28 October 2006


Its Raining
Raining hard
Roof is leaking everywhere
drops falling on the ceiling fan
spraying water all over
tup tup tup music of the leak
Electricity playing hide and seek

This is not Hiku
This is happening to me
I am not a poet.

The title of this post is genetic engineering and I am talking about my leaking roof.
Ah! here's a story for you


what ?
The lady turns around and finds no one
she is in a shopping mall picking up apples, she is alone.

Hi, would you please take me home'

Who is this ? The lady is scared now
The voice seems to come from the stack of apples.

A salesman rushes to her
May I help you m'aam ?

I heard some voices here but there's no one around

' Would you please take me home ?

'Hey shut up! says the salesman, Oh ! these are GM (Genetically modified) apples m'aam these apples have human genes in them, some of them talk

'Wow a talking apple ?

'Yes maam'
Now she can spot the talking apple.

Would you please take us home ?

yes dear sure I will

would you please pick up the apples with yellow patch

Why yellow patch ?

We are all Catholic apples, do you believe in God ?

Oh! Oh yes yes I dooo !!

If you eat us you'll go to heaven

What ? No way ! I have no plans to go to heaven, not in another fifty years, Oh dear ! I'll take the green ones then

the green ones are terrorist apples, they cause constipation and embarassing explosions in your stomach

Hey shut up ! says the salesman 'Not all green apples are terrorists m'aam You can try these M'aam, very high protein content with pig's genes in them

Sorry I am Jewish!

A lady crosses them with yellow apples in both her hands

are they good ?

Oh yes the 2nd lady says, this is my second buy, amazing they are, now my entire family can dance and we have started speaking flawless spanish.

I'd rather have french, I always wanted to speak french, the first lady says ' do you have them ?

Yes we have them but, we made a mistake of putting french genes apples with the english ones they started hitting each other All we have is pulp and a few damaged ones.

Valentine apples ? what are these ?

We are withdrawing them m'aam

why, what's wrong with these ?

There were some side effects

side effects ? like what ? what side effects ?

One man ate them and climbed on to President Hillary Clinton's balcony in Park Ridge and started singing a love song in the middle of the night.

old man ?

yes 95, Other one started stalking Alison Krauss,

how old was he ?


Eighty ?

No Eight, both are in police custody m'aam. We are sending these apples back to the lab, we'll re introduce them with reduced romantic content,
in another incident a man eloped with a female gorilla from the zoo, cops are still looking for him.

What ? 200 dollars for an apple ? what AARE these ?

These are zen apples m'aam

why are they so expensive ?

You get wisdom eating them M'aam, we are withdrawing these too

why ? whats wrong with them ?

People got too wise, right here in this mall four guys ate them, they did not pay, they robbed us instead and robbed the bank opposite. they are still at large.,

Just got a call from our Seattle outlet m'aam, there has been an accident, we got orders to withdraw them immediately.

What happened ?

A man ate zen apple, sought enlightenment, went out,
it was raining like always in Seattle, he stretched his arms out towards the sky and screamed 'enlighten me'

So ?

He lit up, he got enlightened alright

Then ?

Lightning struck him.

was he an American ?

No m'aam he was a Mexican

there you are! bad english got him ! he sought enlightningment perhaps.

Will you reintroduce these apples with reduced wisdom ?

No M'aam, They will no longer be available, government does not want people to get too wise, They will be made available only to our elected politicians to get better ideas of robbing you M'aam.

Oh! such a huge pile of crates, what are these ?

They are still under experiment M'aam, they are Ashcroft apples, we are going to try them on the prisoners.

Thats very sad, why prisoners ?

On the contrary m'aam, Ashcroft apples makes them saints, when they come out of prison they will be law abiding citizens. And if successful, those will be the only apples available in future all over the country. All Americans citizens will become saints. Our aim is to control the society with the help of genetically modified food, no crimes, every one minds his own business no anti war protests, and we can invade any country we want.

EOS - End of Story

Pollution or Global warming doesn't scare me
the following two statements scare me to death.

"Under current United States government regulations, companies that are doing field-testing of genetically engineered organisms need not inform the public of what genes have been added to the organisms they are testing. They can be declared trade secrets"

"Some of the most powerful multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural corporations have staked their financial futures on genetic engineering. Enormous amounts of money are already involved, and the United States government is currently bullying the rest of the world into rapid acceptance of corporate demands concerning genetic engineering research and marketing"

The tomato that you are eating is an animal. The reports about human and animal genes introduced in vegetables and fruits are true

Asians and Africans have already become guinea pigs for developed countries as GM foods were tried on us, We have already eaten them.

