25 September 2006


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Mummy Can I have an ice cream ?
In this pouring rain ? No way
Mummy please !!
I said NO

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Mummy Can I have an Ice cream ?
I don't know what it is

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What Do they want ? Papa wants to know
They want an ice cream, new generation chicks !
Told you not to lay your eggs in this neighbourhood.
You built the nest here remember ???

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They get vocal and the demand gets louder if they don't get what they want.

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They always get what they want, Mummy will get you no matter what.
Stopped raining mommee! , can WE go and have ice cream ?
OK lets go !
Hug is tighter now, please look at the first picture

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Lord Boo said...

awww, what a sweet post, Poms ! reminds me of ammi, when i was a kid - she u sed to give Aamir and me warm ice cream !! literally melted, so that we don't get tonsillitis ! she used to be so protective about our healths, not letting us have anything cold ! i loved the pics of the little chicks; so adorable they look ! *hugs*

Cindy said...

What kind of birds are these? The pictures are beautiful, as always.

Glad to see you stopped by CCK and thank you for your comment.

Rauf said...

Ummmma reee Booey ! I know you are a big trubbal. Ziddi, adiyal, and you always had your way, ice creams and chocolates, giving tight hugs to your Ammi, you always got what you wanted. Thank goodness you did not ask for a horse on the third floor.
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmas and hugs ree meri piyaari boo.

Rauf said...

Hi Cindy !

The first one is a spoon bill stork, the one with a spatula like bill. The second one with bent and pointed bill is a white IBIS. Big birds they are.

samuru999 said...

Ahhh! a wonderful post rauf!
I loved it!
I see what you mean about the hugs being bigger in the last picture!

**smiles** n **hugs**


Rauf said...

Me smiling too Marige !
Perhaps the kid was pestering her mom for something, in the end she got what she wanted.
All out of love and affection Margie
Love and hugs from me too.

"Angeldust" said...

rauf dear

“It was always there Angeldust, it just surfaced.”

Yes, it was and have known about it all along.
Life does have a way of sidetracking one…

We are the same age, so you do have an advantage over me in that respect, having followed your heart sooner than me.
Although, I had the opportunity to experience many, many things during this grand detour of mine… I often say, compared to others I experienced three lifetimes….
I am looking now for lasting peace, love and harmony… oh, yeah!

You were wondering about the animal names that pop up when you enter you birth date at profile, they are Chinese Zodiac Signs you can check them out at http://chinese.astrology.com/ or any other listed on Google, etc.

Much love and joy to yuo!

PS.: good thing that age dos not matter much/at all? in blogging only affinity does.

May I ask you to keep your eyes open (also please!) for any unusual bags or satules or... for my wacky bag world blog?

Ruth said...

Rauf, how cynical you are. :) Maybe the hugs are just hugs, not wanting results. Maybe!

But no matter, because the humorous story you tell is what it's about. We all need our mommies.

wildpic said...

soooper post rauf ... i love the tension of the human/animal morph ... 'life' ... indeed ...

take good care rauf ...


The higher a bird can fly,

The sharper are its eyes by nature:

And by nature it is

That no bird does ever lose

The sight of the Earth;

And if it does,

Even I would cry:

" O wretched bird,

Have you been possessed

By the spirit of a man

Himself already lost

In the mystery of the void? "

Under my feet lies the Earth,

With my roots firmly set

In its nourishing heart;

And yet,

I see it only when,


with my eyes beyond the stars,

I stumble

on its solid,



- Mahmud Kianush

Rauf said...

Dear Angeldust,
I am really touched
thank you so much for your good wishes.
Following my heart did not help me financially, but kept my mind free of tension or worries and kept me away from doctors, so far. Kept my needs to bare minimum.

Sure I'll check the site and keep my eyes open Angeldust.

Rauf said...

Its just a fun post Ruth, Perhaps the hug is a genuine one and had no purpose, I just cooked up a story. There was a gap of more than five minutes between the first and the last picture. I took only two. Mom and daughter came to watch the boat race. Took the picture during the long speeches the politicians were delivering.

Rauf said...

Suresh please check a 14th century Persian poet Hafez (Actually pronounced Haafiz, its a title meaning the one who has understood and memorised the entire khoran)
He is a cult figure now, Present Iranian government is nervous about his popularity reaching incredible heights, and people going to his birth palce as pilgrimage.

Gangadhar said...

Such a sweet story,Rauf! lovedd it verymuch..


Candy Minx said...

That was a lot of fun...I scream, you scream, even birds scream for I scream.

The bird families are wonderful!

mysti said...

OHHHH Beautiful! I just love your site! You take the best pictures. :) Thank you for sharing. I am still in awe.

Rauf said...

Thank you Gangadhar, hope you and your family are doing fine.

Rauf said...

just for fun Candy, don't want to make the blog too serious.

Rauf said...

Within limitations of all kinds I try to enjoy my life, Thank you so much Mysti.

Imemine said...

