3 September 2007


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Cut your toe nails before you go on a trek.
your toe nails are always cut ?
i always think that every one is as lazy as i am.

How ever comfortable the shoes are they get painful when you are on a trek miles long as the foot lands on all the odd angles, you are not walking on a smooth road. Please never trek wearing new shoes.
i want to talk about allergies not about my new shoes.

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Oh dear ! how can i get into this bus ?
i wanted to get on top but my tribal friends did not let me, they said that the bus goes under some thorny trees.
lot of them are already sitting there, why not me ?
We don't want you to get hurt. Missed the bus, long wait of 5 hours for the next one. But missing the bus had some delight in store.

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That is a trained elephant, saw some wild ones too.
its been a while, spent time in the forests of Tamil Nadu. i carried a book but did not read, carried music but played only on my journey back home. Spent a lot of time with the tribals. i'll write about them later.

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oh yes allergies.
My mom used to tell me that i would go to hell if i don't behave.

i asked her once what hell was like
she said i would burn eternally, snakes and scorpions would bite me all the time.
i said, once i burn to ashes there is nothing left to burn eternally , no snakes and scorpions to bite me, EOS, end of story
she hated questions and arguements.
Her imagination was limited, i loved her to bits.
she said i'll come back alive the next day and burn again and snakes and scorpions would bite me then.
i was not a good boy, but i have improved, today i am bad man.

When i grew up i used to ask the priests who visited us,
what heaven was like and what hell was like.
Same answers. Fire, snakes, scorpions,
why poor snakes are associated with evil or hell ??
Poor guys mind their own business.

The picture of heaven they gave me was a mixture of Kashmir and Switzerland with Hollywood beauties as Angels serving you, Reese Witherspoon cooking and serving food and washing my clothes. Yes you have to wear clothes, heaven is not a nudist beach.
All you ladies would love to have George Clooney washing your dishes, mopping your floor in heaven, cooking Chinese food.
i want to talk about allergies and here i am ranting about heaven and hell.

Yes, i got it. Allergy is the worst kind of torture.
Next time when you see a priest please tell him to add Allergies to the list of tortures in the hell. They too have limited imagination. On my way back home some insect bite on my behind gave me some intolerable allergy. All allergies are intolerable.

A couple of days ago some ants got into my pants, while taking pictures of an ancient temple in the forest. Its ok if you are alone, but most embarassing when ladies are around.
But no such embarassment in hell. Its ok there. There'll be some good company.

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Ah, cute looking worm ?
Not so cute really
Children grow up watching cartoon films with friendly, singing and dancing animals in the forest. Its fun to watch but things are far from friendly in a forest. i am an intruder. The forest doesn't like my presence in it. There are thorny bushes, stinging plants, snakes, poisonous insects like the above to keep people like me away. The tribal with me pointed this worm to me. i couldn't see it with my naked eyes. He told me the tamil name which i happily forgot the very instant as usual. Looks like a leaf, what you see below is an insect on a decaying leaf, not a plant. On touch, it causes rashes and allergies which last for a couple of weeks. Allergies can lead to complications and death.

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Trekking without a guide is not a good idea. Believe me, this worm was so cute, i would have touched it out of my sheer ignorance.

Most important
if you are traveling with your friends please let them know if you are allergic to something and you have to know about their allergies, so that you don't ruin your holiday. Allergy can spread to all over your body fast, sometimes causing difficulty in breathing

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Lots of birds this time, Elephants, Saw only 2 snakes in ten days, one was small the other one was pretty long. It just crossed without bothering me. i did not take any picture,
Those are old pictures. The snake just disappeared from the frame. i was busy taking pictures cursing my vision that i can't focus properly. The snake could have crawled towards me, big mistake, but highly unlikely as they too avoid humans. This looks like a non poisonous rat snake. Keep your eyes on the snake, is the advise and i will not reach for my camera. Stupid idea actually.

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Two different forests this time. Topslip side and Masinagudi. Stayed with my friends Ramesh and Suresh in their gorgeous forest resort, Wild Canopy Reserve. You'll find the link on the top of the side bar, please check out. i'll post pictures in my next blog. Thank you Poornima, Ramesh, Vasanthi, Jayanna and Suresh for your warmth and most delightful company. i had a wonderful time with you.