Under trade secrecy law, you will never know what you are eating. You may think you are eating an apple, you may be eating a human or a pig. They are out there already !!

Blunt knife


Cari said...

how about those apples heh?

what a story rauf

u never know what the govt is up too that is for sure

Rauf said...

much more dangerous Caroline, you have Dylan and Tyler at home, you have to be ten times more careful when you buy food products.

Unsold genetically modified soyabean exported or given as aid by US govt. to some african countries caused some strange allergies among children, Net is full of such stories, please try GM food exports on Google

"Angeldust" said...

Thanks Rauf - so well done!
ENjoyed to apple story.
You always manage to engage my attention.

The Canadian Greenpeace site offers a rather extensise list of GM products and brands.

Love and joy

Lorraine said...

Hey Rauf,
Here's an excerpt from one of my favourite spiritual book:
'If you jog every morning, eat nothing but health food, avoid sugar, haven't smoked in years, make sure you get enough sleep, and drink ony bottle water, yet you do that from a place of anxiety, you are not in any way maintaining your health. You are merely not heeding what it is that will, at some time, make you ill - which is fear.'

Heed this my friend ;)

mysti said...

I enjoyed your apple story. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Rauf said...

Its a harsh reminder Angeldust. What I am really worried about is why the media is keeping quiet about this. I have been watching BBC news for ages but don't remember any news about it. Thankfully the Net is full of warnings about GM foods.
Thank you so much Angeldust, I'll go through the Canadian green peace site and get more information.

Rauf said...

Owee Lorraine, Fear is the key. Fear keeps people alive. And awareness keeps people more alive.
We behave well out of fear of our children, so that we don't create a bad impact on them, we are at our best in presence of children. You have to fear about the maniacs on the road, there are thousands of them out there. Tampering with nature would prove to be lethal in the years to come. This is more dangerous than global warming and pollution.

Rauf said...

Thank you Mysti, glad you liked it. Hope you got the message.

Gangadhar said...

Wow..what a story,Rauf..So creative with a nice message!!
thanks for sharing..

take care

Rauf said...

Thank you Gangadhar but the message is not nice

Rauf said...

Angeldust thank you again, I read the greenpeace canada press releases, its really alarming


Rauf said...

Lorraine, if you get time please read this,

Lorraine said...


and I'll check the site out ;)

Rauf said...

A husband accused his wife for wasting his money on fur coats and diamonds. The wife had to accuse him of some wasteful expenditure, she looked around and said, look you bought those fire extinguishers two years ago, we haven't used them even once.

Why do we buy fire extinguishers ?
We anticipate problems, we have fears and we think of a solution

Fear is the launching pad for solutions Lorraine

We are afraid of virus damaging our computers, so we install aniti virus programmes.

Cars come with many safety devices, why ? Because the designers don't trust the drivers, they have to design the cars keeping bad drivers or accidents in view. Nobody designs a car for Michel Shumacher, they all are designed for bad drivers.

I am scaring you with genetic engineering, I cooked up a story to make my readers understand where we are heading in a humourous way. I tried to make the reader understand how ridiculous the whole idea of GM food is. I am going to scare you with the dangers of artificial forests these environmentalists are creating in my next post. Together with genetic engineering they can lead to human extinction. This may not happen, but we have to anticipate and come up with solutions and we have to think of ways how to avoid disasters. Unless we have fears we cannot think of solutions.

what you say is right Lorraine when it comes to 'unfounded fears'. Like Vitalstatistics(Asterix comics) was always afraid that the sky will fall on his head.

Gangadhar said...

yeah Rauf..you're right..nice way it's messaged..

Rauf said...

Its easy to write something nice and sweet Gangadhar. These blogs offer a good outlet to create awareness. GM food is nothing new, they've been on the shelves for nearly ten years. I knew about it long ago but it was never stayed in the top layer of my memory. If you tell your friends about it the purpose of my writing this blog is served.

Gangadhar said...

Sure Rauf..'ll do it..Already a couple of my colleagues 're verymuch interested about your theory..

Cindy said...

you've got me wondering about those three apples I've eaten since last night...I haven't started barking or neighing yet, but, seriously, if that is all true, it's a very scary thing indeed. I definitely do not like the idea of the government being able to secretly tamper with our food.

