22 March 2009



i was screaming uncontrolably, it was like an earthquake

no bother, he didn't even look at me
he was walking gracefully and peacefully
the camel
poor thing
i started hurling obscenities at myself,
at myself
foul language
i am not a good guy, there are blog friends who have expressed their desire to meet me
they are in for a shock when they do, if they do.

the camel turned towards me and said
mind your language please !

ha! a talking camel ?? wow,
no sir, no sir, i was cursing myself sir, not you sir i said pleading, barely making it sensible
as my heart was in my mouth, please believe me sir, i was cursing myself.


i continued screaming, put me down, bring me down
i was very angry at Rajkumar and Pauli who insisted on my having a camel ride
where are they ?
i couldn't jump, it was like jumping from a 3 storied building
i always avoided having elephant rides horse rides.
now this, i didn't want a ride, i didn't.

Mind your language please, said the camel, i am going to run now

Na, Naaaaaaaaaa. pleeeese don't run sir pleeeese
okkay thats fine, you can come down now, anodder earthquake, my heart jumped out and i caught it put it back in my mouth, as the camel sat down.

what a relief when i was back on my own feet.
i kept walking along with the camel

Hi Camel sir, thank you so much

my pleasure, said the Camel, you are so rude and arrogant

i had nothing to say

from where did you learn to talk ?

we always talk, from where did you learn to speak ? he asked me, we talk among ourselves, i am talking to you because you look like one of us.

me a camel ? do i look like a camel to you ?

na na, i mean us animals, you look like a gorilla

oh thank you thank you very very kindly Camel sir. i was very pleased to hear that.


thats not a camel, that is a woman walking ahead of us.

for your kind information i am a PhD, says the camel

wow i said, i am not surprised, all camels look like philosophers.

what was your subject ?


i don't believe this, oh deeah, theology of all the subjects ??

other Camels study human behaviour, and we always discuss human behaviour, you humans are so funny, we always have fun discussing you people. Look at yourself, you are funny too, quite funny, look at your shoes, your dress.

yea i know, i am a sadak chaap, i am a poor man.

we have no such hangups, there is no rich and poor among us, remember what Einstein said ?

Humans are infinitely stupid ? i said


Have you studied Einstein's theory ? i asked

We don't have to, Said the camel, we know it, we knew it long before Einstein came along. Look what you have done, you humans, with your wisdom and intelligence, you have destroyed the world, this earth, this desert is soaked in human blood, its your funeral, not ours.

What do we do now ? i asked

you have altered the settings

what do we do now, any ideas ? i asked

restore defaults, said the Camel

Excuse me, Sir would you please come again ?

no answer

Restore defaults ??

you heard me, this is your stupidity, you want me to repeat it.

Restore defaults ??

yes. We will be too happy to see you go extinct. Killing each other, before the earth takes its revenge. And, please mind your language.

i didn't mean to be offensive Camel sir, these words just grab instant attention, adds weight to what you are saying. harmless words actually, wish you could watch MarissaTomei saying it.
i have it on my mobile, let me show you, she bagged best supporting oscar for her role. She was nominated this year toos buttoo Penelope got it. cute man she bees, more than a cute man she bees.

watch this Camel Sir, Joe Pesci is going on a deer hunting expedition with his friend.

oh she's gorgeous !

oh yes she is, would like to see Anne Hathaway ?

perhaps next time. thank you

Byee Camel Sir,

remember what i said

Restore defaults ? yes i will., can't do much about it alone but i'll remember

tell your friends

yes i will.

byee Camel Sir

Good bye my friend.


Had to post it today, caught up with things, Sweety's wedding in a couple of days, Asokan's Exhibition is coming up in Ernakulam first week of April., working on pictures brochure, invitation posters have to be designed, brochure is done, thought i could design the template too,
this time' daylight again is written with arrogance, i hate presenting myself as a saint
i hate saints.
updating other blogs. When i have too many things to do, i just sleep.
oh i forgot a few things.
goofed the template
i'll rectify it later, sorry, everything is going wrong

Enjoy the spring
all my love.


Winnie the poohi said...

That video was amazing!

Seems like you have a busy april ahead

And camels r amazingly wise they even carry water in their humps :)

JulenaJo said...

