28 May 2007


i am not being modest, by now all of you know that my English is rotten. i pour my heart out without caring a hoot for the queen's language, i just want to be understood.

Humongous, is a word i picked up from gorgeous Sonal's blog some months ago.
i lost my sleep.
i wanted to use this word some where.
i had to use this word
There was a burning desire to slap this word on some one
Being very lazy i very seldom look into the dictionary
i just had an idea what the word should mean in the context.
But a picture of huge reddish yellow mango always appeared on my mind when ever i thought of this word which i kept repeating to myself
Humongous Humongous Humongous Mangos mangos mangos Humongous mangos and i get very hungry, its like some one humongus sitting in me eating everything i eat. it had to come out

i recently missed a chance of using the word when i picked up my cousin from the airport, she was already in a state of panic, i didn't want to knock her down with a shocking word,
and i had to be very gentle.
the word did not fit the suitcases any way.

The suitcases were bigger than the word.

Oh my gawd !! you are carrying such humongous suitcases !!
Mangos ? i am not carrying any mangos, why should i bring mangos to India ? Are you mad ?

i visualised Humongous mangos bursting out of the Humongous suitcases rolling all over the airport. disrupting landings and take offs
i was obsessed with the word humongous by then.

i don't have anything humongous on me, everything is small and compact. i travel light. my wrist watch is big because i am half blind. but not humongous, what if i tie a wall clock to my wrist ?
would i be a humongous idiot ?

6 in the morning now and i am leaving for Bangalore tonight and going to Coorg and then to Silent valley from there.
i want to board the train with relief. The humongous in me has to come out, i want to take the load off my chest. i am determined to use this word today on some one.
Who ever knocks my door first, gets it.

What a Humongous head you have ?
Mango ? no saar i use vonly pyoore coe-a-kkannat oyeel saar on my yeddu (i use only pure coconut oil for my head)

You have a humongous coconut on your shoulders then.
Aiyoo Mangoaaa ?? mango juice on my yeddaa ??
No no Saar vonly pyoore coe a-konnet oyeel saar.

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Posting this picture for Sandy, This is humongous Jack fruit, tropical, very sweet and juicy, yellow inside, lots of compartments of individual fruits with seed, sticky surrounding which can be easily removed. My mom used to make curry out of jack fruit seeds. The fruit is so tasty that its hard to stop with one.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Posting this for Angeldust. This is a cut jackfruit, it has many fruits with seeds, juicy very sweet.
i'll have one today Angel.


vishesh said...

happy journey..in trhe humongous train :)

So Hum said...

Only a humongous idiot would not find this post humongously hilarious! What a humongous sense of humor you harbor! Yes, set it free! The world is humongous enough to handle it! There's a place called Sonic, where you can get humongous hot dogs. Here you go, "I've got a humongous crush on _____________." Yes, totally.

So Hum said...

BTW, thanks so much for the candle:))) The nicest gifts come in small packages! Not humongous ones!

Rauf said...

Thank you Vishesh, The coaches are fine but the engine is humongous. Bangalore is a torture for me, have to get out as fast as i can.

Rauf said...

Rachel, 9 in the morning now and no one has come so far, the humongous ghost is still in me.
A couple of street performers came in a costume to collect money for their performance, i took their picture, but they were far from humongous. Servant maid came, her job is cleaning up the exterior and water the plants, she is very small, if i tell her that she is humongous, she'll carry all the mangos lying in the house, incidentally MAANGA is mango in Tamil, she had her share yesterday, everybody is bringing mangos for me, too many of them at home.

Ruth said...

Your clock says it's 9:30 now, any luck in the last half hour? You know better than anyone there is no room for anything humongous on the train, so you'd better think of something soon. I hope there won't be a humongously annoying family who takes your seat.

"Angeldust" said...

A darling post!

I am glad you were able to relieve yourself of the humongous mango...

It must have been really hard to bite your tongue at the sight of your cousin suitcases - lol!

Hope you have a humongously restful (and peaceful) trip, sitting by the window in your reserved seat... (?)

Take good care of yourself and go spread humongous ammounts of love and laughter wherever you go!!!

Lots of love and hugs

Rauf said...

Ruth, no luck so far, i think i'll die with this desire in my heart. I saw a huge garbage truck but the driver would not understand. As you say i have to wait till i board the train. Or hope some lady wears a humongous necklace tomorrow. Indians wear a lot of jewelry. You'll see humongous jewelry in the last picture of Nirmal Sindu wedding. The girl there is wearing a gold mine. Today is their first anniversary, i suddenly got up and called them and congradulated them.

Rauf said...

oh Dearest Angel, no luck, no luck so far, the humongous ghost is still inside, perhaps he wants to travel with me. i have to use it only on people who can understand, otherwise i'd be left with two dozens of humongous mangos.
lots of love and hugs

mystic rose said...

laughing humongously! what a humongous sense of humor you have.
i am enthralled. :P

And stop being immodest. You do have a good command over the language.

