8 October 2006


Laos was bombarded with 2 million tons of explosives by the American Airforce. Yes you read it right TWO MILLION TONS, Completely destroying the countryside and 53% of rain forest. You can guess the loss of civilian life mostly women and children. "it was the most appalling episode of lawless cruelty in American history." I am not talking about that
I am talking about the pounding the earth got.

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Just imagine the impact of explosives continuously for nine years. One third of the explosives failed to go off and are still lying there. What ever vegetation left was destroyed by spraying of herbicides like Agent orange. After more than 40 years, children are still dying or losing their limbs stepping on the land mines. Ironically it is the scientists of MIT who are working towards clearing the land mines and other explosives. This comes after two massive earth shattering explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then came Viet Nam and other wars. Bombs, the explosions, got more and more powerful. Not to mention the countless nuclear testing by the super powers, and not so super powers, like Pakistan and my own country, where people are dying of poverty and starvation every day.

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This is Pokhran railway station, on the way to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, the site of Indian nuclear test. I asked the locals there, what they thought about it. People said, there was a lot of activity. Locals were told that they are going to explode the rocks hundreds of feet below. Water would come gushing out and they would have a lake there.

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Poor water starved ignorant people were too happy and waited for the day. The guy said nothing happened, just an earth shattering explosion, the government cheated and lied, there was no water no lake. Next day they came to know that it was some kind of a test. They still have to walk miles to get a pot of water. Well, this woman seems to be happy.

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Thousands of ships sail, trains weighing millions of tons crawl on the surface of earth at any given time. It is not the weight of the metal, it is the energy that we have created pounding the earth.

Mother earth takes it all. Spinning quietly for 4.5 billion years non stop. If it goes a second slower we will be charred to death, a second faster would throw us all in to the space. Stars are colliding every day, stars are burning themselves out in other galaxies. we seem to be so sure that it will not happen to us.

Since 1945, there have been more than 2000 nuclear tests all over the world. France conducted nearly 200, away from its shores, in French Polynesia, Algeria, and England conducted in Australia and south pacific. How very convenient! Very clever, I just don't believe their audacity and arrogance. Explosions got more and more powerful. More than 2000 nuclear explosions!

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Mother Earth took all the pain with a smile,

It heals itself, we are too small, way too small to damage, save or repair the planet.

It keeps giving us, it keeps feeding us.

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I watch the kittens, they play with mama cat, jump on it, play with mama's tail, bite its ears, mama cat just lies still and takes it all. When the kitten bites a bit too hard, mama warns first, then it gives a thump on the kitten's head.

We have recived warnings already and we are waiting for that thump.

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This is some speed !

Its been too painful to write, need some rest, have to lie down still. I am aware that I am not still, I am moving with mother earth.

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Ruth said...

It breaks my heart. Humans are capable of the greatest joys and the greatest pains.

Cari said...

mother earth does keep giving rauf. we are lucky in so many ways.

Rauf said...

Yes Two extremes Ruth. I am here typing this comment because I have survived due to human kindness which has an incredible impact on my life. I try to do the same to others. When we conduct nuclear tests or drop bombs on some other country, we are destroying our own home which we call Earth, not some other country. We are inflicting wounds on ourselves.

Rauf said...

We have no choice, we have nowhere else to go Caroline. With all the technology, travel to space and to the moon, we are yet to find a substitute for water.
We are completely and totally dependant on nature for our survival

Gangadhar said...

loved the pics,Rauf..Insightful stories too!!
And why the woman happy with an empty water pot? Liked the still extremely well!!
Kittens 're so cute..And Rauf..is ginger back?just curious..

take care

Rauf said...

Gangadhar, looks like you don't have time to read the post, I will not force you anyway.

No Ginger never returned. sad.

Gangadhar said...

oh..Rauf..notlike that! Ruth and Cari said it all right..and 've read the post fully..Well,that woman seems to be happy indeed..may be becos she would get water next time with an optimistic approach..But i'd love to hear your answer initially..

