25 October 2006


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If you are a vegetarian you are violating the laws of nature.

I don't believe I am writing this. More than half my friends are vegetarians.
By being a vegetarian we are not helping the nature one bit.

If all the citizens of this world turn vegetarians, we'll have an environmental disaster on our hands.
This is how the philosophy ruined us.

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Man is a carnivorous animal. We are programmed by nature. Our system is designed for it.

No one has proved that vegetarians lead a healthier life or live longer. Actually we are hurting the nature more by being vegetarians.

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Thanks to the gurus swamis babas and bhagwaans who are selling wisdom for dollars, misguiding millions of gullible followers. I have never heard of these crooks going to Sudan Somalia Ethiopia or Rwanda. Thanks to them again the vegetarians are on the rise.

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There are some species who multiply faster than other animals, Like rats, rabbits, sheep goats pigs, deers. If their growth is unchecked, we'll have a disaster on our hands.
This is where the carnivorous animals, which includes us humans, come in to the picture to balance the nature.

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Native Americans were living in accordance with the laws of the nature. They were doing fine until civilisation invaded them.

Yellowstone was declared a National park some where in the beginning of 20th century. Native Americans were driven out, forbidden from entering and hunting elks. Their lands were taken away and they were shot by the park rangers if they were found in the park or hunting.
It was not a sin to kill Native Americans. But it was a sin to hunt elks. Within 20 years Yellowstone forest disappeared as elks multiplied and the population grew to massive proportions. The park rangers were given orders to shoot them. Thousands of elks were shot and killed. They had to do it to save the forest and allow it to grow again.

This was the idea of our early environmentalists. Plain stupidity, Invading the Native Americans with stupid values. Making them ' Civilised '

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If deers or goats are protected they will wipe off the entire forest within a year, they multiply so fast.

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Cities are warmer, farm lands are warmer. Forests make the tropical regions cooler. In most cases forests were not destroyed to build cities, but they were destroyed to free land for cultivation. Incredibly large forest areas were destroyed for coffee and tea plantations. Whenever I have a cup of coffee I am contributing to global warming. Massive areas are used up for vineyards in Europe.

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We are demanding just too much out of the land, leading to land degradation.

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We are talking about the future of this sweet child. What do we do ? Stop farming ? Stop growing food ? stop having coffee tea ? Can we stop industries from functioning ? Are we ready to shut down the power plants ? Are we ready to give up some comforts ?
We have to start somewhere.

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There are no easy solutions. There are millions of farmers in India who live below the poverty line. They will be affected more. Poverty is an environmental issue.

Things are not getting any better, Eventually, we will have to make some fundamental changes in our fast paced life style. Speed has to come down.

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Farming, cultivation could be the major factors in global warming, if human influence is proved. But one thing is sure, we humans have gone completely out of line and out of place. It will take hundreds of years for us to get back into the groove.

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Nature is not punishing us for our sins, instead, it has adapted itself to human stupidity.

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Found this delicate butterfly in a badly maintained bus just above the hot engine, inhaling diesel fumes. I was in the front seat watching it, It did not make any attempt to escape, It traveled with me for 55 kilometers.

The offenders say that global warming is a hoax, it doesn't exist
The defenders say the we the humans are the cause of it.

I don't need any reports or scientific data, I personally observe and feel that it is getting warmer every year.
But abrupt climatic change is nothing new to this planet, nothing to do with global warming.
Claims of damage have been greatly exaggerated by the environmentalists.

On local issues the environmentalists have contributed a great deal. Now I see waste treatment plants in many factories I have visited.

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Most of our atmosphere is nitrogen, rest is oxygen and a little argon, whats left is CO2 just a tiny bit, negligible, for which the environmentalists are screaming their lungs out.
They are actually barking at a wrong tree.

United States may be the biggest polluter in the world, but that is not the only contributing factor in global warming, and the US government still refuses to sign the kyoto treaty for this reason thus isolating itself from rest of the world. This is plain arrogance.

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Since 40 years the environmentalists have gone on a tree planting spree. Thousands and thousands of trees have been planted all over the world. Artificial forests have been created.
Has it made any difference ?
Not one bit. It is getting warmer every day.

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The term 'global warming' was first introduced by the American scientists in 1988. The environmentalists latched on to it.
But I am not sure of the causes, It could be natural or could be man made. Land abuse could be a major factor.

