1 January 2007


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Money is a necessary evil. Wish I could live without money. It has never made me happy. Today I feel very rich knowing you and all my blog friends I have never met. You have made me rich with your views, your imagination, your thoughts and your support.
Thank you so much
I love you all


Gangadhar said...


A very Happy New Year to you and your family and friends

with best wishes

Rauf said...

Thank you Gangadhar, Wish you, Mrs Gangadhar and Aarush all the joy and peace throughout the year

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rauf for those heartfelt words. May the New Year also bring you the same. To many times people mistake money for happiness, when it truly is not the real happiness in this world.

Happy New Year!


Rauf said...

Mysti, i have felt the pinch of not having money actually it pinches me most of the times. When money comes I feel that I am not happy. Of course it helps me to survive and it helps me to travel.
something is seriously wrong with the whole system. Poverty did not exist, it was created. I'll make an attempt to discuss this subject in the last post on environment which is a bit unpleasant and postponed it due to Christmas and new year.

Thank you so much for your wishes Mysti. Happy new year to you and your family. And... Happy Birthday!

samuru999 said...

Dear Rauf
Thank you!
May your new year be full of love, joy and peace!
Happy new year to you and all your loved ones!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Rauf you have provided us with some great posts and fantastic photos over the year, Happy New Year to you and you loved ones hugs from me to you x

Rauf said...

Thank you Margie ! I wish you all the imagination and inspiration for the new year, you have them already.

Rauf said...

It is indeed a pressure, HER INDOORS, I have slowed down. I'll try to do my best if every thing goes right, yes if everything goes right. Thank you so much for your kind wishes. I wish you a very happy new year with lots of new places to travel.
lots of love and hugs

ruth said...

You chose a blue sky, and that is the precise color I associate with mental clarity. Why am I not surprised??

You wish us freedom, and that is the very best wish I can imagine. Thank you with all my heart, Rauf.

You wish us inspiration, but you have already provided it day after day.

How glad I am for you, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rauf!
What a Blessed is your site. I am glad that I met you last year. Many, Many blessings to you and yours.

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Rauf
It is always with excitement and anticipation that I visit your site.
Thank you for the warmth, compassion, and opinions you express so succinctly while you share your experiences that contribute towards global understanding and in a “very quiet way” to peace and further awareness of our environment. No tot mention your wonderful pictures.
Those of us who talk, get to know one another, our issues, our customs, become friends, which leads to a peaceful, even loving co-existence… as it cannot be left to those “in charge” – as history has proven time after time.

I am aware that India has a huge poverty issue, and I thank you for mentioning “food shortage” vs. the need for enlightment, etc. when I spoke of a full belly. As Africa has taken the focus away with its immeasurable increasing tragedy, India became somewhat neglected…. Of course, you are also facing an increase in AIDS epidemic, right?

I set out a couple of weeks ago to do a little bit more on my part – a little out of my usual volunteering - by collecting donations for an organization called Save the Children, which makes it theirs business to provide something tangible to families… to make it short, one may purchase a goat for 50.00dls a cow for 500.00 etc., etc.
I decided that probably a goat was somewhat more practical than a cow (?), and began asking all I know for either a one or two dollar coin. No one refused.
Many times people stop short from donating because they cannot afford themselves the $50, But, but a group can. And not being a strain on the budget will be willing to do it over and over again.
Donno quiet how, but I am sure this idea/feeling/project of mine it will acquire a life of its own…
This decision was based on the information that 29.000 children die every day due to poverty, hunger and illness, and there are 14.000.000 million orphan’s in Africa.
How can one stand back and just wish doing something about it?

Now, what are your local/regional most pressing needs?
Are there any organizations that have similar projects?

Please let me know. I do hope you are open to continuo with this dialogue…
Love and hugs

P.S.: I am glad the net brought us together.
Regarding the tattoo?
It may not even be a tattoo, just some “field/plot” notations perhaps, hmmm?