Haha, Rauf! Often I wonder what you are writing about. Today I knew! I have never ridden a camel, but my daughter has a very large horse that I rode once. It's the same thing. Terrifying.
If only we could push a button to restore defaults. Still, many would hesitate to do so--even perhaps myself. There is a comfort in status quo and fear seems to be the driving force behind humanity. Some say love, but once you love then you fear losing that love, so there you have it. Sorry. I am rambling--just woke up. Good morning!

Aaarti said...

hey Rauf...

1st of all- i kinda like this template.. paint brush effect.. :)

2nd - surprise at seeing ur pic here!!:D

3rd - how on earth did ur friends manage to convince u and get u up that camel???? dont know who is the pavam between the 2 of u....!!! and yes, mind uvar language saar.. u never know where that camel has got a spai...!!! we better be carefools...

hows life treating u??? i've been good, pretty busy with work and life... having fun opcours.. saturday me is aaf to baambai, and back apter 3 weeks..!!!whooeeeiee...

vishesh said...

ha ha I have seen you somewhere before ;)

hmm...I would say it is not our wisdom and intelligence,th problem is not everyone is a camel,few just are insects :D

wildpic said...

ha ha ha ... camel ride sounds good rauf, atleast for the conversation sake ! ... i take these camels and our monkeys and mushrooms seriously and try to restore defaults once a month ...

all people pls press "restore defaults" as often as required, consequences are pleasurable ...
cheers !

nathalie in avignon said...

No wisdom or intelligence on your blog, you warn us, but yes there is: it speaks through the lips of Sir Camel. I'm not sure I'd want to restore defaults too quickly though because we'd lose the presence of a wonderfully rude and arrogant manon this planet and he would be sadly missed :-))))

Now I'm off to watch the video because your other commentators say it's good and I trust them.

But first let me tell you what fun your camel shots are! I get seasick just looking at them!

Ruth said...

I apologize before starting my comment, I sincerely apologize, because your post took me in a different direction than you intended. The photos - top one of camel and boy, second of legs running, third of lady - took me to some fantasy - land. I am happy to be here in Fantasyland, I'll come laugh at your conversation with Mr. Camel, and My Cousin Vinny later. For now I just want to live in the color and movement of the pictures.

Ruth said...

Oh, I meant to ask, did you coconut get all shook up?

Alicia M B Ballard said...

hey... devil you!
If did not "spook" Camel Sir, you still OK

I can just imagine the feeling of a rolling earthquake beneath my seat - lol

I just got the chance to "cuddle" - Camel Sir was really into it! Do you recall, I used pic for my blog's icon sometime last year?

Lots of love and hugs dear Raufie

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Much happiness to Sweety and her husband...

All the best to Asokan... uh!

Sandy said...

I am a bit selfish I must say. I was thrilled to see another post by you and if I hit restore default it would include a future where Rauf blogs every day with his great stories and photos. Wow, I really enjoyed this and great clip. I've never seen the movie but after watching this clip I just might have to settle down and watch a movie, which is something I rarely do.

rauf said...

OWEEE POOHEES, i was carryin a water bottle, i couldda poured a little on the hump.

oh yea, family wedding right now, my niece is getting married. Too much of love and affection, attached to her so muchee. things are getting painful, not going right. Feeling guilty of keeping quiet. want to run away, but friends are depending on me, yes too much happening.

Oh you must watch the whole movie Poohee da 'My cousin Vinny. Marissa Tomei got an Oscar for da movie.

rauf said...

Hi JULENA, oh yes it was indeed a terrifying experience !
Never again

There have been different interpretations of 'restore defaults' in the comments.
and they open my mind. Primarily it means the 'way it was before' To achieve that we have to make lot of sacrifices, give up comforts. We have plundered enough Julena. i am guilty along with every one. Animals are the ones who suffer most along with the poor who don't contribute to the environmental degradation. i have written about it in my environment series a couple of years ago.

rauf said...

EEEEEEE OTTEEES, The sun was setting fast, we had a long way to go, Rajkumar and Paul hopped on to the camels like a taxi, common common they said and they disappeared, das how i got to commit a mahaa paavam. yea OTEEES
poor tings these camels are,
and they are not treated well, not fed well toos. its such a misery. i was angry with myself, it was a terrifying experience. but i walked most of the distance with the camel. History happened on horse back, elephant and camels toos. Our saints and sages rode on camels as three big religions sprang up from the desert.

too many tings happening, pretty chaotic, can't please every one, wedding going on, friends visiting, too many tings to do and i doos goofs and everybody is angry wid me. And i decided to design a template at a wrong time. i get crowded and do something very silly.