I am just sitting on the fence. Just as confused as others, No one seems to be doing anything right, and I have absolutely no clue about the sea level rise.

I'll write about the problems of artificial forests in my next post and some solutions, 2 more posts to go in this environmental series, I am still thinking.
Writing this post has not been a pleasant experience for me



e2d said...

Hi Rauf.What a coincidence. We just discussed Climate change in my envtl policy class today and on property rights (American Indians) a couple of weeks back.U know the term that was most repeated in class??- "cost-benefit analysis". Now u see where its going? I tell you it can get pretty frustrating when you sit in these classes.

Like before I agree with some of the things you have said and disagree with some.I am not going to type all that now ...:). Got a mid term tomorrow.Very interesting what you wrote about the native Americans.But one thing...your images make me feel there is nothing wrong with this beautiful planet.Also an elephant in the middle of the street!! Cool..can only happen in India!:)
Hope u had a great Eid. Read the previous post--- that was some food that was cooked in yr house. Hmmm...now I know when to visit you. :)

e2d said...

Actually...an elephant, a cow and a butterfly. How did I miss that before! :)

kathy said...

Hi Rauf

It's true, there are no easy solutions. Loved the photo's.

Lord Boo said...

Wonderful, wonderful post, Poms ! one of the best delivered by you *hugs* it's a very nice topic, one of my favourites too. Well, in my opinion, i feel there's no such thing as "global warming" ; Earth, since the time it was born, has always undergone drastic climatic changes. We went through the Ice Age, and then it changed into something warmer, and got colder again. London and Melbourne never knew what Summer was. we used to have just 2 weeks a year of proper sunlight, and the rest of the year was always cold. Also, the temperature is largely governed by natural occurences like Volcanoes and Earthquakes too. The amount of heat and energy released by these natural calamities is staggering ( the Asian Tsunami generated energy equal to energy used by the ENTIRE United States in 11 days, which is MASSIVE !! ) ; yes, humans do have a hand in the rise in temperature, but then, as you said, the CO2 is negligible. Maybe it's just a rumour started by some crazed environmentalists, you never know ! Loved the pic of the elephant, and the info on Yellowstone. Good work :) *hugs*

Lorraine said...

Leave it to you Rauf LOL to throw a controversy party. I love that you express yourself so well. Now it's my turn: I will not eat an animal. I will not eat anything that has been hurt, caged, tortured and mistreated. I will not swallow a piece of agony. If mother natures sees fit to destroy the environment, so be it. I doubt that not eating animals will make me healthier, I doubt too that it will make me skinnier, and I very much doubt that soy is that good for you. But I will do it, if it even saves one animal from the torture of total lack of freedom and pain and abuse.
Sitting on a fence can hurt!

sandy said...

I do not agree with you on all of your statements, but I believe your perspective is different from mine because we are so far apart- geographically speaking.
Pollution, global warming...take your pick...I think they are real, though maybe not as immediate a threat as some folks say. But our growing population will eventually smother the earth's ability to support us. On the present course we are on, anyway.
Of course, that's just my opinion... I would rather suggest ways to resolve this, but I am at a loss in that department!

Rauf said...

e2dees, the elephant is walking on the streets of Ujjain, and so is the cow sitting peacefully.

I know you disagree on the offenders, Yes they should be held accountable.

'cost benifit analysis' is indeed very hard to digest. There is no benifit for the induatries who still insist on polluting for profit. It is hard for us to stand united and give up our comforts which the industries are providing.
We'll have more problems when good food clean water and comforts are denied to many and made available only to few super rich. There will be revolution and bloodshed on the streets like 1917 Russia.
We have to think very hard before we take any such drastic steps.

There will be long term benifit to the sweet little girl and her great grand children if we slow down the progress gradually. I don't see it happening now. Our future generations will be lot more sensible than us.

I have other problems e2dees. The process of evolution may soon find human intelligence as a blunder and rectify itself as happened before. The thought is pretty scary.

Who is more sensible ? the cave man or us ? Please help me after finishing your mid term e2dees, you are more qualified in this subject. I am not a scientist. I just come up with ideas without any kind of research.

Rauf said...

its not a cow, its a bull e2dees, just noticed.

