20 September 2007


i helped a blind man cross the road.

How sweet of me, what an Angel i am !!

i helped a blind man cross the road he didn't want to cross.

Happened last month. i saw a blind man tapping a parked car nearly smashing the headlights with his thick walking stick which had a cycle bell attached to it.

While trying to avoid the parked car he was almost in the middle of the road with cars speeding inches away from him.

Then i got this brain fever to do something good
i wanted to be a good samaritan
Honestly, i thought he wanted to cross the road.

i rushed to his rescue grabbed his arm dragged him across the road,
he came like an unwilling goat offering meek resistance.

where are you taking me..... where are you taking me ?

This conversation in Tamil, our local language.

i said, i helped you to cross the road

i didn't want to cross the road, he said

what ?

i didn't ask for your help

oh dear !

i saw some grinning faces, the road side hawkers, hated the grin on cycle repair guy
Embarassing situation.
What a goof !

I was on my way to the bank which is on the other side, said the blind man

oh you have money ?

what a stupid question to ask, my hand still holding his arm

He suddenly became stiff, alert, his shoulder went up trying to free himself from my grip, grip of a possible pick pocket.
i made my grip tighter and dragged him back to the otherside in a flash, through speeding traffic.
This time he followed like a willing goat.

Now the pavement sellers on the other side were laughing at me.
Like a fool i took him back to the same parked car and he started tapping again with his stick, narrowly missing the big tail light.
i panicked,
grabbed his arm again and steered him away from the brand new shiny Hyundai or Honda car, metallic grey
No point telling a blind man that it is a new metallic grey car,
it is just an obstacle for him.
The owner of the car would get a heart attack if there's a scratch on his car.

where is your bank ? let me take you there, i said

No thank you, he shrugged off my hand, freeing himself,
No thank you, i know where it is i'll go there myself, he said

I shrugged my shoulders
He did not see me shrug my shoulders, he was blind you see.
He walked away

No space for him on the side walk which was occupied by hawkers displaying all kinds of stuff. He was tapping away on the road, tapping the wheel of mango cart, full of mangos neatly stacked.
The mango seller warned him to stay clear of his cart.
He just stopped there for a couple of seconds, his face down probably checking if i was still following him, like a pick pocket

who wants to go to his miserable bank any way ?
i am not interested in his bank
i am not interested in my own bank
i have my own bank account you know ? may be less than ten dollars there
and i have a cheque book too.
They told me to surrender the cheque book if i don't maintain a minimm balance of some five hundred rupees
They hate me
i hate them back passionately.

They lose millions of rupees through fraud and robbery and they have a pen attached to the table with a string.
How stupid !!
who is going to steal their stupid cheap pen which never writes.
Morons, absolute morons
Many times i thought of cutting the string with a blade but
i have utter contempt for their pen and more contempt for their bank
It gives me a great pleasure to read about bank frauds and i love bank robbery movies.

when some guruji or swamiji raises both his hand to bless people and says
'mayee yall beeyeengs be aeppee' (may all beings be happy)
that includes the frauds and the bank robbers

they are the happiest people in the world.

guruji's universal prayers work only for frauds politicians bank robbers and lawyers
They are all one actually, oh forgot the pick pockets, same thing.



Ruth said...

It’s a tough dilemma. Embarrassing. I’ve heard stories about people who’ve rescued someone who didn’t want to be rescued. For instance, someone who wants to commit suicide. Should we interfere? I think you’re writing in the context of your last post, and foreigners and gurus and groups, etc. But putting it in your individual story makes it close to home too. So did you decide you would not help anyone who doesn't ask for it?

Pingu said...

They lose millions of rupees through fraud and robbery and they have a pen attached to the table with a string.

Many times i thought of cutting the string with a blade

hahaha! :D

I go out of my way to help ppl - whether they ask for it or not, whether I like them or not,whether they remember or not,show gratitude or not...
call me an idiot...
force of habit...I take after my family :)

some ppl do things 'punnya kamane' ke liye...some others do it in the hope tht some day when they r in trouble those ppl will help them...some others do it just so that they can keep talking/boasting about it over and over again till u wish they never had helped u - maine tumhare liye itna kuch kiya hai...us din main nahi hota/hoti tho... the last lot is the worst in my opinion.

vishesh said...

lol should i take it as a blind olds man's doodles??

and btw pingu

where have you been??i can't access your blog...

Chinna said...

it's difficult to walk on chennai roads with both eyes open. i can only imagine the man's plight.

yeah - even helping people has become a specialists job these days!

Bodil said...

Hi Rauf - this is absolutely hilarious, I love this one, so funny, I can just imagine the look of horror on the mans face as you pulled him across :-) You so right about the material side of this worldly existance, maybe in the end it is more the power of money that they enjoy though.
Anyway keep up the angel-work ;-)

isabella said...