Sandy said...

Hilariously humongously funny!!! Loved reading this and got a great laugh. You have made a humongous impact on my Memorial Day Holiday. I will use that word at the barbecue I go to today..chuckling still...


hey rauf..how about a picture of those humongous mangos..That would be fitting..
Enjoy your trip.

Lord Boo said...

Hehe! Hilarious post, Poms ! glad to see your sense of humour still intact ! Hope you have a gorgeous time, and please please take care of yourself, and no monkeying around or dangling from roots! i'm NOT gona be very happy ! (grrr!) Missing you loads. *hugs*

P.S: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! you actually have my piccies on your blog !! I'm grinning so wide now, hehe, it appeases the narcissistic me ! :D

The Crusty Crone said...

What a humongous laugh I had reading this entry. Thank you.

I found your blog(s) from Dusty Duck's recommendation. She has absolutely wonder taste.

Chimera said...

u usually write humongous posts, this is a short post for a change. :D
so do u always travel? color me green on that one,

her indoors said...

LOL i am a humongous fan of yours Rauf, and you have a humongous following of your blog, hope you enjoy your travels

zzz-writer said...

oh wow!!
i am here for the first time
this is so funny.. it is. you have a great sense of humour
thank you for making me laugh
shall be back

Sharon said...

You did the word humongous justice... your post about merely a word, given a humongous word, was purely entertaining.


I like that word. I have no intention of remembering how the hell to spell it....:)

Rauf said...

Hi Friends
i am in Mysore, inhaling carbon monoxide, going going back wilderness today hoping to breathe some clean fresh air and meet some civilised creatures like monkeys elephants and snakes and hoping to learn how to be a good civilised human, i am still learning, i am still learning. i'll be back in a week, and respond to all your comments in diffrent blogs and reply to all your mails.
Actually i was in wilderness yesterday, Ngarhole' forest but came to the city as today is my friend Anu's birthday, came to a net browsing centre in Mysore to wish her. Yesterday and this morning got some good shots of some birds.

please stay safe, drive slow and honk your horn less, i know there are maniacs out there, please be patient with them.
All my love

Ruth said...

Googled "Ngarhole" - nada. I tried a couple different spellings. Drat.

YOU stay safe, rauf. (Well, I guess you won't be reading this in a cyber-tropics cafe in a tree somewhere in Silent Valley.)

Moi said...

haha.....for change, this wasn't a humongous post!!! :D
Coorg and Silent Vally are such beautiful places ...hope u have great time and come back with tins of pics form the place..

Cari said...

Rauf- thanks for making me lighten up a little...I missed you and the beautiful pictures you have on your blog...I am sorry I have been in my shell lately...I didn't want to come out for anything..but I came back to the things that made me happy before..promise I'll get better!

Irene said...

You have my humongous praise and admiration for coming up with such a well-written, entertaining post! ;p

Loved it, Rauf! Keep it coming!

Kathy said...

:-D Rauf hello!

Humongous is a good word...i don't use it that often. funny. I hope my computer is not stuck in cashe (still not sure what that is or how to fix) but your last post here says May 28th. You must be on one of your adventures. Looking forward to your return.

Your blog looks great, haven't visited here in awhile. Love the circle stone...is it Aztec?

Rauf said...

Mystic Rose, i am not being immodest, i know i have no command over the language. Studied all my subjects in Urdu in my school. English came much later but western music and english movies came lot earlier in my life.

Rauf said...

Sandy, sure i'll post pictures of humongous mangos. i don't know if you are familiar with jack fruit. Its really big. Humongous things hanging from the trees. I am posting a picture of jack fruit at the end of this post for you Sandy

Rauf said...

ummmmmma reee sweet Booey
i came back looking like Jumanji after a long time in the wilderness. in one piece, severe cold and slight fever. Slept for a day.
nothing can be humangous in a country so small, keep looking, take pictures and send if you find anything humongous. The guards at Buckingham palace wear humongous head gear, what is it called ?. Tell them next time you go there, use the word. Do you remember Mr. Bean taking a picture with one of those guards ? Recently saw the new Bean movie, wins a holiday to France. Don't miss, you gonna fall out of your seat and keedam will keep pulling you back.
all my love to you and keedam

Rauf said...

The Crusty Crone, thank you so much, welcome to Daylight again.
You have a lovely blog. Sincere and direct, straight from the heart.

Rauf said...

Your Majesty, i do travel a lot but not on elephants like Shahenshas Raja, Maharajas. Crowded trains buses are fine for me. Spent some time in the wilderness. going again.

Rauf said...

Hope you are feeling fine HER INDOORS, i am looking like jumanji now.

Rauf said...

Hi ~zzz~, welcome to Daylight again. Just Checked your beautiful blog, There are two posts on Banaras, the page will take a while to load. have to post Lucknow and Allahbaad, don't know when.
Thank you so much ~zzz~

Rauf said...