Rauf said...

have been thinking Kathy, there don't seem to be easy solutions but we have to start somewhere before things go out of hand. What I am saying is the environmentalist are completely in the wrong avenue.
I have a couple of solutions, hard to implemet though, they will come in the last post on environment series. 2 more posts to go, before that I want to slip in one post on who we are and where we are. We seem to have forgotten that.

lots of love and hugs Kathy

Rauf said...

ummmmma ree boo !
Wowee ! the micro biologist is saying that. Yes quite true what happened to the planet before. The environmentalists don't seem to think of that. I have written about it in my previous environment post. Even after all the steps taken to rectify our blunders, there is no guarentee that our planet will behave well.

ummmma on the tsunami information, I never knew about it. We seem to have forgotten how small we are booey! I'll slip in a post on that subject. Put in your ideas when you are free. please read my previous posts on environment.
all my love and hugs

Rauf said...

hahaha Lorraine, LOL ! too funny. I'll put a pillow on the fence and sit. I am not very heavy by the way 62 kilos. the fence can hold me with the pillow.

I respect your sentiments Lorraine, But the fact is something else, we are under some illusion that plucking the fruit doesn't hurt the tree. the pain of a plant has been recorded. the tomato or a carrot is more alive when we bite than a dead chicken leg.

We have no options, we HAVE to eat LIFE for survival, be it a lamb or an apple.
I am happy that you raised this issue, I completely forgot to write about it.

After four million years of evolution in human intelligence we are yet to manufacture a drop of water or a blade of grass. Water still remanis the best drink in the world. We are completely at the mercy of nature with all our intelligence.

Rauf said...

Have to add Lorraine, when we drink a glass of purest water, we drink millions of bacteria along, that are not visible to our eye. Some die coming into contact with enzymes and some survive and help digestion or create problems, to our bad luck making us sick.

Lorraine, Would you be kind to bacteria and virus on a research table as they are God's creation too, or try to kill them. We take broad spectrum anitibiotics to kill the harmful virus. We are killing life. We have to.
Life is life Lorraine, visible or invisible.

Rauf said...

Yes Sandy quite true, Pollution and global warming are real. Please read my previous post on environment where I have explained
that there have been global warming and abrupt climatic changes in the past when the air and water were pure with absolutely no pollution.

I have also mentioned that earth lost its ability to support in the past too for very long periods. Torah, Bible Khurraan have reported complete famine, floods, drying up of rivers epidemics like bubonic plagues, when there was absolutely no digging up of oil, polluting Industries or cars or aeroplanes.

Our problems are not recent, our problems started on page one. What is page one will come in my next post.

your views are most valuable to me dear Sandy, we badly need a debate at all levels covering experts, scientsts, farmers industrialists and the poorest. We have to conduct a massive opinion poll. Every individual opinion like yours would be most vital for the future generations. Thank you so much Sandy, I would really appreciate if you could kindly read the coming posts and comment on them.

Gangadhar said...

growing a forest might sound like a good idea to combat global warming, since trees draw carbon dioxide from the air and release cool water from their leaves. But they also absorb sunlight, warming the air in the process.And if we are not careful, growing forests could make global warming even worse.So your points seem somewhat reasonable..
Well..great pics here,Rauf..Me too had a same experience with the butterfly on a bus window...hehe..But you said it was above the hot engine!! May it's addicted to inhale diesel fumes... :)

Gangadhar said...

er..may be it's got addicted to inhale..

Rauf said...

Wow !! thats a great contribution Gangadhar, never thought of that, I'll add it in my next post which is about problems of artificial forests that the environmentalist are creating all over the world. Don't know where they are. The problem is they are doing it the wrong way. such forests are supposed to help us, instead they may cause disaster resulting in the extinction of human race itself. Not .01 degree temprature has come down, its on the rise instead. This October is warmer than the last.

I was coming back from Kancheepuram in a Tamil Nadu bus when I spotted the butterfly just before the bus started. Usually Tamil Nadu buses are well maintained but this one was pretty bad and noisy. I was there sitting on the first seat 15 minutes before the bus started. The butterfly had all the time to escape but it didn't. It traveled with me all the way to madras, yea perhaps it is addicted to diesel fumes. Have you heard of some tribal ladies addicted to snake poison Gangadhar ?

Ruth said...

