12 September 2007


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The man getting roasted in scorching Indian sun is Joseph François Dupleix,
He is in the history books.
The French left him in Pondicherry with no umbrella, passport or money.
They could have given him a cap atleast.

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Pigeons love him. Don't worry, he gets an
occasional wash. i think the tsunami washed him too, not sure.

He was still standing there when i left.

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Pondicherry is no Paris, looks more like a French caribbean town, 150 kilometers south of Chennai on the eastern coast of India, used to be a French colony.
They left in 1954, but the delightful influence, attitude and style still lingers on.

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This is some memorial, don't know what. Looks French alright, there are some cannons on display.

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i don't miss many movies shot in France, love the countryside, Meg Ryan's French
Kiss, oh what a delight, both the French countryside and Meg Ryan..

Two that i saw recently are Steve Martin's Pink Panther and Jackie Chan Chris Tucker's Rush hour 3, shot in Paris.
Rush hour 3 takes you through the streets of Paris, its a movie for
brainless people like me.

Don't have to know what is going on, don't have to follow the story if there was any.
just watch the delightful locations and
HEEEEE HAAAAA karate' fights. every two minutes.
A girl is kidnapped and taken to the Eiffel tower
what girl ?
don't ask questions, just munch your pop corn
its enough if you know that they are bad guys and good guys will come beat up the bad guys and rescue her. And you keep munching your pop corn.
Then there is all kinds of Karate' stunts on the Eiffel tower. you get to see the aerial view of Paris, ignore the fights.
End of movie.

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Good that the present politicians have retained the original street names.
This is just a part of Old Pondicherry, very clean, well maintained and the rest of the town is not so.

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Not much traffic and no crowd, less activity. It is not a happening place like Banaras.
Attracts a lot of European tourists. If you can walk on a frying pan, you'd love the place.
Best time is October to March, when the frying pan is less hot.

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Doesn't look French, looks Spanish Portugese or Mexican ?? Don't know

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Ah ! Wonderful beach ???, well, not any more, it used to be good but now the sea is coming in.

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Very Stylish still. Peace and quite. You'll find some quiet corners and enjoy the French cusine.

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Distinctly French, I have seen Charles DeGaulle wearing it, This is the local Police uniform. They still retain the French Army and Police Cap, i have seen Pink Panther, Peter Sellers wearing it.

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The locals used to speak French. Now its Tamil and English, you can still find old timers speaking French. The original is always pleasant

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What annoys me most are the foreigners who are staying there permanantly.
They pity the locals and tell them how to live.
Very 'Kind' people.
Specially the Aurovilleans.
They are a big pain.
Briefly, Auroville, little away, an international community, started with good intentions, with the soil of all over the world in an amphi theatre and an all religions or non religious temple. But soon it got into trouble with the government.
They want to do us Indians a favour by their interference and guidance we don't need.
They were soon put in their place.

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And then there is an Ashram.
Ah ! There are so many of them in India.......thousands
this one is no special.
Quiet people really
i know some of them.
they are nice
they are very nice
they are very very nice

and they are always smiling.
If you are very very nice and always smiling, believe me i'd avoid you.
Fruit cakes.

You smile when a bull comes charging at you ??
You smile and offer your other cheek ?
Not a very good idea, You'll get one there too, free, on the house.

The question is, why did he slap you ?

Because you told him something good to him ?

You told him something what YOU THOUGHT was good for him
He didn't think so.
Big mistake.
Imposing what YOU THINK is good on others.
i know what is good for me and you know what is good for yourself.

Best is avoidance. Avoid confrontation.
Don't create a situation of some one slapping you and you offering the other cheek

If he slaps, you slap him harder, make a police complaint, sue him.
but don't be a saint, they are all fakes

In Pondicherry, many are convinced that they are Jesus Christ.

Please don't be surprised to see people lined up offering you the other cheek,
just slap them on both.

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Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

More interesting pictures Rauf! Love those palm trees you have there too :)


Chinna said...

nice pic of couple on the beach with the stole blowing in the wind.

i think these people in ashrams imitate the buddha smile they see in statues. but that's the problem - they end up with stony smiles . . . makes me want to slap them too!

Ruth said...

I laughed out loud so many times.