Rauf said...

haha Gangadhar you are such a sweet guy, Sorry about that. I add pictures to the post because the gaps make the post easier to read.
I try to add relevant pictures, sometimes I don't have relevant pictures.
One long post, just the text is indeed difficult to read and people don't have time to read lengthy posts.
The lady in the picture is actually laughing at me, 'babuji why have you come to a desert, don't you have anything better to do ?

Gangadhar said...

Thank you,Rauf..
yeah you're absolutely right at lengthy posts..But if it's interesting right from the beginning it won't be a problem for the reader to go through the entire post..And here on whitesroad,i often get involved!!
That lady's so caring too.. :)

Rauf said...

Thanks Gangadhar. The lady has miles to go to get a pot of water.
Misery surrounds her life but she seems to maintain good humour.

Rauf said...

Well Well Well !

I don't believe this. The timing of this post was not intentional. It was on my mind for sometime.

North Korea's nuke went off today.
What is more ridiculous is the reaction of other nuclear powers.
All saints spoke together.
Tony Blair says 'Irresponsible'

How responsible are you Mr. Blair ?

Ruth said...

I totally thought you were responding to the nuclear test in N. Korea, Rauf. That is rather timely, I'd say. You are apparently listening to mother Gaia and speaking for her. Bless you both.

mysti said...

What a powerful post Rauf. Especially with what is going on in Korea. I think we all need to think long and hard what we are doing to our world. Thank you for sharing. You have made me think.

Rauf said...

No Ruth, I never knew about it. I heard about their plans but I thought it was just a false alarm to create tension so that they get more attention and financial aid to stay away from testing. I never thought they would actually go about exploding it, heard in the TV news only today. I posted this blog last night.

Rauf said...

Mysti, What ever we do we are too small to destroy or save this planet, we are actually destroying ourselves. This is the third post, I'll continue in my next post. I have to discuss some very harsh details, it may take 3 more posts.

Bombing Iraq or Afghanistan is not bombing some other distant country, we are bombing our own home.

Hliza said...

Hi Rauf, thanks for dropping by my blog. Looks like you have a very thought-provoking post here.. and I like the way you put all the photos here. Each of them has a story to tell... if we want to listen.

Rauf said...

Thanks Hliza, yes if you want to listen. quite true

Sangita said...

Even i thought post was in response to test..But I kept wondering it came in news a day after and how come u knew it before..Now this opens the mystery..Nice pics.. Ppl who face so many harships has only humor to keep their sanity..And of course a photographer at times wld be nice diversion ;-)

BTW Why did u ask abt the resolution?? does this have any impact

sandy said...

Rauf, wish I knew why this happens. When people become very powerful, maybe something goes awry in their head. I don't know...

Rauf said...

I never imagined it Sangita, I knew they had plans, and North korea is known for shooting its mouth and blowing its trumpets, but I never thought they would actually go through with it. When I wrote the post I never had the foggiest idea.
Next day I was shocked to watch BBC news.

I make my designs with 1024 x 768 resolution and they are not suited for 800x600 resolution, With P3 and P4 you can go even higher. That is why I asked

Rauf said...

It is very complex Sandy. India has starving millions and yet it chose to exhibit its nuclear power.
It is the insecurity which makes them show off the power.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rauf,
As rightly said by you, India's insecurity manifests as nuclear testing to prove to a certain neigbour that we can counter any attack on our country.

her indoors said...

i will never understand why bad things happen or why we are so intent on destruction, like the woman with the empty pot we have to have laughter it keeps us alive

Rauf said...

Her Indoors, such things happen largely due to insecurity and lack of confidence, which is a breeding ground for greed. A secure and confident person would be content with his life, with no room for greed. Same is applied to a country. You don't hear anything about Switzerland in the news paper and on the TV, except for the pictures of the scenic beauty.
They can make a lot of noise if they want but they don't. Its a secure and confident nation.

Rauf said...