Just heard about several approaches to raising animals for food in compassionate ways. Whole Foods here in the States is starting one. Don't know if they're honestly doing it, or if it is just commercially driven and for publicity. Whether these changes, and others, are going to help anything, I don't know. I also heard that 25% of the world's pesticides are used on cotton crops -- COTTON! How many t-shirts do you think there are sitting on shelves in the world right now??

I am slimming down: my closets, my fridge, my CDs, my STUFF. How much does one person need? It's ridiculous how commercial enterprises have convinced us we need so many things. I am disgusted. The earth is abundant in ways we don't begin to understand, because we just keep using it for our appetites.

Rauf said...

Ruth, you make me proud, knowing a person like you gives me the pride. You have the courage to
point your finger at yourself before pointing it towards the others like the environmentalists do.

Your attitude is what I call evolution of human mind and it is working. The process of natural
selection, picks up a person like you to bring about a change. But unfortunately the present set up does not give you any power to change anything. Its such a pity. The media is not intersted in you because you are not a politician or a celebrity. But still The process of evolution expects you and other people like you to influence the younger generation. Your students are very fortunate to have your guidance.

Our problems are not recent, they are as old as the human race itself. Tackling the present issues like global warming and pollution will not alter anything. Things will continue to be the same. Racism, poverty, greed, bloodshed, intolerance, will continue. Unless people like you bring about a change of heart. You have an option to choose between a bigger or a lesser devil. Its the same all over the world. The governments are run by those who are supported by greedy people. The whole system has to change. This too is an environmental problem.

Its easy for the Americans to change. Americans can change in a matter of decades. But it is very difficult for people of India to change. It will take hundreds of years. Our evils are so deep rooted. Still the huts and the entire villages of lower cast people are burnt along with people inside. It happens every day. People like you don't have any power here. Such incidents are not even reported in the media.

Since lower cast people form a huge vote bank, our government has some welfare schemes for them. Otherwise no one is bothered about lower cast people who don't even have a right to dream. One of such welfare scheme is to give a certain percentage of reservation in government run schools colleges and jobs in public sector units. When that percentage was increased there were massive protests riots which turned very violent in many places in North India. How can the people who have been opressed for thousands of years can compete with the elite all of a sudden ? This along with many other social evils form an environmental issue.

I wish there are more people like you who can guide the younger generation and influence them to bring about a change.

Bobbie said...

I think the earth was here many thousand years before we were and will heal and continue on long after we are gone. I tend to be an environmentalist but I understand people need to eat. I am ashamed that our country will not sign the kyoto treaty. Our current government tends toward arrogance. The good news is every four years we get another chance to choose the right leader. Sooner or later we will pick a good one and will be able to make changes.

Ruth has very good points about consumerism. I don't feel good about eating factory farmed meat. I prefer organic and sustainable farming, believe "food" animals should be treated with respect and allowed to live more naturally. I believe we will be moving in that direction because many people are starting to see the benefits and understand the horrors of factory farming. However, there are many poor people here who can't afford to buy this type of food which often carries a premium price. Food grown close to home seems to be the new mantra. Seems like the right thing.

Maybe if those who have could make do with a little less, those that need could have a little more. But then we have fear and greed getting in the way........What to do? Wish I knew.

Rauf said...

Bobbie, Please don't be surprised if you find a square apple when you go shopping in a giant super
market. Genetic engineers are busy doing research to grow square apples tomatos or oranges for
easier packing and more storage space while transporting them, and a tomato will no longer be a
vegetable or a fruit, bad news for vegetarians, as genes of an arctic fish is introduced to grow them
and make the tomato skin harder.
Genes of pigs are introduced in apples, bad news for our Jewish and Muslim and vegetarian friends.
Cows are injected with a drug to produce more milk. Pollution and global warming are not the only problems we have to deal with.

"Some of the most powerful multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural corporations have staked their financial futures on genetic engineering. Enormous amounts of money are already involved, and the United States government is currently bullying the rest of the world into rapid acceptance of corporate demands concerning genetic engineering research and marketing"

I am afraid I was a bit harsh in my statements when I said the environmentalists are barking at a
wrong tree. I made the post harsh to drive home my point. I will briefly touch upon the dangers of
tampering with nature in my coming posts on environment which is about growing artificial forests.

Consumerism is a recent problem. It will die its own death. It will not take time for intelligent people to realise that they are being taken for a ride. But genetic engineering could cause irreversable damage to our ecosystem, its coming in my next post.