Ruth said...

I think I get where Lorraine is coming from, and I agree with her that fear is no way to live. It is the basis of lots of political posturing these days. I also get where you're coming from I think, and I agree that we need to be aware.

I think you are telling us we need more knowledge, not more fear. if I misinterpret please correct me. Fear is no way to live. It is the opposite of love. But watching with alert awareness for what we consume is supremely important. I appreciate your information and the story that helps me understand it and imagine it more easily. We need to be on the lookout, and I will be more so now that I've read your post.

I am one who reads the news, and if I don't dig deeper, then I can miss a lot of valuable information that will help my health and safety. Educating people is so important. But I have a big problem knowing whom to trust. What sources of information are reliable? This is a very difficult question. And how many of us have time to dig deep enough to validate sources? I don't, so I find a few voices I trust and try to pay attention.

Thanks for being one of those voices, Rauf.

Rauf said...

You are a sweet guy Gangadhar. Now I have another theory. I think attempts are being made to divert our attention from the dangers of tampering with nature to global warming which is not a serious threat. Because GM food is multi billion industry, billions of dollars are at stake and we are up against giant multinationals.

Rauf said...

Cindy, GM foods were introduced nearly ten years ago. Asians and Africans were the first to eat GM foods with human and animal genes introduced in them. This research did not get any publicity and the media did not report it. Media did not report the concerns and fears of the scientists. This is a bigger threat to environment than global warming in the longer run as the scientists fear that the disasters would be unpredictable.

Rauf said...

Ruth, we are always in a state of perpetual fear. Fear of communism, nuclear war, fear of terrorism, fear of the society. I may not be afraid because there is always some one doing all the worrying and fearing for me.

I agree that fear is no way to live, When I am thirsty, I cannot afford to be reckless in accepting what ever water offered to me. I have to make sure water is not contaminated as I am afraid of falling sick while traveling. I fall into lower than the low income group. I prefer to have one less meal but I am particular about
drinking clean water. Fear is helping me to survive. I can get into trouble if I am not afraid.

Ruth there is an element of fear when you cross the busy road with children. You would hold their hands. You know what winter is, you would protect the children before you protect yourself. A mother is more afraid about the safety of the children than the father. A mother is not a mother if she is not afraid of the safety of her children. There is fear always Ruth. I have survived till today because my mother was afraid about my safety. So is with every one.

GM foods have been around for quite sometime now. My first worry was cross pollination with regular plants. Now I read that the scientis are afraid of the same factor. Now I am afraid of the artificial forests created by environmentalist together with genetic engineering we could have a disaster.

I am wondering why global warming got so much of publicity and why the fears of the scientists about GM foods did not get media's attention.

Rauf said...

Ruth, we still do not know what to do about global warming but we know about the harmful effects of tampering with nature. Its lots easier to put and end to genetic engineering than tackling global warming. but unfortunately it is not happening.

Rauf said...

Ruth, This is pretty lengthy, even I have no patience to go through the entire text


"We are confronted with what is undoubtedly the single most potent technology the world has ever known - more powerful even than atomic energy. Yet it is being released throughout our environment and deployed with superficial or no risk assessments - as if no one needs to worry an iota about its unparalleled powers to harm life as we know it - and for all future generations"

kathy said...

Rauf I could never kick you as you said in last post under comments.

but thanks to reading your post here...my paranoia is up a notch!

Lorraine said...

Thanks Rauf, I also like what Ruth said :). Being vigilant does not mean being fearful.
Fear hurts so much...

Rauf said...

Kathy, we do not know what we are doing.


picked it up from different sites Kathy

"Genetic Engineering is often justified as a human technology, one that feeds more people with better food. Nothing could be further from the truth. With very few exceptions, the whole point of genetic engineering is to increase sales of chemicals and bio-engineered products to dependent farmers."

"The FDA's failure to require labeling of genetically altered foods is effectively restricting Americans from exercising this right and subjects individuals to foods they have sound…reasons to avoid. FDA policy thus appears to violate the First Amendment of the Constitution….the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which requires that added substances to food be labeled…and mandates disclosure of material facts."

"GM food, rejected across the world because it is unsafe, continues to be dumped as ‘food aid’ on the famine-stricken populations in the poorest countries, which will be especially susceptible to the potential harmful effects of GM food. Not just Africa, but throughout Latin America, countries also face the risks of widespread GM contamination that could wipe out indigenous crops and destroy the livelihoods of their farmers"


Suji said...