Sharon, the real problem is, the word sounds attractive and tasty but don't find the right occasion to use it.

Rauf said...

FOUR DINNERS, You have Her Majesty the Queen's guards wearing those humongous head gear, poor guys. Have you ever tried it on ?
is it very heavy ?

Rauf said...

Ruth, sorry for the spelling mistake, it is Nagarhole, pronounced Naagar holay. it is a National park. Now you can find it on Google. i skipped it this time as rains are delayed in Coorg. Rain in Coorg is very important for south India. Most of the south Indian rivers have gone dry. Only river Cauvery which originates from Coorg is the life line of South India, you know about the riots and the river water wars and court cases about Cauvery. If the monsoons fail in Coorg, we are in deep trouble. Perhaps the people of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka state would stop fighting then. It is very sad that we south Indians are still sleeping and not paying any attention to the warning signals.

Rauf said...

MOI, you'll have a humongous post soon.
Bangalore has become unbearable MOI, had to rush out of the city, My eyes started burning with the pollution. Its growing out of proportion without any proper planning, many fly overs ring roads are coming up, but that is not the solution. Have too many friends there but couldn't see them. Now i don't tell them that i am crossing Bangalore. The new red buses are very good.

Rauf said...

Hi Caroline, been traveling a lot, and its been a while since i visited your blog too. Hope you Tyler Dylan and Chris are doing fine and happy, you have a treasure in your children Caroline, Their welfare depends on your strength. please give my love to them.

Rauf said...

Hi Irene, have to check what you are upto. You have made me fall out of my chair many times.

Rauf said...

Hi Kathy, hope everything is going well.
My profile icon is just two circles in a square, doesn't mean anything and the one on the page is a terra cotta tea coaster made by Priya my friend. There was lot of space, had to put something there.
Please give my love to Marcey and Richard
lots of love and Hugs

Ruth said...

It's the same here, rauf. The Cauveri there, here our water is running out too. Some want to pump our fresh water from the Great Lakes, right here around Michigan. I'm afraid some day California will be buying our water and pumping it out there for irrigation. Already the Colorado is drying up in Mexico so it does't reach the ocean.

I see those jackfruit get HUGE!

Sandy said...

Well heck..I didn't know you had posted those humongous jack fruits...thanks Rauf...love the photo..you have an incredible eye for beauty and magnicifent fruit...I gotta remember to stop by more often..I love your blogs...all of them... thanks Rauf..

Cindy said...

Oh Rauf! That was hysterical! Thanks for the humungous laugh. You really should write more stuff like this! I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Ruth said...

I should have said, I see those jackfruit get HUMONGOUS. (My gosh, what an humongous loser I am.)

gledwood said...

Your English is "rotten"?

My Tamil is far worse!!

Thanks for your comment, I remember your blog now: fantastic!!

Kathy said...

Thanks Rauf! you said..."terra cotta tea coaster made by Priya my friend."
It's very pretty and looks great on your blog page. yes I'll give your love to Marcy and Richard :) thank you sooo much. (((Hugs & Love))) to you back.

Rauf said...

Ruth, i thought Jack fruit is a tropical fruit and you don't get over there. Its a favourite of monkeys, there'll be lot of monkeys around.

Rauf said...

thank you Sandy there are many varieties of Jack fruits. Smaller ones are the sweetest.

Rauf said...

Hi Cindy, hope you are enjoying the summer and taking lots of pictures.

Rauf said...

Gledwood, My Tamil is not good too.

Rauf said...

Hi Kathy, lots of Terracotta on the roadside, very cheap. Favourite of interior designers. No limit to imagination.
Priya is busy with her little son,
No time for terracotta.
lots of love and Hugs
Enjoy the summer, please take pictures.

"Angeldust" said...

Jack fruit looks "dangerous".
Will you post pic of inside?
Big hug

Rauf said...

Here it is Angel, the inside picture, taking the individual fruits is a sticky business. The surrounding paste gets stuck on to the fingers like glue, you have to wash your hands immediately. But it is worth the labour. Very sweet and tasty
big hug Angel

"Angeldust" said...

wow wow wow - it looks delicious!

I am salivating as I imagine the full y ripe taste of fruit at its full ripe taste as I remember fruit flavours from South America...
I miss them,everything comes trucked overland or by ship.
I had "fresh" sweet peas from China last week - to my amazement.

Green house "food" tastes very watery - only God knows what we are really eating.

Thank you Raufie, that was nice of you to take the time to show me I'll keep my eyes open for it - would not be surprised if I find it at some Asian store.


MYSTI said...

Thank you for sharing this! I had never even heard of this fruit, now I get to not only see it, but imagine how wonderful it must taste.


Ashi said...

Well I know that I'm not the one that overload your blog with comments, but I find that your pictures of India gives me an insight into this amazing country, thank you very much for that.