
On an ‘easy-way out’ but hopeful note ..maybe things will get fixed on its own…or on a more pessimistic note maybe everything will fall apart and we will all become extinct!! Its just crazy. I don’t know. Probably my frustrating thoughts should be ignored.

Rauf said...

People are drifting away from the main issue e2dees, the extinction of human race itself. Hitler was not the first one, this movement originated in the US.

Things in India are different though. Rich in natural resources and rich in philosophy rich in music, traditions, rich in wisdom, we are exporting wisdom and brains but still India will beg from the western countries. Money has been given to India to conduct forced sterilisation. India under Indira Gandhi had a good reason of population control.

rachel said...

So you live with your family in your small house- how many family members live there; ie, generations? I think it is wonderful when families are close like that for the children- they get so many perspectives on life.

I don't have a blog because I just don't have the time. I barely have enough time to read the blogs of friends and family, but I soooo enjoy it- it takes me away from my life and allows me to experience other worlds and find a way to bring those experiences into my own life.

I enjoy nature, controversial conversations, enlightenment, peace and quiet, gardening, riding my bike, hiking, traveling, learning new languages, experiencing new cultures, making new friends, helping others succeed in their dreams, playing theater games, painting, hearing something I've never heard before, and reading blogs and knowing there are people out there in the world just a clic away who enrich my mind.

"Hi Moin and Rubina!"

Rauf said...

Dear Rachel,
while reading my blogs probably you may think that my life is full of bitter experiences or I am a victim of racism. None whatsoever. I don't remember any bitter experience, i turn bitter and angry only when I have a newspaper in my hands. My life has been very sweet to me. I don't make it sweet. Its my family and friends who have made it sweet for me. I am very arrogant, shabby ugly, My life is full of funny experiences and goofs.
When I started blogging I thought I should be fair and unbiassed since I am not attached to any philosophy or religion.
When people ask rauf how are you doing, I say I don't come under the catagory of doing well and not doing well, I am there and I just exist.
So I have been living in the same house from past 46 years. I was 12 when I occupied my room. No improvement. Been in same condition
with my sister Rokhia, her Husband Raffath, my nephew and niece, you know their names, I'll pass on your hi to them.
Not married, no particular reason.
I hate locks and keys, so removed the door to my room, every thing is open like my life. I never carry any key. So no regrets for losing anything.
I couldn't find anything interesting to write about myself Rachel, I am sorry, perhaps you are disappointed.

Zarina said...

Money has been given to India to conduct forced sterilisation.????
Rauf just visited and was reading your blog and came down to
Shocking and emotional...do you have any uptodate info on this topic? This has touched me emotionally...

Rauf said...

No I don't have an update Tanya, I have given links to some sites and there are many who say that such forced sterilisation is still being carried out on unsuspecting Jew, people with low IQ and darker races and Native Indians. Here in India, govrnment offers money for voluntary sterilisation. For survival young unmarried people go and get themselves sterilised.
No questions asked if they are married and how many children they have.

priya said...

I think during Sanjay Gandhi period they forced many people including young men and women in such acts. I wonder how the people believe and just go ahead with it.
Its very sad rauf....

Good you brought it and I will link this post with your permission for the future..

Rauf said...

Priya, what Sanjay Gandhi did during emergency was a crime against humanity. Eugenics research funds have reached far and wide. They are still active working silently. I am not accusing Sanjay Gandhi for receiving such funds to carry out the crimes but there is a possibility.

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