That guy Dupleix, don’t worry, he has a wig on to protect his head. Don’t joke about the tsunami, I hope there won’t be another one with the new earthquake in Indonesia today!

I have to see that Rush Hour movie to see the views, sounds like a treat for the eyes at least. “French Kiss” is delicious, I loved it.

Did you say “hello” to those American girls who look lost? I hope you slapped them for wearing silly American outfits, hahaha.

Yes, that one white building looks like it should be in Manila.

I agree with Chinna, the photo with the man and woman in the stole at the beach is gorgeous. All the photos are lovely.

From the Ashram text on, I split a gut laughing. As someone who once thought I should change the world, then changed my mind instead, this is powerfully good. Such silliness to go and interfere, then be a martyr when you get slapped. I’m glad I slapped myself first before seriously doing any damage.

Oooohhh, rauf. You’ve done it again. Just brilliant.

vishesh said...

well well nice pics and pondy is a good place ya...well ya no one has a rightto say abt anyone else but still...well just say i am keeping my views to myself..:P

Moi said...

it was nice to see the French quarter of Pondi.....I have never been there but most of my friends who have, loved the place...the French guy left behind roasting in the sun was hilarious..the Brits left a dour looking queen near Victoria Memorial in Calcutta..she too has no protection against the Indian sun and the errant pigeons.... :)

The last pic is a treasure.....reminds me of a very similar pic i have from Key West :)

mystic rose said...

I loved the last pic the best!
and that building with the sea in the background.
So many facets to one post! ah, but it is focused on Pondicherry and all your thoughts to do with Pondicherry no doubt!
It is said that the location a movie is shot in or is written in a book, sometimes becomes a character - the main character even. I beleive that. and it is wonderufl.. so movies are a way of seeing the world without traveling. Brilliant! :))

and You are saying avoid confrontation.. imposing what you think is good on others is a big mistake. Indeed! the world would be more peaceful if we didnt do that.

Marie said...

Joli reportage sur la présence française !

Cuckoo said...

Oui, oui..joli reportage !!

Once again you've come up with a very good photo-essay. Loved all the pictures (including narration) specially the couple with stole on the beach. You have captured the subject well. :-)

The buildings are vibrant and the streets are unbelievably clean.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Pingu said...

hans hans ke aankhon mein pani aa gaya Rauf Uncle..!
aap itna acha likhte ho...aap books kyun nahi likhte??

Sangita said...

Wonderful pics and the beach ones are like postcards..Though this subject is the most unlikely of ur choice till now.(not that I know much).Bldngs and movies..I was surprised..yeah saw rush hour3 I call such movies good timepass :-) That cap was good notice..

Rauf said...

oh thank you TEAS, i live in a beach city, but it is not as pleasant as you see in the pictures, it gets too hot. i really don't remember when was my last beach visit. Beaches on the western coast of India are a bit more pleasant and less hot.

Rauf said...

ah CHINNA, my ignorance is so appalling, never knew that piece of cloth is called a stole, then i wrote the spelling of appalling wrong.
had to look in the dictionary for stole, which says 3 things
1. Ecclesiastical A long scarf, usually of embroidered silk or linen, worn over the left shoulder by deacons and over both shoulders by priests and bishops while officiating.
2. A woman's long scarf of cloth or fur worn about the shoulders.
3. A long robe or outer garment worn by matrons in ancient Rome.

Now i can't wait to slap that word on some one, tell Mala to come wearing a stole, I'll tell her Hey Mala you forgot your stole.

chinna you know the kind of people i get, so fake, alwayssmiling and so seemingly down to earth that you feel they are earthworms, meek and harmless.
If you touch them they pounce on you. They are Jesus Christ only on Mondays and Fridays

Pauline said...

Each picture is a treasure! Your comments are wonderfully humorous and I thank you. Have a wonderful day for yourself.

Rauf said...

There is one in Mercara,
Coorg RUTH, a statue of our first army General, Cariappa i think. i feel like giving him an umbrella, poor chap standing in rain always. It rains for nearly six months there. When ever i see him i expect him to sneeze any time. I just stopped writing and checked my Coorg pictures. That Statue is no longer there in its place, perhaps he got sick, caught pneumonia ?

Oh yes very beautiful Aerial view of Paris from Eiffel tower in the movie, you have to ignore the fights. i really doubt the fight sequences were shot there. Its too high and too dangerous.