Rauf said...

Oh ! I forgot Bobbie, Pig is soon going to be a half vegetable as genes of spinach are introduced in genetically modified pigs.

Chinna said...

I had an idea of how to use technology to help ecology. We should have a calorie counter inside everyone's teeth. The moment they cross the day's limit, they should incur a 'greed tax' which they should pay every month!

iamnasra said...

Rauf...Thank you for the Eid greetings hope you had good one too...Im so taken with what you wrote in here...It really make you think....At times we humen want to change and open opportunties for our felow human being for instance to make developments so we can create jobs but such development comes in a price od destroying something God created ....to make a great top one facilties to live the luxary life...

kathy said...

I like Chinna's Idea...not a bad one! LOL

square apples for easy storage, its getting crazy! :(

Lorraine said...

I understand what you're saying Rauf, but still plant life does not get locked up, where they can barely breathe, caged to death. They are not. We do hurt earth everyday, I wish we didn't I'd like to do something no matter insignificant to help it. I don't always know how.
and the dead animal had a life and a spirit before it was caged to death.

Tanushree said...

lots of changing has occured through out the world..
global warming is increasing and increasing automobiles just contributing in it..
in the capital of india only...we have more numbers of cars than families out here....
its so congested and all...
in many ares we dont have single tree..
forests are decreasing lead to soil erosion and ultimatly increasing the sea level...
may be near future, many ports will vanished....
if we dont change our livingstyle and find solutions by ourselves we will left with nothing to give to our coming generations otehr than vast desserts........

Rauf said...

Chinna we eat lot more than our body needs.

Rauf said...

Hi Nasra, You have expressed death pain and suffering due to war in your post. solving global warming and pollution will not help, there is no guarentee that we will not have earthquakes tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornados cyclones famines. There are many issues which need immediate attention. War is one. Healthy and happy planet is a distant dream.

Rauf said...

Kathy, genetic engineering is lethal, we may have unpredictable disasters. I'll write more about it in my next post.
lots of love and hugs

Rauf said...

Lorraine, yes, it is painful to see caged animals, I see caged birds being sold on the pavements.
Even if one feeds it well its really sad to see.

Rauf said...

Hi Tanu, First time here, I should welcome you with a smile, unfortunately this is not a happy post and I did not enjoy writing it. Pretty harsh it is I'm afraid

Yes what you say is quite true, but things have improved a bit in Delhi. 5 years ago the situation was unbearable. I think CNG is made mandatory for all modes of public transport.

In 1947 India had 40% forest coverage, now its just 3%. Yes you read it right, only THREE percent. I spend a lot of time in the forests of karnataka Tamil Nadu and kerala. Most of the forest officers are duty conscious, but due to political interference still quite a lot of trees are getting chopped and lot of poaching going on. 3/4th of forest disappeared in Himachal when I went for my first Himalayan trek.

Nepal looked completely barren because of massive deforestation resulting in floods. Steps are being taken to grow forests but they are going about in a wrong way, I'll write about it in my next post.

"Angeldust" said...

Hello Rauf, another great post!

I am definitely a carnivore, yet many times I think if I would still be one, should I be force to get "the kill" myself...

I find the issue of global warming rather alarming – none of us have all the scientific answers - all we can do is give an educated guess and proceed with the best information we have.
Yes, the US administration has reneged on the signing of the Kyoto accord, particularly disgraceful as the are one of the major players in this entire mess.

Just recently, a documentary (which name escapes me at this moment) with which Al Gore , former Vice-President is seriously involved with, hailed as “the big eye-opener”, the Us public is having a good look at “what is what”…

For myself, I just do what I can, and it has to do with as much conservation as is possibly allowable and a lot a recycling!
There’s been a lot said around these parts on the gas emissions of cattle – being responsible for contaminating the ozone layer… see? We carnivores can’t win!

Love, lovely pics!
Always such a visit to paradise.
Love and joy

kathy said...

Pig genes with spinach genes? really? that sounds crazy!

kathy said...

i just read an article in the NewScientist.com (after reading your comment) about this spinach gene with pigs! scary stuff ...poor animals. :(

mala said...

"If you are a vegetarian, you are violating the laws of nature..." hmmm if you are single and living without a mate, you are also violating the laws of nature Rauf! but that's a choice you have made. for very strong personal reasons. right?
yours very angrily,

Rauf said...

