20 October 2006


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Deepam sketch by Nancy

Today is Diwali, festival of lights, I wish all my friends and every one out there all the joy and health all the peace and prosperity in the world

Today I complete one year of blogging and I am still in square one. Just a little improvement, I know how to give links without any knowledge of HTML, I know how to copy paste. I don't search for letter R or P on the key board any more.

What ? R was here last night where did it go ?

Now I know that all the letters are fixed and they don't switch places.

' I saw B at the top yesterday why has it gone to the bottom row today ?'

I used to scream that these guys have given me a keyboard without letters Y and E, I had to search for them. Thats pretty good improvement I think.
I still type with two fingers though. Sometimes with one finger when I am eating or having coffee or when I am lazy which is almost all the time.

I'll continue with the environmental series after Diwali, want to relax and have fun for a couple of days with my friends. No thinking for 2 days, My mind is always on a holiday anyway.

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Blunt Knife


e2d said...

Happy Diwali to u as well Rauf.
I wish for sweets, payasam or some vada+ "kickass sambar"(read that with an american accent) would also do. :):)

Loved the picture..very tradiiitional..the lamps...all reminds me of home

SO where are u going? To one of yr forest sojourns?:)
Anyways have fun!

Rauf said...

Happy Diwali to you to e2dees, wish you were here, I still remember the kick ass sambaar.

Me not going yannywhere me just sit here, friends come, Nirmal came yesterday we went out. I'll go to Annie's house and nirmal Sindu's

I have made changes to this post please refresh and check, I think you did the mandravadi's job yourself, and got rid of the demon. Your blog seems to be behaving now.

Cari said...

live it up rauf!!

just relax...and enjoy :}

Rauf said...

Sure I will Caroline, Thank you so much, Hope things are fine at home.

Gangadhar said...

Wishing you a very happy Diwali,Rauf..
Great lights here.. :)
And yesday me gone to Charminar area..it's really awesome atomosphere there..Me captured Charminar(an amature shot..hehe) in lights and posted just now..

"Angeldust" said...

A restful and joyful Diwali to yuo!

Many blessings

"Angeldust" said...

... you - lol

you are not the only one with blogger handicaps and such!!!

Lorraine said...

Happy Diwali Rauf and Suresh :)
Hope you have a wonderful, joyous time...the photos are astonishing, I'm going for seconds ;)

Bobbie said...

Happy Diwali Rauf...Enjoy your days!

Rauf said...

I love Chaarminar Area Gangadhar, what an atmosphere ! yes saw your beautiful pictures. Happy Diwali to you, Lady Gangadhar and Aarush.
enjoy the weekend. But don't eat too many sweets. Not many people know that Hyderabad is the place for sweets. I still remember G. Pulla Reddy. Don't know if he's still alive. Don't tell me he is your grand father.

Rauf said...

Thank you Angeldust, I keep hearing a term like ' user friendly' But I have never been a computer friendly guy.

Rauf said...

Do you have any Indians in the neighbourhood Lorraine ? Nelly Futardo seems to have lots of Indian friends. thanks for the greeting Lorraine.

Rauf said...

Every Harley ride is like diwali Bobbie, I don't mean the noise of fireworks. The sound of the engine is music, such a pleasure, Only once in my life had a ride as a pillion on an old Harley. You can see some vintage Harleys in Delhi.
Converted to some thing like a taxi on 3 wheels called 'FUTFUTEE' carrying about 8 people. Don't know if they still exist.

Enjoy your life Bobby and thanks so much for the greetings.

Gangadhar said...

lolzz @ grand father..
And nope he's not my grand father..Me too like G.pullareddi's sweets..
Thanks for your wishes,Rauf..

take care

Anonymous said...

Hii Rauf!
Happy Diwali to you..and congrats on the rocking one year....!
Love u soooo much..e.verytime I read ur blog or mail,I realise how much I miss u...:)

Ruth said...

Thank you, Rauf! Happy Diwali to you. I hope your weekend is full of rest and recuperation. You deserve it.

Gorgeous golden light in your photo and "card." So war and comforting.

Ruth said...

Oops, should be "warm" and comforting. :|

Davo said...

Luv ya , ya glorious dopey bas .. ket case... heh.

samuru999 said...

Happy Diwali to you Rauf!
Wishing you many joys!
Congrats on one year of blogging!
love your beautiful pics.


Bobbie said...