Rest of Pondicherry is like any town of India, crowded, chaotic and not clean. What you see in the pictures is a very small area, perhaps one square kilometer, delightfully French. My friend Anand took me around in his red Jeep you see in some pictures.

Ruth, it is very difficult not to spot 'holier than thou' crowd. They are from US and Europe. They pity us for not following such 'rich' Indian philosophy. They expect us to live in the stone age, in caves

Rauf said...

VISHESH, if you keep your views to yourself no one would know about them. We talk about others all the time. Thats what we read in the news papers, magazines, stories about others, not alwys pleasant. We learn from such stories.

Rauf said...

Its a very small area MOI, you don't need any vehicle, good to walk. The 'enlightened' foreigners who live there use bicycles. Hardly any traffic. but it has Local Muncipal office, legislative assembly,and the governor's residence and some other government offices. University of Pondicherry is actually in Tamil Nadu. JIPMER is in Pondy, a little away, perhaps closer to Auroville.

Queen Victoria's Statue in Chennai has a canopy, seated, good thinking, poor thing was so bulky, its too painful for her to stand. I am not sure if it is still there in its place. Most of the Brit statues have been removed and replaced by local politician's Statues. And there is a funny story of Kannagi statue, which gets 'knocked down' by accident when ever AMMA comes to power as the astrologers say that the statue would bring disaster to her. And it gets reinstated, with fresh coat of paint, when the other party comes to power, the statue is very poorly made. Please check the net for the funny story

Rauf said...

Thank you MYSTIC ROSE, oh yes the location becomes a character. i have never been abroad and never seen Paris, so i wrote about the movie. normally all James Bond movies have spectacular locations. Can't forget beautiful locations of Italy in Marissa Tomei's 'Only You'
the movie was good too, a romantic comedy. Hemingway lived in Paris for a long time, wrote about his life in Paris in 'A Moveable Feast' which i have not read. i would love to, Ruth would be knowing about this.

Rauf said...

Thank you MARIE

Rauf said...

Thank you CUCKOO JI

Beenzzz said...

Now I want to visit Pondicherry. I'll try to go when it's not frying pan hot weather though. Your photos are excellent!

Rauf said...

Aree sweet PINGU BITIYA Some times i have to say serious things with a touch of humour. Still it got pretty offensive i'm afraid. i don't want to think that i can be a serious writer, i know i can't write.

You are old enough to know what is good for you bitiya, but what would you say to people who impose what they think is good on you. Sometimes you have to accept out of love and respect, but you can't take it from relatives or people you don't know.
On a broader level it has proved to be a disaster resulting in bloodshed throughout the history. Recently, like the imposition of democracy in Iraq.

hope you are doing fine bitiya, Please take care of yourself, i am fine healthwise.

Rauf said...

oh yes SANGITA, i never write about movies, a subject i am not good at. and i am not good at any subject for that matter. i have never been abroad, the only glimpse of outside world comes from the movies or the TV. So i wrote about the locations of the movie. Yes it was a time pass movie. i never complain if the movie is bad if it has some beautiful locations.

Rauf said...

Thank you PAULINE, hope you are doing fine.

Rauf said...

Its been a while BEENZZZ, Thank you so much, been traveling a lot, couldn't visit many blogs. hope you are doing fine.
January is fine for Pondicherry or any place in south India. You'd love it Beenzzz. What you see in the pictures is a very small area.

Sewmouse said...

As always, another batch of wonderful photos, Rauf.

I couldn't help but notice many of the architectural similarities to New Orleans, Louisiana in some of those buildings. New Orleans being a "french" town in our "colonial" times.

Pondicherry appears to be a bit less crowded than Chennai? (Sewmouse is just a bit claustrophobic)

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Raufie – as usual

I am unable to resist having a comment or opinion on each sentence you post – your devilish ways must have that effect on others as we keep on coming back for your super delicious posts and even “crunchier” comments.

Love this city too – reminds very much of Buenos Aires – where, shall I dare say – neither British nor French occupation was permitted (and fiercely fought off!!)

What I see in the wonderful construction, and particularly on the church, is what we call Spanish Colonial, very evident still as in your city in the old part, where the wonderfully worm coble stones add an even more irresistible charm; still, the French influence seeped in everywhere to some degree and the city as is often referred to as “the Paris of South America” – go figure!!!
We must have borrowed the best of the times! (?)