Funny, the universal hatred of dirty politicians, criminals...and lawyers ;-)
Although, in my case, I have to add medical insurance companies to the list...

And don't ever feel ashamed for trying to help another person - feel ashamed if you don't.

her indoors said...

yep that is embarassing LOL
but at least you are someone who cares, who will help see you are an ANGEL

Anonymous said...

I like, very much, the portraits on the side.

My photography over 50 years ago >Sendai, Japan

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi My dear Rauf,
I react on your 'busy time" you are such a sweethaert I NEVER would blame you for not being ther, just enjoy your time girl, you only live once!!!

I LOVE your portraits, you are my angel , dear Rauf:)

Thanks !!! for your comments:)
I posted a cows B&W collage today:)
Have a great weekend !
JoAnn :)

Rauf said...

My dear friends
i don't want to fool myself to think that i am an Angel, it was a joke. a funny experience.
You kow what i think of Angels and demons, a good book by Dan Brown.

Rauf said...

RUTH, Poor chap came along when i dragged him, he knew i am crossing the road. Now blind people carry light weight folding walking stick, which goes in a bag and unfolded when needed. quite silly of me actually, made a fool of myself. Poor chap was very polite.
Actually its quite the opposite.
there is nothing wrong with people, they can improve their lives make it less complicated and they can infact simplify it. but still they feel helpless and want to be rescued by gurus and swamies, they go and fall at their feet.

Rauf said...

Piyaari Pingu bitiya,
you are sweet. now i think twice before helping people. i used to recklessly give medicine to any one who is sick in long distance trains. its so risky, now i think what if this man dies after taking my medicine. now i ask them and keep a couple of witnesses before i give medicine, simple stuff like Crocin, or lomotil. i never give anti biotics. i never take medicine myself but carry a couple of strips for emergency, i carry a few packets of Electral too. Its useful for others.

you are sweet bitiya, please continue to help, sometimes helping others lands you into trouble. it has happened to me.

Rauf said...

VISHESH Silly experience.
have lots of them.

Rauf said...

CHINNA yes its a nightmare.
You have to tackle cows and stray dogs too. specially in Triplicane where this happened.

Rauf said...

Thank you BODIL, yes there was confusion on his face, can't call it horror, he must have dealt with some over zealous good samaritan, too eager to help. i used to read books for a couple of blind people. i gave up, when i found them too demanding. They got irritated when ever i was busy. they hated my travels.

Rauf said...

Sweet IZZIDEE, you would be surprised i never had anything to do with insurance people. i have heard stories, Saw a movie too Matt Damon's 'the rain maker' about
rejecting genuine insurance claims.
You would be happy to watch the movie. sue those idiots. unfortunately those frauds are the happiest people in the world swindling poor people. Rejecting genuine claims when badly needed.
there is no justice in this world Izzidee. i am very happy when they lose millions on false claims.
And they recover their losses from poor people. Please watch The Rain maker. hope you are doing fine sweet Izzidee.

Rauf said...

hahaha HER INDOORS i'm no angel, just a joke, silly experience.
please say hi to Milo

Rauf said...

Thank you Mr. LINCOLN

Rauf said...

Thanks JoANN, traveling again i'd be back in a week. hope you are doing fine.

Kathy said...

*sigh* yeah i understand.


Rauf said...

hahaha KATHY, the world we live in !!. Humans are the most interesting species. without them this world would be so boring
Lots of love and Hugs Kathy, hope you Richard and Marcy are doing fine.

Rauf said...

Dear Friends,
time to leave. Going again for a week, be back on 27th hopefully.
plan to stay for a while when i get back. i'll respond to your comments and reply to your mail peacefully.
be good, enjoy the weekend
enjoy every minute
love you all

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. Angel..
I just want to laugh this time. nothing else.

"Angeldust" said...

Raufie dear
Does this story deliberately not have photos...?

Or you are having a bank robery "black-out"?

One often hears we all have more in common than not.
You hit another one of those common experiences - it makes banking a universally unpleasant experience - although, I must say that I have been banking with this institution since 1981 (?) and I am generally, actually happy with all that related to my interation with them.
Before that it was a true nightmare - except for the pens... ah, the pens, with "wire in our case"! lol

Anyway, a few years ago our Trust Company was purchased by a huge banking institution and I must say I broke down crying as I anticipated all sorts of decay in service ...
On the contratry - the big guys took on the little guys good habits (such as hours and service that makes me feel I am actually a "shareholder" of importance) and still at it strong moving slowly into the US!
I am slo sure thay are making a huge profit - but don't mind as they have consistetly (across Canada) offered nothing less that great and cordial service.

Even worst than you - I am live mostly on "overdraft"!

