29 September 2007


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Dear Mr. Google
i was eating very crisp potato chips making loud cracking noise when this happened.
i am sorry if the explosion rattled you resulting in this error.
i promise i will never eat potato chips while reading my friend's blogs.
Would you kindly suggest some other less noisy munches which are less shocking ?
Is ice cream ok ?
thanking you
Daylight again


ok, what would be your confession ? How would you answer this ?


Sangita said...

This was funny :-)

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha...

Today this happened with me also. I tried to put comments on some blogs and the error.....

When you get their answer, pls let me know. I should be careful too.

her indoors said...

see what happens when you men multi-task! LOL

Rauf said...

Sangita, i was just blinking when i read this


i was actually munching potato chips. Then my mind started racing.
What if i was comitting a murder ?
Sir i was killing mosquitos ??

Rauf said...

CUCKOO JI i really don't know how useful the information is to them or what they expect to hear. They expect answers like
'Sir when the page did not appear i drilled a hole in the CPU to pour some oil'

Rauf said...

HER INDOORS Your answer should be,
'i was discussing the theory of relativity with Milo'


option 1) I spilled beer / vodka / alcohol of some description on me keyboard

option 2) I hit me keyboard with a hammer 'cause the net was so slow and I thought it might help

option 3) I threw the entire pc out of the window which caused it to violently explode in my driveway resulting in a chain reaction as my bushes set allight as did next doors. The fire then travelled through 4 other front gardens before being brought under control by the local fire brigade.

Worryingly. One of these is true.

Cindy said...

Rauf- I was eating chips, too! And carrot stix- the humungous crunch drowned only slightly by ranch dressing!

Rauf said...

hahaha FOUR DINNERS you are the limit. How about this ?
i was sitting on my neighbour one hand on his throat the other pulling his beard ???

how about this ?
Error message ? sorry this comp doesn't belong to me, i am a burgler, i came to steal it. byee

Rauf said...

hahaha CINDY Carrots create a loud pop when you bite or break it, honestly don't know what kind of answers these people expect.

vrinda said...

hee hee absolutely enjoyed the post....wonder wat i was doin the last time i got this msg...:)

Ruth said...

O dear, after laughing so hard and emptying my noggen of any cleverness, I couldn't think of any good activities I was doing when I got the error message. But often when I'm sitting here with my laptop, I am disconnected from the Internet (the air card), and I want to beat on it. But I'm guessing that would not result in an ERROR message, just a broken laptop.

mystic rose said...

Dear google,
I was laughing so hard reading rauf's blog that I am certain I must have pressed a few wrong keys.. and now my pc is hung up. but it doesnt matter, I would do it again in a flash any number of times.

Rauf said...

Hi VRINDA, welcome to Daylight again. Oh you write so well, i saw your blog, i'll check again when i am relaxed, i am a bit rattled now, just thinking and wondering.
i am not wise and intelligent to understand why a bite of a crisp potato chip can shake the google building making all the google staff jump out of the windows sending error messages.

oh dear ! they ask what was i doing ?

i just blink blink blinked another potato chip very close to my teeth.

oh no ! not another bite, it may cause an earthquake !

Thank you so much Virinda, i'm afraid i can't promise anything sensible here on this page.
Half my posts are on Kerala,
Which part of kerala you come from ???

Rauf said...

RUTH, My mind was racing with all the possible answers like i was in direct contact with God Almighty when this happened.

With my laptop under a banyan tree
i was very close to reaching a Nirvana when things came to a screeching halt showing an error message. missed enlightenment by inches.

Rauf said...

MYSTIC ROSE, tell children
not to come anywhere close to your computer munching peanut burfi or murukku. You have to get google's approval on ice cream flavours too.
Never sing Telugu songs while reading blogs.

Ashi said...

Funny this is.
This kind of error happens, for me a few times - I think everbody have, sometime or another, been accussed of doing something they shouldn't have done, me I usually just sit quitely drinking coffee, but maybe it's the wrong brand, who knowns?

isabella said...

Oh, Rauf, I am very disappointed with you - potato chips? I would have thought you'd eat something healthier, like chana dal...
And exactly which part of your body were those "loud cracking noises" coming from?
Next time Mr. Google, the Big Brother, asks what you were doing, tell him to mind his own business. Do we ask what he was doing while he gave us the dreaded error message? Huh?

