11 August 2006

Going away again

Leaving for Alleppy in an hour, Tomorrow afternoon is the famous boat race, Nehru Trophy. Takes place every year 2nd Saturday of August. Planned all of a sudden, my style of traveling, just hop in to the train.

Took these pictures a few years ago, this is just a practice session at Thiruvarpu near Kottayam
Cherian, my friend was with me, it is very close to his house.

This team reperesents the village, they start practicing one month before. After each practice session, the villagers arrange sumptuous food and Charayam, (country liquor) for all the members of the team.

I'll be back on 14th, with pictures of the race and the story
All my love
Blunt Knife
Wild Pic


Leila said...

Wow! Sure to be an amazing experience, as it was before!

"Doostan be ja-yeh mah" - our friends in our place, it means have fun and I'm glad that even though I can't enjoy it, a friend can!


That's one boat? One long boat? Where's the bar and the duty free then?

Have a great time mate n just watch 'em eh? Safer I'd say.

Don Iannone said...

Safe journey Rauf!

Kate said...

That's a lot of people on that craft! PS Did you find Ginger yet?

e2d said...

Awesome rauf! /have a great time.Hope u get to join the group (after the race) and taste the food and "charayam". :)
Ofcourse looking forward to some amazing pics and yr insights.
Hope ginger is back or perhaps he is on an extended honeymoon.:)

Rauf said...

Dost is friend in Urdu too Laila, dostan are friends. Thanks so much yes I loved it Laila. Just got back home.

Rauf said...

There are longer boats FOUR DINNERS I'll post the pictures, yes there are bars in Alleppy house boats

Rauf said...

No news of him Kate, There are more people on such boats, just for the race, that is not the normal mode of tansport, Normal ferries are usually crowded.

Rauf said...

Thank you Don, just got back home safe.

Rauf said...

There was partying everywhere fights too e2dees, almost every one was drunk. It was raining cats and dogs but that did not dampen their spirits. I'll write to you.

Frida said...

You had such an eventful weekend!

It must have been great!

Can't wait to see the pictures.

Rauf said...

Yes Frida, had a great time

Anonymous said...

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