You also got me going on “offering the other cheek”… I grew up with that recommendation as a pre-requisite to enter heaven… J
Hmmm – used to add “I was not born to be a martyr or saint” – once I recognized how unsuitable and irrational such expectation is - can reeeeeeeeeealy feel it in my bones – lol

This is one of those other “manipulating/belittling/disempowering” little conveniences of the power hungry - control freak hierarchy system we have been imposed and tolerated “obediently” (for how long?) that only serves to further subjugate the “weaker” or, the kinder more gentler in spirit… but, enough of this, we all know that it will bet much worst before it get better!

On the white folk kindness “overseas”…
Well, that would almost invite for an entire chapter on the arrogance of the mainly Christian white community that feels the champion of all good (suffers from terminal Theo-Bushism – did not have a name prior to this moment) deeds and miracle work around the world.

Once again – me swimming against the current (instead of the most “obvious” expression) I am trying to convince my community to focus some of their kindness and attention of those around us… not very well received.
I insist as months go by – we must be kinder to each other – we must ankolowedge each other, talk to one another: return emails… rsvp invitations, send regrets to where we cannot be but are expected…
Far away places call for all the energy to be given – I imagine in the hopes to be perceived “o be saintlier” = better then the rest…
Sad, no?

(It was suggested that if I was passionate about it – I could “organize” something… J )

Look at the Korean fools captured and held hostage in Afghanistan…
And recently released! What on earth were they thinking???

Now, all that said, often times either federal or local governments and even ngo’s (grandma’s – Canadian and African, as is the case of an aids project here) invite these well meaning organizations to extent a hand – and often is needed… HOWEVER, I do in principle agree with you full-heartedly.

I call that “cooking in someone else’s kitchen” – seldom like anyone meddling in mine.

The frying pan effect must be “seriously toasty”!

Lots of love and hugs


And, the Ashrams…! (Got them here too)
I have joined that category of individuals with the ones that call/announced themselves as “spiritual” - as if the mere labeling – would add substance to an otherwise empty heart and head. It took me a while to catch on that this was all smoke and mirrors.
Like with everything else, it is what you do - not what you say.

All my love.

Raw Kale said...

To a certain extent, I am guilty as charged regarding your comment of the Americans and Europeans thinking Indians should follow the sacred old ways and live in caves, although not to that extent. I have to admit, my heart goes out to every indigenous culture whose natural resources are stripped and unable to provide, who must join the capitalistic way of life in order to survive, or as some do, commit suicide. What I mean is that, I wish they would fight for their way of life, see the beauty of it, rather than longing for the new ways.

Emerson said: "Every ship is a romantic object, except that we sail in."

Sangita said...

Hey u definitely wonderful at taking pics and making them look like god creations..We love ur blog..

her indoors said...

Hello my friend, yet again you have taken me to places i could only dream of visiting, so thank you.
off to open some popcorn now!

Aaarti said...

Hey Rauf
Told u na that i had been to Pondy last week.. well,i completely understand wat u mean by that poor guy left standing in the sun and the tourits who've become part of town who go about correcting others.. so annoying...

had a good laugh.. must say u make the whole town sound like some spoof of a nicer place... hehehe

just back from a meeting at Mala n chinna's n chinna was asking me if i've seen ur latest pics.. did that right after coming home.. not before having some lunch... :D

isabella said...

Oh, la, la! Rauf is schmoozing with the locals at The French Riviera of the East! In French, I assume?
Gorgeous photos and so much humor in your commentary...I know what you mean about smiling on the streets - the French in Paris could easily distinguish us Yankees, from our moranic grins ;-) When asked, they said: "it's either an American or a mentally retarded person..."

So you are like me, blocking out all sorts of sensless movie plots, just to get a glimpse at the Parisian locations!
Do you have a DVD palyer? Send me your address and I will mail you a little early Birthday gift ;-)

"Angeldust" said...


The allergy description and the toe nail clipping advise were not bad either!!!

Rauf said...

Dear Friends, Going out again for a couple of days, i'll respond to your comments and reply to all your mail when i get back hopefully on Monday
all my love


Steve Martin's version isn't very good. There's only one Peter Sellers - who nicked the original Pink Panther film from David Niven who was supposed to be the star.