Ah, but this was about you and the blind man...
Amazing - and human - to be blind to the needs of others even when we have the best on intentions.
Missed the boat a few times myself and been heartbroken about it!
All I hope is to be forgiven...

Lots of love and hugs

"Angeldust" said...

You did not make a fool of yourself.
But, to weave in Ruth's comment - I am asking more and more often if someone wants my help.
Interesting how often people rather struggle... than accept a kindness.

Acceptance is also a virtue - in my opinion - as equal as that of giving.

IN this case - he was the fool!

Kathy said...

LOL yeah you are right...it would be wierd! yeah I'm back to bamboo shade...i like that title best. My family is doing good! Thanks Rauf! I hope everything is going great with you and family too! have a wonderful weekend.


DJ Kirkby said...

You sound really fed up with life at the moment Rauf, but I ahve to admit this post still made me laugh! You write very well.

Ruth said...

I forgot about this story, rauf, don't know why I didn't think of it when I first read this.

We have a man at the University, Mike is his name, he is blind. His wife is blind too. And they had a baby, the little girl must be 5 by now. You should have seen them going down the street, the three of them: parents with walking sticks, little girl (not blind) on Daddy's shoulders. Beautiful little girl. Mike is the director of the Office of Students with Disabilities. He is one of the most charming people I've ever met. Anyway, one day I was walking in East Lansing. Came to an alley where a huge semi-truck was delivering boxes to the back of a store. Three college girls walking in front of me. We stopped to wait for the truck. Under the truck from the other side, we saw a blind person's walking stick coming under the truck, not knocking on anything. I recognized Mike's pants and feet and walking stick. He was going to walk right into this truck, maybe fall under it, and what if it moved! The girls and I screamed at the driver "STOP!!" It was involuntary, we couldn't help ourselves. He did stop, and we ran around the truck and grabbed Mike. He laughed, smiled and made a joke about himself, "I'm going to get myself killed one of these days."

Ruth said...

I'm a terrible story teller, forgot an important piece of that story:

The truck was backing up, rauf, but there was no "back-up beeping" that trucks have for safety. So Mike didn't know the truck was moving. I screamed at the driver "why don't you have a back-up warning signal!!"

zzz-writer said...

ha haha!!!
you have a way with words, funny and real. like this one too - as always
so how have you been rauf?


I probably wasn't meant to laugh at the blind man thing but, being me, I couldn't help it.....

When it comes to banks ripping us off we're all blind anyroad aren't we?

zzz-writer said...

where are you ????

mystic rose said...

me laffing like yannyting at the pictures you paint.

yes, there are people very dtermined to help. :))

Pauline said...

rauf, so sorry that he was blind and unable to see your best of intentions. Lovely post!

Rauf said...

CUCKOO JI, Trying to be an Angel proved to be such a disaster.
i thought my place in the heaven was guarenteed. But i am going somewhere else, a place Angels don't go, its very hot over there.
no A/Cs allowed.

been away traveling Cuckoo ji, sincelrely apologise for my late response.

Aaarti said...


yep, u sure fall into the category or nice people in my list..remember that??? ;)

well,i guess at times people just dont realise we have good intentions in our heart n at times we get carried away.. too bad that blind man couldnt see u were only trying to help..

hahahaha... rofl@ banks.. next time shall remember this wen am staring at the pen ;)

btw, am off for a week from saturday,so will catch u once am back.... :)

Rauf said...

oh No dearest ANGEL, i was imposing my help on the unwilling.
foolish thing to do. Too many pleasant experiences too many fond memories, i prefer to forget about this one. i wrote about it because it was very funny too, making a fool of myself.
i have received help from strangers. They gave me shelter, fed me, took care of me.

i once tried to patch up a couple getting a divorce. They both begged and pleaded me to stay out of their affairs. i just scratched my head and walked out.

a pen attached with a wire can give you an electric shock and make you add many zeros to the cheque you are writing. computerisation is so unreliable that your money could disappear into thin air.

Yes Angel, no picture to go along with the post. Nothing relevant.
i think i should have posted some picture of our over crowded side walks. Pavements on major roads are occupied by the hawkers. it is impossible for the blind to walk on them. they are forced to walk on the road. As CHINNA says it is difficult to walk even with two eyes open.

hope the weather is favourable and you are enjoying yourself.
lots of love and hugs dearest Angel.

Rauf said...

OWEE KATHY, good to be back to where you started from.
Bird on a wire was good too.
love and Hugs Kathy.

Rauf said...

i am not fed up with life DJ, with so many pleasant experiences.
Some days are diamonds some days are stones - song, John Denver's.

Rauf said...

You are a good story teller RUTH, very touching. i never appreciated backing vehicles
making unpleasant electronic noise with flashing parking lights. i appreciate them now as the blind can hear them. Their child no longer be carried by the parents. soon she will become her mom and dad's eyes Ruth, no more worries for them. Its so touching.

