11 May 2006


With the exception of Lord Boo and Mudassar, none of my Indian friends living here or abroad commented on my previous post, 'I HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIVE'.
It doesn't come as a surprise to me.

Blunt Knife


Candy Minx said...

Well, maybe people are afraid...of the internet and saying what they think. Or what if it comes out a way they don't want. I find a lot of people are afraid of talking...but talking invites transformation!!

e2d said...

I like to agree with candy mix.
And sometimes people just dont know what to say.Certain things can be confusing or overwhelming to comment on.

PS:I am finaly done with my exams Rauf!In fact I am on vacation from today...four days to be precise.I borrowed 12 videos from the uni library ...all documentaries except for two.lol! I am a documentary junkie.

chinna said...

sorry rauf, i didn't comment on the previous post. i was a little lazy to follow all the links. i thought commenting without doing that may not be wise.

but anyway here goes - even choosing not to have a child is a form of eugenics - you are cutting your genes out of the gene pool.

also, if we check the reproductive patterns in india it would reveal who's winning the battle.

so i would advise all these eugenic evil geniuses to devise more brilliant strategies.

infact, i suspect they know they are losers. they're just pulling a fast one on their sponsors.

Rauf said...

Guess you are right Candy, I have heard about people being targetted.
I am just trying to bring some facts to surface which have existed for over a hundred years, this is nothing new actually.

Rauf said...

e2dees, whach you doing there ? please come home for a short holiday.
wattoo ? why are you straining your eyes again by watching this stuff ? You have worked hard enough. please take rest and do nothing. you can strain your mind if you like, UDF LDF some body has won the election, change here too our Amma has gone too. All long faces on Jaya TV

Rauf said...

Yes Chinna .. its like nature, it grows by itself. It always wins
No one can stop growth.

The sponsors are trusting these guys with huge sums of money. please watch Fast track on BBC this week, 25000 privately owned luxury aircrafts in the air. there is lot of money to throw.

rachel said...

Sometimes I just read and take in the pictures in awe. You have said it all, what more could I say? I just need time to process.

Rauf said...

Thanks Rachel, It doesn't give me any pleasure to write such posts. I would love to write only about the brighter side of life, but I would be lying to myself.

Candy Minx said...

In a way, talking about these things is a form of love. That is how I look at it because what if one of these people knew one of us cared...it's a start.

There is not talking because one is shy, or one is unsure or one is afraid. And then there is not talking out of denial. And denial is a form of hate. It only hurts the one denying.

Rauf said...

Personally I have nothing to complain about Candy. Like you mentioned in your recent post on blogging, i just want to express myself about things we tend to take for granted.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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