OWEEE ! BYMBAAI ?? i love Bumbaai Oteeedee, the road side food, you should have hot sweets at bhendi bazaar. Peepal of Madras have to learn a lot from peepal of Bumbaai, the most adjusting peepal in the world. Enjoy you holiday Otteees. Is plaappy going along ?

rauf said...

oh yes VISHESH, i am wanted by the police for 4 murders and 5 kidnappings. must of seen my pitture at the police station.

The wise and the intelligent have destroyed the world Vishesh, not the ignorant. Brilliant minds have come up with devices which can destroy all forms of life on this planet sixteen times over.

rauf said...

Hi SURESH, we'll be forced to restore defaults soon. Experts are painting a very grim picture. When the gap between the rich and the poor widens further, things bound to happen.

Anonymous said...

This definitely had a deep message there .. interesting read :)

freefalling said...

You sound like you need a nice cup of tea.
Sweet and hot.

Where did you get that t-shirt?

The man on the tele says by 2056 lots of Indians will be living in Australia - are you coming?

rauf said...

Dear NATHALIE, what i say here is something we already know, there is nothing new, but it seems to slip out of our our top priorities. i repeat the same in different ways , from past couple of years in various posts, sometimes seriously sometimes adding humour.

We humans are the only species which has gone completely out of line with nature, we have only plundered, where as other species know how to strike a balance. Now i really wonder what is the point in being wise and intelligent. It is completely useless. Animals seem to be wiser than us. And i keep repeating that we have created enough deadly weapons, nuclear, chemical or biological, which can wipe off all forms of life on this planet we call home. We have nowhere else to go.

rauf said...

Don't ask me RUTH, My coconut was all rattled, thankfully it was not during peak summer, Another thing came to my mind Ruth, i thought i was not afraid of death, i thought i am always willing and prepared to die from past 40 years. i realised that i am as afraid as anybody else.

i removed the elephant ride picture Ruth, as it was jarring, had nothing to do with the post, Suresh objected to it and he is right. i replaced it with the desert abstract. Sometimes i do mindless things when i have too many things to do. i wanted to delay writing the post. Came up with the template at a wrong time and it does not have the effect i wanted to create, so i'll be changing it soon.

rauf said...

oh i have never been on a rollercoaster ALICIA, perhaps the experience would be more terrifying. Children seem to be very comfortable on camels elephants or horses. I mean children of the city, not those who grow up in deserts. i have observed camels, they seem to be so calm all the time looking like enlightened philosophers.

Thank you for your wishes Alicia, yesterday was the wedding and it went off well thankfully.

lots of love
Enjoy the spring. Its getting hotter here.

rauf said...

There is nothing deep here Pretty PRATIBHA,
its simple and straight.
i am utterly incapable of understanding anything complicated or deep, no philosophy for me Pretty Pretty.
Life is simple, we make it complicated.

rauf said...

Hi LETTY GIRL Whattoo ?
Why just Indians ? you have Vietnamese and Chinese too in Ostraalia, You better get used to spicy Indian food. but but, never never watch bollywood movies, pretty silly they are, not unless you badly need some good laugh.
But why 2056 ? why not 2050, 2055 0r 2058 ?

yea yea, i had some good spicy (masaala) Rajasthani tea after the terrifying ride.

Guess who sent me the MSU t shirt. its my favourite. Attended a wedding wearing it.

Any rain there ?
Silly thing Letty girl, it doesn't come when you need it.

rauf said...

Hi SANDY, i am quite willing to get wiped off while restoring defaults, to bring the world back to way it was. It demands some sacrifices from humans, we have to learn to walk again, we need to give up comforts.

Oh the movie is absolute joy Sandy, you'll love it.
hope you are doing fine.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great narrative, Rauf!

Love your new banner and the photos are amazing too!

Cuckoo said...

Your narration is as always very good. But more than that I liked the photos with those blurred effect. :-)

How are you doing ?

rauf said...

Thank you SONIA, there are some problems with the template, it did not come out the way i expected. i'll be designing another one or perhaps the same with some changes.

rauf said...

i am fine CUCKOO JI, thank you, little stressed with work,
i hope you are doing fine too

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Rauf,
Thanks for your visiting and comment on my blog.

