21 May 2007


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i have added two new blogs, just pictures, PORTRAITS and PASSION GREEN, you'll find the links on the side bar.

i was sitting on these pelicans for a long time. i thought i had already posted them and was searching for a post on the pelicans, did not find any. So here we are. i am not going to write about pelicans because i do not know anything about them.

The only thing i know about them is that they fly.
i sit and watch them for hours, funny chapees they are.

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Hello ! What do we have here ?

Guruji and his disciples, one chap is clearly not interested in the philosophy.

Dicipline my boys ! Dicipline and meditation is the only way to Nirvanaaaa !!!

Do we get fish there ?

eh ?

fish ? what fish ?

fish fish, Nirvana fish

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ah ! Rise above the petty fish, Rise above the petty desires, rise to a higher level of
consciousness my boys !

Yoopee !!

what ?

If we rise above the petty fish

yes yes

if we rise above the petty desires

yes yes, go on.....go on

if we rise to a higher level of consciousness

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YASE YASE ! You are almost there my boys !!

if we rise to a higher level of consciousness,

Do we get bigger fish ?

eh ?


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I give up ! Naughty boys !

Yippee I'm going to get myself a fish

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Imagine we humans had a sac like that under our jaws.
The cops would tell you to open your mouth at the Airports
Open your mouth Say AAAAHAAAAH
light please, they'll throw light inside the mouth
you can go.
Next please

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Hey hey where are you going, stop that guy

Hey open your mouth, what are hiding there ?

blib blib lutthing

open your mouth

Ahhhh ! diamonds ?

Hey he is hiding diamonds in small plastic bags


Bring more light

Open your mouth


Oh my god ! what happened to the diamonds ?

I just saw He must have swallowed them

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Now boss would be following him, the accomplice and the owner of the diamonds

Go to the toilet

what for ?

i want my diamonds you idiot !

ah !

go to the toilet

don't feel like it boss

what ?

i am constipated boss

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eat bananas

what ?

12 bananas

twelve bananas ? i hate bananas

if you don't eat bananas i'll kill you and cut you open and take my diamonds out, go to the toilet

yes boss yes boss

what ?

why are you following me ?

i want my diamonds

i want to do it alone

ok, but for god's sake don't flush the toilet

knock knock is it over ?

not yet

try harder,

yes boss

if you come out without my diamonds i'll make you eat twenty bananas this time.

aaaah ! got it Boss

good news

i want my money

what ?

i am going to flush the toilet now, i want my passport and my flight ticket, slip it under the door

yea i'll give it to you but please don't flush the toilet

Ah what a relief !

the door opens

where are my diamonds ?

its all in there

where ?

in the toilet boss

get them

you are the owner, you put your hand and get them, everything in there is yours boss ! and they are not smelling too good, I am taking the next flight. tata !

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This is sunita, she talks to me like she is my grand mother. She says these birds normally come in huge numbers now they are comming in small groups, they seem to be confused. You know the reason. Their timing has completely gone haywire. they hatch and they can't wait for the chicks to learn to fly. It gets too hot for them, so many chicks die.

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Ruth said...

You are responsible for getting me in trouble with my boss, making me laugh out loud at work, shame on you!

This one is classic. That boink! when the chapee fell after reaching too high, that was perfect representation for rauf's perspective on enlightenment. :)

These photos are just too funny, and the scenario at the airport is brilliant (and pretty gross!). What's happening to you over there in Chennai? Too much heat and humidity? I think you need to get into an air conditioned room. You need AC like your computer does. I'm starting to worry about you. Good thing you're going away soon, need some fresh air, creating stories for Don's 3rd graders (they love toilet humor).

Thanks for the afternoon smiles.

mystic rose said...

you DID post something on pelicans.. in ur photo blog. I remember reading it along time ago, when we first met.

though of course, not like this. more than pelicans has inspired this, i see.. (i know). heh. what what? come come you can tell us.

VERY inspired with anger and sarcasm infact.. :)

thanks for making everyone laugh. :)), as usual.

Lisa Francisco aka AVIANA said...