Looks a lovely place. Bit like France really. Very nice apart from the French....

Foreigners trying to impose themselves eh?

That sounds familiar....

Take care and have a good weekend where ever you go

Sandy said...

Really enjoyed the photo tour and your commentary..I always get a giggle over something you have wrote...you are forthright and blunt..hahaha.. love it.


Sandy said...

Really enjoyed the photo tour and your commentary..I always get a giggle over something you have wrote...you are forthright and blunt..hahaha.. love it.


Sonia said...

I am enchanted to seeing those photos, Rauf! What a wonderful buildings and places. Love so much Hotel de L'Orient, it looks so inviting and the patio so charming! I would like to be there!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Rauf, It has been a while but I was busy with meeting a blogfroend in Holland she was from the USA, Yeh you got that right!
So I love the beach THE MOST because the weather here is going to change in cold weather, so we need some sun, therefore I love your sunny and happy blog!

Take care and have a HAPPY weekend Rauf, a HUGH for you , and I come back for sure! :)

Greetings and my love JoAnn :)

Sharon said...

Pondicherry looks like a great vacation spot! It seems to have everything from the French Quarter character to beautiful beaches. I guess thick shoes would be a must since the streets are like hot frying pans!!!!

By the way I also love movies that don't require too much thinking and are just for pure entertainment!

"French Kiss" was on a just a few weeks ago... and of course I watched it again!

Rauf said...

Dear Friends,
Sorry for my late response
been away and came back home yesterday
all my love

Rauf said...

oh Thank you so much SWEMOUSE, Pondicherry is a smaller town, yes less crowded than Chennai. You'll find some crowded areas but the old town is not crowded and not much traffic there.
These French buldings are mostly old, built for hot climate when there were no air conditioners.
They are very cool inside.

Rauf said...

In my next post i will show you that i am an Angel too dearest ANGEL,

Yes i thought so, the Church looks Spanish to me, i have seen only in the movies, i did not go inside nor did i check with any one, i have seen Mexican churches like these, spanish style ofcourse.
Goa has lots of Portugese Churches Angel, each one is a treat.

What i say is, there is no need to offer your other cheek if you could avoid confrontation which led to the slapping in the first place.
Why were you slapped ?

You can help people to a certain extent Angel, If their help is not appreciated, They can't thrust 'Help' down the throats of the unwilling. If they are likely to be kidnapped for the good work they are doing, its their fault actually. Avoid such places.

Rauf said...

Thank you Sangita

Rauf said...

RaChel, i am a bundle of contradictions myself. i find that i indulge in the same sin of imposing my ideas on others, i never stop criticising people whom i think are educated and still believe in myths, legends, perform silly meaningless, ceremonial sacrifices. But i keep quiet when i see uneducated tribals or villagers doing the same.

Now the tribals have the taste of the so called 'civilised' world. We can't deny them the comforts and communication devices the technology offers.

The spiritually bankrupt foreigners, fed up with their society and fast life, who went after their own brand of happiness, find that they were after a wrong brand, land up here in India and tell us to follow our culture which is decaying and not dying. Our culture is very sick already. Even after hundreds of years of reforms, the social evils, like inhuman caste system, child marriage, dowry, still prevail and practiced openly. With all the 'rich' philosophy and wisdom, India is the worst racist country in the world. One may give a fresh coat of paint to our wisdom, but we Indians believe that racism is pure wisdom. How sick is that ?
We are exporting our sick wisdom , philosophy and decaying culture to the west through our gurus and Swamijis who are dancing under the shower of dollars. West has fallen for our irrational beliefs.

Rauf said...

Hope you visit India soon with Himself and Milo HER INDOORS. Just to experience the difference. I'd be too glad to be your host in Chennai. If you find time you must watch some south Indian films, you won't have time to dip your fingers in the pop corn bowl.

Raw Kale said...

I am shocked to hear about the racism! Every Indian I have ever known has been soooo kind.

Is this really lingering, or is it a different type of racism (the untouchables syndrome)?

Yes, I must admit, I am also guilty of admiring many of your gurus. I love my yoga and meditation practice. But, I do understand the business of yoga and religion is a confusing one. We are trying to become people who do what they love, and get paid for it. We find this to be a noble pursuit, the way to be true to one's self. Would you agree?