Ruth said...

Don't feel bad, rauf, it wasn't the ERROR that prevented Nirvana. You can't reach Nirvana if you're near a computer, microwave oven or digital camera. Too much interference. Just leave the laptop in the house next time.

Rauf said...

ASHI, i was not able to access your blog for a couple of days.

We are all indeed very thankful to Google for creating a forum and allowing us to express ourselves and interact with people from different parts of the world. Blogging is the best thing that has happened to the internet.

This post is written just to give some lighter moments to my readers, providing some relief to their busy life and tired minds.

Rauf said...

IZZIDEE SWEET, you knock me down. So you are familiar with Indian munches ?? WOW. This world of ours is indeed so small. But i have to warn you that Chana and Dhal like the potato chips cause loud explosions at the place from where the turtle breathes ??
You are so funny sweet IZZIDEE

Rauf said...

RUTH, there was a TV comedy series made by a bunch of Indians living in England called 'goodness gracious me' In one episode an english lady calls the Pest Control to catch a rat troubling her. The Pest Control sends a Guru wearing saffron, who sits in a meditating post in her kitchen.
'Aren't you going to catch the rat and kill him ?

The Guru jumps
No no no lady, i am going to sit and meditate and try to enlighten the rat not to give you any more trouble.

Kathy said...


Hi Rauf!

mystic rose said...

Why no telugu songs???

Btw, I know very few telugu songs and they are all from the time my mom was young, old balck and white movies.. and totally non singable.

Rauf said...

Hi KATHY, Hope things are fine
my love to you Richard and Marcey
is Buba still around ?
love and Hugs

Rauf said...

MYSTIC ROSE, You mom is too young for B&W days perhaps your GM's time. i know only Sri Sri Moova and Shankara Bharanam songs
i once went to Guntur and forgot the hotel's name where i was staying. All i could remember was the hotel was right behind a theatre showing Shankara Bharanam, that was of no help, i was told that Shankara Bharanam was running in eight theatres at a time.
i spent the whole day searching for the hotel that too in mid June of Guntur.

lorenzothellama said...

Oh Rauf I wouldn't know what to do if that happened to me!

Back from holiday now and have got some pictures posted.


lorenzothellama said...

We didn't get away much from the place where we were staying although the man with the Turkish flags was taken during a visit to a market, and not a very good market either. The kitten was very sweet though. I would love to have taken him home. I would have called him Rauf!!


Raw Kale said...

I was ripping other people's pictures off Google Images. But, I give credit:)

Anonymous said...

umm...i got that silly message too from blogger...in fact it messed up my blog big time...can't post...edit or do anything...so decided to create a new one! :(

...please update your link when you got time to spare...thanks rauf! take care. ;;)

Rauf said...

Good to see you back LORENZO, So glad you had a wonderful time sailing in turkry.

Please notice the Error message carefully Lorenzo, hahaha, this happened while trying to access your blog. Just wanted to see if you are back from your holiday.
Probably Google wanted me to wait for one more day for your new post and to enjoy the pictures you posted.

A cat named rauf would be very arrogant rude, disobedient and would behave like a thug and very very lazy like me.

Give a hug to Badger and Scaredy for me Lorenzo.

Rauf said...

Please feel free to use any of my pictures without seeking my permission Ra CHEL, you don't have to give me any credit too. They are all yours if you like tham.

Rauf said...

Good to see you SHIMMER,
i made a mess of my blog yesterday and i was in a state of panic for nearly four hours. Some readers complained that all my 4 blogs don't work well on FIREFOX. Without any knowledge i tried to fix the problem. And it worked in FIREFOX. i was patting my own back and jumping nearly knocking down the monitor when i realised it wasn't working on Internet Explorer like it used to, giving some complicated error messages beyond my understanding. i nearly sank when i couldn't go back to my old settings. i stuggled a lot. i kicked myself for tinkering with the template. i do that when a light bulb glows in my stupid head.
It always ends up in a disaster.

hope you are doing fine SHIMMER. Yes i have updated your new link in all my four blogs.

Sewmouse said...

Dear Mr. Google:

I am certainly NOT going to tell you what I was doing when... and besides, we are engaged and the priest said it was ok, because it's like being married and...