Very scary scenario! Thank u for warning us.

Rauf said...

Thats good Lorraine

This blogger is playing hide and seek today. My responses have been disappearing.

Rauf said...

Suji, this is lot more serious than we think and media doesn't seem to be interested in the subject

Chinna said...

man plays god and wreaks havoc. we seem to be pretty good imitators of our creator - looking at the world around us.

Rauf said...

I am writing a post on that Chinna, its coming in the post after next. We don't deserve any kindness or the mercy of nature

"Angeldust" said...

Hello Rauf - a little time out?

You've been tagged - with the "weird" meme.
You got list nine weird things about you.
Illustrations are "optional" - some photos maybe?

Hope I can coax you to play!
Love and joy to you

Anonymous said...

Great shots there. Thought provoking too....
You know what drives these greedy corporations?
Greed and fear.
You just cant beat that combination!


Rauf said...

Hi Angeldust, sure, I am pretty weird myself, that is how I am coming up with weird conspiracy theories. Let me finish the environmental series first. 3 more posts to go. Still quite a lot of thinking to do.

Rauf said...

Hi Yoneb, I am sorry this is not a pleasant post to read, my entire environmental series has been pretty depressing.

Yes I agree with you, what you say is right, but who are the victims ? the unsuspecting innocent citizens, Who are the victims of the greed of weapons manufactureres and defence contractors ? Innocent citizens again, Who cares as long as they fill their bank accounts. Asians and Africans have played guinea pigs for these fat multinationals for decades.

Edith said...

Thanks for your comment on "GlobalTragedy". I know there are a great numberof enemies. Global Warming isn't the only one. For example growing food in an unahealthy way.Every one should be able to eat healthy food. But the problem is that many people simply can't pay for it.Poverty is one of the great enemies as well.


Sad thing is your post is almost certainly true. I'm not religious but if God doesn't help us we're in deep dodo I think.

Edithdyqgzdf said...

Even you say you are not religious you talk about Gods help.
In a way I think God is helping us in a way God thinks is best for us in given situations.
On the other hand there are too many people just thinking how nice it is to have "power" to do things to there own benefit. Shame on them. Maybe they don't know the word "charity". Do they ever learn?? Edith

her indoors said...

oh ralph i would have had to buy all the apples but i couldnt have eaten them if they talked to me!

krystyna said...

Hi Rauf!
I would like to take (purloin) this post. This is truly truth!
Well done!
All the best!

Rauf said...

Edith, welcome to daylight again, I'm afraid this is a pretty depressing post. Yes you are right, poverty is an environmental issue, I have written about it in my earlier environmental posts.

I have taken pages after pages to express what is on my mind, but you take just a few lines to express the same. That is the power of your poetry Edith. Thank you so much. You have such a sweet and thought provoking blog.

Yes I am not religious, but say Oh my God! this happens always.
Some times it is easier to explain.

Greed of giant multinationals has violated people's bliefs and convictions. The unsuspecting consumer buys and eats GM food without knowing what he is eating.
Billions of dollars are invested in genetic engineering. Taking advantage of trade secrecy law they avoid mentioning the kind of genes that have been added to the GM food. It is sad indeed.

Dear Readers,
Edith's blog is

Rauf said...

Her indoors ! I have seen dinner tables with a fancy decorative bowl of fruits. You can have one such bowl for talking apples, what a wonderful company. Just imagine the shock of your guests when they reach for the apple and hear
'please don't touch me'

Rauf said...

OH Yes Sure Krystyna, thank you so much, but unfortunately this post is pretty depressing.

krystyna said...

I think that it is truly truth with funny writing.

Rauf said...

FOUR DINNERS these guyss have absolutely no idea about the consequences of tampering with nature, I have quoted this in my comments above I am quoting it again

"We are confronted with what is undoubtedly the single most potent technology the world has ever known - more powerful even than atomic energy. Yet it is being released throughout our environment and deployed with superficial or no risk assessments - as if no one needs to worry an iota about its unparalleled powers to harm life as we know it - and for all future generations"

Rauf said...

Krystyna, I am just hoping that the message gets through. Except for the story I cooked up, everything else is a fact.

Edithdyqgzdf said...

Thanks for your comments on these depressing things. We must believe that better times will come before every thing crumbles totally.
I will leave the subject now and come back to you another day. Edith.

