5 October 2006


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This page takes ages to load, I have no patience myself, sorry. Seven or eight years ago when I got the internet, first thing I wanted was a picture of Enya. I tired and tried. After many half downloads and many disconnections, got one full picture, Took
nearly half a day of efforts. Today if the picture doesn't appear in four or five seconds I click on something else. I have no patience

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I keep upgrading my system, I check my mail every five minutes. I feel something seriously wrong with me. I go out, travel, in to the wilderness, no technology, no checking mail for days.

To get back home I take a train from some town, If I have time I go to some browsing centre and check my mail after a week or ten days. If the system is slow I get restless, impatient. I am back to square one.

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Something has happened to me in the past seven or eight years. I have no patience. I have lost it. I got used to some speed. This is my misery. My own making, no one is responsible for it. Nothing to do with the environment, nothing to do with pollution, nothing to do with global warming.

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Just imagine the collective demand for speed. We are going faster and faster. Speed gets in to our system. We don't accept anything less.

What is happening here is we are damaging ourselves more than we are damaging the planet. It takes 36 days for our body to come back to normal state of functioning after a jetlag. We are not supposed to go faster than a camel.

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Believe me I have received countless forwards warning me about the ill effects of complete dependance on mobiles.

Some good news, Like our body the planet also has the capacity to heal itself.

I'll continue in my next post. I want to deal with this issue slowly and carefully.
I'll keep this template for a while, do you like it ?
My love to all of you

Blunt Knife
Wild Pic


Anonymous said...

Hi Rauf, New template looks great...I just need to wait for sometime before I start reading so the images download.

Rauf said...

Oweee ! Sweeet gorgeous Annie is fist to comment, How are you ? Take your time, actually I deleted a couple of pictures for faster download.
Lots of love and hugs Sweet Annie !

Ruth said...

Rauf, I do like the template very much. I'm not sure about the green, still getting used to it. I always liked how your photos looked framed in black in a previous template.

Love the photos, especially the red, blue, yellow and white blurred one, and the blurred man on scooter. I like how you ended up talking about taking your time to think this all through! How ironic and good that you are going to do that. We all need to pay attention carefully to these things.

Sangita said...

U got green and me white blue..Check out mine as well..Not that innovative but still I love it..Nah for me it's not speed but net addiction :-)

kathy said...

Greetings dear Rauf

Love the new look, green is a relaxing color, so far I've enjoyed all your template designs, but this one is my favorite so far...the clock looks like a drop of water which goes really good with the picture header. Enya has a voice like an angel...so beautiful.

ari4u said...

Excellent pictures. I repeat the phrase i quoted earlier. "You have to run twice as fast to remain in the same place" :)
I worry for that guy who is riding while talking on this cellphone. He isnt wearing a helmet either. Isnt it a law there to wear helmets?

i liked your red template better. It packed a punch with the lovely photos your posted. This one is good too, just a little subdued and calm. That's my opinion.

I love the water droplet in the header.

Rauf said...

Ruth Speed is directly connected to our environment. Faster we go more is the drain on earth's resources. One day we have to stop, but before that we can slow down.
Thought of green as I'll be discussing environmental issues with you in the coming blogs and I have to think a lot before I write which is not my way of doing things. Normally I just post the pictures and type what ever comes to my mind. Now my cat is not there to check my spellings and grammer. These are all my old ideas, and I have a bad habit of not writing them down. I do my thinking when I have a window seat in a train. I am refusing to grow up Ruth.

Rauf said...

Sangita, your template looks very good, Is your screen resolution 800 x600 ?

Rauf said...

oweee Kathy, so sweet of you, loved the picture of Enya you sent. I simply adore her, Thanks a million. I think I caught the bug from you, I'll keep changing the template, I still remember your bamboo shade template, it was so beautiful.
Lots of love and Hugs

Rauf said...

Aamir, I'll be writing environmental issues in next few blogs, thought I'll have green. Its difficult for me too to accept template change, its like a personality change. One gets used to reading a blog with the back ground template and there forms an idea of the person writing. Since you know me personally shouldn't be a problem guessing what kind of a nut I am. I'll be starting a new blog on Chennai city soon, most of such blogs have only pictures of the city, but I'll be writing too,
there are many blogs like Paris Daily pictures. I want to join the bandwagon.

"You have to run twice as fast to remain in the same place"
That is original and I love that.
Speed is driving us to extinction.

Going out for the day, going to Chenglepet.
Lots of love to you Sl and Sr.

Rauf said...