Thank you Angeldust. I have heard so much about Al Gore's documentary
but unfortunately I have no access to it.

Yes global warming and pollution are alarming but there are more pressing issues like genetic engineering which is nothing but tampering with nature and it may prove lethal in the longer run.
Its coming in my next post.

Rauf said...

Kathy, I hope to visit you some day, if I live that long. By that time you will have a chicken garden and you'll pluck a chicken leg from a tree, fry it and give me.

After reading my next post tomorrow, you'll charter a plane and come to India just to kick me.

Lots of love and hugs

Rauf said...

Mala, I am giving valid reasons for everything, what I say is that we have made wrong choices right from day one. The choices I have made also are wrong
I am pointing the finger at myself when I say I am contributing to global warming when I have a cup of cofee.
Don't be angry Mala, I love the rasam you give me always.
All my love

Rauf said...

Mala, Moin brought a dozen oranges from Food world yesterday, I was surprised, I have never seen such hard skinned oranges difficult to peel. Colour was fine, but no strong smell of an orange. You can smell an orange peel from a distance, and they tasted a bit different too. They were definitely not satthukudi.
One chap who is running a farm, Chinna knows him told me a few months ago that genetically altered fruits are already in the market with pig's genes introduced in them.

Chinna said...

Actually humans are omnivores.But given a choice i think we tend to prefer a animal protein diet. We eat vegetables as a last resort! From what i have observed, very settled communities also become vegetarian - maybe because it appeals to their higher morals which have the liberty to evolve under such conditions.

I also believe we will do nothing significant about global warming untill its effects smack us in the face. For real change will involve making lifestyle changes which is a very difficult ask even under desperate circumstances - even if you really, really scare people.

If you ask me enlightened people around the world should start building the moderen version of Noah's Ark, instead of wasting our time petitioning governmnents, renegade countries and industrial monsters. At least that is certainly within our control and maybe within our resources, that includes time.


Magnificent pics Rauf!! Vegetarianism? Like me bacon butties far too much - not to mention me chicken Madras and me pork pies.

Rauf said...

Chinna, We will not do anything until some world wide disaster strikes. The biggest disaster that I can think of right now is some fast spreading virus causing malfunctioning and ultimate damage of all computers in the world including the computers in the cameras microwaves all computer operated equipments like cars and aeroplanes. I heard on BBC once that if some comet or meteor crosses the earth's atmosphere all computer operated equipments will shut down Any shift in earth's magnetic filed will damage the computers for ever.

I don't know why God did not give Noah any ideas of building a space craft.

Rauf said...

FOUR DINNERS I read this somewhere, this is cut and paste


Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?

A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a cow eat? Hay and corn. And what are these? Vegetables. So a steak is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system. Need grain? Eat a chicken. Beef is also a good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable).And a pork chop can give you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vegetable slop.

Q: Is beer or wine bad for me?

A: Look, it goes to the earlier point about fruits and vegetables. As we all know, scientists divide everything in the world into three categories: animal, mineral, and vegetable. We all know that beer and wine are not animal, and they are not on the periodic table of elements, so that only leaves one thing, right? My advice: Have a burger and a beer and enjoy your liquid vegetables.

Q: I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?

A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that's it, don't piss them away on exercise. Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer; that's like saying you can extend the life of your car by driving it faster. Want to live longer? Take a nap

Imemine said...

It takes a while to digest your writing. But it's excellent food for thought. Your photos write a thousand words.

Chinna said...

I think the first answer in your reply to four dinners is an argument for Vegetaraianism. One generation less means less pollution, resources, etc

Sangita said...

Such a complicated topic..Only part that I understand is we shld conserve trees..But what bothers me is how..ppl want homes and @rate we r growing we need land and land ..how to create a balance..
Ur pics are always a delight..first thing i notice abt ur blogs..I was trying my accnt in flick does not look as good as others.need to find out t trick..

punjabi~car~freak! said...

Plz dont sell bulshit to ppl this way

animals dont multiply in huge numbers.. we help them breed and mate and mutiply

we can control them easily if we want to
vegetarianism is the healthiest way to live!

sorry if I'm rude but I dont agree to ur point for even a single point of a percentage

Rauf said...

Thank you Imemine

Rauf said...

That is a joke I picked up from some site Chinna.

Rauf said...