Thanks Rauf! We also love the sound of Harleys. Some people think they should be quieter but I personally love that thumpa, thumpa. Here those vintage Harleys are quite valuable. I would love to see one that can hold 8 people! Must be some thin riders.

Unfortunately, we are down to the last couple of rides of the season now. Pretty soon we'll be spending Sundays by the fireplace instead...Enjoy your day!

Cindy said...

hope you enjoyed your holiday! I had to laugh at the problems with becoming a blogger and the stuggle to persuade the keys to stay in one place on your keyboard. Seriously though, you have an excellent blog and I really enjoy visiting it. I've learned some about your world and look forward to reading your blog for your next blogging year.

Rauf said...

Gangadhar, I have met the original G.Pulla Reddy. Those days all the sweets used to be packed in tin boxes.

Rauf said...

me loves you too Annie, missing you so much.
Slight drizzle now, 6 AM crackers have started firing, none in my street yet, my neighbours will start a bit late. Already had lots of sweets last night.
First Diwali for Nirmal Sindu.
Have a great time Annie Sweet.

Rauf said...

Thank you Ruth, I was not surprised, I thought the the letter M dissappeared from your keyboard like mine. It happens to me. Some keys from my keyboard used to go for a walk, Now I have improved a lot. Perhaps letter R has gone for a movie. Never had problems with numbers 1 to 9 and zero, all in one row. Numbers never went for a walk.

kathy said...

Happy Diwali :) love ya lots! enjoy!

wishing you many more years of happy blogging! :)

kathy said...

don't tell anyone...but i still type with one finger. over the years my index finger is the fastest finger on my hand.

Rauf said...

Yaya Davo Happy sweet man ! any Indians in the out back ?
Its a festival of lights but too noisy, the noise level has come down as people have become more sensible and don't waste much money on fireworks. They buy other things instead, sale of fireworks has comedown after a law slapped against child labour which the fireworks industry used to employ.
Now the employer is fined and sentenced to six months in jail for employing child labour, but this is India, child labour continues as long as we have greedy politicians. The rich always win.

Rauf said...

Thank you Margie, hope you are feeling fine. Though I don't celeberate, but its good to join and watch the celeberation. good to see happy people. don't want to touch the news paper today Margie or watch the news on TV. Too much of misery around. My not reading the news paper or watching the news does not make the world happier, does not alter anything.

Rauf said...

Bobbie, The old Harleys were converted to 3 wheelers with a large box half as big as a van, can carry eight bulky people. Very well built.

here in India you can carry your bike in the train in a seperate box car called brake van, costs as little as your train ticket. A comfortable train travel of 1000 kilometers is less than 10 dollars with reservation. So you can carry your bike in the winter from colder region to warmer places and ride again to the cooler places in the hills. South India is warm through out the year. North India Nepal get pretty cold. In summer riding through the Himalayan roads is sheer pleasure. In India. I will not sing a song on the condition of Indian roads. In Nepal there are some funny laws and the bikers have to pay a lot to use the roads on per day basis, there are no such laws in India except for the road toll which is not much for bikes and scooters but pretty heavy for trucks and buses.

Rauf said...

Thank you Cindy, I think I have made some improvements in one year, I am a mouse man and not much a keyboard man.

Friends drag me in to the celeberation. they bring sweets and other goodies. My nephew is taking me out to buy me a new pair of jeans. Its a double celeberation, long holiday as Ramzan is on 24th.

Rauf said...

Thank you Kathy, wish you all the joy health and prosperity.

LOL Kathy, I will not tell any one don't worry. I was coming up with the idea of keeping the keys on the keyboard happy so that they don't go for a walk. Suddenly Y decides to go for a movie.

sandy said...

Hope you are enjoying the holiday, thats a beautiful table setting!

krystyna said...

Thanks Rauf for your great card and greetings.
Happy Diwali to you as well.
Congratulations for your experience in blogging and hope to see next. I have to say- I still have problem with not only writing but ... .
Peace and Love to you!

Rauf said...

Oh yes I did enjoy the holiday Sandy, lots of goodies too.

Rauf said...

Thank you Krystyna, many friends have been asking which is my favourite post so far, there is one, I'll repost it once I am through with SPEED, the environment series. 3 more posts to go.

Sangita said...

Hey so many post u did while I was just taking a small break for diwali..still trying to getover diwlai hangover lolz..I love festivals ..Happy Diwali

Rauf said...

Lots of sweets Sangita ?

Sangita said...

Yeah otss of sweets,shopping lightings and pataka :-)

vijayaruna said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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