Sorry forgot Aamir, You know about helmets in the city, Helmet manufactureres pay to ministers and suddenly helmets are made mandatory, cops get extra money. After a couple of months it is no longer mandatory when The helmet manufacturers stop paying the ministers.

Gangadhar said...

New template rocks and so's speed 2..
loved the pics,Rauf..
And helmet story's quite interesting..Here inhyd too we're fed up with helments..This law that's imposed on public seems like a boon to cops..challans,chalaans,chalaans..

Gangadhar said...

Forgot to tell u Rauf..i've come up with a pic post!!

Ruth said...

BTW, I listen to Enya most mornings while getting ready. What a beauty.

I like the reason for your green, and I look forward to reading what you write about the environment, although I'm also a little frightened. The first post I read of yours was about the environment, the soil, the farming conditions,etc., and I was very frightened. Don't get me wrong, I think we should be very concerned about these things, and we need to be aware. I know you will help educate us. Sometimes we need to be afraid, when it is appropriate. But we can also turn fear into action. You're the best.

Tiffany said...

Neat, I like the background of your blog. Great pics I checked out your other blog as well and I love the colours of the kingfisher. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.

Cheers :-)

e2d said...

Maybe becos we feel time is running and we want to catch up.I mean ...look at me...still studying,no regular job,and my age is not waiting for me or anything. I am in a rush to graduate!Whom to blame?-time or myself?
It has to be me..unless the earth is spinning crazy and we are all too stonned to realize it. :D
just being goofy.

How are you Rauf?

krystyna said...

I had a beautiful journey through wonderful country. Thanks a lot!

Keep up the good work!

Rauf said...

Wow Gangadhar, Your cops give challans ? That is great news. Our cops simple take cash and slip it in to their pockets. Actually they want to save trouble for the court and the magistrate.

I was caught once going without light on my cycle. this is years ago Gangadhar. Judging by my looks, he demanded accordingly. He asked me to go get him a packet of Charminars. I walked up to a shop and found that a pack of charminars is 50 paise. I fell short of the cops judgement as I had only 10 paise in my pocket. I walked back to the cop and told him that I have money only for 2 cigarettes, is that OK with him, he was irritated and said ok. I bought and gave him 2 cigaretts. But no use, out of irritation he removed the air from my back wheel.

Rauf said...

Ruth, you must be familiar with Maire Brennan too, Clannad ? Enya has a hand in that as well. Sister I think. I love Irish music. Spcially their Uilleann pipes. I have an album called 'Songs from a Secret Garden'

I stopped writing this commnet and played the CD Ruth, brought tears.
FIONNUALA SHERRY is Irish, she is on the violin. The album has lots of Uilleann pipes. There are a couple of Gaelic numbers.

Yes this issue is pretty scary Ruth but there are pleasant ways to deal with it. I think it will take 3 more posts to deal with the subject.

Rauf said...

Thank you Tiffany, Welcome to 'daylight again' You blog has a pleasant feel too. Looks so beautiful. I keep fiddling with my templates. I have a little less than half knowledge which is more dangerous than ignorance. I often get into trouble and mess it up. Good or bad I want this to be personal and design it myself.

If you ask me to describe what I wear Tiffany, I would say I wear clothes. Shabby always. You have described what you wore so beautifully that it was like a photograph.

Rauf said...

Actually it was better than a photograph Tiffany.

Rauf said...

Today the blogger is working very fast.

Hi e2dees, me fine, I was out the whole day yesterday, went to Chenglepet and Kancheepuram.

Tell me whats the hurry ... power has gone I'll continue later when the power comes back me typing fast .... me in a hurry too

Rauf said...

Power came back in ten minutes e2dees. Last night we did not have power for 3 hours. I was quiet, went to sleep but the rest of the family was pacing up and down.

Tell me whats the hurry e2dees, I know you are doing a tough course which demands most of your time. So you have to wait, make choices as you get along. No hurry, you chose to go for higher studies and you should stay on course. You can't have a regular full time job and pursue higher studies at the same time. After all there are only 24 hours in a day. You can't graduate in a rush. This takes time and preparations. No point saying you should have thought of this before taking up the studies. You made a choice. good one. Stick to it. But you can always get married and continue your studies, you don't have to worry about the job. Just sit study, eat, watch movies. Let your husband take care of you. (he should have a good, well paying and a steady job, that is the basic requirement)
Now you will be asking for a big trouble if you get married to another student who is in same kind of boat. Don't blame the time for it.

Nathalie said...