I am curious about the movie Serendipity and I will try to see it soon. Thanks for the tip.

Elizabeth said...

I have an odd affection for camels after living in Morocco.
People find them fractious and smelly but I admire their odd dignity.
Greetings from New York.

freefalling said...

Did you wear a tie to the wedding with your t-shirt for a more formal look?

Lots of rain at the moment on the Sunshine Coast where I have gone for a holiday with my family to celebrate my Mum's 60th birthday - everything is so lush and green!

Yes, the Chinese have been in Australia for a long time - I am 1/16 Chinese - I believe it is my left arm.

I LOVE spicy Indian food.
Oh who am I kidding, I love ALL food (well, maybe not offal, or seafood, or Japanese food, plus I don't think I have ever eaten camel - we have a lot of them here in Australia).

Marie said...

elle est jolie, cette série en mouvement.

Peter said...

What a ride! Fantastic story, and real pieces of art, your photos!

Ruth said...

Waitee, when did you add that last image! Oh dear, I missed it. It's brilliant, even more wonderful than the one of the dress. Well I don't know which is more wonderful.

If I ever write a book, may I have this for the cover? Or maybe the dress one is better for a woman's book. Oh dear.

I want to write a book fitting one of them for a cover.

No no, you should write the book too.

rauf said...

Sorry for the late response again SONIA, caught up with work, and friends visiting me, and the wedding of my niece in between.

Serendipity is a beautiful romantic movie Sonia, it came to my mind when i read your post as a book coming back is a vital part of the movie.

rauf said...

No camels here in south India ELIZABETH, you'll find them only in the states of Rajasthan and Gujrat. Indeed they are dignified and graceful and look like philosophers, perhaps they look at us from a good height and we humans look small to them. With this angle in mind i cooked up the conversation.

rauf said...

Something hanging down my neck ?? No way LETTY GIRL, not unless i want to hang myself, pretty useful at that time. i had to wear a tie when i first got a job and quickly threw it away, told my boss that i am leaving if am required to wear that stupid thing.

i was supposed to be in formals as it was the wedding of my niece, but no one objects to my dress, they are thankful if i could keep my mouth shut and behave myself.

We have three seasons here Lety girl, hot hotter and the hottest. Now from tomorrow we enter hotter season. Worst is yet to come. i don't run away and escape from the heat. i stay right here and bear the heat. i love it.

While in my college i wrote a short story about my dad trying to establish contact with our ancestors ( Not like Whoopie Goldberg in 'ghost' )

rauf said...

Merci MARIE, il s'agit d'une conversation entre moi et le chameau que leur comportement suggère la sagesse

rauf said...

Thank you PETER, it was indeed a terrifying ride, never again. it was not my idea any way, my friends insisted as we were pressed for time.

rauf said...

Dear RUTH, Sindu took me to our local book shop, i told her that i wanted to write a book, after seeing a pile of unsold books at the discount counter i told her that i have given up the idea.

i picked up 'Earth Abides' the book which influenced me a great deal from the pavement for five rupees. i remember paying 2 rupees for 'catcher in the rye' from Moore Market a paradise of old books. i wrote a story on that.
i am not discouraging you Ruth, but you have tonnes of stunning pictures in your collection. but still i would love to design the cover without using a photograph.

Ruth said...

I agree, rauf, I am writing something about this fact that there are too many books that no one is reading. Why write a new one? I can't imagine any topic I would write being necessary to the world. The blog is just fine.

You on the other hand could write your stories into children's books. Family and friends are always looking for new books to buy children. And now that everyone is crazy about globalization, a book of Indian stories would be just the thing. It would be brilliant, starting with Priya and the Dogs. Oh, and Mr. Camel and Bad Language could be instructive. Hehehe. But I am serious.

Sewmouse said...

Ahhh - the camel will hate me then... I best not try and get a ride, as Rauf knows I have sometimes got the mouth of a trucker on me.

Ahh Rauf - I've not known how to comment about your last posts about mothers and daughters and sons. There's an eloquent statement sitting somewhere around the left corner of my spleen, but it doesn't want to come out and play just now.

I think it has something to do with wondering what will happen when all those boy children grow up and look around them for wives and cannot find any because they were all killed at birth for being girls.