Anonymous said...

beautiful thoughts indeed rauf.
thank you for sharing and making life feel better.

Edith said...

According to money: We need money to survive. Unfortunately most of the money flows to people who really don't need them for the necessity to survive. They can't even see the countless people who go to sleep because their stomach is emty or hiding away because they can't effort a doctor to ease their pain.
But then again, I think it has been such way always, only now television shows us all the ugliness. Edith.

Rauf said...

Dear Ruth, I am getting richer every day, you have made me rich with your precious contributions without which this blog has no life.

A Blog is amazing, TV and news papers are one sided, The letters to the editor in a news paper occupies a small space. Where as A blog is open to contributions, Reader's comments, suggestions, criticism add life to a blog.
It is the best thing that has happened to internet.

Readers who agree with me and readers who don't agree with me both have opened the windows of my mind, letting lot of fresh air. Thank you so much Ruth.

Rauf said...

Thank you Krystyna, you are doing a great job guiding your readers in your blog. Wish you all the strength and courage to carry on guiding people in the future too.

Rauf said...

Dear Angeldust,
India is a very good subject to study.

No other country in the world has been repeatedly invaded and occupied like India. Aryans the Greeks, Persians, Dutch, Portugese, French the British Japanese and the Chinese have invaded India, perhaps more. India has never invaded any weaker country.

Rich in natural resources, sun shining 365 days a year, rich in knowledge and skill. Yet India is a poor country. We poor guys sit pecefully minding our own business, BAM BAM BAM comes an invation. That has affected the mind of an Indian, we have accepted that we are inferior, and that we cannot do anything without help, either from God or foreigners. (Foreigners are gods) There was a great deal of opposition within India for our freedom struggle which was by and large passive and non violent. They wondered how India could govern itself without the help of foreigners.

Please believe me Ageldust, India does not need any help. Once we tackle the inferiority complex I mentioned above, India can stand on its own withut any kind of aid.
Unfortunately I don't see it happening. Those visionaries, highly skilled and the educated seek greener pasteurs and go abroad to earn more money and contribute to the growth of richer countries. Their contributions are badly needed here. Thanks to those visionaries who decided to remain here India is now growing rapidly, but it is always 50 years behind.
50 years or 100 years behind matters less, self reliance is more important than competing with the west.

India can take care of itself but it will not. Pride has been shattered by repeated invasions. India always holds a begging bowl in its hands. Though India is growing rapidly, but the growth is hampered by greedy and corrupt self serving politicians who are bleeding the country white. Tax evasion has become an accepted practice like the caste system and other evils. There is some evil called 'Black Money' (undeclared income) Which does not help the growth of the country at all. This parellel economy exists because of a weak and corrupt administration.
Very weak efforts are made to bring this 'black money' into main stream economy. We are exporting brains we are exporting wisdom through our gurus and swamijis. Believe me they are not needed here, I would be too glad to export the rest of gurus and bhagwaans who are polluting the country with false wisdom and beliefs which doesn't help our growth at all. Well ! this is a different subject.

Thank you Angeldust for your kind gestures to help the poor in India.
Today India has food surplus. And yet many go to sleep with an empty stomach, many farmers commit suicide everyday due to globalisation. The west is twisting our arms to accept globalisation. Our politicians have accepted it without thought and wisdom.

We need not compete with the west.

Thank you so much Angeldust
Love and Hugs

Rauf said...

Thank you Magiceye, better life or feeling better is in our minds. Every one of us has the capacity and power to make life better or feel better. We ourselves make our lives miserable. No one else is responsible.

Welcome to Dalight again.

Rauf said...

I agree with you Edith. You make me think again on the concept of growth. When money piles up on one side and the other side remains hungry can't be called growth. I am not a marxist or a communist, I don't agree with them too. But something is seriously wrong with our system. I don't understand poverty. Is greed the cause of poverty ? I don't know, I have to think and I badly need your and my other reader's contribution. Why your contribution is vital I'll tell you in the concluding post on environment.
Thank you so much Edith.