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Ruth said...

Unclipped toenails, snakes and scorpions. Hell is what we make, I suppose. And heaven too. True, poor snake, people must have feared them to make them evil. The devil serpent.

I can't decipher the worm, rauf. What is worm and what is leaf? Those little "legs" that look like evergreen needles, are those part of the worm? Or is it just the long part underneath? But then it couldn't be, because those needly things are perfectly around the long body, like a centipede. A centipede with little centipedes it looks like.

The photo of the three women is extraordinary. I think you should submit it to the National Geographic contest. I think the lady in front must be an Uraali Kurumas, because of the curly hair and high cheek bones. Speak Kannada and Mayalayam combined or something? This was on the wayanad.com site. Were you able to converse with these ladies?

vishesh said...

what can i say..the insect was real cute...:)

Rauf said...

RUTH, The worm is difficult to spot on a leaf and for some one with poor vision like me, its nearly impossible. It stayed motionless for sometime and it slowly started crawling. The movement of the feet was a treat to watch, would be wonderful on a video. It was like a mixture of an army parade and a mexican wave in a packed football stadium. This must belong to a caterpillar family. You can see in the close up of the feet. They look like some miniature ferns.

The tribals speak a mixture of Tamil Malayalam and kannada. the village is Kozhikumuthi, on the border of Kerala. Wyanad is slightly up north, bordering Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Masinagudi was the ancient capital of Wyanad kingdom

Rauf said...

VISHESH, oh No, don't ever go near it. the tribal warned me when i tried to go even closer to get the details. i am trying to get more information on it.

Ruth said...

Well then, that worm is just BIZARRE!!! Yes, it would make quite a video, would love to see it (but maybe not in person). Imagine waking up with one of these on your chest! Eeeeeeek!

petitlouis said...

Beautifull travel reportage !


Magic pics again!

Had a boa around my neck at a zoo once. Never been near any poisonous snakes and that's fine by me.

I particulalry like the shots of the leaves. Dunno why. Just do.

Welcome back.

Clipped your nails yet?

isabella said...

As my husband says "if half the people I know, who think they are going to haven, actually get there, I would prefer to go to hell!"

This latest adventure of yours sounds treacherous...and scary. How do you get medical attention in the forest? Verizon Cellular? ;-)
You must take better care of yourself, Rauf.

And next time, could you warn me that you'll be posting photos of worms and snakes...I would have waited till the morning to visit your blog - as it is, I won't be able to sleep tonight ;-)

Rauf said...

RUTH, i don't think they move away from the leaves. This is the first time i am seeing such a worm, never even heard of it. There is some site where you upload the picture and you get the information. i forgot the name.

Rauf said...


Rauf said...

Oh yes i did FOUR DINNERS,
sensible thing, stay away from the forest, that is what the forest wants us to do. No humans, Keep away, we don't need you. Fools like me go there and come back with injuries stings allergies.
hahahaha i never learn, i'll go there again

mystic rose said...

You are too a wonderful writer, you had me alughing so much, it isnt easy to write with such humor. Yes, george clooney would do well for me, thank you.

That insect may be a millipede, took me a while to realise that those are actually its legs, they look like fern leaves. Just looking at it is giving me a rash. I cant stand to look at insects, snakes etc... but youa re right, better never tot ake your eyes off them. and just touching it can give you so many complications. wow! dont let the companies that produce biological warfare weapons know this.

and that resort is simply AWESOME! Imagine living in a tree and that too in such supreme comfort!!
Im booking my next vacation there :)

Rauf said...

IZZIDEE SWEET, don't know what i'll do, i am allergic to cell phones, never carry one, more over there is no coverage there, have to walk miles to make a phone call. But people are living there. No damage to me but rats put a hole in my bag. Bought some biscuits packets for tribal children. but no damage to biscuits as they were nicely packed. i noticed the hole only few days later.

Please keep asking elderly people you know, how they visualise heaven and hell. You'll get nowhere. What is your idea of heaven Izzidee ? Gorgeous girls like you would love Perfume bottles hanging from trees.

Sandy said...