Where do they think their son's sons will come from - cabbages?

modern exile said...

hmmm... interesting blog..
"no intelligence and wisdom" did it for me... you're blatantly honest it seems... (huh!loud mouth' as you'd said).
Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog. Your suggestions have been thought over. Tell me if the present template suits the mood.
"My Cousin Vinny".. use to like that song from the film...
OH! I talk too much should stop.

Gwen Buchanan said...

I really like your photos, Rauf! very beautiful!

hope all's well with you...

rauf said...

Dear RUTH, i keep telling you and Mystic Rose that now is the time when you have the energy to write. both of you don't have the time. Perhaps after Lesley's wedding you'd be relaxed and start writing, ideas are already there. Now you are going to NYC, you'll observe many things which will kindle your imagination and you'll forget about it. Please carry a small tape recorder or a scribbling pad to jot down the thoughts that hit you. Please say Hi to Lesley and Brian.

rauf said...

i have not been around much SEW, i am sorry.
i think i told you a few months ago that i want to write a post on profanity. i have been avoiding it as it is an unpleasant subject. We all get angry at times. i am dealing with people who claim to be saints.
Most of us do our best to be a neat and attractive package, we all wear masks. We want to be liked, we want to sell ourselves. But there comes a time when the attractive wrapper comes off.
i try not to wear a mask Sew, but sometimes i do.

Children are the best teachers, we control our anger our behaviour and language so that it doesn't create a bad impact on them. We do our best to shield them, but they learn all that we don't want them to learn eventually.

oh, Cabbages yes, grow them or manufacture girls in a factory. Use them and throw them. The world has gone sick. in the post i am accusing women for being obsessed with having only sons. Mothers pamper only sons and ignore the daughters. You'll see gender bias everywhere, East or west.
i think we deserve to go extinct Sew.

rauf said...

How could he snore at a time like this SAGORIKA,
sagorika_sings ??
i was tense, my heart was pounding and Ramesh's mouth was open and he was snoring.
i looked behind, Naren was sleeping too, his head hanging
Night journey, small bus, little bigger than a van.
Let's not sit together was our strategy
i don't know when we crossed Silchar
we were supposed to carry inner line permits.
bloody idiot i was, i never knew about it.
Other passengers told us that an inner line permit was a must.
We could get arrested.
The bus stopped at some check post, pitch dark,
two cops got in, checking the passengers and papers.
Let me pretend to be asleep
no, no, let me make use of my dreadful looks
i will stare right into his eyes.
Ramesh's snoring got louder.
The cop came towards me
i stared in to his eyes
he quickly looked away, probably scared of my looks.
Both the cops jumped out, the bus started
Snoring stopped, i turned, Ramesh winked at me
Naren was smiling.
'buggers' i said aloud, i thought both of you were sleeping.
They were better actors actually
Are we safe ? Naren asked.
i don't know i said, let us not relax
we hurried through Mizoram, we were lucky, no one checked us on our way back also.
but we were tense till we reached Gawahati
This was 20 years ago Sagorika,
i don't remember taking any pictures, can't find them,
have to ask Ramesh or Naren. i remember i was furious with Ramesh for having a cold water shower.

i have two extremes Sagorika, i talk non stop or i don't open up at all.

Your blog is fine, i am sorry i couldn't keep my mouth shut. please check Ruth, Claudia, monsoon Dreams, Nathalie's blogs for some brilliant pictures and how they are presented. You'll find the links on the side bar.

This is not a good place to visit Sagorika, i welcome you to Daylight Again, You may find the views expressed here very offensive if you are a religious person. i am not an angry person in my real life, and not a saint eeder.

rauf said...

This is not you GWEN, this doesn't sound like you at all. You don't have to be polite within the family. obviously you didn't like what i wrote here and i expect you to correct me, tear me to pieces, slap me, chastise me. This post is about being yourself, i couldn't write much as it was getting too long. Comments from friends like Ruth, Claudia, Mystic Rose have made me see things with clarity and have made me richer and i have often changed my views reading them. And i expect the same from you Gwen.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Sorry Rauf, The studio work is taking most all my energy...

rauf said...

No no no Dear GWEN, you are supposed to yell at me and tell me to shut up. the way my sisters do.

past 15 days have been tough on me too Gwen. My friend's Asokan's photo exhibition is coming up in Ernakulam on 9th, was busy with designing the brochure, invitation, and posters. Had to work on the pictures too. took all my energy and there was a wedding in the family. Please take some rest Gwen. the summer collection can wait.