Hi Rauf
Not a huge fan of that particular shade of green as a background. Great pics as usual, would have enjoyed knowing a little more about where they were taken. Very interesting reflections on the topic of speed. No patience? A friend of mine who is in her early seventies feels the same. She says: I have precious little time left, I can afford to waste it...

Nathalie said...

Sorry there was a typo in the previous post. She says. I have precious little time left, I CAN'T afford to waste it...

Rauf said...

Thank you Krystyna, I'll do my best. Welcome to 'daylight again'

Rauf said...

Nathalie, Last year this time we had good rains, rain gods were too kind. The rain drop picture was taken in my house.

Rest of the pictures were taken in my city of Chennai. I'll start a blog on Chennai daily pictures today.

I'll keep changing the template Nathalie, have some designs ready.

Your friend is very wise, hope she enjoys her life.

Gangadhar said...

lolz @ challans thing..But here we came to know that they're issuing duplicate challans..hehe..
And yeah Rauf,we come across somany pathetic exp with our cops..But ultimately those experiences will lead us to imprint in our minds..like cops as devils..Though it's a noble profession,most of the people over there are not noble..I hate this feeling..

Patty said...

Rauf! Sadly, I haven't been able to visit for a while. I remember seeing every post but this one. The 1st thing I noticed was the GREEN! I love it! my opinion is that it's more soothing than the red was. I'd go for a blue, but that's just me...and my fav. color. I like your changing title pics/templates!

Rauf, I want you to know how much I love reading your words as well as seeing the photos going along with them. I don't have the time I'd like to have to comment on everything I like about each post.

I enjoyed the girl hugging her mom and the contrast of the human child photos and the bird images. I think even if the girl was trying to manipulate her mom into letting her get something, I'm sure she still loves her mom. Many other people may hit or become violent instead of a kind hug.

The pooja post was interesting to read. And Happy Birthday and many hugggs to your friend, Nirmal! I especially loved the smiling woman in the 14th photo down. Everything is so vibrant and there is an energy in those photos! The colors and patterns are terrific! Thanks for sharing that with us, Rauf!

I know what you mean, I can't stand to wait for something to load on the internet. But, your site doesn't take any time for me-it loads fast, so I don't have anything bad to say about your site. You know? You have reminded me of something that irritated me a while back about technology that I will probably write about on my next post.

Rauf, these speedy images are great in connection to your message. that man on his bike w/his phone! yikes-risky! Enya's music is gorgeous! I will start listening to her right now, as I have a huge collection of her music and haven't listened to her in a while.

Oh, and I can't believe that police man made you buy him cigarettes then he took all the air out of your back tire!!! how mean-that makes me very angry! how can people be sooo cruel?

look'n forward to the environmental posts.

HUGGGS to you and your family, Rauf!

Rauf said...

Fake challans is innovative Gangadhar. That defeats our cops.
Along with our philosophy, ways to enlightenment and nirvana, we can export our cops to teach rest of the world how to loot, but they have to compete with our export quality Gurus and swamis who are doing a pretty good job.

Rauf said...

Sweet Patty, I am in a hurry to write what ever is in my mind, but you have a whole life ahead of you.
Things can wait. Please take care of your priorities. I will not advise you to 'work hard' Hard work is only for people who don't have natural talent. You don't even have to concentrate. If you love the subjects, concentration automatically comes and You are gifted with natural talent and imagination, studying something you love is not hard work.
And suddenly you find you have lots of time on hand for other interests.
Love your subjects, you understand them easily and you have lots of time. That is the equation.

Yes I would love to read all your essays, I'll give my honest review, if they fall within my limited understanding.

sandy said...

I love the green, and your subject is a timely one for me. That last picture is just perfect. As usual, your words tell a story but your pictures bring us there

Ezee123 said...

I like the photographs showing the idea of fast motion.
Good photography !!

Rauf said...

Chose green for a while Sandy as I'll be writing environmental issues. Glad you liked it.

Rauf said...

Thanks EZEE123, the issue is something else.

e2d said...

Hello again Rauf--I know...I agree with what you said.I have to stick to my choice and finsh my studies taking the time it would take.No point in rushing. U see..sometimes it becomes a struggle and thats when I whine and complain.
But Rauf..I dont like the idea of having a husband.

Rauf said...

A husband is a very useful thing e2dees. he will carry your bags, collect research material, carry your books,lapeetopee, clean up the place, cook, wash dishes and bring home the money. Additional skills like karate, singing most welcome.

e2d said...

U are sooo funny Rauf..

But i still dont like the idea of having a husband.:)