Hi Rauf, welcome back. Sounds like you had quite a time. Hope your allergies are better.

I liked all your photos.


Chimera said...

heaven is not a nudist beach, haaahaa - that was funny
and i wonder whether all you ever do is travel, lucky you!!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Rauf

Beautiful pictures again. That`s one skinny worm there! And that snake,....I wouldn`t want to meet him! Hope your allergies calm down.


Rauf said...

oh MYSTIC ROSE, i don't indulge in some wishful thinking that i am a good writer, You have the talent and you have the imagination and you have the flair for writing and you are a born writer. i just put things bluntly in the most uncouth manner or no manner, hahaha !

No its not a millipede, i have seen them, they move very fast this worm is sluggish. Many of my friends scream on seeing a roach or spider or worms, mostly girls.
thats pretty Normal. Arshi hates flying insects.

You are late, Mystic Rose, chemical and biological weapons spread infections and diseases, including allergies. Agent orange used in Vietnam caused lot of damage to the crops and and caused allergies, deformed children are born even today as a result.

The forest resort is Wild canopy Reserve, Beautiful place for a holiday, a bit expensive but worth every penny ideal for family

Rauf said...

Oh Yes i had a wonderful time SANDY, lots of birds which i will be posting in Passion Green blog.

The allergies are gone Sandy, one night was like one year. The time was not moving. it was indeed worse torture i suffered. By morning i was fine. But no sleep.

Thank you so much Sandy

Rauf said...

hahaha Your Majesty PRINCESS CHIMERA, How are you ? i've Been away for a long time have to catch up with many blogs. You have full life ahead of you Princess, my time is running out so i am traveling like a maniac.

Rauf said...

Hi TEAS, oh yes the allergies are gone, some invisible insect bite, probably i carried some insects from the forest.
Forest is not a friendly place, You are bound to meet such creatures. But they teach us a lot.
Nature is the best teacher TEAS.
We may hate some teachers but we have fond memories of them when we grow up.

Pauline said...

I am happy that you have returned safely and grown wiser from your journey. Great photos and comments that almost made me brush away the branches of grown from my own trail!

Sewmouse said...

Snakes are not as frightening to me, I had a friend snake in the biology dept. in high school. His name was "Hermie".

The bug looks much like the tomato worm that invaded my garden last month, but mine didn't have all the small fern-like legs.

Just looking at bugs like that makes me a bit uncomfortable.

framboisine said...

un voyage immobile depuis mon petit coin de France , en terre colorée, captivante,
photos superbes, si vivantes et si belles, Magnifique, Françoise

isabella said...

Rauf, my long toenailed friend, no perfume bottles for me in heaven...just George Clooney ;-)

There are rumors that you might not get to heaven (hey, I did not start them, it was your Mom talking!), so I dedicated today's post to you!

Cuckoo said...

As usual beautifully done.
The worm was so clever, it hid in that leaf. Very well taken photos. Every detail of worm was clearly visible. Yes, I could make out the difference between leaf and the worm in the photo.
But am sure it is very difficult when you actually have to experience it.

Rauf said...

oh no Pauline i am not any wiser, i am allergic to wisdom. i keep repeating my blunders. i keep returning to the forest in the hope of becoming a monkey. i am almost there.

Rauf said...

There is no comfort seeing bugs SEWMOUSE, thats pretty normal. i am not very fond of them either.

i go to the forest to learn and to become civilised. We seem to have wrong notions of being civilised.
We think we are sensible, i am not sure. i have written a 14 part series on environment a year ago. We humans are the only species which has nothing to do with nature, though all of claim that we love nature.

Snakes don't bother us unless you step on them, this happens only in the nights. they avoid humans, they too are afraid. in all my forest treks i would have spotted snakes only a few times.

Hope tomatos in your garden were not damaged this time Sewmouse.

Rauf said...

oh Thank you Francoise, welcome to daylight again. i apologise for responding in English. i speak four Indian languages besides English, now its time to learn some French.
I saw your blog, you have some gorgeous pictures too Francoise
i love French countryside

Rauf said...

Sweet IZZIDEE,, what if Clooney turns out to be a bad cook ? Aha, you'd love chocolate and ice creams hanging from trees then

oui oui i sawed your postee Izzidees. Thankee Thankee, you're sssweet.