Sangita, yes its sad, We took forests land for agriculture, now we are taking Agricultural land for housing. After 30 years I recently visited villages around Madras city, I went with the intention of going to country side for some fresh air. I was in for a shock, They all have become extensions of Madras city. Same with Bangalore. Kengeri was a village until recnetly. That is the first station on Bangalore - Mysore Railway line. Now Kengeri is a part of Bangalore city. Banaswadi too was a village.

Rauf said...

Congratulations Punjabi car freak!

If you mean 'we' the humans, We the humans don't mate or help breed rats deers rabbits sheep, goats, pigs wild boars mountain goats in the forest. Artificial insemenation is done on cows or perhaps horses, but they are not fast breeding animals. Horse meat appears in Indian history (Harshavardhana) Ram and Laxman are reported to hunt deers in the forest and they wore animal skins according to Indian Holy scriptures

And the tomato or a banana or an apple that we eat is no longer a fruit or vegetable. When we eat a tomato we are eating an animal, please read my next post or thousands of sites on the net about genetic engineering. We Indians have been eating GM food from past ten years

krystyna said...

Hi Rauf!
"Man is a carnivorous animal? We are programmed by nature? Our system is designed for it?
No one has proved that vegetarians lead a healthier life or live longer? Actually we are hurting the nature more by being vegetarians?".


"Raulf is a carnivorous animal?". NO! NO!
I think Raulf is a very spiritual man. He is a ray of sunshine.
Keep that light shining!

I like to read your uplifting post, look at your wonderful pictures!
But I have to take a deep breath if man is a carnivorous animal programmed by Nature.

All the best to you!

Rauf said...

Yes Krystyna, everything is programmed by nature. Man is a carnivorous animal. I AM A CARNIVOR. No one can stop me from thinking that I am a tree. All the species obey the laws of nature, unfortunately only the humans defy them. Being a vegetarian is defying the laws of nature. Our intelligence is going to lead us towards our extiction.

Lord Boo said...

Poms, i dunno if i should agree with what Gangadhar said ( no offence to you, Gangadhar, please :) ) i was just wondering, trees do balance it out during day and night by releasing and absorbing CO2 alternatively. Also, the number of animals and humans in this world, the number of living things that RELEASE CO2 in the atmosphere, is WAY ABOVE than the number of trees, so i doubt trees would actually affect global warming. It's like saying the population of India and China has increased so much in the last 50 years, that the number of people breathing out has caused global warming. I'm not too sure of trees causing it, but would dig further into it *hugs*

Raw Kale said...

How rich you are to have a community of friends to share such diverse ideas. This is so healthy and wonderful. I don't like to see people agreeing just to avoid a conflict- that is so weezle-like, so I am happy to see people expressing how they feel, but I also hope that they are flexible enough to evolve as the evidence is presented.

The way that most of us live in the developed world is completely unnatural to begin with, so everything we eat, be it vegetables or meat is unnatural- we did not plant the seed, we did not nurture it, we did not sit in amazement and awe as we experienced the switching of roles from care-taker to receiver of nurturing. This is a huge part of the process of eating that we are missing out on. Now, Aunt Ruth has the land and takes the time to grow some things, so she is an exception to the rule. For the last three years of living in Phoenix (the desert) I have tried to grow my own food, but I never caught on very well- everything needs so much water and they cannot endure the direct sunlight as much. So my yields were very minimal.

As far as animal eating goes, it's all a matter of morals to me. I will not support factory farming PERIOD! It's atrocious to the animals, the people who work in the horrendous conditions in the slaughterhouses, and to the environment. It is fueled by corporations like McDonalds, WalMart, IHop, TGIF Fridays, Applebees, Chilis- chain restaurants that pride themselves on serving meat with every dish. For a vegetarian in the USA, it's nearly impossible to go out to eat. Everything has factory farm raised meat in it. I'm disgusted at how ignorant American people are, that they would live in this Brave New World by Choice.

So my choice is NO! I will not support it.

As far as your point of view, it makes sense from your perspective, but over here my friend, it's not the same. Although, I wonder if you may be turning a blind eye to the rapid development of factory farming in your own country. I read the other day that India is the greatest milk-producer in the world. How is this possible. We produce as much milk as we do only by imprisoning these animals, hooking them up to machines, pumping them with hormones while they live in their own poop their entire lives and have absolutely no quality of life. How can you be producing more milk than us? All of your cows cannot possibly be roaming the fields as your pictures would imply.

