17 May 2006


I wonder if passing eagles or storks give them compliments
Hi Gorgeous !
She looks proud no doubt.
They perhaps do appreciate each other's beauty, and compliment each other.
I was in a hurry to post this blog as I had posted 16 pictures in a single blog in Blunt knife today without any problem, and pretty fast too. Lucky day.
All pictures are full screen size, please click on the pictures.

The design on wings of this snake bird is simply amazing, some birds are slow in flight more graceful in take off, this one is very fast and graceful like a black porche. I wait and wait for them to take off, with my camera ready. I am suddenly alert when the flap their wings. nothing happens, they just flap their wings a couple of times and just sit there. perhaps they try to attract your attention. some times I feel that they are showing off. they have their own chemistry. Perhaps they long for right company, and try to attract friends ?

hey ! look at my figure !
If they are given the power of speech, they'll have all the Bollywood Hollywood producers lined up to sign them.
Unlike the humans, females are not badly treated by their males. I haven't seen them fighting.
Perhaps they would start fighting once Hollywood producers start approaching them.

I just sit there and watch them , getting crazy ideas I keep talking to them,
would you act in my movie ? I'll give you a major role.
what do I get ?
how about fish from Alaska for one whole year ?
I'll think about it, I've been offered fish from Siberia for 3 years.

This is figure. she could be a top fashion model. Tall and slim. Do they watch their diet ?
Struggle for survival keeps them in shape.
what a shape !
I think only pets like cats and dogs or domesticated animals get fat. Others stay in shape.
Nothing wrong in being fat. Very cheerful people.
If you like chocolates, go ahead and eat them
Eat without any worry, without guilt
The problem comes when you don't burn enough energy.
but please don't starve yourself.

Do you want this figure ?
Eat a bar of dark chocolate, to compensate eat one bar of white chocolate. Blanced !
good idea ?
Feeling hungry is a sign of good health.
please eat well, don't bother about figure
You are not going to lose any friends
I have not heard of any one losing friends because they put on weight.

Da Vinci code is being released tomorrow and there are protests already all over India, peaceful so far but may turn violent. The Censers have not released the film yet. Perhaps the film will be shown right under the nose of the Pope in Vatican but there's all possibilities of the film being banned here in India.

Well this is India for you. you should know that barring a few, all those who are protesting may not have heard of the book, which was sold in every nook and corner. I think Its a wrong title. Leanardo da Vinci is leonardo of the village vinci, its a name of a place.

Please don't think for a second that I am a serious person.
I go crazy and goofy all the time. I love talking absolute nonsense.
love you all.
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Ruth said...

The birds are sumptuous and alluring. I want to touch them. But I'm sure they'd want to bite me if I tried.

kathy said...

You are so lucky to be this close to nature and these animals you take pictures of! wow! And stop saying you look like a maniac...lol...you don't scare me. :) I would never throw you out of a restaurant. I worked as a waitress in my younger days.

Rauf said...

I was not very close Ruth, they are very harmless. you find them in fields. there is a general belief that if you touch a chick they abandon it, I do not know how far it is true.

Rauf said...

I would love to spend a lot of time in the forest Kathy, unfortunately survival brings me back to the city. More over, desire to live in the society is very strong. Very few choose to live away from the society. In my case it is family and friends.

Heather said...

These photos are amazing!

Rauf said...

Thank you Heather, its a good sight, an indication that things are still alright as the birds are the most delicate creatures. After a while we may not see them at all. Its time to wake up. Actually they wake us up

e2d said...

love you too Rauf--for all the wonderful pics,the great posts and yep I agree--u are totally goofy and silly at times.:)

I liked the dark chocolate-white chocolate balancing act u suggested .Might give it a try.:)

Imemine said...

Your stories sound like poetry to me. You are a poet. Beautiful birds and pictures.

Rauf said...

EEEEEEEEE e2dees whattooo ???
Me the goof master all the time.
I really don't see much sense in dieting and in people starving themselves. We should not let things go out of hand and there should be SOME CONTROL. Once you understand your body you'll find that we need only little food to survive. But denying ourselves the pleasure of eating is madness, after sometime the body gets used to starvation and starts rejecting food, leading to anorexia and other serious problems. I like chubby people, they are always happy. Somewhere they have to stop as obesity too is a disease. Spending lot of time on computer has caused me various problems. I take a regular break and stay away from the computer for a couple of weeks. Its a serious problem for those who are at the computer all the time. I have seen loss of hair and weight gain at a faster rate in them.
Now England is banning junk food and fizzy drinks in schools, soon other countries will follow. the real problem is not junk food but lack of out door activity.

Rauf said...

I go crazy Imemine. Beauty always inspires me. Beauty in nature is good food for imagination.

I am not balancing indoor and outdoor avtivity properly. I want to be a footbal refree, i think its a good job. I'll show red card to all the players sit in one place and eat. I am lazy and crazy Imemine.

Leila said...

Wow, the black snake bird looks prehistoric.

Amazing they are, Rauf, and amazing is the photographer!

Think about it though, what do birds have to fight about? Women, food, land - that's it. But they get on with it. They do what they have to do, and are happy most of the time, aren't they? Maybe that's why we love watching them.

I'm crazy too, you'd never guess from my blog! or comments! I'm a lunatic!