Cari said...

you too rauf! i hope you get to explore new terrains...:} we get to enjoy the pictures! :}
thank you for the sentiment , very nice of you :}
i wish money didn't exist. but like you said it really is a necessary evil.
money buys you comfort not happiness

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Rauf

I can feel the passion in your words which leave me with deep feelings and very ittle to say...as I understand too well.
When one's soul is broken, it is not easy to repair.

India's soul is broken.

You are right in your statements and about - there not being need to compete with the west - as if whatever we have would be "that" important.

Behind, ahead?
These, are highly debatable in my view.

Until next time,
Lots of Love and Hugs back to you my friend

Claudia said...

Once again (it's never too much), a very happy new year to you, Rauf, and may you continue to be inspired and inspiring!
My husband is going to India for the first time tomorrow and somehow, because of your blog and your comments on my blog, I don't feel India to be as distant and foreign as I did in the past. I can't wait to see the pictures he'll bring home although they'll surely won't be a match for yours :)

Cindy said...

Money would be nice sometimes, but it can never buy the most valuable of things, such as friendship and love. So, when I start to think about how poor I am at the moment, I remind myself of all the blessings in my life and before long I'm feeling like the richest person in all the world- because I have friends like you. Happy New Year!

iamnasra said...

A bit of money would not hurt I suppose..LOL

Im honored knowing you...your kindness had so much touched me

Happy new year..may this year be a year that burshes you with inspiration and stregth to overcome any hardship

Be well

Allah Maak

Anonymous said...

Happy New year!

Rauf said...

Thank you Caroline. what you say is true, money can only buy comforts. One can buy a palace but can't buy peaceful sleep. It pains me to visit some houses, very well maintained, to impress the visitor, neat show cases paintings on the wall Antiques on display But there is hardly any sign of life. A house should generate warmth, it should generate love. a visitor should feel free, In some houses I am afraid even to move my hand, I am such a walking disaster Caroline. The very look of the house should that say there are people here, there are children living in this house. Money can't bring such looks.

Rauf said...

Dear Angeldust, From past one year of blogging I have changed my views on many subjects largely due to the contribution of my readers.
I am seeing things under differnt light now. I have to think again on 'growth' or on 'progress' we have made. I was proud but not any more.
thank you so much Angeldust.
Lots of love and Hugs

Rauf said...

Thats wonderful Claudia. Your husband would either love or hate India, its a land of extremes. He will love the place if he is careful about food and water. He chose a right time to visit.
Wish you Ana and Clara could join too. Please tell him to be very careful about drinking water. The hotel would give him mineral water any way without asking, but please tell him to demand a fresh mineral water bottle every time and check the expiry date.

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Rauf,

One cannot help but change ones mind as new or different information comes to light...
There certainly is an enourmous opportunity for expanding ones hearts and mids in company of some fellow bloggers...

"Growth" and "progress" are very much in my opinion, a question of values that ever elusive balance and wide-open eyes 'cuz as my grandmother used to say "Not eveything that shines is gold".

You and I are very much "alive/curious/inquisitive", therefore, for us, "changes" are a course of life... which brings us often to the need to reflect upon and revise our beliefs.

Thank YOU for this lovely exchange and the sharing of ideas and feelings.

Lots of love and hugs

Rauf said...

When you have money Cindy, you'll have lots of friends, but when it disappears, friends disappear too. But true friends stick on. Yes you can't buy true love. I have seen this happening. A friend of mine made it to the movies. Suddenly friends and reletives sprang up from nowhere.

Having friends like you is a blessing Cindy. Thank you so much
Your deep rooted faith and determination in the most difficult times is truly inspiring
Happy New year Cindy !

Rauf said...