Rauf said...

OWEEE CUCKOOJI Thank you Thank you !
i couldn't spot it. The tribal guide i had with me drew my attention to it and i kept blinking for sometime. WHATTOO ??
then i looked closer. the guide warned me, don't go any closer.
All i have is what the tribal told me. I tried but so far no information on it. i think i have to go to the forest dept. and get the name and some information.

Pingu said...

Had been waiting for long to see a post from you..Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the title of ur post Rauf Uncle! Me just now recovered from an attack of allergies! severe rashes all over :( I think I must be the only person on earth capable of getting an insect bite ghar se baahar nikele bina!

she said i'll come back alive the next day and burn again and snakes and scorpions would bite me then. Hahahaha! yeh conversation padkar hans hanskar mera paet dukhne lag gaya :D

woh saanp ka fotu bada darawana tha!
mujhe woh tree house acha laga...meri hamesha se iccha rahi hai paed par aise ek ghar banane ki...Tarzan ishtyle...
jab main choti thi tab enid blyton ki kitabon mein jo bachhe te na unki tarah camping jaane ka bahut man karta tha...summer hols mein maine apne ghar ke mottai maadi par tent banaya-bedsheets se, aur waheen camp kiya! :P

ab tabiyat kaisi hai aapki? khayal rakhna apna.
-aapki Pingu bitiya :)

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hey Rauf,
I saw your name on Isabella's blog and she's dear to me because of her love for animals, last post she made for YOU, so I wanted to see "who are you?" So you're from India, I LOVE the Indian friendly people! I love travelling and meeting other cultures...

You blog atracts me because of the combination of Photo's and the words, Example ... Abot the shoes and toenails, the allergie and the wurm, the snake, I think I love your blog because its personal and intersting to me.

I am a Dutch born woman, I love photograpy and making stories, designing and showing photoos by exibitions, I start blogging to inform my foreign friends and family, NOW I love looking at blogs (like yours) and people who just like photograpy and showing their lifes by photoos and so on.

You're welcome to visit my blog and I like commenting always,
Bye hope to see you,

:) JoAnn from Holland.

Aaarti said...

Looks like u had quite an adventure there... yep,i sure know what allergies are like... been there felt it, so shall remember next time someone refers to Hell... :D

and that worm,wow.. looks so goood.. but then someone once told me things at look good are not always good for u.. hmmm.. interesting.... wonder if it holds true for humans as well???? ;)

cool pics.. as always... loved every one of em.. esp the ladies one.. beautiful.....

Pauline said...

"Allergic to wisdom" Perhaps that is my problem as well. I do repeat and repeat the same situations. Finding myself with the same questions each time. Perhaps I need an interpreter for life's experiences. Thank you for you sense of humor, I appreciate it very much!Please don't change into a monkey, I'm not sure they use the computer :)

Cindy said...

A while back our local news did a story about "hogweed"- how it's such an interesting looking plant that people will run right up to touch it and very soon regret it greatly. Libby got into some the other night- talk about allergies! She's covered with a massive case of full-body hives. Benadryl helps- hope you carry some with you on your next trek.

Marie said...

de bien jolies vues rapprochés (nice details). I like portrait you took here !

Rauf said...

Sweet PINGU BITIYA ! what a torture you've been through and you can do nothing about it. all anti allergy medicine have sedatives in them. You would be lucky if you can manage to sleep. Please go for allergy tests. My friend was allergic to cotton. The worst was my uncle's case he was found to be allergic to anti allergy medicine. Please avoid things that don't agree with you. Some people are allergic to pollen of flowers.

My allergy was due to some insect bite in the train, the insect would have sneaked into my bag in the forest.

har saanp apnaa raasta naapta hai , they mind their own business, they don't bother us unless we step on them. i am not fond of them either.

Meri tabiyat theek hai bitiya, bas apna khayaal rakhna, baahar ki koi cheez mat khaana.
mummy papa ko mera pranaam.
lots of love Pingu bitiya.

Rauf said...