Hi Annie sweet! Its so easy to live peacefully, without scaring each other(it will come in the last post in this series) some times it goes like an advertising campaign. N.Korea could have done it quietly. But they did it with beating of drums and blowing of trumpets, letting others know that they exist and they are a force to reckon with. A truly strong person will never use his strength to scare the weak

e2d said...

Hi Rauf. U posted this and next day the North Koreans tested their nukes.If the matter was something less important I would have laughed at the coincidence.
U should have continued to rest Rauf-shouldnt have checked BBC.What did u expect? Some sort of miracle? Naa--not going to happen.After all we live in this world..."an insane world where we are all voluntary inmates"!
Thanks for this post Rauf...thanks for making us uncomfortable,guilty,angry and much more.

e2d said...

And..lovely pictures Rauf...particularly the trains and the lady carrying the pot upside down--pretty symbolic I say.

Rauf said...

Aiyoo ! e2dees, you'll kill me after reading my next post. I'll post it tomorrow.

India Pakistan N Koreans and the other super powers think that this planet is some kind of a toy to play with. What are these guys doing ? Most ridiculous is the reaction of the super powers, they think that they are civilised and they can do it. Rest of the world is uncivilised.


This planet has life forms. We aren't one of them. We are like a virus destroying the life forms. One day Mother Earth is goin' to say "Sod this for a game of soldiers" 'n we're goin' t' just have time, if we're lucky, for some last words. Somethin' like "Oh shit! What have we done?"

Maybe the kids of today can change things around but I won't hold me breath.

Great pics again by the way 'n thanks for what you said about Jax. She sends a big hug!

Rauf said...

FOUR DINNERS, the process of evolution has committed blunders in the past, the giant reptiles for instance, Planet has rectified its blunders. Just hoping that kind of rectification does not happen to US

Jax is incredibly talented in many ways. Please give her a hug for me.
Sweet soul she is.

Cindy said...

That picture you've used for your header is awesome- it's a post all it's own without needing any words at all.
I agree with all you said though- we are too careless with our earth.

Imemine said...

Something to worry about. Good thing. It will make us less egoistic.
You never run out of great pictures.

Rauf said...

Cindy, I took that picture in my house during last rainy season.

We are too small Cindy to damage save or repair the earth The planet will heal itself. Nothing will happen to the planet. But something will happen to us.

Rauf said...

Greed imemine greed. We have to be less greedy. Wars are waged out of greed, to make more money, destroying the vegetation, destroying the rain forest, hurting the earth with explosions, killing innocent people.

"Angeldust" said...

Rauf dear
What wonderful (other) image you changed to... that ever so delicate drop of water.

I agree with you completely. I also understand how the emotions poured into the post can exhaust you...

Those of us that feel nature, that feel those around us, that feel the enormity of the events you described, are often weighed down by the "knowledge" of it all.

This way of yours of sharing radiates positive, loving energy.

Take good care of yourself.
Love, joy and blessings to you

Thank you for your wonderful photos and for caring for this earth of ours.

Rauf said...

Dear Angeldust, the thought of pain and suffering we have created will exhaust any one. Poverty and hunger do not exist in nature. There is no rich and poor, this is something we have created.

krystyna said...

I enjoed again your so sooo wonderful post and pictures about our Amazing Mother Earth!! THANKS a lot!!!
I like your smart comments in this post.

All the best to you!

Rauf said...

Thank you Krystyna!

ari4u said...

In the race to become super powers, people are getting selfish and destructive. The more powerful you get, the more you have to destroy in order to quench your thrist for power. Where is this leading us to? To our graves. We all will die early. Thanks for the thought provoking post. It was very powerful and well in time for the N.Korea nuclear tests. Everyone is irresponsible.

Rauf said...

It was just a coincidence Aamir,
Even I was shocked the day after I posted. Humans are getting more and more greedy. Yes the greed will take us to our graves.

Sonja said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Here is a post from my blog that illustrates how Mother Earth will heal herself after she is cured of the virus that is mankind:


Rauf said...

Thank you Sonja ! Yes Mother earth heals itself. Saw the illustration.