Dear Nasra, so far so good. I am not a healthy person. But its nearly 30 years since I have been to a doctor. No check ups, not a good idea,I may be having problems, but I I don't want to know them. I am afraid If I make myself too busy in making money, along with money I will get diabetes too, or hypertension or some thing. I have been so reckless that I eat anything that comes my way and I am fond of eating local dishes when I travel. Eating is the greatest joy of life. I enjoy the food my sister and my friends feed me. It would be a tragedy If I can't have sweets or have other eating restrictions which may come along with the money and tension. How do I enjoy life then ? I see some people in chains, restricting themselves avoiding this or that due to health reasons.

Thank you so much Nasra for your kind wishes. Its indeed an honour knowing you. Wish you all the imaginationin and tranquility. And wish this year brings peace in the world.

Rauf said...

Hi Asha, thank you so much I wish you the same. I think I saw you on Sangita's page.
I saw your blog but I am not qualified to comment. I'll visit once again but want to tell you some thing.

My friend Ruth is a member of a 'daily city photo' family. You can see her link on this page
Ruth - East Lansing.

I would be nice to see a similar community
where you post recepies of local dishes and link it to other bloggers from different parts of the world who post pictures and recepies of their local dishes.

Just an idea.
Thank you so much for your visit Asha. i consider the art of cooking nothing less than classical painting or music. Its a joy.

Rauf said...

Dear Angeldust, The blogging has taught me to be flexible. With such diversity of views coming from the readers, I can't afford to be rigid. I try not to hurt sentiments which I find myself doing at times. I get angry and frustrated when I see things going wrong around me. But people see things differently as same things are not wrong for them. For instance some of my friends have accepted or given dowry. I get to hear 'When i give money to my son-in-law why does it bother you, what's your problem ?'
I shut up.
Very few people consider dowry as an evil practice. Parents get in to a mess borrowing money for their daughter's wedding. This is accepted as normal practice.
What can I do when parents want to get in to a mess hoping for some miracle which will clear their debts. I have a bad reputation of a trouble maker.
Lots of love anf Hugs Angeldust.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rauf!
Thank you very much for this post and comments. Your writings are truly inspired.
Money buys you comfort not happiness not love. But comfort is different for everyone. For somebody big excellent car is comfort, for me naturally too , but the best comfort for me is that I can walk.
Your blog has helped me find some answers I have been searching for.
Love and Peace.

Rauf said...

Yes Krystyna, I found many answers too in the comments of the readers like you. They have indeed been very helpful to me. Like what you say 'the comfort is different for every one' which is so true. Peace and tranquility too is different for different people. The music that is soothing to me is noise for somebody else.

Thank you so much for your contributions Krystyna, like I always said without the contribution of the readers this blog has no life.
hope you enjoyed your holidays.
I wish all the peace and tranquility to you the way you want it.

Anonymous said...

Luv ya!

Wishing you a wonderful new year!

Rauf said...

Love you too Kathy
Wish you all the excitement fresh air and sunshine in your life
Lots of love to you your husband and sweet Marcey

Anonymous said...

Hi Rauf

Stopping by to wish you the best that 2007 has to offer and wish you a very Happy New Year.

Thanks for the link for my blogs on your blogs.


Rauf said...

its a delight to have you back on my page bill. Thanks for your wishes. I wish you all the best for the year too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rauf ji,
If you feel this love from everyone you've met its because of how your caring gentleness has touched each one, Im sure. I for one feel very happy that Ive met you. :))

Rauf said...

So kind of you Mystic Rose, feel like knowing you personally, Without your contribution and presence this blog is incomplete.

Anonymous said...

:)). thankyou.

Rauf said...

All the best Mystic Rose.

Rauf said...

Testing testing,
something strange happened, comments on 'pilgrimage perhaps' in Blunt knife blog disappeared while responding to one comment, hope this doesn't disappear too.
Test comment


love yer right back mate.

new blog: drunkpunk.wordpress.com

wordpress sounds posher than blogger n I'm a secret snob

Zelda said...

You write very well.