Welcome to Daylight again JOANN

We have a common disease in India, there are many people who consider themselves superior to others and other cultures. They are not ignorant people by education but still i call them ignorant. i tell them that any part of the world has something unique to offer and all cultures are very dear to the locals. Cultures cannot be compared as superior or inferior. Blogs offer a good source to know the cultures and people of all parts of the world. We get to know the real world very different from what the countries project on TV.

Your blog is wonderful JoAnn, lots of fun stuff and entertainment. i am glad that i met you through Izzi's blog. Hope this exchange of ideas and knowledge of different cultures of the world brings peace on earth. Hope blogs like yours bring people together.
Thank you JoAnn

Rauf said...

Feliz cumpleanos AAARTI,
Sorry, late by 2 days, Krishna Jayanthi falling on the same day would have added to the joy. Glad you had fun on AAARTI JAYANTHI.

oh yes, i have seen people in great discomfort due to allergies.
Don't think there are any medicines to cope with them except sedation. i think all allergies go by themselves if you can patiently wait. But one minute is like one year. Same as life in hell. Do you know all days are mondays in hell ?
No holidays. One good thing is shops are open all days 24 hours.
The only hope of relief in hell is Bandh and strikes.

i don't know Aaarti, but i have seen very good looking people are very beautiful persons too. In our movies jeans clad and englidh speaking girls are bad. Davani Pavadai wearing village girl is always innocent. I have seen village and tribal girls are ten times smarter than Jeans clad city girls.

Rauf said...

PAULINE, from ancient scriptures to saints, sages, messengers of God to self proclaimed gods, gurus and swamijis, we've had so much of wisdom pouring in that the world should have been a paradise by now. No philosophies have helped so far.
No individual discipline, meditations, health consciousness like practice of yoga have defied death. We all die. Health seems to be a matter of individual luck. Winston Churchill lived for over 90 years drowned in alcohol and cigar smoke most of his years. Hitler was a vegetarian, and a non smoker, and drank wine occasionally. But still he followed a strange wisdom and the whole nation stood behind him with his evil plans and deeds.

Like an Indian on a scooter manouvering through the crowded and chaotic roads using his commonsense seems to be the only way to live in this disorganised world. If a person is 90 and still alive, its his luck, not his discipline, yoga, healthy food or wisdom.

No widom and philosphy has worked Pauline, animals are doing fine without it. The monkey is my hero.

Rauf said...

Thank you Cindy i'll follow your advise and keep Benedryl in my bag. normally i avoid medicine, but i carry Paracetemol, (for fever and pain) and a few packets of electrol (for dehyderation), gloucose, i have never taken those but i give them to my fellow passengers in the long distance trains and to village people. i'll add a bottle of benedryl to my first aid kit. Yes i carry a strip of tablets for diarrhea too.
hope Libby is doing fine now Cindy

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Rauf,
Your such a sweethearted person, as most people are, YES!!!! I completely agree with you,NO! NO-ONE is better than another person, "who do they think they are?" to feel superior above another and why? NO! I believ that all people are eQuel (the same level, I mean) I believe that LOVE is THE BEST thing to handle ALL PROBLEMS in the world NOT WAR or hate, or even NOT , feeling yourself better (superior) than another. Any religion is OK, as long as there is respect for human being, respect another religion, also respect for no religion at all, education or not, anyone has the right to live , and I LOVE everyone , any culture , untill that just 1 person is behaving badly.... Even Than its NOT ME, not my duty, I may not judge. Who can judge is only, God or how you name your God, the court or a proffesional judge, I am just living and hoping for peace and LOVE for everyone!

Have said the above I react on your comment on my blog:
("JoAnn's digital eyes" About Holland and my travelling and more...)
The Shoes (with the bare feet) are photoshopped, the others are really for sale, they are used for surfers on their surf-boards. :) Hahaahhaa Yes you may laugh!!
The laughing baby:
Is that so??? I would LOVE to read a newspaper about your funniest (politicians)'clowns' in India, Here in Holland however its about the 'same clowning' sometimes I think that I'm wathing a 'theatre-show' hahaha!And they get even paid by that, imagine...

I added a link from your blog on mine, I like your blog and hope that YOU come back? You're VERY WELCOME!