Rauf said...

Terrific imagination Laila, I noticed it only after reading your comment. yes the snake bird design looks like Cleopatra's or King Solomon's outfit. Or perhaps Mr. M. Jackson would love to have a dress like that.

nothing else makes sense Laila, its better to be a lunatic. Happy people they are.

Leila said...

Happy indeed. And happy we are Rauf!

Candy Minx said...

That was great fun, I read all the words out loud with character voices here at home with my firend. We were laughing and I love the supermodel. You are very funny.

I agree the snake bird does look prehistoric...well after all dinosaurs are birds grandparents...not all dinosaurs died, the ones with wings seemed to have lived.

These are just stunning photos. Today we saw animals...all in a pet store. Kittens, puppies, parrots, and a capucin...they needed homes, better to see birds out side in their home.

Rauf said...

I am happy that I am not alone Laila

Rauf said...

From reptiles to Birds, what a giant leap, I always think there has to be something in between Candy, which we have missed completely, after all it takes millions and millions of years. And these preshistoric birds have seen it all. They have been around for quite sometime.

40 years ago, an old man called Krishna used to help my father. We brought him to the city for a holiday. He refused to walk on the road (there was hardly any traffic then) He said he wanted to see a plane, took him to the airport, no security then, took him very close to the runway, As he saw a plane landing he fainted. We had to drag him back to the terminal. No big planes then, he said when he recovered that he could never imagine a plane so big. In a state of horror he said he wants to get back to his village.

Zareba said...

Beautiful birds. Such freedom and grace.

Thank you for reading my blog, and for your wishes and prayers. I have been reading yours silently too. :-)

We take in unwanted pet parrots of all descriptions. We don't go looking but we don't turn away any that need us. I wish that we could teach people to love and appreciate these free spirits for what they are, and just how special it is when they allow us into their flock.

Rauf said...

I am smiling Zareba. You brought a smile to my face.

Lord Boo said...

gorgeous pics, Poms, as usual ( i'm gona ask you again to apply for NGC :p and i know you stubborn mule would not ) where did you take these ? Vedanthangal ?

i saw "Da Vinci Code" ; if you have read the book, you would be terribly disappointed. it does not cover most details. but i'm quite surprised to hear about protests in India. what about ? the anti-christ talks ? and yeah, you are right, people who protest may not have read the book, but just protest along with others.

P.S : sorry for the long absence Poms, missed your blogs *hugs and MWAH*

Candy Minx said...

OH I love that idea of the poor man seeing the plane, what a shock for him.

I too forgot to ask WHY are people protesting the Da Vinci Code...is it Indian Christians perhaps?

Rauf said...

Lord Boos ! yenna dee ghodee ! wat is NGC ? nosee none in vedanthangal, all in ranganthittu.

Aree ghodee you know i read da book.
Same case always boo, the problem is the reader's visualisation does not match with the director's, so the book always seems better. Dr' Zhivago and 'the Horse Whisperer' are the only exceptions for me, where I found the movie lot better than I had visualised, helped by some terrific music. Thomas Newman for Horsee whisperee and Maurice Jarre for Dr. Zhivago.

yea the protest don't make sense. don't think what is Written about Jesus in the book is shown in the film. Its like they had nothing else to protest.
huggs and ummmmmmma dee boos

Rauf said...

Very very surprising this time Candy. Christians Hindus and Muslims all united in the protest. I am happy these organisations stood on some common ground. these organisations helped by their own politicians cause communal riots, otherwise a normal Indian on the road is peace loving and there's a great deal of communal harmony in India. the guys on protests are the actual trouble makers. What is more surprising is the muslims in pakistan too are on protest, and they might even win. The film will be released in india after some cuts approved by these organisations.

Lord Boo said...

no Poms, the disappointment is different. the movie is beautifully shot, but so many details are missing, which the book provies. and oh, Clint Eastwood's Mystic River is better than the book too. Loved it, very intense movie. the music for Da Vinci code is by Hans Zimmer, same chap who did Gladiator and loads of other good movies. Terrific composer, lovely tunes. you would love Lisa Gerrard's voice in Gladiator's OST. Remind me of Enya

*love and hugs*

Candy Minx said...

I think you will all enjoy this article...


Rauf said...

Lord Boos, the film is yet to be released here, protesters demand a disclaimer to be shown before the movie begins that the whole thing is a work of fiction, and it has nothing to do with facts.

Rauf said...

Read the article Candy, very interesting. I talk to my cat, he has an attitude. I talk to the birds like I am talking to my friends. I sincerely believe that they communicate.

Cari said...

Thanks for the pics and good reading. :}

Rauf said...

me thanking you Cari

Gangadhar said...

And those're awesome pics,Rauf!!
Btw..gud to see you on my bog..

Rauf said...

Thanks Gangadhar, been running around, traveling tomorrow, saw you in Kathy's blog too, sweet lady she is.

Gangadhar said...

Rauf,i've already been to your blog..a few days back..such a great blog u've!!
yeah..Kathy's so sweet...
btw i'm going to blogroll u!!

Rauf said...

Sure Gangadhar, I am flaterred really Thank you so much. The word 'blogroll' is new to me and I don't know how to do it myself.

Anonymous said...

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