Friesland has many birds but not as big as these ones. Birds are superior to us in many ways. They can fly naturally, for example. Great photos!


Magnificent pics Rauf. Made me day mate. Ta.

Davo said...

Mummeee(Gaia) ferget the icecream .. please send Australia some Rain!.
(magnificent pics, as usual) Cheers and hugs.

John said...

Love the top pic Rauf, sensational.. oh and yeah I'm with Davo!

sandy said...

Like a sweet bedtime story! And the photos are beautiful. (I'm partial to birds)

Rauf said...

Painted storks are huge Imemine, they are so graceful in their take off, flight and landing. They are my favourite subjects, I keep watching them for hours and hours. I have seen the flying just inches above the surface of water just for fun. The guys designing planes must have studied their body or bone structure and copied them to their design. I'll post some more pictures of their flight.

Rauf said...

Thank you FOUR DINNERS, How's the family ? please give my love to Jax

Rauf said...

Davo, Can't say Nature is kind or nature is sensible. It goes crazy sometimes. Nature is kind and some times too kind. Floods in many places in North India. My state of Tamil Nadu doesn't get much rain, last year roads got washed off. My roof was leaking everywhere, it was like having a shower.

Rauf said...

Hi John, Hoping to see some good rain pictures of your city. Australian cricket board members must have prayed on their knees not to rain.

Rauf said...

I sit for hours and watch the sky Sandy, the clouds and the birds. I am not very keen to know their names. there is a place in Kerala called Thattekkad where you don't have to open your eyes and look up,
Just sit under a tree and listen to the birds sing.

prachi said...

wao!!combination of rain and ice-cream is amazing...
whenever it rains here , it reminded me of my childhood days...

Rauf said...

Hi Prachi, welcome to daylight again,
Nice to be in a place where ice cream goes round the year. But people who come from colder countries complain that ice cream melts too fast here and not much fun to eat. Nothing should stop you from dancing in the rain. Its a favourite occupation of our pilim stars.

Jaxxxxxxxxx said...

What a fantastic place to visit! Dad said it was a special place and it is!!! (Dad is Four Dinners by the way). Nice to meet you Mr Rauf. I love your pictures. I'm going to tell my friends to come and look. They are incredible!

kathy said...

awww children are so very cute wheather they be animals or humans :)

e2d said...

Such a cute post Rauf.
I would like some ice cream too.But I am supposed to be on some sort of self-prescribed diet trying to lose weight and become super thin!Damn!

e2d said...

hi again Rauf..looking forward to the pictures of old houses you took in Palakkad.
Hope you are keeping fine and doing great.:)

Rauf said...

Thank you Jax, you write from your heart, going through your witing was was such a delightful experience, have to thank dad for allowing you to use his blog. You can have your own, nick dad's camera for a day, go out, shoot, post pictures and your experiences, I know it would be very pleasant to read. Have fun Jax, you have wonderful parents. Lucky you !

Rauf said...

Yea Kathy, you have such an sweet and adddorable daughter. I have a niece and a nephew, they made my life so sweet, actually my life completely changed when my nephew was born, he is older of the two. then came my niece. Now grown up and earning and both are taking very good care of me. They are insisting on my having a mobile while traveling. Still I have resisted having one.

Rauf said...

Haa! what nonsense e2dees, told you I loved Dana Scully to bits, don't bother about figure, or losing weight, eat what you enjoy, don't deny yourself the pleasures of life. The sense of taste is such an amazing gift of nature.
I watch my figure because I can't afford to buy new clothes, though my nephew insists on buying me some, he always does. but nothing like getting into old jeans and shoes.

Too much of Kerala e2dees, I'll post old houses after a couple of posts on Rajasthan. Now i realise that Aranmula post was too big and it takes time for the page to load. Have to restrict myself in future and have only a few pictures.

Suji said...

Great pics as usual and great story too. Ice creams and hugs are always welcome...rains or no rains.:)

Rauf said...

Children bring joy in to our lives Suji, they teach us more than we teach them.

Don Iannone said...

Rauf...hello! Another amazing series here. Very nice.

Rauf said...

Thank you Don

miss terri said...

i've often wanted to hit my cpu with a broom.
i really like the three that you put into cepia.

Rauf said...

Hi Miss Terri, My system was resatarting on its own. I was telling the technicians that there may be problems with the start button, they checked everything, it was fine and couldn't locate the problem. Finally they found I was right.

ari4u said...

I love the way you connected humans and these cute birds with a neat story. I love your narration skills. Take care.

Rauf said...

Just a lighter side of life Aamir.

chubbanna said...

hi raufy
ice creams have been a favourite with Rajesh and myself especially in cold weather and rains. Adit and Akansh adore icecream and have strange reasons to eat one. Hugs are just hugs always warming the heart. I get plenty of them each day from my kids. Just love them!

Rauf said...

Ummmuda Chubbannax ,

Nothing like an Ice cream outing with kids, Moin and Ruby have grown, now Ruby dials up for ice cream, delivered at home, not much fun. all my love and hugs