Rauf said...

JEE JEE Bitiya, been away for so long. just in and out, not sitting in one place. Been a hermit. Just a word. what is a hermit anyway ? one who wanders ?
i wander with no aim.
Hope you are fine bitiya. Me voggay buttoo koi pench idhar koi pench udhar dheela hogaya hai. Marammath ki zaroorat hai.
but no doctors.

Rauf said...

OWEE FOUR DINNERS the banks can rip me only when i have money.
oh yes. Hey Man ! for a house loan of 150 thousand rupees i paid back 450 thousand rupees in three and a half years. i completely forgot about this rip off. its a long story.
hope things are fine there FOUR DINNERS and hope you are following the orders.
please give my love to Caz and Jaxie.

Rauf said...

Oh MYSTIC ROSE, there was a Brit TV series called 'goodness gracious me' Hilarious. it was about indians living there.
and one aunty is so fond of feeding her samosas to her guests. Stuffing them into their mouths.
They get sick it, she follows them to the hospital with her samosas.

Rauf said...

Hi PAULINE, hope you are doing fine.

actually i had eyes and i should have asked him before i dragged him across the road. Poor chap really.

Rauf said...

AAARTI dear oh dear, we have a bandh on Monday, good that you are away for a week Aaarti.
Sick of all the bandhs, what ever be the cause.
i was caught in a bandh in Kannur, no chaai nothing to eat. i was hungry for the whole day. PATNI.
This was 9th or tenth time i was caught in a bandh in Kerala. its ok if you are at home. but a nightmare for a traveler.
Enjoy your holiday AAARTI

Raw Kale said...

What a charade!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Sweet Rauf,

I reacted before on THIS post so now I just wanna say to you that I LOVED to read your Coffee/tea true stories on my blog!!!

Its very very intersting to me( and other they read it also!) to read YOUR habits in how you drink or use your tea and coffee. THANK YOU so much!

have a great weekend RAUF :)
HUGH from JoAnn:)

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...


BTW: I saw a few post's ago ,I said You are 'like an angle' you wrote on sept 22th: (I don't want to fool myself to think that i am an Angel, it was a joke. a funny experience.
You kow what i think of Angels and demons, a good book by Dan Brown.)

So now I want to know which book did you read from Dan Brown?
I red "the Da vinci code",
"The Bernini mystery"and
"the Juvenus complex".
I liked the "da Vinci code" THE MOST..... wich one did YOU liked the most?

And uuumm Of course I was not serious when I wrote that "you are an angel" I better can say
" you are a fantastic woman!" That's what I ment to say to you...I still mean that but I can better use other words to express myself...

Have a good weekend Rauf :)

Rauf said...

just happened RA CHEL, the whole thing took less than two minutes.

Rauf said...

oh thank you JoANN !

'Angels and Demons' is the title of Dan Brown's book. This is the one about all the Bernini sculpture.

Please click on 'rauf' and check my profile JoANN.
Enjoy the weekend, have fun

lorenzothellama said...

What a lovely story dear Rauf!

In some cafes in England they chain the sugar spoon to the counter so no-one can pinch it and in the Social Security where people without jobs go, they screw the seats to the floor!

Love Lorenzo.

Cindy said...

I love it- you have the quirkiest sense of humor! I could just picture the whole thing. And about those banks- ours is so cheap that they've stopped providing deposit slips. When I think of all the money they've made on me from my awful inability to keep track and the resulting overdraft fees...now wouldn't you think that deposit slips would be at the top of their list of things to provide free for their customers?!!

Rauf said...

hahaha LORENZO, never heard of Chairs being screwed to the floor. Stainless steel Mugs are chained to water coolers here in India. And in some south Indian Restaurants you'd find 'this is stolen from hotel 1234' engraved on steel tumblers and spoons.

i think the reason behind the chairs screwed to the floor is not the fear of stealing. When fights break out, chairs are the first things to go flying across the counter. Or the food served there would be uneatable.

i won't be surprised if any desperate jobless person walking away with a chair, but the poor guy can't walk away with more than one. if i am there at the scene i would help him carry a few more.

Rauf said...

Hi CINDY i am an occasional visitor to the bank. Every time i see new faces. once they see my account they invariably frown. i just walk in and walk out, spending least possible time, feel restless there, i look like a thief anyway. i don't want to get arrested as a potential bank robber.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

HI my dearest RAUF<

You are always so kind to me now again with your holidaywish...Thank you for your SWEET holiday wishes !!!:) I'll be back around oktober 19TH ,with a brown skin, a bigger smile than ever (I have a smile anyway)and lots of photo's... I'll be missing you, BYE:)My photo is now on the new last "leaving day" post.....:)

A Hugh and kisses from JoAnn