Rauf said...

Thank you for your contribution Edith, I am coming up with a new post tomorrow about forests and some solutions, please offer your suggestions which is very important to me and to the readers.

samuru999 said...

Another amazing post from you Rauf!
Scary stuff, but true!
You are just great Rauf...
always keeping us informed with such beautiful and creative posts.
Thank you!

Have a day of peace and joy!


wildpic said...

Advantages of Genetic Engineering

More effective and cheaper pharmaceutical products
More abundant food crops
New approaches to the generation of energy

The recovery of resources and pollution control
Diagnosis and correction of genetic diseases.

Improved food storage and nutritional quality
Faster and improved tree growth

Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering

World-wide pandemic
Catastrophic ecological imbalances
New agents of biological warfare
Increase the power of the state to manipulate and control people.

No conclusive reports that GM foods are safe
Possible genetic pollution
Agriculture and the environment will be irreversibly altered.

the question still remains of whether we are capable of designing our own world, or whether we will simply destroy what we have, and what is natural, and create an artificial planet earth? The references are used to present both aspects of the argument, in hopes of giving a greater knowledge to those who are unaware of how close to mass implementation of Genetic Engineering we really are. You decide.




Rauf said...

Thank you Margie, Its a bit harsh for your liking I'm afraid. Please check on the net for more information on the subject.
We normall warn people with phrases like ' I am warning you ! you are playing with fire' Believe me Margie playing with fire is like playing with a soft teddy bear when compared to this genetic engineering technology which is nothing but tampering with nature.

Rauf said...

Suresh Hi,
Been thinking from past one month,
Thinking so much that I have lost weight. I was sick, cold and fever, everything ok now.

Demerits far outweigh the merits Suresh. I cooked up a story to show how ridiculous the whole idea is.

I wrote that 'their aim is to control the society' I felt it is far fetched, I deleted it, thought for a while and realised that everything is possible with this technology. First the ideas come to me as jokes, I kept thinking, what if these guys add an owl's genes or a bat a donkey. I put myself there and I visualise how I would behave eating monkey genes Then I realised that these guys can really control the society which religion could not do. I thought I should write about it as a joke.

John Ashcroft was appointed as an Attorney Genl. in Bush Admin. This joker considered himself a saint. Came up with an idea of Ashcroft apples, which make people saints.

But unfortunately not many take this threat seriously. Now I am surprised that scientists too are thinking on the same lines.

All my conspiracy theories have come true so far Suresh

Bobbie said...

I don't even know how to comment. I know what Lorraine means about fear. Sometimes I think too much about what is happening in the world and it becomes overwhelming. Mostly though I move through life doing what I can to make it better and not worrying about the things I can't change.

That said, this is one scary scenario, despite the humerous beginning. Thanks for the warning but how do we stop it?

Rauf said...

Bobbie We have no fear because there is some one out there who is doing all the fearing worrying for us and defending us. Like the police and the Army. Remove these two from the scene, we are out in open, Now we can't sleep, Any one can walk in to our house, any one can attack our country. Now its the survival of the fittest or in the new situation its the survival of the richest. We'll have no option but to defend ourselves with what best we can. Buy missiles, buy the most sophisticated guns. Who ever has the best, survives.

Worrying fearing and defending by the police and the Army doesn't come free, They are charging us for those services. we are paying for it directly or indirectly by paying our taxes.

There are scientists out there who are doing all the worrying and fearing for our future. Unfortunately they have no support.
There are reasons for the lack of support. I am writing about it in my next blog which I am posting today.

We can stop it Bobbie. It requires more awareness.

ari4u said...

A very witty and creative story to get your message across. Got it Rauf! Hope things dont come to that point as i hate to eat anything that talks or moves on my plate.

There is no end to conspiracy theories. They remain theories till the end because no one can prove it or the ones with the most information are shushed or just disappear. I think i am watching a lot of X-Files.

Rauf said...

Ah ! I love both Moulder and Scully Aamir, all my conspiracy theories have come true unfortunately.

Lord Boo said...

Hilarious story, poms ! was laughing so much ! i was so irritated with the US regulations statement about "trade secrets" ! rubbish it is !

check this link out Poms, and please post this in your n ext post too. Spread the awareness ! *hugs*


Rauf said...

Yea my sweet booey ! read that, posted that link in my current blog comments. Now EU is rejecting all American exports, GM food is banned in English schools.

Rauf said...

read this booey