Hey, this is none of your business, Mr. Google! My fiance' said that if we did it this way there wouldn't be any "complications" and...

You just go away, Mr. Google, you pervert!!!

Mike said...


Rauf said...

hahaha SEWMOUSE, that is the second thing that crossed my mind, the first one was murdering a mosquito. Be careful before you kiss your fiance'. shut the monitor so that google doesn't see what you are doing.

Rauf said...

Welcome to Daylight Again MIKE, hope they realise that it is a funny question.

Ruth said...

I see your message there in the comment box now.

rauf, you are the only person, only blogger, only anyone, I have ever seen be completely free and open with your photographs.

Bless you for that. No boundaries. No ownership.

Raw Kale said...

Thanks, Rauf. I share your Thank You Farmers entry whenever possible. It's my favorite:)

Kathy said...

yeah my Bubba is still around :) I took him for a walk today at park. I'll take some photo shots soon.

(((Hugs to you)))

Pijush said...

Haha this is really funny. Someone faced problem while commenting in my blog :-)

Rauf said...

RUTH, its freedom, but no one is free. From past 30 years i have been getting rid of one chain at a time binding me. it takes time. You can't break away from all the chains at one time and run towards the forest. People try that and get frustrated,
There are some chains we love to have. there are some chains which make us rich. Love is one such chain. Complete freedom is utter selfishness. i can't break free from the will to survive. Only a stone can claim complete freedom.

Rauf said...

Yes that is my favourite too
Mother Earth Alive is my all time favourite. It is very depressing though

Rauf said...

oh that is sweet KATHY,
i remember seeing Buba and Marcey in your beautiful beach Slide presentation, which was like a movie.

Rauf said...

Hi PIJUSH, Welcome to Daylight Again.
Funny question.
i think what they want to know is if we tried to open any page with technical problems or if we kept too many pages open.

This is just for fun Pijush, i am not serious about this. we all are indeed thankful to Google for so many fecilities offered free. Blogspot is one of them.

lorenzothellama said...

Hello Rauf,
Just bought myself a new pair of winter shoes so am feel very happy!

I like thuggish cats!

Love Lorenzo.

zzz-writer said...

this is soo funny, it is so you rauf, simple and humorous.

Rauf said...

Hi LORENZO i was heart broken when my cat disappeared, ginger was his name, he was my only fan.
But we have many visiting cats.
Last night one of them jumped over my stomach, pulled the velcro of the mosquito net covering the window and disappeared.
i said oweee ! very very smart cat !

Rauf said...

JEEJEE BITIYA, me not funny, me serious.

Janaab Google saabeh, khudkushi karne' ki soch raha tha, error message padh ke apna iraada badal diya'

mystic rose said...

Oh you poor thing.. I am so sorry to read that.
Mid June in Guntur IS a killer!!
See? thats why.. no more traveling for you.

mystic rose said...

I just read yor comment on the comment box.

You forgot 'you dont have to be intelligent to comment.'

power ranger v said...

your a raely good freind and thank you for the show

Rauf said...

i have added that Mystic ROSE thank you so much, i completely forgot about it.

Rauf said...

I'll send you lot more POWER RANGER Glad you liked it. You are my great friend too

Raw Kale said...

where can I find Mother Earth Alive?

Rauf said...

RA CHEL here it is

but it is very long

"Angeldust" said...

Love the response
It actually never osurred to me to take that way - but it is rather normal as one is monstly posting...
and mindingn ones business

This often happens to me - once I was foolish enough to try to let them know folowing their instructions...
Did you ever get that far?

Well, I found it really convoluted.
FOr me if is not a click and access thing - I am not going to spent 20 minutes trying to let them know what's wrong... as much as I love them

So, now I just zap the message and repeat the step - no problem!

Rauf said...

Dearest ANGEL, i have done many silly things, nearly messed up my template. Sometimes i get so over confident without realising my limitations. My knowledge is a shade more than the monkey's. And people think that i know a lot about computers. sometimes i let that image remain in their minds. but i tell them that i am a half doctor. Half doctor is more dangerous than a no doctor.
i am simply incapable of following clear instructions, i try to do on my own and mess things up.
love and hugs dearest Angel