Gwen Buchanan said...

No rest for the wicked, Raufie!! I see you understand that certain things can't wait.. and no time to rest now.. full steam ahead.. have to put bread on the table...
I do hope the family wedding was joyful and Asokan's exhibition was a great success!!

modern exile said...

First things first: No I'm not that religious and I don't know if its good or bad. i only know I'm not.
For me its same as well, either i talk (and talk too much) or don't talk at all. Basically it depends on how I find the person to whom I'm talking.
So, You've been to Silchar... though in a very far away way.

As for visiting your blog or not, let me tell you, I never go anywhere where I don't want to go.


I have never ridden a camel, is a comfortable? Camels are wise they even carry water.Nice photos and pics.

rauf said...

Same here dear GWEN, friends, people coming at wrong time, wedding in the family, all happening. You must be thinking that i am making pots of money, since i have been working non stop. Just helping friends, no money here Gwen. i am writing about money, health and all the false philosophies and beliefs in my next post. For health reasons i think you need a break. Since you enjoy what you are doing, you are getting away with torturing your body Gwen. This is what i am writing in my next post.

rauf said...

SAGORIKA, you are sweet, i make no attempt to influence any one. i just present facts which are often very unpleasant and sometimes offensive as we are clinging on to beliefs which don't help us in any way, they are quite damaging in fact.
Sorry again for my late response Sagorika, too many things to do before i travel on Tuesday.

My favourite NE place is Sikkim, been there five times already or six ? i don't remember.
i have seen rivers, but never seen the majesty and fury like Brhammaputra. Awesome it is.
Wish to go there again before i die.

rauf said...

oh quite Terrifying ELAINE, comfortable or not, people of the desert depend on Camels, major factor in the rise of three religions.

Human body can take only the speed of a camel. We torture our body by traveling faster. It takes 36 days for our body to come back to normal state of functioning after a jet lag.

Thank you Elaine, Welcome to Daylight Again.

Elizabeth said...

I'm really looking forward to your next post whenever you get the chance/desire to make one.
Have you read a book called The White Tiger?
It is about India and I thought it very interesting and would like to hear your views.
All best wishes and NAMASTE from New York

The Preacherman said...

Been there! Done that!

Gran Canaria in er...2000? Can't recall. Jax and her gymnastics. Sorted a camel safari out for all the gymnasts and parents.

As the Head Coach I was on the 'lead camel'.

The safari went straight through a nudist colony. My younger gymnasts were highly amused, the parents on the trip were not.

Fortunately I had a supply of Budweiser bottles with me in my rucksack which I consumed before the end of the safari maing me oblivious to parental complaints.

Enjoyed the camel ride as it happens.

ShantanuDas said...

First time I am seeing some out of focus/ shaky pictures as art.. never thought of it before.. i mean deliberately done..even out of focus can be pretty ehh?

That is why you are professional... so I should not even comment on your photos perhaps!! It would be blasphemous! lol!

I am coming here to learn from your pictures.. hope it is ok for you.

rauf said...

Hi SHANTANU DAS, a few Bengali names around here, My friend Muthu, a Tamilian, has named his son Shantanu. He should be 10 now.

That out of focus picture is not intentional or deliberate, it was very late in the evening and my poor camera couldn't handle the fading light. No, this is not art. Its up there because i kinda liked it.

Though i make a meagre living out of photography and designing, i can hardly call myself a professional. A professional is very good at his work, i am not. Photography is just 10% of my life, i remember saying 5% somewhere.

i am a bad teacher Shantanu, this entire blog is blasphemous.
Welcome to Daylight Again, Welcome to Blasphemy.

ShantanuDas said...

haha!!!! Coool!! I am 52 yrs old... you are older.. I know... but still you made me laugh like a college boy today!! hehe!! All your Posts say you live!! And that is what I like!! Hehe!!

Good!! I am really foxed by you!!! Sirrrrrrr!!!

.... so am going to follow you.. if you do not mind.. and the other reason is that I am here all alone at Chennai.. will not be here for long and will go back too... but in the meantime.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

and you seem to be an interesting person!!..

Cheers to me!! for finding you!!

My Dear Sir!!! I have seen your Portraits!! You are Superb!! You know you are being humble! I gotta learn a lot from you...

so Blasphemy or not.. here I come !!