:) JoAnn with love

Rauf said...

thank you so much MARIE, those are the tribals living in a forest near Topslip, i showed in the map. i'll have more pictures of tribals in my next blog

richard said...

Hi Rauf

I like your blog, but it doesn't work in Firefox / Mac OSX 10. All posts are pushed to the bottom and way off to the right of screen. I'll send you a screen shot if you want

Rauf said...

Thank you JOANN, i agree with you completely. Hope all think like the way you do and believe and practice equality. This is not happening. You find racism everywhere. The worst racist country is India. Where superior and inferior divide is in practice for thousands of years. Evolution of human mind has not been working in India. Low cast people don't even have a right to dream or right to worship. Unfortunately it is the educated who practice and follow the caste system and other social evils.

Thank you for adding me to your link JoAnn, i'll add yours today.

Rauf said...

RICHARD, this page works only on Internet Explorer. I am aware that it does not work in Firefox and i can't do anything about it. Thank you for visiting.

her indoors said...

glad you are back Rauf, alergies are not nice, hope you are now recovered, and my George Clooney is going to be sooooo busy in heaven with all us women to tend to!

Rauf said...

HER INDOORS Hope you are enjoying the holiday..
Oh allergies are like life in hell.
Feel sorry for people who are delicate and allergic to many things, makes life difficult.

Don't worry HER INDOORS there would be thousands of Clooney clones in heaven.
please give an affectioante pat on Milo for me, tell him this pat comes from India.

Sonia said...

Great reportage and amazing photos! And your text is very interesting, too. Love the house tree!

I hope you are well. Allergie is a bad thing indeed.

Would be great if I visiting India someday.... but I fear so much to fly...

Have a nice weekend!

Rauf said...

Thank you SONIA, fear of flying is very normal and a valid fear. We depend too much on technology. i hope you visit India soon.

i recovered from Allergy in one night but that night was ever ending. It was like one year Sonia.

Sangita said...

The last pic is very nice.that snake and rat one is little darawaani..
Ur insect looks like u have put microscope to them and clicked..there is something diticnt abt them cant put my hands to it tell me it was not a normal click..
I hate allergies have enough to last a lifetime now do not want any more..Good to see u cna go in jungles & whereever u want so fearless..why is ur potriat blog being neglected..add more to it I love them

Sandrine said...

Wow... that worm sounds quite scary! But very interesting! thanks for sharing... It is good to know this kind of stuff.

Sandrine said...

By the way I love the picture of the 3 women, great composition and colors!

Sharon said...

I have been stupid enough to go hiking with toe nails that needed to be clipped... it can be painful!

I love the outdoors/nature but I might be a little afraid to go walking in an area with so many dangerous things around but it does look like you had quite an adventure.

Rauf said...

SANGITA, The insect picture was on macro, you can take it on any digital. Once i had to help a friend doing research on Agriculture taking pictures of different fungi on glass plates, went too close and probbably i inhaled it and got severe allergy and i was sick for a week.

Taking pictures of snakes in the wild is not a good idea. Please don't think that i am fearless. i am always scared. i always keep looking for snakes while walking and i stop when i spot one. They normally go their way and never come towards you. Before i sit on a rock i throw a couple of stones to check that there is no snake underneath.

The last picture is a tree house. A forest resort called Wild canopy Reserve, expensive but worth every rupee, Its on Mysore Ooty road, near a place called Masinagudi.

Rauf said...

Hi SANDRINE, Yes it is a strange insect and it is difficult to spot as it looks like a leaf.

the women in the picture are Tribals of south India, living in the forest. They were isolated once, but we invaded their way of living, imposed our values and tried to make them 'civilised' which proved to be a big mistake.

Rauf said...

yes SHARON it was indeed painful. And you have to get used to the shoes, walk a lot before you go on a trek. Trekking in a forest is good education, i still learn quite a lot everytime i go for treks, you get to know different things in different seasons in one area. There is so much to learn Sharon, The art of Survival of different creatures is a good lesson for us.

Nathalie said...

Dear Rauf,
What an extraordinary post once again. From nail clipping (don't need that, I bite my nails -including my toe nails yes!) to hell and heaven, to allergies, shoes, snakes and forest trekking!