Long time no write! How are you? I love the pics. The girl is beautiful. Stopping by to say hi!

her indoors said...

thank you for the tip on migraine will give it a try.
that was funny your sense of humour is just great

"Angeldust" said...

A pelican convetion!

I loooooooooove pelicans - you know... I Spend an entire afternoon laying around at the Zihuatanejo Bay beach (Ixtapa, Mexico) watching them dive from great hights for fish - they have fabulous eye sight - for one thing... they are "handsome" in their own charming way, aren't they?

Love and hugs

Rachel said...

It was a little ironic to me, because the pelican with pop-eyes looked really goofy to me and was the last one I'd expect to be enlightened! It's inspiring to read your stories- I think I'll start a little creative writing of my own. It looks fun!

pria said...

Just beautiful Rauf and the smiles of that young girl is the best.

Anonymous said...

just p-r-e-t-t-y! the pics are so crisps...and look so fresh! so alive...hehehe...sunita's smile is precious! ;;)

Rauf said...

Thank you Ruth,
Honestly, these creature seem to be a lot happier than us humans. What ever problems they are facing now, are caused by us. With all the absurd philosophies on your hands and with all the intelligence and wisdom, where are we ? Just type pelicans in google, type amoeba, you have so much information on them but yet we refuse to learn from the animals.

Once the local Vicar told FOUR DINNERS when he was a child that animals don't have souls so they can't go to heaven, he lost interest in religion. i would have done the same. Behaviour of these animals is predictable. Don't go near a crocodile and you know what it will do, so you stay away. Only us humans are unpredicable. We are capable of doing anything. Recetly i read in a blog that a lady smiled at some one and he raped her on the deserted road in Tronto. it was a shocking account. Thanks goodness for a majority of humans choosing to lead a peaceful life. love kindness and compassion is on the rise.

Moi said...

You know whats going on here...If one opens ur blog in Mozilla (my preferred browser) one can not see new posts as ur blog seems to have moved down.....and thats why i missed all the last few posts!!!! loved ur bicycle post and yes Bicycle thieves is an awesome movie..one of the best i have ever seen...:)

Rauf said...

Mystic Rose i think i posted pelicans on a test blog.

We had hundreds, thousands of prophets sages in history, each came up with some philosophy with good intentions. Has it helped ?
We even have people who call themselves gods. i don't find anything wrong with them. i can call myself god, no one can stop me from calling myself a god. but if some one falls at my feet and seeks my blessings, something is seriously wrong with him and not with me. We still have such clowns.
Look at these pelicans, they have the will to survive. Only we humans have imposed absurd philosophies on ourselves. Can any one tell me where higher level of consciousness takes us ? And those who have claim to have achieved it, where are they, have they changed the world ? What good is this higher level of consciousness to the rest of the world ?

Rauf said...

Lisa Francisco Also Known As AVIANA Thank you Lees, me fine.

Rauf said...

HER INDOORS, hope you are feeling fine and enjoying your holiday.

Our philosophies are as absurd and as useless to these pelicans as they are to us. Imagine me giving a discourse to a couple of crocodiles about the virtues of vegetarianism. The response from the crocodile would be
'He is mine'
The other crocodile says ok you take him, he is just bones, looks so poor and skinny, i would rather have a presperous Guruji

Sir, would you kindly continue your discourse in my stomach ? I am in a hurry I promise i would listen to you, i have to digest your philosophy first.

I did not enjoy him, not tasty, what was he saying ?

I told you, prosperous Gurujis are lot more tastier, he was saying
eat vegetables, and he said don't eat life, not good for our soul

eh ?? Not very clear my friend, lets wait for another Guruji and digest his philosophy and we'll think about it.

Rauf said...

Dearest Angel, oh yes they are indeed very handsome, very graceful too. As Rachel says they look goofy. I keep the camera aside and watch them, All quiet, they all seem to meditate, no one moves. Suddenly one chap flaps his wings vigourously and i pick up the camera waiting for him to take off. No, he is back to his meditation. Here in Kokkra Bellur (Kokkra is bird in Kannada language, Bellur is the name of the village) they have to go to a nearby lake to get fish. They circle around the tree like a plane before landing. sometimes they take off and go for one big chakkar and come back, just for the fun of it.

Rauf said...