Rauf said...

Hi AAARTI, Sorry for my late response, i am going again on 21st.
oh no it is not a spoof on the place but on the foreigners and 'holier than thou' Aashram people who live there. Pondi is a nice place actually.
Me too just came back From Mala Chinna's place
Meeting them in Guruvayoor.

Rauf said...

Hi IZZIDEE, how are yoos ?
Pondicherry is too hot for a French riviera, Not known for gambling dens but known for discount tickets for Nirvana. But i haven't met any enlightened people (with a 100 watt bulb glowing on the head)
Hope yoos is doing fine Izzidee.

Rauf said...

Do you have a REUME ?
What ?
Do you have a REUUUMM ?
you mean a room sir ?
yase yase that is what i said a REUME

hahaha FOUR DINNERS no one else but Peter Sellers.

Do you have a LASSANCE ?
Do you have a LASSANCE for your minkey ?
and he helps the bank robbers get away, picks up a bundle of currency notes they drop and gives it to them respectfully, and stops the other cars and allows them to escape with the booty. hahahaha
No one else but Peter Sellers.

Rauf said...

Thank you SANDY, have to say it in humour sometimes to get the point across. Hope you are doing fine. Haven't been visiting blogs i love to read like yours, Been away for longer periods, miss meeting friendly and colourful birds who enjoy your hospitality. You are a terrific host Sandy.

Rauf said...

I have never been inside SONIA afraid it might be very expensive eating there. i took the picture from outside. December and January is a wonderful time to visit. You would love it Sonia.

Rauf said...

oh JoANNE, so glad you met Ginnie, i hope i would meet you in near future in India, please visit, there is so much diversity here, never a dull moment.

November to February the beaches would be cool in the mornings and evenings, on the eastern coast like Vizag Chennai, you'll find better beaches on the western coast
in Kerala and Goa. Europeans love Goa beaches, expensive stay but Kerala is lot cheaper and safer, can't say the same about Goa where you see all kinds of people. I think i should do a post on romantic beaches of india
Thank you so much JoAnne, hope we meet one day.

Rauf said...

There are some wonderful beaches here SHARON, specially on the western coast of India. They are hot even in the winter months but cooler early mornings and evenings. Can't think of going to beach in summer months. Pondicherry beach is not very good.
Off the western coast there are some islands called Lakshadeep, those beaches are beautiful too, never been there. Perhaps i'll make it in a couple of months.

normally i don't try too hard to understand a movie. i don't have brains for that and i don't like straining my bean. Its brand new and shiny, unused. i love Meg Rayan, loved her in 'City of Angels' which i saw many many times and never got tired of it.

Rauf said...

RaChel, i absolutely agree with you. you have to pursue what you think is noble and being true to yourself.
So did Gandhi, he pursued what he thought was noble
so did Hitler, he had a vision, he pursued what he thought was noble
and so did George W Bush, he too pursued what he thought was noble.

Raw Kale said...

Gee wiz, Rauf, thanks for clearing that up for me:D

So, as long as we are true to our purpose, regardless of how terrifying or insane it may seem, this purpose is important.

Beautifully articulated, but somehow, I sensed a little bit of sarcasm, n'est pas?

Ashi said...

Hi Rauf,
marvellous post - yes this colony thing, you are ofcourse rigth about someone coming and tell you what to do what to think etc. and we Danes as people is no exception in the past we have not been no more angle than others. If you had travel a little bit further south along the coast you would have encounted Tharangambadi, Trankebar in Danish, a small colony from way back, our king at the time,would very much play with the big boys England, Holland, Spain in the big rush for spice and other things.You made it in the end becoming a pluralistic, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic society. And no one I think is even dreaming of telling you what to do.

Anonymous said...

great pics...as always so crisp!! umm...maybe one day u can teach me how to take c-o-o-l pics like that huh? ;))

Rauf said...

RaChel, People don't believe what they are doing is evil. If they do, there would be no evil in this world. But it is just a dream.

Religion philosophy, idealogy political system, like democracy, capitalism or communism is thrust down the throats of unwilling. People believe that what they are doing is right.
Who is wrong then ?
Religion and philosophy is sometimes spread by offering incentives or promises of comfort or promises of life after death, a place in heaven or rebirth in better living conditions.
Its all the same, same as Hitler's vision of a clean perfect and orderly world.