Animals that live on the land and are in harmony with nature provide all the benefits you describe. However, animals that are factory farmed provide millions upon millions upon millions of excrement- ALL of which is not run through a septic system- which, makes no sense, because we would never consider building a human community without creating a septic system, yet factory farms are popping up every day, running millions of animals through without any where to put the poop. So, they live in it, and as for the rest, they dig holes and slop it in. This is terrible on the environment because a: it seeps into the ground water and ends up in drinking water, lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans; b: when it rains, it overflows and runs off into all of the above; c: it emits toxic fumes into the air, causing illness, and the inability for neighboring communities to enjoy a quality of life outdoors. The run-off poop single-handedly is causing mass-exterminations of fish and other wildlife and is breading algae which exasperates the ecological problems.

The government is playing a protective role supporting the factory farmers because of financial support pressures- and is undermining the health of people, animals, and all matter of wildlife.

There are very few small farms left in our country- it's all big business. Corporations are ruling the world- being vegetarian is one way that I can oppose them. It may be unnatural, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make until I am able to move out of civilization and hunt, garden and gather my own food. I am not opposed to responsible hunting- but there are a lot of irresponsible hunters in the world.

As Americans, or any others who have money to spend- the most powerful way that we can make changes is with our dollars- they will not produce what we do not support financially. They created factory farms, and the human cattle are eating right out of their hands.

Raw Kale said...

I forgot to mention that the unbalanced expansion of agriculture is not due to feeding a growing vegetarian population- it is due to feeding factory-farmed animals- and thus, carnivores and omnivores are responsible for this expansion- not vegetarians:D

Rauf said...

RA CHEL, you would have seen or heard deers and elks coming on to the roads and causing accidents on the American highways.
You know the reasons for it. absence of natural predators, and misplaced american kindness. i think i have mentioned what happened to Yosemite valley last century. Now the park rangers and other authorities are turning a blind eye to hunting. Though it may be a punishable offence on paper. It breaks my heart to be unkind to these harmless animals, but the law of nature demands it. There is no room for kindness in nature. Though we depend on the mercy of nature. Nature is kind in its own way. But nature treats us like just another form of life. Nature has to be merciful to all forms of life. We humans are nothing special. We think and we believe that we are special. We are not.

Black or king cobra bite kills a person in ten seconds. Female cobra lays about 60 eggs. Imagine all the 60 young black cobras are allowed to survive. life in a forest would become difficult and they would come to the villages.
Eagles and a bird called Chemboth in Malayalam hunt only snakes. Survival of this bird keeps the number of king cobras in check.
Nature is not partial. It has to take care of all forms of life.
Only humans have acted foolishly with their misplaced kindness.
Many animals and birds have gone extinct in the past without human intervention, for reasons best known to nature.

Animal eating has nothing to do with morals, its a matter of necessity. Vegetarianism is a matter of misplaced kindness and misguided philosophy.

Drinking milk is thousand times more cruel than chopping a head of a chicken. How would you react if milk is forced out od a nursing mother by some higher and stronger species ? it is most cruel. Milk and milk products do not suit us Only our own mother's milk suits us, helps the baby's immune system. How would a child feel when some one comes and forces his mother's milk and takes it away ?
Like mad cow disease, we humans have already become mad and we are not aware of it. We sincerely believe that we are most sensible. 'I AM RIGHT' is a disease we all humans suffer from.
Believe me Ra Chel, we all have gone mad already.
I haven't written about it, i'll write in my future post.

Factory animal farming is new in India, though there are poultry farms since last 50 years. the treatment to the birds is pathetic. bigger animals are allowed to graze freely in Indian villages. You would have seen my pictures in various posts.

Rauf said...

Ra Chel, honestly i don't know from where you got this idea that Factory animal farming, which is a recent trend is nore harmful to nature. These animals cannot eat more than normal free animals and their growth is always kept in check. This does not mean i support factory animal farming.

i am giving you the reasons, please read the comments above.
vegetarians are completely misguided lot, who think they are saints, more deviated from the line of nature. All humans have gone completely out of line with nature so alienated that they have nothing to do with nature. If you spend some time in a tropical rain forest perhaps you would understand more Ra Chel.