Rachel, they look goofy, but believe me they all look enlightened. they sit in meditation without moving a feather. i would love to know what they are thinking. Sometimes the tree looks like a noisy and unruly classroom, with every body talking.

Rauf said...

Priya, thank you

Rauf said...

SHIMMER, Sunita has terrific knowledge of these migratory birds. She gave me a lecture on them in Kannada language. Though she is not aware of global warming, she said something is seriously going wrong.

Rauf said...

MOI i use internet explorer, looks ok here. i have been tinkering with the template, blindly, with out any knowledge of HTML. Thank goodness they have given an option called 'CLEAR EDITS' for dimwits like me. don't know how it looks on Netscape and on apple mac. Recived a similar complaint from Mala too. Don't know what to do about it.

vishesh said...

the birds look cool...i think we should be happy.....that no terrorist group has bothered to get them...

Rauf said...

i don't understand Vishesh, why should they ?

Four Dinners said...

Gave me good giggle did that. Ta mate. Fantastic pics 'n all. Shame some chicks die. Nowt can be done to help 'em?

Sandy said...

What an interesting blog. I'll be back to go through more. Great pics..sandy

Sharon said...

It must be great to be able to watch and photograph creatures like this up close.

Pelicans look so prehistoric.

Great photos!

Rauf said...

hahaha FOUR DINNERS they are funny chaps. They look like they would come up with another theory which would make a mockery of relativity. i am sure they communicate.

Rauf said...

Sandy welcome to Daylight again, there are lots of birds, here in this blog, spoon bill, open bill storks, painted storks, river tern, rock plover, and others, there are some in Blunt knife blog too.


this is in June 2006 archive
My message of peace to mankind and other kind, funny story, just for fun Sandy, its about two birds fighting.

you have such a sweet blog for birds Sandy lovely pictures you have there.

Rauf said...

Sharon, i would love to introduce Mooky to my readers
you are having great fun
a very heart warming blog, so, bird lovers unite, please check Ruth's recent blog


you can find the link on the side bar too It will be a happy get together of Bird lovers like Angeldust, Suresh-Wildpic

Welcome to Daylight again Sharon

vishesh said...

by terrorist i meant the humans withthe guns ie the poachers

Rauf said...

Vishesh, they are well protected, i can tell you only about south India. Going anywhere near them is illegal. i could be arrested. They are very strict about it. But the wild life authorities always allow people who are really interested in the welfare of these birds. Feburuary is the best time for Pelicans.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

@"Imagine we humans had a sac like that under our jaws.
The cops would tell you to open your mouth at the Airports
Open your mouth Say AAAAHAAAAH
light please, they'll throw light inside the mouth
you can go.
Next please

Ho hahahah!!
and the BAnanna one!!! LOL

@ pelicans: WOW, i havent seen these close ups in my life!!

Rauf said...

Pelicans are entertaining creatures Abhishek, its fun to watch them. They are quietly bearing the results of human folly.

Anonymous said...

great blog, and I know a few people with sacks like that under their chin.
Love the pics keep em' coming

All Smiles!! said...

Beautiful Pictures Rauf!! Keep them coming :)

Rauf said...

Jo, thank you so much and yes i have seen them too, on some very old people.

Rauf said...

thank you All Smiles

Sandy said...

I came back to read the commentary...so funny!!!! This is going to be fun visiting here...

thanks for posting all your beautiful pics and funny commentary..wonderful..I gotta make sure I link you on my blogs...

people need to visit..

Gledwood said...

Your blogs are something else, man! Those pelican pixx are AMAZING!!

As I said on your other blog I'm putting both these in my links. I love good photo-blogs and yours are two of the best I've ever found

All the best

Gledwood "vol 2" ...

Rauf said...

Thank You Sandy i have already added your links on my page

Rauf said...

Sorry for the late response Gledwood i was traveling.

Thank you for the links and i'll add yours too. you have a very interesting blog yourself.

Ackworth Born said...

O what a fabulous set of pictures of the pelican.

Rauf said...

Thank you Ackworth Born Reminds me of a TV show 'To the manor born'

This year the pelicans were a bit confused. their arrival was delayed.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.