Interesting descriptions of hell and heaven, really! You were obviously a bright child, asking those questions.

I did too, but I'm no longer into that. My view is that since we don't know what happens after this life, let's drop the subject and focus on the here and now, i.e. making this world a better place to live for all.

Whatever the afterworld is, we'll find out some day, in due course.

Nathalie said...

And - I really look forward to your future posts about this trip, which was obviously a very fascinating one.

Your stories really make me want to travel in India with you.

Ruth said...

rauf, what you wrote to Sharon, I was just reading about it. A woman named Janine Benyus, a woman who studies habitats, has developed a science with others called BIOMIMICRY: Nature as Model, Nature as Mentor, Nature as Measure. They are finding ways to improve things by mimicking Nature, as the name suggests.

"Biomimicry is a new discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems. Studying a leaf to invent a better solar cell is an example of this 'innovation inspired by nature.'"

You can read about it here:


Rauf said...

Oh Dear NATHALIE, So sweet of you. Hope we meet soon and go on a Forest trek.
I don't know about after life, i am here, we are here, as long as we are alive lets see the wonders, places, meet people, experience different languages, culture, music, art and literature. i am not worried about what happens to me after death. i am not going to prepare for that or make reservation in hell.
Nathalie just imagine once it is confirmed that people go to heaven, all the travel agents would be so busy. The flight tickets to US and France would be cheap, i would be able to see you and Ruth.

Rauf said...

RUTH, we already have a wealth of information on most of the creatures of the world, but we are making no attempt to learn from their art of survival. Out of 100, ten ways would suit us. We have only been copying design ideas from nature so far. Saw a documentary where non stick glass is manufactured based on the properties of certain non stick leaves like the Lotus. The surface of the lotus leaf is studied and its properties applied on glass and other surfaces. Similarly the cooling system of ant hills. I believe ant hills are lot cooler inside than the outside tempratures. This idea has been used to design buildings without using Air conditioners

"Angeldust" said...

I came, I laught, I cried, enjoyed your words, loved your pictures and once again I told myself
"I will tour India with you one day..."
I loe the tought of that possibility.

Lots of love and hugs my dear friend

Raw Kale said...

I second Aunt Ruth about entering your photos in NGS contest. Each time I read your blog, I think back on the Art History classes I took in college. I had the most amazing instructor. She had traveled and taken pictures of all of the works of art herself and experienced the culture first hand. Her stories were rich and provocative, bringing to life the artists' works.

Your pictures and stories are incredibly rich and provocative (funny, too!).

Here I go, telling you what you should do... ready? I think you would make an amazing global instructor of Indian Culture. I would take your class, really, I would. But, unfortunately, you will never come to our countries and share a lecture and your slides over tea or coffee (weep, weep, sniff sniff).

Ruth said...

I also read recently about surgeons learning methods for biomedical adhesives from mussels, since they adhere to surfaces under water.

DJ Kirkby said...

Rauf! That worm! Amazing! But I wouldnt have touched it...

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

He Rauf,
I just wanna wish YOU agreat and happy week!

:) JoAnn

Thnaks for you always sweet comments you're very dear to me:)

Big HUGH :)

Rauf said...

EEEEEEE dearest ANGEL, i am all smiles at the thought of you coming to India. i'd be too glad to be your host. Hope the day comes soon.
it would be a wonderful experience. Heat is less between September to March, ideal time to visit and lots of festivals fall in September and october. India is a land of holidays, just too many festivals everywhere.
lots of love and Hugs dearest Angel.

Rauf said...

Never thought of that RaChel, never entered any competetions nor any exhibitions. i take pictures just like i walk and talk.
i am a bad teacher. had many students, half of them dropped out as i don't talk the subject at all. i talk about everything else to widen their imagination, never talk about photography.
Hope some day i decide to make a passport. but i am growing old and time is running faster than me RaChel.

Rauf said...

Oh yes RUTH, i have seen the commercials of such under water adhesives on TV. But never heard of biomedical adhesives.

Rauf said...

Attractive looking Worm DJ, thank goodness my tribal guide warned me not to touch it.

Rauf said...

oh very sweet of you JoANN
hugs from India. Hope you are doing fine JoANN.