They all believe that what they are doing is for the good of others, a noble pursuit.

i have made some very clear statements RaChel, i see no sarcasm there.

Rauf said...

Thank you ASHI, i must visit Tharangambadi, an important historical site. I live in Tamil Nadu and it is not difficult to reach there, infact i was in Nagapattinam district only last week. Nagapattinam, a coastal town was worst hit by Tsunami.

Though we enjoy more freedom than countries who think are the defenders or champions of freedom, we still have people who are living below the poverty lines hardly aware of their rights or concessions and incentives the crippled government offers. Such people often fall prey to immediate cash and comfort incentives offered by foreign missionaries or those who promote their idealogy. Poverty makes them accept new religion or beliefs. Foreigners and Indian politicians and agencies take advantage of the poverty. it happens every day.

Hope you are doing fine Ashi.

Rauf said...

Hi sweet SHIMMER How are you ? Long time.
oh i would love to, just mail me some pictures, i'll tell you how to take better pictures based on them. Now with digital cameras any one can take beautiful pictures.
Depends on the choice of subjects and imagination.
hope you are doing fine Shimmer.

Raw Kale said...

Hmmm... makes me wonder if I am evil. But I know the answer (yes). We are all both, but most are constantly trying to hide the evil instead of experiencing it and appreciating it as much as the good.

Rauf said...

RaChel, this is how things went wrong. Simple messages of original faith were lost in huge walls of magnificient Churches mosques and temples. Simple religions became complicated.

i have no control over your interpretation of my simple and direct statements,

Nathalie said...

Aaaaah Rauf I love seeing your photos and reading you. You made me smile and then laugh, and then think, and then smile again. Following you is an adventure, better than a Jackie Chan movie, the synopsis is better.
You say this is a blog for brainless people but of course nothing is further from the truth, there is great humour and wisdom in your rantings.

I am sorry that I am reading you from a internet cafe, don't have the time all 62 comments that came before mine but once I am organised with internet at home next month I'll come back to proper and extensive reading...

Of course I enjoyed the French quarter of Pondichery. And couldn't agree more with you on the subject of people telling you to do what they think is good for you.
Thanks for saying it so well.

Rauf said...

Sweet NATHALEEEE, So so sweet of you to go to the internet cafe and read my humongous posts.
hope you get the broadband connection soon.

i have not written much about the world famous French cusine which is available in Pondicherry because it is available in every town and city of India, they all boast about their French cusine, i never went anywhere near it as it could be very expensive. i would end up working for the restaurant for a year for not having enough money to pay for what i ate.

Pondicherry is a very intersting place. Since it has French history
every body piles on specially people from Europe. they try to stay there permanantly as the place is so beautiful, though very hot. There are many Indians who worked under the French rule who are still getting huge pensions from France. Their families also get the benifits. Many of them have migrated to France.
hope your daughter is doing well in school and learning French fast.
Please give my love to her.
Leaving in ten minutes for another travel on the western coast of south india for a week
Enjoy the weekend Nathalie.
your blog is such a treat for my eyes.

DJ Kirkby said...

Rauf I am not sure how serious you are being but your posts are making me laugh and your pictures are stunningly beautiful as always!

Rauf said...

Hi DJ, Thank you so much, i try add a touch of humour to make what i want to say less offensive.

Suresh said...

PONDICHERRY's French Quarters is an extremely photogenic town. Anybody with a camera can click, with eyes-shut, and be rewarded with an amazing set of photographs.

But to transport available beauty into an altogether higher-plane takes especial talent and eye and speed. Something abundantly visible and discernible in the Rauf's "French Connection".

Rauf said...

oh SURESH That is the greatest compliment i have ever received. More than the place it is the people who generate interest in me, mostly positive occasionally negative. If have a nasty fight with an auto rickshaw driver or getting cheated which is quite a normal occurance in India, my whole view would be negative.
but i never carry my bad experience on my shoulder. i try to forget it the very instant and try to make the best of my visit.

Anonymous said...





Salam alaikkum Mr. Rauf the pictures which show french connection with pondicherry really pleasing me in order to find a pure french smell which I always want to experience,by God's grace and his wiillingness as a would be french national i personally thank for your effort publishing this french flavlour in the website.